; Internet Marketing - About Duplication vs Individualism
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Internet Marketing - About Duplication vs Individualism


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									                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

     A CD duplicating firm should offer discounts to clients and correct disc labeling and competitive packages.
      These include attractive packaging for instance; using PVC wallets dig packs in addition to jewel cases.
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                                         Duplication vs. Individualism
                                                By Tina Rideout

  Duplication vs. Individualism
 by: Tina Rideout

How can we add Word Rich Content to our Websites without overtly duplicating others website
content, and as an end product maintain our own Individualism?

In theory Article Libraries are the answer to the above question. But, is it true that if you continually add
like information to your site, you no longer maintain an individual posture?

Not every article that is submitted to your site will fit the needs of your particular agenda. Your site
contains individual keywords that are meant to enhance the theme of your pages. Although it is true
that many persons who submit articles to you may also have a similar website theme, it is important to
examine the content of each article.

Ask yourself: Do I agree with the message this article is conveying. Why is the information relative
to my website? Does this article contain information that enhances my visitor’s experience? Does
the article provide correct information?

Providing article and content that is intended for the soul purpose of gaining Page Rank will in the end
take away the individualism of your website.

Remember the average visitor will stay at your site between two minutes or less. As they scan your
pages, it will not take long for them to realize they have seen the same information over and over.

The same rings true of the Robots and Spiders that eat your pages everyday!!!

The “Value” placed on your site by your visitors will be recognized by the “Value” you place there.

There is no reason why we cannot use “others” materials in our journey for original material, but how
we “choose” that material will in the end reflect our destiny.

“Duplication does not necessarily mean the loss of individualism, nor is individualism lost through

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Written by Tina Rideout, Successful Home-Based Business Professional. For more information visit
her at:
http://free-internet-home-based-business.com or

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                     Understanding the services of CD Duplication Companies
                                                By Colin P

CD duplication is the process of copying data from one CD to another through the process of burning
especially in large commercial quantities.

Though many people use the term CD duplication and replication interchangeably, there are gross
differences between the two. Though both processes transfer information onto CDs, duplication is the
process of burning what we call pits onto a CD surface and normally undertaken by CD Duplication
Companies. The device which does the burning is called a CD burner can be inexpensively found on
home PCs.

CD replication on the other hand obtains an imprint from a master CD and stamps the data in binary
form on the CD. In CD Duplication, the duplicate is of the same or inferior quality as the original. No
attempt is made to change the quality or constitution of the data transferred. CD Duplication is also
cheap to do and therefore the favorite of computer enthusiasts who don’t have the large budget to do
replication. It is also cheaper to do for low volume work say burning 10 to 20 CDs.
But replication is an attempt to produce a high end version of an original CD and therefore involves
more sophisticated technology and machinery, and that’s why we find this method mostly with CD
Duplication Companies. Because of the high capital layout, it is an expensive option and therefore suits
people who need to do quality or professional copies in large volumes say 100,000 to 1 million copies.
Sometimes, the sheer need for quality production such as CDs being sent to radio stations, open
market, etc need to have high quality production whether a single or 2 million copies are to be
produced. It may also be noted that replication usually involves labeling and sleeve design.

Replication has many benefits, including accuracy, quality, quantity, and packaging - the clear choice
for a professional finished product in significant to large numbers. The larger the initial order, the lower
the unit price. Though CD Duplication can come almost free, replication can cost $2 per CD, the price
inversely proportional to the quantity of CDs in question.
Why would people want to duplicate CDs?

First, it saves them a lot of time. The recording technology is able to use multiple recorders say 2000 or
more at the same time and therefore beats down time spent in the process. In this mode of recording,
all the CDs to be duplicated are installed at once on a system and the recording done once.

Money... Duplication costs less because there is no mastering involved. Thus, people can be able to
obtain large quantities for far less the expense over replication.

Security... The CD Duplication process ensures security especially if you have sensitive data that you
would not want to compromise to third party systems. Every aspect of the duplication can be done at
one place thereby eliminating the need to transport anything to another location and risking divulgence
of information.

With so many CD Duplication Companies on the market, which CD Duplication Company do you
choose? We have listed a few factors that you may need to look at if you are selecting a company to
do duplication for you:

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Do they have the advanced technology to give you error free and high turn around production?

Does the CD Duplication Company have the printing facilities in-house; if possible on the same
assembly line or they will have to outsource the printing to another company which can result in poor
work and delays?

Do they have a sample to show you so you can make some preliminary judgment of their output?

CD Duplication is an excellent to produce large quantities of CDs at relatively low cost. Whether you
are a software producer or musician, CD Duplication is an area you may need to know about
extensively so you can insist on quality work at all times from CD Duplication Companies.

More information on CD Duplication

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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