Turning in your paper to Turnitin by HC120606143333


									                                    Turning in your paper to Turnitin.com
  You are required to submit your 1st rough draft of your RESEARCH PAPER to turnitin.com by YOUR 9 February
  ***You will still need to bring a hard copy of your rough draft to class for peer editing. This is a ½ daily grade***

Step 1  you should have already done this. Therefore, you need to sign in with the email address (turnitin user name)
and password you created. If you are NEW to my class, you need to do this step.

Go to www.turnitin.com and click on New Users at the top right of the homepage.

Are you a student or instructor? Student

Turnitin class ID        Class                     Password

4549027                  1st Period                hero
4549029                  3rd Period                hero
4549032                  5th Period                hero
4549034                  6th Period                hero
4549036                  7th Period                hero

Enter your email address, which will also be your Turnitin user name.

Create a password – Set your own password – must have at least 1 letter and 1 number (6-12 characters)

Enter a secret question and answer combination. *You will be asked for this combination if you ever forget your
password and need to reset it.

Create a user profile. Enter your first and last name

Read user agreement. Select “I Agree.”

You will see this screen: “Welcome! You have enrolled in the Turnitin class.”

Step 2 – Submitting your paper  If you were in my class last semester, you should have already done step 1; therefore,
you need to start with step 2.

Login to Turnitin and click on the name of your class.

To enroll in the class, click the “enroll in a class” button. Click a class name to open your portfolio for the class. From
your portfolio, you can submit a paper.

Next, click on to the name of the assignment.

Then, there will be a “submit” button. Click the submit button to upload your paper.

Locate the paper you want to submit by clicking the “browse” button. Then click on the file you’d like to upload and
click the submit button to upload the paper. Your may submit papers in MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF,
HTML, RTF, or plain text.

Make sure that the paper displayed is the correct paper. If it is, click “yes, submit”. If it is not the correct paper, click
“no, go back” and return to the previous page and select another paper.

If you do it correctly, it will say: “Your paper has been submitted. Below is a digital receipt for your submission”. A
copy of this receipt will also be emailed to you.

Print the receipt to turn in to your teacher along with the hard copy of your assignment.

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