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									Vision’s FAQs

  1.    What if I forgot my iVision’s password?
       There is a short video tutorial that will show you how to retrieve your password. Please check
       under the My Staff tab on the main LCPS web page. Go to Tutorials / Visions.
  2.   Can I get to Visions from home?
       Yes, simply open up an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. Navigate to
  3.   I understand I need an email address the first time I register for the iVision’s portal. Can I use a
       non-LCPS email account?
       Yes, you can use a non-LCPS account. However, if you are a permanent employee or a
       substitute; you should have been given an LCPS email account. Please check with your
       supervisor if you do not know your email address. If you are a substitute, please check with
       Asuncion Duran.
  4.   What if I already registered for the iVision’s portal but have forgotten my user ID?
       Please check with your supervisor. There is a report on the iVision’s portal that your supervisor
       can access. This report will show them what your portal user name is.
  5.   How do I view my pay stub?
       Once you have logged into the iVision’s portal, go to: Employee Resources / Compensation click
       on Pay period. You will be shown the latest pay information that has been published to the
  6.   I have moved. Is there a way to change my address information?
       Yes! Once you have logged into the iVision’s portal, hover over Employee Resources at the top
       of your screen. Hover over Profile and then click on Contact Information. Click on the Modify
       button in the middle of the screen. The system is going to prompt you for the last four digits of
       your social security number. (This is to ensure only you can enter the proposed changes.) Make
       the necessary changes and then click on the Submit button. These changes will not take effect
       immediately. Once reviewed by HR or Payroll personnel, the changes will be posted.
  7.   I need my last W2 information and can’t find it. Is there somewhere on Vision’s to retrieve this
       Yes, you can print a copy of your W2 by going to Employee Resources / Compensation / W2
       Information. Click where it says “Click here for your W2 and Wage Information”. If you need to
       reprint for past years, click in the lower portion where it says: “Click here for your W2 and Wage
  8.    I would like to see my total compensation for the current calendar year. Where can I go to view
       this information?
       Once logged into the iVision’s portal, go to: Employee Resources / Compensation / Calendar

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