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									UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 06/06/12                        06 REG. SESS.         06 RS BR 2667

       A RESOLUTION adjourning the House of Representatives in loving memory and

honor of Richard Bernard Isenhour.

       WHEREAS, Richard Isenhour was born in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of the late

Lawrence Calvin and Marvel Moody Isenhour, and departed this life on March 19, 2006,

at the age of 82 years. A World War II veteran of the United States Navy, Mr. Isenhour

earned a degree in chemical engineering from North Carolina State College, and while

building homes in the Lexington area, he attended the University of Kentucky part-time,

receiving his degree in architecture after ten years of study. Influenced by designs from
California and Frank Lloyd Wright, Mr. Isenhour became known as an architect with a

flair for contemporary style, making intriguing use of simplicity, glass, and unique stone

and wood facades. He established Isenhour, Inc. Architects and Builders, the company

from which he retired in the early 1990s, and which continues to bear his name; and

       WHEREAS, Richard Bernard Isenhour was a member and past president of the

Lexington Homebuilders Association; he was a longtime member of Faith Lutheran

Church, providing leadership locally and at the synod level; and he was a Scoutmaster for

18 years and recipient of the Silver Beaver Award. He was preceded in death by his

parents and a sister, Phyllis Isenhour Thrower, and he leaves behind his loving wife of 58

years, Lenora Henry Isenhour; four children, R. Lawrence Isenhour, Linda Isenhour

Klarer, Paul R. Isenhour, and Mark S. Isenhour, all of Lexington; nine grandchildren,

Benjamin Isenhour, Celia Isenhour Dyer, Alden Klarer, Ian Klarer, Aaron Isenhour, Jacob

Isenhour, Andrew Ingram, John Richard Isenhour, and Samuel Isenhour; three great-

grandchildren, Elias Dyer, Amblen Isenhour, and Eleanor Dyer; and a brother, John

Calvin Isenhour, of Louisville;


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky:
       Section 1. The House of Representatives expresses its deep sense of sorrow at the

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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 06/06/12                         06 REG. SESS.         06 RS BR 2667

passing of Richard Bernard Isenhour, and extends to his family, friends, and community

its sincere sympathy.

       Section 2.   When the House of Representatives adjourns this day, it does so in

loving memory and honor of Richard Bernard Isenhour.

       Section 3. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is directed to transmit a copy

of this Resolution to Mrs. Lenora Henry Isenhour, 2064 Bridgeport Drive, Lexington,

Kentucky 40502-2616.

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