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					    April 2007
Volume 12 Issue 2                     Oh No — It’s Ozone!

                              hings are heating up! With the warm weather comes the inevitable
                              ozone, particulate pollution problems and High Pollution Advisories. To
                              communicate this, each week there will be an Air Quality Forecast is-
                              sued by the Department of Environmental Quality and reported by Capi-
                    tol Rideshare to State employees in Maricopa County. Additionally, on days
                    when ozone or particulate levels are in danger of reaching or exceeding the stan-
                    dard, a High Pollution Advisory (HPA) will be issued. This information will be
                    posted at all entrances to the ADOA building as well as on Capitol Rideshare’s
                    website at
                    This summer, especially on HPA days, you are urged to carpool, bus, or telework.
                    And if you do, log on to and enter the HPA Day
   News and Views
                    Contest! Just tell us what mode you used, and, at the end of the month, we will
                    be drawing winners from the pool of names! The more times you use an alternate
                    mode on HPA days, the more chances you have to win! Other helpful reminders
                    to combat ozone and particulate pollution is to refuel your car after dark, don’t
                    use drive-thru options, avoid using leaf blowers, and reduce traveling in your car
                    at lunchtime. By visiting, you can receive the most
                    recent Air Quality Forecast.
                    If you are interested in learning more about riding the bus and frankly, who isn’t
                    with soaring gas prices, call 602.253.5000 and give them your information. They
                    can tell you exactly what bus route to take and where to pick it up! The best part
                    is, the State of Arizona will pay for part of your bus ride! Or you can find a car-
                    pool partner online at Or maybe you and your spouse
                    or friend are considering carpooling. Working together, we can make a differ-
                    ence – a difference in your wallet and a big difference in air quality.
                                             What Causes "Bad" Ozone?
                                            Motor vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, gasoline
                                            vapors, and chemical solvents are some of the major
                                            sources of NOx and VOC, also known as ozone precur-
                                            sors. Strong sunlight and hot weather cause ground-
                                            level ozone to form in harmful concentrations in the air.
                                            Many urban areas tend to have high levels of "bad"
                    ozone, but other areas are also subject to high ozone levels as winds carry NOx
                    emissions hundreds of miles from their original sources.
                    How Does "Bad" Ozone Affect Human Health and the Environment?
                    Repeated exposure to ozone pollution may cause permanent damage to the lungs.
                    Even when ozone is present in low levels, inhaling it triggers a variety of health
                    problems including chest pains, coughing, nausea, throat irritation and conges-
                    tion. It also can worsen bronchitis, heart disease, emphysema and asthma, and
                    reduce lung capacity. Healthy people also experience difficulty in breathing
                    when exposed to ozone pollution. Because ozone pollution usually forms in hot
                    weather, anyone who spends time outdoors in the summer may be affected, par-
                    ticularly children, the elderly, outdoor workers and people exercising.
                    Ground-level ozone damages plant life and is responsible for $500 million in re-
                    duced crop production in the United States each year. It interferes with the ability
                    of plants to produce and store food, making them more susceptible to disease, in-
                    sects, other pollutants, and harsh weather. "Bad" ozone damages the foliage of
                    trees and other plants, ruining the landscape of cities, national parks, forests and
                    recreation areas.
    News & Views
A newsletter for employees

                             Spring is here!
of the Arizona Department
of Administration created                         The weather is
by employees. We wel-
come your comments and       great, especially in the early mornings
                             and the evenings; enjoy it, you know
       100 N. 15th Avenue
                             what’s coming!
       Phoenix, AZ 85007                                                          Director
           (602) 542-1500
                             By now you are probably aware that re-              William Bell
         Janet Napolitano
                             cently we had a theft on the 4 floor of
                Governor     the ADOA building. Two employees had their purses stolen
              William Bell   from their work areas. Capitol Police was able to track down
                  Director   the criminal that took them, however, that does not minimize
       Contributing Staff    the inconvenience to the ladies that had to replace everything
       Debby Dominguez       from car keys to credit cards.
                Anne Eick
                             I want to remind you to play it safe and secure your personal
                     GSD     property in your work areas. Gwen Lopez of Risk Manage-
          Candee Samora      ment has written an article “What have you got to lose?” this
              Risk Mgmt.     month, please take a moment to read it; it has some excellent
           Elizabeth Diaz    tips for us all to remember.
        Christy Fruitman
                             At the end of this month we start the actual tracking and
                     SPO     monitoring to see if we will retain our 2.5% performance pay.
               Susan Lehr    We have done some preliminary tracking these past few
                   Design    months on our target areas of customer satisfaction, timeli-
           Scott Zalaznik    ness, and accuracy. If the trend continues we should have
                             no problems keeping our performance pay. I want to thank
      Jan Sharon-Strieby     you for the great job you are doing and encourage you to
                             keep up the excellent service you have been providing to our
          Connie Wheeler
                   MSD       customers.
           Bret Boettcher    This month most divisions are having their quarterly awards
                 CAP PD
                             celebrations. We have a lot of great employees and teams
            Dot Roberson     within this agency. It is a time especially dedicated to you
                             and your achievements. As you have your celebrations
         D’Andrea Spann
                  AZGU       please remember, that I am proud to work with you all!
 Harry Wickramasekera

   Alternative Formats
   Available in alterna-
   tive formats.
   Debby Dominguez
    at (602) 542-0062

  VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                       Page 2
 ADOA’s Cause for Applause instant recognition program allows you to recognize fel-
 low employees on-the-spot for doing a job beyond expectations. The program minimizes
 procedures and maximizes immediate feedback. Cause for Applause certificates are
 available through your division coordinator or electronic copies are available on your
 local area network.
 ADOA has other programs too. Take A Bow acknowledges employees who retire from
 State service; Encore recognizes employees who celebrate a milestone anniversary be-
 ginning at their 5th year, then every 5 years thereafter. Divisions also hold celebrations
                                                                                              February, March and April
 to recognize Employee and Team of the Quarter recipients.

                                  Mark Your Calendar                                          Five years
                                                                                              Risk Janice Phillips
                                                                                              HRD Brenda Jones
                                                                                              TPO Sandy Clancy
                                                                                              GAO Brian Nguyen, Shannon Landis

Every Tuesday Toastmasters Meeting                                                            Ten years
                                                                                              GSD Manuela Hernandez, Richard
              at noon in room 400A                                                              Ostrom
                                                                                              ISD Peggy Sanchez
                                                                                              HRD Robert Lay
April                                                                                         Risk Daniel Layman
28th       Public Auction                                                                     Fifteen years
           Time 7:00 a.m.                                                                     SPO Ronald Santacruz
                                                                                              MSD Ralph Rodriguez
           Registration: Surplus Property
                         1537 W. Jackson Street                                               Twenty years
           Viewing days: Tuesday through Thursday April 24th - 26th
                                                                                              Twenty-five years
           7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
           Website:                                                Thirty years
                                                                                              ISD Maggie Lopez

9th         Employee Recognition Day
28th        Memorial Day - Office Closed

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                         Page 3
                                          1510 GETS A FACELIFT
         It’s springtime and we all could use a little sprucing up, that includes buildings
         as well as people. The ADOA building located at 1510 West Adams (east of
         the parking garage) houses the ISD Data Center. This building is receiving
         much-needed renovations. A Command Center was designed and renovated
         from available space about a year ago to house the ISD Support Help Desk.
         Additional remodeling now taking place includes updates to restrooms, break
         room and the lobby area. Total construction should be completed in 90 days
         giving the 1510 building a fresh clean look and feel.

                                                   Born ael Shaw
                                                   To: M Decem n DeMos
                                                         arian ber 27 s
                                                     Brian ne (GA , 200
                                                            DeM            6
                                                                oss O) and

Liam Ryan Spencer
Born: January 24, 2007
To: Dan (GAO) and
    Nancy Spencer

  William T. Scarboro                                        Darien J            , 2006
                                                                      ecember 28 D)
  Born: March 14, 2007                                       Born: D        ngs (HR
  To: James (SPO) and                                         To: K im Jenni
     Megan Scarboro
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                       Page 4
                                                Work/Life Adds New Benefit Program
Competition among employers for a limited supply of employee talent is growing progressively fiercer. Many employ-
ers are emphasizing work/life programs to maintain a competitive edge.
ADOA increased its own efforts with the establishment of its Work/Life Program in 2004. Carolyn Pitre Wright coor-
dinates the program and has had several notable accomplishments in the last two years.
The Work/Life Program was also instrumental in ensuring minimal interruption to access by employees to the Child
Development Center (CDC) during necessary renovations. The CDC provides employees access to quality childcare at
a reduced cost.
While the Work/Life program does not affect employee compensation, it does offer benefits with real financial impact.
Since December 2006, three new programs are available to employees to assist them in acquiring personal computers,
insurance group rate discounts, and an employee discount program.
Employees are responding very positively to these new programs. One enthusiastic employee wrote regarding the
Computer Purchasing Program:
        This was a Godsend. My son had asked me for a computer for Christmas. My credit is not great and
        my money is short. When I received the paycheck stuffer offering this service, I thanked God. Now
        my son and I will have a top of the line computer for work and school. Thank you for this service!
Over 1,000 employees have used the new computer purchase program and over 400 have purchased discounted home/
auto insurance policies.
The employee discount program is also proving popular. Approximately 50% of employees have already activated
their cards. A DES employee reported, “I took my staff to Majerle’s for lunch last week for Christmas and saved $10
by using my card. No hassle, no problem. I love it!” Another ADOA employee recounted putting the discount card to
use right away, “I found a UPS store within a few miles of the office that offered a 10% discount. Total trip time less
than half an hour and my Christmas packages have been sent - saving me over $5 with my employee discount card.
Thanks ADOA!” ADOA Human Resources Director Kathy Peckardt also reported having saved 20% on a recent
home project by using the employee discount card.
Addressing the work/life needs of employees is also helping employers increase employee satisfaction and reduce turn-
over. The 2005 National Study of Employers, conducted by the Families and Work Institute, found that despite the
economic volatility of the last several years, employers offering work/life programs have been reluctant to reduce
them. The report concludes:
        Employers have largely maintained or increased the support they provide to employees in managing their per-
        sonal and family lives, probably because, as they report, these are increasingly seen as strategic business tools
        for enhancing recruitment, retention, commitment, and productivity – and for making work ‘work’ for both
        employers and employees.
With such opportunity, the ADOA Work/Life Program is welcome progress and these recent achievements clearly are
making employees’ lives a little easier. ADOA intends to continue the pursuit of more innovative Work/Life program
opportunities for State employees and as Carolyn Pitre Wright readily reports, “Work/Life programs are good for em-
ployees and they are good for business.”
For more information on the Work/Life program visit their website or call 602-542-7603

Most foreign airports have ATM’s that accept U.S. bank cards.
The ATM will disperse that country’s currency (check with your
                                                                     Travel Tip Going out of country?
bank first). Remember, when leaving the foreign country, paper
cash can be exchanged into U.S. Dollars but coins cannot.
European Union (EU) countries use the Euro. Each country mints their own coins and those coins can be spent in all EU coun-
tries. So, save your foreign coins for your next trip to Europe!
A great website for rates of exchange for U.S. dollars to other currencies is This web-
site is ideal for assisting in converting amounts on receipts. For more accurate accounting, the traveler should wait for their
bank statement to find out the actual rate of exchange that the bank used to convert the ATM transactions.
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                          Page 5
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2   Page 6
                                        What Have You Got to Lose?
Usually when we think of the word “Theft” we picture an auto theft, home burglary, bank robbery, a pick-
pocket, or similar type of crime. Unfortunately, the workplace is a common place for thefts to occur. On
Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at approximately 11:10 am, the Capitol Police Department (CP) was notified that
a theft had occurred at 100 North 15th Avenue. Two purses were stolen from the TPO area. Capitol Police
did capture the thief and recovered some of the items but…COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU?
Please take the time to review these simple “Security Reminders” and let’s all do our part to protect our own
personal property and the state from needless thefts:
•    Report suspicious persons or activity to the Capitol Police (542-4580) and to your supervisor
•    If you see someone in your work area you don’t know -- don’t be afraid to ask if they need assistance
•    Personal property, such as purses, cell phones, cash, cameras, etc. should be kept in a secure place at all
     times, setting your purse on the counter of your workstation or in the corner of your cube is not securing it.
     A random survey of vehicles parked in the parking garage found, two trucks that had equipment in open
     truck beds and vehicles that were not locked
•    State property in storage should be secured at all times. Don’t leave these doors unlocked and unattended
•    Do NOT prop any door open
•    Call Capitol Police to escort you to or from your vehicle when working late or coming in early
•    Do not leave items in plain view in your vehicle or at your desk/cube, especially if you have a window
     view where others can look in. Close blinds at the end of the day.
•    Lock your drawers and file cabinets at the end of the day
•    There are 288 sex offenders currently registered in zip code 85007 – this includes the Capitol Mall
•    Remember to be aware of your surroundings when leaving the building, take a minute to observe what is
     going on in the parking lot and around the parking garage.
•    Again, report unusual or suspicious persons or activity. Go with your gut feeling, you’re probably right!
The following statistics will give you an idea of the number and types of crimes that occur in areas around the
Capitol Mall.

Crime Statistics – 1/1/2005 – 1/31/2006

                                                   Violent                          Property
                  Sexual          Aggravated       Crime                 Auto        Crime Drug Total
    Area Homicide Assault Robbery  Assault          Total Burglary Theft Theft Arson Total Crime Crimes
     1                 3       13         16         32        30      38       43     2       113   24    169

     2                                    3           3        11      7        5              23    13    39
     3        3        2       19         33         57        30      53       28     2       113   193   363

    Totals    3         5      32         52         92        71      98       76     4       249   230   571

     Area         North Boundary       South Boundary           East Boundary           West Boundary
      1      Van Buren St           R.R. Tracks/Buchanan St 19th Av                  23rd Av

      2      Van Buren St           R.R. Tracks/Buchanan St 15th Av                  19th Av

      3      Van Buren St           R.R. Tracks/Buchanan St 7th Av                   15th Av

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                Page 7
Flag Protocol
You have probably noticed that at times the flags are flown at half-staff on the Capitol Mall and at other state agen-
cies. GSD is responsible for flying and maintaining the flags on the Capitol Mall and the Tucson Capitol Complex.
  We lower the flags to half-staff as instructed by the United States Code and Arizona Revised Statutes.
   In May 2006, the State adopted the recommendation from the Department of Veterans’ Services to place the flags
          at half-staff in remembrance of Arizona service casualties. The Veterans’ Service Advisory Commission
                      notifies ADOA and the Governor’s Office to lower the flag on the day of the service member’s
                           funeral. This is a tribute of mourning and respect when Arizona has lost one of its own to
                             Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom.
                                 Flags are also flown at half-staff to recognize the passing of dignitaries. The flag
                                    shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States
                                       government or a state Governor. The Governor or President also may order
                                            the flag to half-staff for other dignitaries.
                                             On Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, the flag is displayed at half-
                                             staff until noon and then raised to full staff. The flag also is flown at
                                             half-staff on Peace Officers’ Memorial Day (May 15), Patriot Day (Sept.
                                             11) and National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (Dec. 11).
                                             GSD maintains an extensive distribution list for notifying state agencies
                                             and other entities that choose to follow the State’s protocol. GSD is
                                             proud to provide this service to the State.

                                                                                 The Procurement Corner

                                    EQUITY IN CONTRACTING EVENT
                                                    HOSTED BY
                                   THE STATE PROCUREMENT OFFICE

On February 27, 2007 the State Procurement Office hosted The United Latino Business Coali-
tion Group as part of their Community Outreach Program under the direction of Faye D.
Myles, Program Administrator. This early morning matchmaking session provided an opportu-
nity for the sixty plus businesses in attendance to meet with procurement staff from various
state agencies and The State Procurement Office. The businesses were able to highlight their
products and services to the procurement professionals by giving a brief overview of their
products and/or services. Each procurement representative highlighted the key products and
services their agency procures.
After introductions each business person was able to match their products and/or services to
one or several of the agencies. The event was well received by everyone and many expres-
sions of thanks were received from the leadership of United Latino Business Coalition and the
businesses. The State Procurement Office is committed to maintaining mutual working rela-
tionships between state agencies and the Small, Woman, and Minority Business community.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                        Page 8
                                        Cause for Applause Recipients
                                                Third Quarter
      GAO                     ISD                 GSD               MSD               Risk              SPO
Brian Nguyen        Albert Aparicio        Liz Bernal        Pam Anderson       Shallen Cernich   Cindy Pearson
                    Lee Arthurs            Brian Carpenter   Sally Baker        Candee Samora
                    Sherry Auzenne         Valerie Oneal     Mike Burrell
                    Paula Baldovino        Jobalena Yates    John Corbett
                    Beau Batchlor                            Robert Gandara
                    Ken Bird                                 Tricia Sharpe
                    Craig Dokken                             Betty Topar
                    Karl Eberhardt                           Connie Wheeler
                    John Glass                               Abigail Williams
                    Juanita Hernandez
                    Tim Jones
                    Mark Kuklin
                    Kevin Lawler
                    Mike Mayes
                    Marty Rhodes
                    Della Sampson
                    Chuck Taylor
                    Monica Valenzuela
                    George Waselus
                    Rebecca Watson
                    Harry Wickramasekera
                    Paul Willcox
                    Timothy Witherspoon

        GAO                 HRD                       ISD               MSD             Risk                SPO
Kjell Anderson     Doug Ball               Cliff Batchlor        Mark Clark       Penny King          Steve Alleman
Sherry Gates       Leslie Biava            Raul Caballero        Larry Giammarino Sue Prindle         Greg Dwight
Danielle Gilmore Becky Coffey              Linda Kepner          Jeff Grossman                        Janine Locke
Kim Harper-Syra Lorinda Frost              Kevin Lawler          Jim McCormack
Jan Sharon-Strieby Lisa Hagelman           Paul Ong              Debi Sawyer
                   Wayne Hollingshead      Belinda Peng
                   Gana LaPaglia           Tanja Schmitt
                   Kathy Peckardt          George Waselus
                   Linda Rose
                   Grisel Salas
                   Phyllis Sonnier

Manuela Ramirez

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                 Page 9
                                           Cause for Applause Recipients
                                               Third Quarter continued
        HRD                     MSD               Risk
Evelyn Flores           Joshua Davis       Rebecca McVey
Mike Hammock            Gergana Kovatcheva Elaine Signore
                        Maggie Lam
                        Brian St. Andre
                        Dawn Slater
                        Joe Whitmer

Plain Talk Makes Good Business Sense
Have you ever received a letter as a state employee and wondered what you were expected to do? Have you ever written a letter as a
state employee and received numerous phone calls from the recipients who were asking what they should do?
The Plain Talk Initiative
We depend on a variety of communications to get our jobs done – ranging from websites to call center scripts to letters and position
papers. The Governor’s Office of Efficiency Review has launched a statewide initiative to help us do a better job of communicating.
This initiative, called Plain Talk, is designed to provide information to employees that will enable them to communicate more effec-
tively with their customers.
Dimensions of Plain Talk
‘Plain talk’ is becoming a common expression in our workplaces. You may be asking just what it means. Plain talk has many di-
mensions. It can refer to a mind set, the way that you think when you create a communication. It can refer to a process as in “let’s
plain talk this communication,” which means applying a set of principles that will contribute to a communication that will best serve
the user.
The Plain Talk Tests
                              To determine if a communication is in “plain talk,” you can apply one of two tests:
                                   If you are initiating the communication, your communication is in plain talk if the user “acts ap-
                              propriately after a single reading.” Let’s say you are conducting a survey. If you send out the survey,
                              the users complete it correctly and send it back to you, then you have a “plain talk” survey. In con-
                              trast, if your survey generates many calls or you receive very few completed surveys, these are indica-
                              tors that your survey was not in plain talk.
                                If your user has come to you for assistance, your communication is in plain talk if users find what
                             they need, understand what they find and use what they find to meet their needs. Let’s say that your
                             division handles complaints and a citizen wants to file a complaint. Can the citizen file a complaint
                             easily and correctly based on the communications you provide? If you can answer “yes,” then your
communication is probably in plain talk. If you receive many calls, then you probably need to “plain talk” your communication.
Plain Talk in ADOA
ADOA has started its implementation of plain talk by identifying the top 25 communications to “plain talk.” Division management
has identified employees to serve on plain talk teams. Employees were selected for the teams because of their customer service ori-
entation, their demonstrated abilities to “plain talk” communications and/or their subject matter expertise on one of the top 25 com-
Teams participated in a Plain Talk Work Session on April 4th conducted by Arizona Government University (AzGU). During the
session, participants learned and then applied the six key plain talk principles to actual agency documents. If you would like addi-
tional information regarding plain talk, contact Trisha Polmear Lemon at or at 602.771.2960.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                               Page 10
                               Visit AZ You Like It Toastmasters
                     Meetings are Every Tuesday from Noon until 1:00 p.m.
                    100 North 15th Avenue, 4th Floor Conference Room 400A

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                           Page 11
                                                                           Profiling Employees within ADOA

                                                          SAY HELLO TO KAREN BATTILANA
                          There is a new Classification and Compensation Manager in town and her name is Karen Bat-
                          tilana. A native Arizonan, Karen graduated from NAU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
                          Secondary Education. To complement her career experience Karen is an active member of
                          the International Public Manager Association and has attained the HR Expert certification.
                          Although Karen is new to this role in ADOA, Karen is not new to human resources. Karen
                          began her human resources career as an HR Generalist for Samaritan Health Service over 30
                          years ago. After 12 years, Karen left her position as Samaritan’s Benefits Manager to begin
                          her State career as a Personnel Analyst, specializing in benefits for the universities (NAU and
                          ASU). During her twenty plus years with the State of Arizona, it has been a steady upward
                          progression. Prior to coming to ADOA, Karen served as HR Director for both the ASRS and
                          the Department of Gaming.
When describing her hopes and goals for her new role, Karen explains, “Classification and Compensation is an area that
cuts across the baseline of State government and is an area in which a manager has a real opportunity to make a differ-
ence. I am hopeful that we will be able to make real progress towards making the State of Arizona a better place to work
and a more competitive employer.”
While successfully pursuing her career goals, Karen has also been successful in raising three sons. All remain here in
Arizona and the youngest, Karen reports with a big smile, begins studies at NAU, her alma mater, this fall. Karen also
enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren every opportunity she gets.
For fun Karen enjoys hiking, dancing, and cruising Arizona’s highways and byways on her Harley-Davidson motorcy-
cle. To slow things down a bit, she likes to take time to smell the roses and to watch the tomatoes grow in her backyard
gardening projects.

   Meet Valerie Ruelas . . . . .
 Valerie began her career in state service with ADOA Risk Manage-
 ment in August 1998. She is the supervisor over the support staff in
 the Property and Liability Unit.
 Valerie and her husband, Jeffrey, are parents of a six year old
 daughter, Lexie. Valerie says “she is the princess and she knows
 it!” In addition to enjoying time with her family, Valerie likes
 scrap booking and coworkers agree that her baking skills are supe-
 Valerie says “I like working at Risk Management, the people I work
 with are great people. We get a lot of work done and have fun do-
 ing it”. Some of Valerie’s employees share “Valerie is a great su-
 pervisor she is very patient and ready to help at all times. She helps
 make sure that we meet our deadlines. The leadership skills and can-do attitude that Valerie
 shows makes our jobs so much easier”.
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                  Page 12
                                                                        Profiling Employees in ADOA

Meet Angel Bingham, TPO Technology Specialist
If the name “Angel Bingham” rings a bell…you have a good memory!
Angel began her career in state service with ADOA in June 2000. She managed
the centralized call center platform within Arizona Telecommunications System
(ATS). As the call center project manager, Angel worked with agencies in develop-
ing call center applications, consulted on voice services and managed the central-
ized call center infrastructure.
Angel left state service for a short time and worked with Maricopa County as an IT
Consultant. She returned to ADOA in March 2006 as a Technology Specialist
within the Telecommunications Program Office (TPO). In her current role, Angel
manages customer problems/escalations, provides oversight of the Demand Man-
agement (DMT) projects, conducts benchmarking and trend analysis reports and
provides technology architecture review for AZNet’s infrastructure.
The TPO is glad Angel is back! She is an advocate for all state agencies…helping agencies with the change
that has come as a result of AZNet. She is diligent in always ensuring the best value for the state.
Her supervisor, Laura Ward, comments; “Angel is a tremendous asset to the TPO and state agencies. Her
technical knowledge, tenacity and focus on customer service are key to the success of AZNet.”
Angel has an adventurous spirit and enjoys traveling, horseback riding and hot air balloon rides. Sky diving
is next on Angel’s list!
Angel lives in Glendale with her son Kyle.

                                 Kathryn Dicus is an Arizona attorney newly admitted to the Arizona bar in Novem-
                                                                              ber 2006. She currently serves as a
                    GRRC’s Kathryn Dicus                                      rules analyst attorney in the Arizona
                                                                              Governor’s Regulatory Review Council
                                 which has the authority for the final step in the formal rulemaking process for most
                                 of Arizona’s state agencies.
                                 Before joining the Council in January 2007, Kathryn was an Attorney Representa-
                                 tive for Genex Services, Inc. in Wayne, Pennsylvania. At Genex Services, Kathryn
                                 represented claimants for Social Security Disability Benefits in administrative pro-
                                 ceedings nationwide.
                                 Kathryn earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University in News-
                                 paper Journalism and Speech Communications. While earning her Juris Doctorate
                                 from Villanova Law School, Kathryn clerked at Neil A. Morris & Associates and
                                 Hannon & Joyce handling various aspects of litigation surrounding labor and em-
                                 ployment issues. Additionally, she was dedicated to participating in Villanova’s
                                 Clinic for Asylum, Refugee and Emigrant Services. Through this clinic she han-
                                 dled asylee petitions based on race, religion, social group and political opinion.
                                 Kathryn is admitted to practice in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Arizona.
                                 We’re pleased to have Kathryn join us here at the Governor’s Regulatory Review
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                              Page 13
                                                                             Profiling Employees in ADOA

                             Matt Timberlake is the new HRIS manager. Matt began his technology career in
                             the early days of the software industry in the San Francisco Bay area. He later
                             moved to London, England where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of
                             Arts from King’s College. In 2001, Matt returned to launch a US branch of a UK
                             software company and later joined ADOA staff in 2002.
                             When asked, “Why HRIS?” Matt explains there are several reasons. The foremost
                             he says is “I like the challenge, complexity, and mission critical nature of the pro-
                             ject. There is a great team of professionals here at ADOA and, with the HRIS stra-
                             tegic initiatives and upcoming upgrades, the roadmap ahead is very exciting.” Fur-
                             ther, working for ADOA, he explains, “Provides a unique long-term client relation-
                             ship with agencies. This allows for better communication and feedback regarding
                                            the products and services we provide. HRIS has delivered some real

Say Hello to
                                            improvements to the way our state government meets human resource
                                            IT needs. New technologies are presenting tremendous opportunities

Matt Timberlake
                                            for better HRIS functionality going forward, and we're working closely
                                            with the agencies to achieve that.”
                                            When not leading the HRIS team to new heights, Matt enjoys sailing,
                                            backpacking, pubs, and last but not least, reading.

Maggie Lam - Management Services Accounting Office,
Maggie Lam was born and raised in Hong Kong. Maggie is an only child but, she has
plenty of cousins (30+) so she considers herself to have a large family. She moved to
the United States in 2000 and attended Grand Canyon University, where she re-
ceived a degree in Accounting. Maggie started with MSD August of 2005 as a Fiscal
Services Specialist I and quickly moved up to an Accountant II position. She is re-
sponsible for maintaining financial reports for Information Services Division and 911.
Maggie and her husband, Michael, have been married for 3 years and have a son
named Matthew who is 2 years old. They teach Matthew how to speak Cantonese,
Mandarin dialect, and English. Maggie can read and write Chinese and wishes to
learn Japanese because she enjoys Japanese TV drama.
Maggie loves to travel. The most exciting trip she took was in 1998 when she and
her best friend traveled to Oxford, England with other High School students their
age. For three weeks, Maggie and her friend lived with a local family. In the morning
they attended school to learn English and in the afternoon it was Fish & Chips for
lunch and sight –seeing. One downside to England was that all stores closed at 6:00
PM. Only local pubs were open after hours. So, all the students had to compromise
with plenty of sight seeing. They visited Shakespeare’s birth place; Brighton - a beach in England; a Roman Bath -
where centuries ago, the wealthy Romans would get pampered and London. That trip was unforgettable for Maggie and
her new best friends. That was the first time they traveled without parents and they all became the best of friends.
During the trip to England, Maggie was part of history. She left the city out of the old International Airport in Hong Kong
and returned to the new International Airport that sits on an island. The relocation of airports was a part of history for
residents of Hong Kong, because it is the only airport in Hong Kong! Thus, for the trip, Maggie’s parents, aunts and un-
cle’s all drove her to the airport. And you can guess? Yes, they all went out of their way to pick her up at the new air-
port. They were all able to say that they were one of the first people to visit the new airport. The trip worked out for eve-
ryone! Maggie has visited Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, United States (of course) and Beijing, China.
What’s next for Maggie’s adventurous life? She would still like to travel, back home to Hong Kong first then maybe
China, Europe, Japan and Korea.
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                     Page 14
                                                                                  Profiling Employees in ADOA

`xxà ]ÉtÇÇt ZÜxxÇtãtç ;bâÜ cÜ|Çvxáá<
Y|ávtÄ fxÜä|vx fçáàxÅá fÑxv|tÄ|áà
The General Accounting Office (GAO) is excited to feature Joanna Greenaway as its Fea-
tured Employee of the Second Quarter for FY 2007. Joanna began her State service in 1993
with the Department of Economic Security (DES). She held several positions at DES before
joining the GAO. 1998 was a big year for Joanna, she graduated from Arizona State Univer-
sity (ASU) with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, she became a United States citizen,
and she joined the GAO.
After joining the GAO, Joanna was working on the HRMS Y2K project. She enjoyed being
an AFIS Liaison for several years before assisting with the HRIS implementation. Currently,
Joanna is part of the GAO Project Group and is working on various GAO projects.
Joanna was born and raised in Poland. She came to the United States as an International
Student in 1989 and fell in love with our wonderful country. In America, many of Joanna’s
dreams have come true. According to Joanna, “great opportunities in America are endless
and you can become whatever you want as long as you are willing to work at it.”
Joanna met her husband Richard while working for DES in 1995 and they were married in 2000. She is known by most as the
“Polish Princess” because her husband treats her like one. Joanna and Richard have a wonderful son, Brandon, who is 2 ½
years old. Brandon turned their lives upside down in a very good way.
Joanna and her husband love to travel. They have visited islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Pa-
nama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Canada in addition to many European countries: Poland, France, Slovakia, Great Britain,
Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, and Romania.
Joanna loves classical music, live-theater, exotic cuisine and nature. The highlight of her life, so far, (other than marrying her
husband and having her son) was watching a meteor shower while relaxing on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. She
said the show was fantastic, the best production she had ever seen!
Working for the GAO is an important part of Joanna’s life and she considers her co-workers as part of her family. Joanna has
made many long lasting friendships while working in the GAO and hopes that she will continue to establish more friendships in
the years to come. The GAO has provided many challenges for her to learn and grow in her career.

                                  Celine Baker—GAO’s Featured New Supervisor
                                  The GAO is proud to feature Celine Baker as its new Supervisor. Celine began working for
                                  the State of Arizona in the GAO in January of 2005 and was promoted to a Statewide Ac-
                                  counting Specialist in the Federal Group this past October.
                                  Celine has a twelve year old son, Keane who is the love of her life. Keane loves basketball
                                  and has played in leagues over the past few years. She takes pleasure in the outdoors, hik-
                                  ing, and gardening. Celine also loves to travel. She was born in Washington State and grew
                                  up in a military family with four older brothers. Her family lived in Europe for four years and
                                  they traveled all around Europe during her childhood. Celine has been to many countries in
                                  Europe and all around the United States. One of her fondest memories was taking tourists to
                                  the plays in London. She has been able to see some of the biggest and best stage produc-
                                Celine has both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Physical Education from the Northern
                                Arizona University. She taught everything from T’ai Chi to weight training for a number of
                                years. She then decided on a career change and received a Bachelors in Accounting from
                                Arizona State University West. Celine passed her CPA exam and is currently applying for her
CPA license. She has been doing volunteer work at her church. Celine enjoys working in the GAO. In her opinion, “the GAO
is a very good environment to work in and the people are easy to get along with and they like to solve problems.”
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                            Page 15
                                                              GSD’s Employee of the Quarter
                                                                                                    Donna Talone
                            Congratulations to Donna Talone, Employee of the Quarter for General Services Division!
                            Donna came to work for ADOA in her present position as Grounds Manager in May of 2005. She is a
                            certified desert landscaper, a certified turf-grass pest manager, certified landscape irrigation auditor
                            and a licensed pesticide applicator.
                            Donna started state service in 1998 as a Groundskeeper I with the Department of Emergency and
                            Military Affairs, where she was promoted to a Grounds Supervisor II. In that position, she managed
                            the grounds for all of the Arizona Army National Guard facilities.
                    Donna has received many accolades during her state service. In 2003, Governor Napolitano presented her with
                    the Employee of the Year award. She also was named DEMA Employee of the Quarter in 2000 and 2003.
                    Known to always lend a helping hand, Donna exemplifies what it means to be a team player. She is always
                    available to help when needed, no matter how busy she is. Donna presently has her Associates degree and
                    hopes to return to school this year and work towards a bachelor’s degree in Business.


Wendy Walther has excelled in every aspect of her job duties, including
the development of several HRIS reports that have become widely used.
She doesn’t stop there. During frequent staffing shortages, she has risen
to the occasion, performing not only her duties, but taking on additional
workloads for the unit. Despite the workload, she recently averaged 7.9
out of 8 on “quality of service” surveys.
With regular praise and recognition by internal and external customers it
is no surprise that Wendy would be honored as of HRD Employee of the
Quarter. The Capitol Police, the Department of Mines and Minerals, and
the Geological Survey Office all have sent praise to her supervisor for her
willingness to go beyond expectations in meeting their needs.
Wendy is also a sought after team member. She served on the Hiring
Gateway Extension Team, and the HRIS Personnel Actions Project. Addi-
tionally, she is in the process of drafting the first ever ADOA Diversity
Plan, which has required networking with local diversity groups and the
Governor’s EEO office.
Wendy truly made a difference this Quarter. Without her enthusiasm and
hard work, service to ADOA’s customers would have suffered. Congratulations go to Wendy for a job well
VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                           Page 16
Risk Management Employee of the Quarter
awarded to Candee Samora.
                                Candee has worked with the State of Arizona for twelve years and joined Risk
                                Management in August of 2006.
                                Candee and her husband Jack are proud parents of three sons. Nick 24, just
                                recently drafted to the Texas Rangers Baseball club, Jackie 15, freshman at
                                Apollo High School selected to play on the varsity baseball team and Jacob 13,
                                plays on one of the top travel baseball teams, the Arizona Gamers. Candee
                                says, “My family is my life and I could not be more proud.”
                                Candee serves as the President of the Apollo High School Booster Club, team
                                manager of the Arizona Gamers Baseball club, and has just recently been
                                asked to be a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.
                                Candee’s co-worker: “Since Candee has been here, she has taken many steps in
helping out with various things. She coordinates all of the special events and they have all turned out so nice. I
also think because the events turn out so great, it has helped in making everyone feel like they are a part of the
big group and they want to participate. She is also very knowledgeable about ADOA procedures and we all
thank her for that.” What A Can Do Attitude!!!!!

               Maggie Lam, MSD Accounting Unit

  The Management Services Employee of the Quarter was awarded to
  Maggie Lam from the Accounting Unit. Maggie’s customer service
  skills are extraordinary! She puts time and effort into listening to cus-
  tomer feedback and translates these suggestions and concerns into tan-
  gible results. Maggie is always there for her division. She has helped
  with Surplus auctions, Health Insurance Trust Fund (HITF) work, train-
  ing in the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable section, and Direc-
  tor’s Office front desk coverage. I would consider Maggie a jack-of-all-
  trades. Maggie is not afraid to take on new challenges. In fact she of-
  ten suggests new service offerings for our customers: 1) we now offer
  911 customers monthly PCA financial statements and 2) we now offer
  customers e-document access. Briefly, through her own hard-work and
  initiative, Maggie is taking the accounting unit to a higher level.
  It is amazing to note that Maggie not only shines for her work outputs,
  she is a joy to work with. Maggie comes to work everyday with a
  smile, a positive attitude and a willingness to help others whether it is
  work related or being involved in division or agency functions. Every-
  one enjoys working with Maggie.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                           Page 17
Joyce Rhine GAO’s Employee of the Quarter
                                   The General Accounting Office (GAO) is delighted to have Joyce Rhine as its Employee of
                                   the Second Quarter for FY 2007. Joyce began her employment as a Clerk Typist III with the
                                   State in the General Accounting Office in November of 1999.
                                   Joyce was born and raised in Arizona. She has lived in Alaska, Indiana, and New Mexico
                                   while raising her five children. She currently has 13 grandchildren who live in Arizona,
                                   Texas, Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico. She enjoys reading, crocheting, walking and do-
                                   ing arts and crafts. Her favorite past time is going to the flee market. The most enjoyable
                                   and hardest place that Joyce has worked was the Phelps Dodge copper smelter in Playas,
                                   New Mexico. She actually operated the equipment to produce copper. She said it was a
                                   fascinating process to watch ore converted to copper. Joyce takes pleasure in working with
                                   the employees at the GAO.
                                   Joyce Rhine has been with the GAO for about 8 years and is very knowledgeable. In that
                                   time, she has proved her ability in her work, her attitude, and customer service. She is very
                                   conscientious of her work ethics and protecting the security of the State’s information. The
                                   Control Room houses proprietary information. She understands how important it is to keep
                                   the environment safe. She demonstrates excellent customer service skills for internal and
                                   external customers. She is very friendly and helpful at all times. She is continuously looking
                                   for ways to improve her work.

                                      HRD Team of the Quarter - HRIS Manager
                                                            Self-Service Team
 The HRIS Manager Self-Service (MSS) Team successfully developed and deployed a significant new HRIS component last quarter.
 MSS is YES for managers and it is receiving equal enthusiasm. MSS allows managers to view their employees’ position numbers,
 grades, salaries, etc. in one location. In the future, MSS will enable further elimination of paper processes by automating many per-
 sonnel actions and time sheet approvals.
 John Sheller, the team coordinator reported,
 “Managers and HR support staffs so far have been
 very pleased with MSS.” In fact, one commented,
 “As a manager, I find this to be the best tool I've
 seen rolled out in my 13+ years as a manager with
 As importantly, MSS provides the base for most
 upcoming HRIS applications like online employee
 time entry. Congratulations to the team for imple-
 menting this critical automation initiative ahead of
 schedule and with such high customer satisfaction.
 HRIS Manager Self Service Team members:
 Summer Canfield       Sydney Standifird
 Terri Bradford        Ruby Bilagody
 Kimberly Adams        Katie Doescher
 Dan Stolfa

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                               Page 18
GAO’s Team of the Second Quarter for FY 2007
Financial Reporting Team (nick-named the GAAP Group)
The GAO is privileged to
have the Financial Report-
ing (GAAP) Team as its
Team of the Second Quar-
ter for FY 2007. This team
is responsible for preparing
and publishing the State of
Arizona’s Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report
(CAFR). The CAFR is com-
prised of financial data pre-
senting the State’s financial
position and results of op-
erations. It contains disclo-
sures of the sources and
uses of public funds used to
support governmental pro-
grams. Bond analysts, rat-
ing agencies, creditors, in-
vestors, the Federal govern-
ment, management, State        Back Row:         Gary Kern, Chris Freitag, Michael Kallaur, Cody Johnson
agencies, the Legislature,
                               Front Row:        Danielle Gilmore, Evan Chang, Ron Santa Cruz, Amanda Bennett and
and the State’s citizens all
are users or stakeholders of                     Kelly Page
the CAFR. All the financial information for all State agencies must be compiled from a combination of certain agencies’ audited
financial reports and AFIS, which is a cash-based system. This information is used along with adjusting journal entries to cre-
ate modified accrual and accrual basis financial information in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
(GAAP). The Financial Reporting Team has earned the Government Finance Officers Association’s (GFOA) Certificate of
Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting on the State’s CAFR for the 2002, 2004, and 2005 fiscal years.

  Two Employees Win ISD’s Employee of the Quarter Award

                                         That’s right. During ISD’s Employee Recognition Awards cere-
                                         mony, Lori Massegee, Deputy Assistant Director, announced that
                                         it was difficult trying to decide between two of the nominees, so
                                         both Dorian Eberhardt and Patricia Coats received the title.
                                         Dorian is a Customer Service Representative with the ADOA Sup-
                                         port Desk and Pat administers the help desk ticket system.
                                         The award ceremony was a picnic held in Wesley Bolin Park.
                                         Huge hot dogs, chips and sodas were the fare. A scavenger hunt
                                         topped off the excellent-weather activities.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                       Page 19
                                                                                  Members of AFIS
                                                                                  Group: left to right
                                                                                  Carol Mellinger, Pam
                                                                                  Vespie, Marty
                                                                                  Rhoades, Karen Hen-
                                                                                  dryx and Steve Weber

   The Arizona Financial Information System (AFIS) team walked away with the coveted Team of
   the Quarter title during the Information Services Division’s (ISD) Employee Recognition Award
   ceremony picnic in Wesley Bolin Park.

AFIS Group Shows                                  The team members are: Manager, Marty
                                                  Rhoades, Karen Hendryx, Carol Mellinger, Pam

Pride in Team of the
                                                  Vespie and Steve Weber.
                                                  Support of the State’s accounting system requires

Quarter Award
                                                  rigorous adherence to proven procedures for en-
                                                  suring little to no downtime.

   Due to the small size of the group, communication and role responsibilities are unique. All
   team members are free to ask questions and seek input from each other.
   The AFIS Group is fortunate to have the support of other ISD technical groups and from their
   business partner, the General Accounting Office (GAO). Donna Cornella, from GAO, stated,
            I am so grateful for this team. The AFIS technical team is always a tremendous
            help to us. We know that they will research any problem or question that arises
            and fix it. They brainstorm to find the most efficient and least expensive solution
            for us. In addition, they are always so professional, friendly and personable to
            work with. We know if a problem arises, we will receive genuine concern and
            ownership. During discussions we rarely have communication problems even
            when using accounting lingo. We have a great working relationship and there-
            fore, are very productive.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                    Page 20
 Security Awareness Update
                                                                                  Did You
                             How to Avoid ID Theft
                             Just how annoying is ID theft? Victims spend, on
                             average, 175 hours and $800 to clear their names. In
                             the interest of saving you time and money, here are some tips on how to avoid
                             identity theft.
   Review your credit card and bank account statements as soon as they arrive in the mail. This is usually the
   first place unauthorized activity will show up.
   Call your credit card company or bank if an account statement is late. A missing bill could mean someone
   called the company using your name, and changed the billing address to prevent you from catching their
   shopping spree.
   Don't give out personal information on the phone, through the mail, or online unless you initiate the con-
   tact or know the caller. Thieves will pose as bank representatives, Internet service providers, and govern-
   ment agents to get you to reveal personal information.
   Tear or shred any documents that contain personal information. These include credit card receipts, insur-
   ance forms, physician and bank statements, and even credit card offers.
   Deposit outgoing mail directly into post office boxes, not in your own mailbox. A shocking number of
   thieves troll mailboxes for your personal information. If you're going on vacation, place a hold on your
   mail at the post office.
   If you're one of the few people who actually knows where your Social Security card is located, don't carry
   it with you! Stash it away in a safe place, and only carry a minimum number of identification and credit
   cards with you.
   Cancel any credit cards you don't need or use. Be sure to tell the lender to note the card as "cancelled at
   the cardholder's request."
   Don't pre-print your Social Security or driver's license numbers on your checks. Your "Kittens in Basket"
   check motif is enough to dazzle the Safeway store clerk.
   Give out your Social Security number only when absolutely necessary. Ask to use other identifiers when
   If you suspect that you may be a victim of fraud, order a copy of your credit reports once a year to verify
   their accuracy.
   You can subscribe to a credit watch program that sends regular updates on any credit activity done in your
   good name.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                        Page 21
Customizing GroupWise 7                                      TechTip
Continuing with our series of articles discussing GroupWise 7 customization, one of the
new items in the GroupWise 7 client is the Nav Bar. By default it has tabs titled Home,
Mailbox, Calendar, Sent Items and Contacts. The Nav Bar allows you to easily switch
or navigate between the folder views by clicking on the desired tabs. The Home folder view is also
new to GroupWise 7 and will be explained later. At the far right of the Nav Bar are 3 icons that allow
you to toggle off/on your Folder List, the QuickViewer and the Main Menu bar.

The Nav Bar allows you to customize it easily by right clicking on any open area of the bar and
choosing the option customize the Nav Bar. You may then add any of your personal folders by click-
ing the checkbox next to the desired folders and clicking on OK..

The folders you selected will now appear as tabs in your Nav Bar.
You may easily go directly to those folders by clicking on their tab instead of navigating through your
folder list. You may also drag and drop items from your mailbox right on top of the folder tab to file
the items.
The Home view, as I mentioned earlier, is also new to GroupWise 7. The Home view gives you
quick look at your most important information. The Home view is broken into 3 sections - the Folder
list, Panels, and QuickViewer.
                                                                                        (Continued on page 23)

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                     Page 22
(Continued from page 22)

By default there are 3 panels displayed - the Calendar, Check List items, and Unread Items.

The default setup of the Home view is like your day at a glance. The Home view is customizable,
which means you may change or add the panels you would like to use in your Home view. In the
next issue of News & Views, we’ll learn how to customize your Home view.
If you have any questions regarding this tech tip, don’t hesitate to call the ADOA support desk at
602.364.4444, Option 3, Option 1, for assistance.

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                Page 23
      Division                          Welcome                                    Good-bye, Good Luck
                                                                        • Diane Batchlor - left state service
Risk Management                                                         • Dora Bowen - retired
                                                                        • Marilyn Moots - left state service
                     •   Antonia Espinoza - new hire                    • Ramona Butzen - left state service
                     •   Timothy Hurst - new hire                       • Gary Kline - left state service
General Services     •   Deanna Rope - new hire                         • Joseph Leon -
                     •   Carolyn Washom - new hire

SPO                  • Valerie Bailey - new hire

                     •   Lisa Calven - new hire                         • Stanley Cain - left state service
                     •   Mona Conaway - transferred from ADJC           • Jessica Hosler - left state service
                     •   Brisa Daniel - transferred from DHS            • Richard Long - left state service
                     •   Thomas Frost - transferred from ASDB
Human Resources      •   Jessenia Gonzalez - new hire
                     •   Nicole Rodieck - transferred from ADES
                     •   Grisel Salas - new hire
                     •   Tracy Starling - transferred from ASDB

Information          • David Cochrane - reinstated                      • Mark Kuklin - left state service
Services                                                                • Earl Timmerman - deceased

                     • Johnny DeLeon - new hire                         • Michell Brooks - transferred to Treasurer’s
Management           • Sarah Mitchell - new hire                          Office
Services                                                                • John Gutierrez - left state service
                                                                        • Rita Mesquita - left state service
                     • Gregory Steinmetz - new hire                     • Clifford Colsten - retired
Capitol Police       • Ronald Walker - new hire                         • Bradley Walker - left state service

AzGU                 • Ann Russell - new hire

                     •   Greg Carlson - new hire                        • Peter Dolfo - left state service
                     •   Delfina Begay - new hire
                     •   Karen Carbajal - new hire
General Accounting   •   Kim Harper-Syra - transferred from Treasurer
                     •   Evelyn Plummer - new hire
                     •   James Robinson - new hire

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2                                                                                                  Page 24