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									Osteoporosis and Nutrition
Unfortunately Americans millions of osteoporosis, and more than $ 18 1 cost per year is
estimated. There is no and diagnosed with osteoporosis who, conversely you can do. Generally
lose bone density in women, quickly, faster than men because of higher risk of osteoporosis. Is
osteoporosis of three main types.

1. Menopause after osteoporosis (type 1)
Androgen declined significantly during and after menopause, estrogen hormone, add a bone loss;
both hormones to maintain bone mass essential in.

2 Then the age-related osteoporosis (Type 2).
Is a risk of osteoporosis this species over 65 men and women. 2 Type of osteoporosis is related
closely to the vitamin D and calcium deficiencies.

3. Idiopathic osteoporosis
Both adults and teenagers are affected by osteoporosis this species. From children to develop
this, and return input, appropriate lifestyle changes and medication, osteoporosis. Really the
cause of idiopathic osteoporosis know what anyone, but it is some mystery of leave time will be.
To treat osteoporosis or osteoporosis who don ' know that t to avoid what is important. Is diet,
often settled with all those cigarette smoking, obesity and weight, poor calcium and vitamin D
intake, drinking, overtraining, you should avoid.

Even if the bone loss is inevitable as we age, and it is important that slower to eat adequate
amounts of calcium then. The following foods are known as the best sources of calcium.
• Spinach
• Switzerland cheese
• Refried beans
• Sardines
• Yogurt
• Ricotta cheese
• Vanilla pudding
• Non-fat milk
• Whole milk
• Ice milk
• Custard

To reduce the rate of all foods such as onions, caffeinated tea, soy, dried plums, bone loss,
increase bone density are shown. All the caffeine and an impressive antioxidant profile you
should drink tea tea, green tea, white tea, including three. Soy is because I be thrown easily,
fried, hand tofu to find the best source for camera shake, for example.
Who osteoporosis and osteoporosis risk do not consume excessive amounts of sodium, fiber,
protein, salt, and chocolate. Such food hinder the absorption of calcium, in some cases, is shown
in the drawing of the calcium from the bones.

If an appropriate dietary and lifestyle adjustments, maintain the osteoporosis can prevent. In
some cases, it can flip a physiological makeup for osteoporosis in children too. Custom eating
plan to dietitian interested person osteoporosis specializes in bone loss you will.

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