Side Effects of Pain Killers

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					Side Effects of Pain Killers

We all will experience or have experienced pain in our lives. When it hits we run to the nearest pharmacy.
There we either fill a pain killing prescription or buy the strongest over the counter pain reliever we can find
on the market. For occasional use the side effects and adverse reactions are not that serious with pain
medications. This is unless there is a sudden allergic reaction to a medication which can be deadly. But,
chronic pain sufferers that use these type of medications for indefinite periods of time are subject to serious
repercussions on their bodies as a result.

No one really knows why the body reacts to pain killing medications the way it does. Different pain killing
medications react with the brain in different ways to suppress the body's response to pain. NSAIDs or Non
Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs work by blocking the enzymes the body produces that cause pain when
we hurt. Others like Paracetamol acts directly with the brain to block the pain causing chemicals called

Many of the over counter drugs with prolonged use cause renal and liver disease. This is due to the fact that
those two body organs serve as filters to the body. So when drugs enter our bodies those two organs work
overtime to rid the body of the harmful toxins ingesting pain relieving medicines have. These are adverse
chemicals in addition to their pain relieving characteristics of the pain relievers.

One of the major problem prescription pain medicine has is that they are Opioids where are highly addictive.
Opioids work by attaching themselves to specific proteins in the body called opioid receptors which are
found in the brain, the spinal cord and the gastro intestinal tract. The reason addiction is so easy for this type
of drug is because when it blocks the pain it creates the sensation of Euphoria. It can also slow down the
breathing to the point of death even when accidentally taking in too much of this type of drug.

Anti inflammatory drugs like steroids work on cellular proteins. They metabolize faster for this reason.
Unfortunately the body part that is usually the first to break down is the liver with heavy steroidal use; that's
why people who are on steroids for long periods of time also have their liver levels checked frequently.

All of the drugs used for pain both over the counter and prescription cause damage to the stomach lining
including aspirin with prolonged use. I am not advocating not to use OTC's or prescription medication by
any means but I am saying to look and read the warning labels when you use them so you know what can
happen with prolonged use.


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