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Big Brother 7 - Bonnie is Evicted

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Bonnie Holt became the first housemate to leave the Big Brother house by public vote at a best price of 1/33
on eviction day.

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Bonnie Holt became the first housemate to leave the Big Brother house by public vote at a best price of 1/33
on eviction day...Bonnie was actually the third housemate in a week to leave the Big Brother house following
Shabaz’s decision to walk and Dawn’s ejection for receiving messages from the outside world. She had the
dubious honour of being the first housemate to go in and was also the first to leave via the traditional
public voting method of eviction...Bonnie was a disappointing housemate and didn't offer much in the way of
entertainment. She was originally chosen for "chatterbox personality" but that was not at all evident as
hardly spoke during her seven days incarceration. She wasn't a bad housemate - just a boring one...Her
original audition tape promised much in the way of wild times, with her claiming she was "sexy" and prepared
to "blaze it up", but the reality was nothing like it. The only airtime she received on the show was when
she whinging in the Diary Room about her suitcase and her accent made her speech barely comprehensible ("me
names Bonn-eh"). She failed to bond with the majority of the housemates, with the exception of Lea Walker and
won't really be missed by the rest of the Big Brother housemates...Shrewd punters will have spotted that
Bonnie wasn’t really “fitting in” to life in the house and was even after 24 hours a few of her housemates
were complaining they couldn’t understand a word she said and she was becoming withdrawn from the rest of the
group while they all got to know eachother. At this stage Bonnie was around 6/1 to be the first housemate to
face eviction...She briefly drifted to almost 9/1 on the betting exchanges but by Saturday (two days into
show) had dropped to 5/2. By this time she was seen as a loner who had distanced herself from the group bar
the odd exchange with Lea...First impressions count for a lot on Big Brother and while she wasn’t generating
any hatred from the other housemates, she became a bit of a non-entity and wasn’t giving the rest of the group
any reason to keep her in...By the time Wednesday came she was odds-on favourite to leave at 1/3, with the
remaining housemates not deemed worthy of the “Big Brotherhood” Glyn and Dawn both available at 5/1.         Of
course, Dawn was ejected before the final eviction day and Friday saw Bonnie become the overall favourite for
eviction while Welsh sixth form head boy could have been backed art 12/1.     Being a girl against a boy never
helps when it comes to survival in the house and Bonnie was evicted after receiving over 80% of the public
vote...During her post eviction interview, Bonnie tipped Nikki to win although hopes Lea will come out
victorious at the end.

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