UNIT 7 TEST STUDY GUIDE: World War I to World War II by hWKW7P


									UNIT 7 TEST STUDY GUIDE: 1920’s to World War II
Answer all questions in YOUR HANDWRITING on separate paper.

   1. What 3 problems did Georgia farmers face after World War I and during the
             Who were the Axis Powers?
             Who were the Allied Powers?

   3. What was the purpose of the Forward Atlanta Commission?

   4. What was the first airline to serve Atlanta? Candler Field was the first airport in
      the nation to have what?

   5. Identify the accomplishments of these Georgians: William Hartsfield, Ivan Allen,
      Rebecca Latimer Felton, Viola Ross Napier

   6. What were dates (years) of the following? Sstock market crash, Great Depression,
      New Deal, World War II

   7. Explain the following contributors to the Great Depression: speculating, buying
      stock on margin, laissez-faire, huge inventories of surplus goods, stock market

   8. Describe the following in relation to the Great Depression: “Hoovervilles”,
      System of bartering, and the stock market crash.

   9. How did the interdependency of Americans and American life contribute to the
      Great Depression?

   10. What was the New Deal, and what were the three main goals (the 3 R’s)? What
       was the goal of most of these programs?

   11. What nickname did Georgia receive during the 1930’s?

   12. Where did Franklin Roosevelt live to get treatment for his polio?How did living
       in Georgia influence Franklin Roosevelt and by Roosevelt’s relationship with
       Georgia what area in Georgia’s economy saw growth?

   13. What Georgia governor supported the New Deal?

   14. What did the “little New Deal” do for Georgia? Who created it?
   15. Why did UGA lose its accreditation (Talmadge was involved)? Who helped UGA
       regain the accreditation? Who defeated Talmadge in his bid for senate in 1936?

   16. How did Ellis Arnall change the role of the governor? What election reforms
       took place while he was governor?

   17. What event started World War II (what did Germany do)? What specific event
       actually caused the U.S. to enter World War II?

   18. What was the Lend-Lease Act? Why did this contribute to the U.S. involvement
       in WWII (i.e. how did it help us get into the war)?

   19. Identify these people in relation to World War II: Carl Vinson, Richard Russell,
       Robert Stephens, Franklin Roosevelt

   20. What attracted new military installations to Georgia and how did this help?

   21. Explain the significance of each of the following in World War II:
   Fort Benning, Fort Oglethorpe, Bell Aircraft Corporation, Savannah & Brunswick

   22. What was the Holocaust, who was the leader responsible?

   23. Explain the purpose of the following New Deal programs:
Agricultural Adjustment Administration           Civilian Conservation Corps
Rural Electrification Administration             Social Security Administration
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

DISCUSSION: These are the discussion questions as written on the test! They are to
be answered in paragraph form.

   1. PROBLEMS OF THE 1920’S: Thoroughly explain each of the following
      problems of the 1920’s: (1) problems with farming (name 3 that hurt Georgia), (2)
      speculating & buying stock on margin, (3) laissez faire government policies, and
      (4) the stock market crash.
   2. Explain the following concerning Georgia and the New Deal/World War II: 1)
      how Franklin Roosevelt affected Georgia by living here 2) two reasons why the
      U.S. entered WWII 3) the contributions of Carl Vinson and Richard Russell 4) the
      role of Bell Aircraft and 5) the role of Savannah and Brunswick.

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