The Scottsboro Trials by hWKW7P


									   The Scottsboro Trials:
   Let’s Review What We Know
             So Far…

for To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
        8th Grade ELA – Mr. Alper
           What happened?
 March 25,1931 ---
  several groups of black
  and white men and two
  white women were on a
  train going from
  Tennessee to Alabama
 A fight broke out and
  most of the white men
  were thrown off the train
 Once they reached
  Alabama, the black men
  and the women were
Then what?
      One of the girls was
       a known prostitute
       and was taking her
       underage friend
       across state lines for
       purposes of
      The girls were
       arrested for this
      To get out of trouble,
       they said that the
       nine black boys had
       raped them
         Victoria Price
 Her idea to accuse
  the boys
 Known prostitute
 21 years old at time
  of “attack”
 Low class
 Promiscuous, hard
  drinker, hard cusser
 Described as
             Ruby Bates
 17 at time of
 Also low class/poor
 Worked at a mill
  with Victoria Price
 Once got in trouble
  for hugging a black
 Quiet and vague
  during her testimony
  The Scottsboro Boys
 These nine boys ranged in age from 12 - 20
          The First Trial
 April 6, 1931
 Defense lawyers had no clue what they were
  doing and didn’t take trial seriously --- drunk
 One lawyer was a real estate attorney
 One was a 70-year-old local attorney with no
  criminal defense experience
 Jury was all male and all white
 Verdict was ready only two hours after the
  trial: GUILTY – given the death penalty
         Many More Trials
 Scottsboro boys appealed the ruling and
  many more trials took place
 Each time, they were found guilty and
  sentenced to the death penalty
 The youngest boy was sentenced to life in
  prison because of his age
 Trials lasted from 1931-1938—longest in U.S.
 Trials made it to the Supreme Court
 Everyone was eventually set free
        Hero of the Trials…
 Boys finally got a new
  judge: Judge James
 He was always in
  favor of appeals after
  boys were found
  guilty, even though it
  meant he could face
  ridicule or lose his job
 Horton truly believed
  everyone should have
  equal treatment and
   Heart-wrenching Evidence
 Neither of the girls’ stories matched
 Neither of the girls could point to
  where the “rape” took place when
  shown a model of the train
 No medical evidence to suggest
  Ruby Bates was raped, but the
  doctor was too scared to testify
  Evidence Continued…
 Victoria Price had semen in her, but
  it was two days old
 Ruby Bates wrote a letter to her
  boyfriend admitting it was all a lie—
  even later admitted it on various
  radio and newspaper/magazine
 One of the boys was blind, and
  another was nearly crippled
     Don’t Ever Forget

The lives of these boys were ruined simply because
  of the color of their skin. Let’s all work together
     to destroy the existence of INTOLERANCE!!!

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