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					When we're working with computers and open many applications or documents. It is definitely the
taskbar will be met by the application or document that is being executed. And no doubt we'll feel
uneasy to see it because it is quite annoying especially seeing large window opened simultaneously
also satisfies the entire monitor screen. However, by default Windows does not provide additional
options to set the window example for me-minimize to taskbar try

eXtra Buttons can do all of that and we can add a couple of extra buttons in the window. There are
more than 10 additional buttons, which will certainly make things easier we set the window that looks
messy and the taskbar is full.
In using the eXtra Buttons as well as using the button "Minimize", "Maximize" and "Close". And use
of the eXtra Buttons is very easy. The following additional buttons that are owned by the eXtra
Always on top: > will put the window on top of other window even though we're using another
Send to back: > put window to rear positions so that nobody will disturb you.
> Copy window: create a new window with the same application.
> Roll-up\/Unroll: me-minimize window to retain their title of the window.
> Minimize to Box: me-minimize window and put the application icon to the Desktop that can be
Transparency: render window more transparent you can also set the default level of transparency.
Transparency: creating > Precentage transparent popup window in accordance with the Transparency
of the Menu.
Minimize to Tray >: me-minimize window to System Tray.
Minimize to Tray Menu >: me-minize window to the System Tray Menu.
> Move to another window to the monitor: put another monitor, very useful if you are using dual
> Click throughs: make the window transparent and can in a click.
Full Screen: creating > window fills the entire screen.
> Bookmarks: Add the application to the list that can be set to ease in accessing frequently used
To add the button double-click on the icon in the System Tray with eXtra Buttons. You can organize,
add and give the distance between each of the buttons in the window "Buttons Set". And if you do not
want to fulfill your window is filled with these buttons, you can also just add each of these options to a
window shortcut menu by pressing the Alt +
You can also add a list of blacklisted so that the eXtra Buttons do not change window of an application
 that may later will look strange. eXtra Buttons can also be directly executed at start-up, eXtra Button
                         also has some of the theme to your window look more
By using the eXtra Buttons your activities using the computer will be more efficient and
organized. And nobody will mess with large window again that fills the screen and the

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