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of an Occupational Health Physician by rZ8E5J


									                                               Ref: OHS

               SAFETY UNIT

                 ROLES AND FUNCTION

Occupational Health and Safety Unit   1 of 3   August 2002
                                                                                  Ref: OHS
                               WANDSWORTH BOROUGH COUNCIL


1.0   Background

      The Council, in its role as an employer, has statutory duties placed on it in respect of the
      health, safety and welfare of its employees while at work and those who are affected by its
      undertaking. As part of the arrangements put in place to fulfill these obligations, a range of
      activities are carried out on its behalf by the Occupational Health and Safety Unit.

2.0   The Health and Safety Team

      The team consists of the following members of staff:

              Mr Shervin Nejand
              Occupational Health and Safety Manager

              Mrs Barbara Coote
              Occupational Health Adviser

              Mr Ray Lockwood
              Health and Safety Adviser

              Mrs Beverley Russell
              Health and Safety Adviser

              Mrs Fareena Musafer
              Administrative Officer

      The Council retains the services of an Occupational Health Physician, Dr Yvonne Cooper,
      on a sessional basis to provide advice on medical aspects of fitness to work.

3.0   Work of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit

      The Unit has several key functions

      1. The Unit provides information on all work-related health and safety matters. This ranges
         from the effect of certain tasks on the body, e.g. lifting and handling or repetitive
         movements, the effect of particular chemicals or dusts, the influence of the work
         environment, and the psychological effect of the work, whether organisational or
         following physical or verbal assault. Advice can be given on how an existing health
         condition may affect a person’s ability to perform certain work safely, and
         recommendations can be made for safe working practices whether for the prevention of
         infection or occupational disease or when using work equipment, including display
         screen equipment.

      Occupational Health and Safety Unit      2 of 3                              August 2002
                                                                            Ref: OHS

2. The Unit carried out site visits for health and safety audits and inspections, provides
   advice on specific areas of concern, delivers training on a number of subjects and
   investigates serious incidents. Reports are produced on visits, statistics are kept and
   guidance is prepared on certain topics that are subject to legal control or approved codes
   of practice.

3. The medical professionals within the Unit carry out pre-employment health screening (to
   consider health aspects relevant to a post) and post-employment health assessment and
   care. Medical examinations are carried out on certain groups in the Council's workforce
   who are subject to statutory requirement e.g. work in sewers, abattoirs, LGV and PCV

4. Training is carried out in specialised areas e.g. risk assessment, health and safety
   monitoring, manual handling and immediate response to illness or injury to supplement
   the provision supplied by staff who have received the four day training approved by the
   Health and Safety Executive.

5. Advice can be provided to employees on all work related health and safety matters
   following requests by telephone, in person or in writing.

It is part of the Unit's role to be conversant with all current and impending health and safety
legislation and to be aware of impending new regulations which affecting the Council's
work and to advise accordingly. It is also part of the Unit's role to read and interpret the
legislation so that the information can be passed on to management in a straightforward way
without distorting accuracy.

Contact is maintained with professional health and safety organisations through
membership, participation in working groups and attendance at meetings and seminars.

An annual report is prepared and submitted to the Policy and Resources Committee by the
Unit which includes Council-wide statistics on accidents and assaults.

The Unit is located in Rooms 86-89 of the Old Town Hall and can be contacted on:

OHS Manager:             020 8871 8501
OHS Advisers:            020 8871 6201
Admin Officer:           020 8871 6200

Fax:                     020 8871 6202

Occupational Health and Safety Unit       3 of 3                             August 2002

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