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					Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment

                                                                                                                                University College Dublin,
                                                                                                                                Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

                                            Postgraduate Research- Contact list 2004/2005
 Staff Member       Research area                                                                                   Telephone        Email
 Department of Agribusiness, Extension & Rural Development – Tel: (01) 7167096
 Laurence Harte     Agribusiness, esp. finance                                                                      01   7167761
 James Kinsella     Communications, approaches & strategies for rural development                                   01   7167760
 Joseph Mannion     Communications & Rural Development                                                              01   7167194
 Anne Markey        Communications                                                                                  01   7167791
 John O’Connell     Marketing of agricultural produce                                                               01   7167765
 Deirdre O’Connor   Resource economics                                                                              01   7167706
 James Phelan       Rural development & research methods                                                            01   7167793
 Dermot Ruane       Agribusiness, esp. management & computer applications                                           01   7167143
 Pádraig Wims       Rural development, planning & information technology in rural development                       01   7167784
 Michael Wallace    Farm household analysis, farm level modelling/policy analysis                                   01   7167762
 Department of Animal Science & Production – Tel: (01) 7167771
 Maurice Boland     Fertility in cattle & sheep, embryo production in vivo, embryo storage & transfer, embryo       01 7167774
 Patrick Brophy           Equine husbandry                                                                          01   7167682
 Frank Crosby             Sheep production systems, ruminant nutrition                                              01   7167141
 Alex Evans               Physiology & endocrinology of reproduction in farm animals                                01   7167731
 David Kenny              Beef husbandry & nutrition                                                                01   7167773
 Patrick Lonergan         Reproductive physiology with emphasis on oocyte & embryo development in vivo & in vitro   01   7167147
 David MacHugh            Molecular genetic diversity of domestic animals with particular emphasis on cattle        01   7167738
 John O’Doherty           Nutrition and management of swine                                                         01   7167128
 Frank O’Mara             Ruminant nutrition, feed evaluation & animal nutrient requirements with particular        01   7167142
                          emphasis on energy and protein rationing systems; greenhouse gas emissions from
 Myles Rath               Nutrition of dairy cow in relation to milk yield and milk composition; evaluation of      017167769
                          ingredients & rations fro ruminant animals
 Department of Crop Science, Horticulture & Forestry – Tel: (01) 7167776
 James Collins      Soil morphology, genesis & distribution; properties & characteristics of Irish soils; soil-     01 7167720
                          climate interactions; land evaluation & management
 Owen Doyle               Mushroom cultivation, protected food crops, floriculture & vegetable production           01 7167111
 Desmond                  Landscape design theory, morphology of cities & design landscapes; landscape design &     01 7167113       Desmond.fitzgerald
 Fitzgerald               modernism
 Karen Foley              Landscape planning, design & management                                                   01 7167751

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Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment

                                                                                                                                   University College Dublin,
                                                                                                                                   Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

 Staff Member           Research area                                                                                 Telephone     Email
 Mary Forrest           Production & post harvest treatment of cut foliage, history of design landscapes, urban       01 7167753
                        forestry, web based learning
 Michael Hennerty       Pre- & Post-harvest physiology & biotechnology of fruits                                      01 7167752
 Alan Hunter            Micropropagation of broad laved deciduous and coniferous tree species, nutrition of           01 7167754
                        amenity & sportsturf
 George Keane           Grassland: effects of sward composition on production & utilisation of grass; silage          01 7167146
                        additive evaluation; production and utilisation of forage maize
 Tomás McCabe           Optimisation of agronomic & quality aspects of cereal production; modelling of                01 7167144
                        production systems, N fertilisation programmes, pest & disease control.
 Máirtín Mac            Remote sensing; geographic information systems; forest biometrics; multivariate               01 7167757    Martin.macsiurtain
 Siúrtáin               analysis
 Aine Ní Dhubháin       Wood science & farm forestry                                                                  01 7167755
 Maarten                Forest management; forest harvesting; operations research; transport analysis                 01 7167004
 Conor O’Reilly         Vegetative & reproductive physiology of trees, planning stock quality & tree                  01 7167191
 George Smillie         Physical & chemical processes in soils in relation to agriculture, horticulture, forestry,    01 7167718
                        industrial & amenity uses of land
 Trevor Storey          Crop production, alternative & industrial crops, conversion from conventional to organic      01 7167779
 Edward Walsh           Spring wheath breeding. Evaluation and introgression of exotic germplasm. Resistance          01 7167775
                        to Fusarium head blight. Germplasm collection, conservation & characterization in
                        perennial ryegrass
 Department of Environmental Resource Management – Tel: (01) 7167726
 Kevin Clancy       Epidemiology & control of mushroom diseases; needle cast diseases in Christmas tree               01 7167744
                        crops; root diseases of woody plants; Phytophtora pathogens, fungicides
 Bryan Cooke            Novel disease management strategies in low-input cereal systems, epidemiology &               01 7167010
                        pathometry of necrotrophic fungal diseases of cereals
 James Curry            Ecology of invertebrates in arable land; influence of earthworms on soil fertility; ecology   01 7167093
                        & control of pests of field crops
 Fiona Doohan           Fusarium head blight of cereals & associates mycrotoxin contamination. Functional             01 7167743
                        genomics of plant pathogen interaction & disease control.
 Edward Farrell         Forest ecosystem studies; nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems; forest-environmental         01 7167716
                        interactions; atmospheric deposition; pollution influences; peatland development.
 John Feehan            Ag management systems which sustain biodiversity & the cultural diversity of the rural        01 7167728
                        landscape. The ecological rehabilitation of cutaway bogs.
 John Fry               Environmental impact assessments; environmental management, plant ecophysiology;              01 7167730
                        photosynthetic productivity of woody species; selective tree improvement for biomass.

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Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment

                                                                                                                                     University College Dublin,
                                                                                                                                     Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

 Staff Member             Research area                                                                                     Telephone     Email
 Jeremy Gray              Biology & control of ticks and tick borne diseases                                                01 7167739
 Grace O’Donovan          Biodiversity & ecosystem function in grasslands; remote sensing & land use interpretation;        01 7167676
                          landscape studies using GIS; ecological surveying for EIS’s, IPCLs & Reps
 Patrick O’Toole          N transformations in soil & soil-plant systems, nitrous oxide emissions, ammonia                  01 7167717
                          volatilisation, soil urease activity, nutrient value of Irish biosolids
 Gordon Purvis            Biology & control of agricultural field crop pests; effects of crop husbandry on beneficial       01 7167741
 Michael Reilly           Inorganic nutrition in relation to leaf senescence in crop plants; stress physiology in plants    01 7167729
                          in relation to pest susceptibility & also to PGR function
 Olaf Schmidt             Ecology & function of soil invertebrates; carbon & nitrogen cycling in terrestrial plant-soil-    01 7167076
                          animal systems; stable isotope techniques in animal ecology
 John Whelan              Ecology & management of mammalian & avian species; distribution & behaviour of                    01 7167768
                          individual species relative to management & conservation, game management.
 Department of food Science – Tel: (01) 7167708
 John Clarke         Design & use of iron chelates; Nitrate & nitrite levels in food; sulphur metabolism; effects of        01 7167712
                          casein infusion of fatty acid synthesis
 Denis Cronin             Techniques for studying flavour compounds in foods; applications of chromatographic &             01 7167709
                          spectroscopic methods to the study of food lipids.
 Lames Lyng               Alternative electro heating methods for cooking meat & meat products eg Radio Frequency,          01 7167710
                          Ohmic heating, Microwave heating with particular reference to the influence of these
                          methods on the quality of meat and meat products and also the characteristics of meat and
                          meat products which influence their interaction with these technologies
 Brian McKenna            Physical properties of food; rapid chilling of beef & lamb, meat texture; shelf-life prediction   01 7167714
                          of foods
 Frank Monahan            Oxidation of muscle lipids & proteins, flavour & colour deterioration in muscle foods; impact     01 7167090
                          of animal diet & production systems on meat quality, meat authentication, functionality of
                          food proteins in gels, emulsions & films
 Desmond Morgan           Factors affecting starch digestion. Effects of radio frequency processing on the composition      01 7167711
                          & nutritional value of meat products. Development of functional drinks.
 Dolores O’Riordan        Relationships between the physico-chemical properties and functionality of food                   01 7167016
                          ingredients. Health benefits of food ingredients
 Michael O’Sullivan       Chemistry of dairy products; enzymes in food, Micro encapsulation technology; alternative         01 7167158
                          uses of food products; Edible/Biodegradable films; anti-microbial
                          properties of dairy proteins
 Amalia Scannell          Consumer foods, food safety evaluation/pathogen detection; fermented foods;                       01 7167724
                          biopreservation/bioprotection. Development of functional food/drinks

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Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment

                                                                                                                         University College Dublin,
                                                                                                                         Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

    Staff Member       Research area                                                                               Telephone    Email
    Department of Biosystems Engineering (Engineering Technology Programme)– Tel: (01) 7167484
    Francis Butler     Bioprocessing (food refrigeration, intelligent packaging, risk assessment)                  01 7167473
    Enda Cummins       Bioprocessing (food safety, risk analysis and systems modeling)                             01 7167476
    Thomas Curran      Environmental engineering (odour detection, modeling & control; buildings for biomaterials) 01 7167362
    Patrick Grace      Environmental engineering (porous media flow, biomaterials handling, soil structural prop.) 01 7167428
    Nicholas Holden    Mechanisation systems (precision agriculture, remote sensing, bioresources modeling)        01 7167460
    Kevin McDonnell    Mechanisation systems (bioresources management, bioenergy, specified risk materials)        01 7167472
    William Magette    Environmental engineering (diffuse pollution abatement, waste management)                   01 7167205
    Colm O’Donnell     Bioprocessing (material properties, processing of dairy products)                           01 7167201
    Da-Wen Sun         Bioprocessing (cooling, drying and refrigeration processes and systems, quality and safety  01 7165528
                          of food products, process simulation and optimisation, and computer vision technology)
    Shane Ward            Mechanisation systems (forest engineering, peat technology, specified risk mat’l)        01 7167351

          For full information please consult the “Postgraduate, continuing & professional education programmes” handbook
          produced by the faculty (Faculty office Tel: (01) 7167194) or see

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