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					                                               Calorie Calculator Template
         Weight?                      0     Enter in Clients Weight
         kg Conversion               2.2

Step 1   kg Bodyweight              0.00    Weight in lbs divided by kg conversion

         M                            1
         F                           0.9

         Sex?                        M      Enter Sex - M for Male or F for Female
         Sex Factor                  1

Step 2   Equation                   0.00    24 x Sex Factor x Bodyweight in kg

Step 3   Lean Multiplier?            0      Enter in Lean Factor Multiplier - Based on Body Fat Range Chart               Men
                                                                                                               Factor % Body Fat Multiplier
Step 4   BMR                        0.00    Step 2 x Step 3                                                         1   10-14        1
                                                                                                                    2   14-20      0.95
Step 5   Activity Level?            1.35    Enter Daily Activity Multiplier based on chart below                    3   20-28       0.9
                                                                                                                    4 Over 28      0.85
                                                                       Activity Level Chart                              Women
                                            1.3 = Very Light - Little walking - almost nothing                 Factor % Body Fat Multiplier
                                            1.55 = Light - Small Daily activity - example -teacher                  1   14-18        1
                                            1.65 = Moderate - Jogging, Weight training 2 hours a day                2   18-28      0.95
                                            1.8 = Heavy - Manual Labbor or 2-4 hours of training                    3   28-38       0.9
                                            2 = Very Heavy - Activity for 8+ hours & Heavy Training 2+ hours        4 Over 38      0.85

Step 6       Caloric Requirements    0      Required number of calories to maintain Weight

                                     -500   Moderate Weight Loss - 1lb of fat loss per week
                                    -1000   Aggressive Weight Loss - 2 lb of fat loss per week
                                      100   Muscle gain without fat gain

Step 7   Target Calories             0      C28 + weight strategy - Must Pick from C31, C32, C33

         Number of Meals?            5      Enter Max number of Meals Client will Realistically Eat

Step 8   Estimated Calories/ Meal    0
     10 Nutrition Tips to Succeed - Not all Required
     Never Eat a Meal over 550 calories -If you do your body will send the excess calories to be stored
1    as fat immediately because it can only handle so much at one time
2    Never go more than 4 hours without eating - Eating often keeps your metabolism high.
     Try to have each meal be high in protein with a complex carb. Do not eat a meal without it
3    including protein. Protein slows the absorbtion of carbs and builds muscle.
     Eat what you need - Think of what type of energy you will be using in the hours following your each
4    meal.
     Example - don't eat many carbs before bed & try to limit simple carbs such as sugar to only
     around gym time or exercise times - when energy output will be high
     Be sure to count the marinades, dressing, or condiments used during each meal - they have
5    calories. Zero Calorie Spray butter is a life saver.
     Only drink zero calorie drinks. Drinks are not filling and are too high in calories to be included in a
6    reduced calorie diet.
     Buy Whey protein & a slow release protein such as micellar matrix or muscle milk, and EFA
7    (essential fatty acids) pills.
     EFA's are good fats that are essential to health….especially in a calorie restricted diet.
     Eat Salads with low calorie dressings - Salads are nothing but fiber so they make you feel full with
8    very little calories
     Drink 1 gallon of water a day - Drinking water helps you lose water weight because the body
9    doesn't hold onto it since it knows you are giving it plenty. - Limit Sodium.
     Don't Cheat for 1 month - If you cheat too early you may fall of the wagon since you don't have
10   much invested. Success breeds more success.

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