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LLM Transnational by pommellynn


LLM in Transnational Commercial Practice

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									 Lazarski University / Center for International Legal Studies

                          LL.M. in Transnational
                           Commercial Practice
                            A unique opportunity to complete dual LL.M. degrees
                              from leading European and American universities
                           with two-week sessions in Salzburg, Budapest, Warsaw,
                                               and/or Boston

                           Salzburg Palace           Lazarski University           Eötvös Loránd
                            Study Center                Law School                   University

                        The Center for Interna-                               Boston University School
Lazarski LL.M.          tional Legal Studies has                              of Law was established
Study Cycles            more than 5,000 lawyer                                in 1872, and it ranks in
                        members throughout                                    the top 20 among more
Salzburg                the world. The Law Fac-                               than 200 US law schools.
                        ulty of Lazarski Univer-                              Eötvös Loránd University
Cycles I and II
                        sity has been ranked                                  was founded in 1635,
17-30 March 2013        first among Polish law                                and it is regarded as the
Warsaw                  schools for the last         Boston University        leading law school in
Cycle III               three years.                   Law School             Hungary.
7-20 April 2013
Budapest                                             The Advantage
Cycle II                The three Central European locations (Budapest, Salzburg, and Warsaw) and
16-29 June 2013         the two-week session format provide a great advantage to those who cannot
                        take a year away from their work, who cannot afford a year in the United
For information on      States, and/or who may have difficulty obtaining a visa to study in the United
the Boston University   States. Even in the case of the dual degree option (Lazarski University LL.M.
LL.M. programs, see     in Transnational Commercial Practice and Boston University Executive LL.M.         in International Business Law or LL.M. in American Law), the total tuition is
Those who complete      significantly less than the cost a year of LL.M. study undertaken in the United
the Lazarski LL.M.      States for a single degree.
may apply for
advanced standing in
Boston University‘s                            See
Executive LL.M. In
International                            Center for International Legal Studies
Business Law or            Matzenkopfgasse 19, 5020 Salzburg, Austria. Austria T 43 662 835399
LL.M. in American         Austria F 43 662 835399-09 / US T 1 970 4601232 / US F 1 509 3560077
Law.                                               Email

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