Date          Saturday 13th December 2008

                                                         Venue         Sussex Academy of Music
                                                                       Unit 10, Riverside Business Centre
                                                                       West Sussex
                                                                       BN43 6RE

                                                         Contact       Richard Taylor / Ben Stringer / Rob Bliss
                                                         Telephone     0800 756 9411 / 07525 256954
                                                         E-mail        info@sussexmusic.com
                                                         Web           www.sussexmusic.com

Harmonica Tutor Richard Taylor
Richard started playing the harmonica over thirty years ago, having heard the theme tune to The Old Grey Whistle
Test on TV! He is now an ex National Harmonica Champion, local representative for the National Harmonica League,
writes for Harmonica World and has performed at blues festivals and venues throughout the UK and USA.

Workshops are based on key aspects of harmonica learning which have been tried and tested at Richard’s Harp
Surgery (www.harpsurgery.com). You will enjoy lively, structured sessions, packed with useful tips, information and
fun. We will help you discover new skills, and increase your enjoyment and understanding of the diatonic harmonica
in all its guises. The ability to read music is not necessary at either level.

Beginners’ Workshop: 0900h-1230h                                                                        £15.00
“I have a harmonica, but I’m not sure what to do with it!”

If you have recently purchased your first harp, or you have had one in the cupboard for years but never quite got
round to playing it, this workshop is just for you. Maybe you already play another instrument or sing and now you
want to try something new. We will show you haw to get started. We will assume you love the sound of the harp
and can even manage a few simple moves, but you cannot yet bend reeds. The Beginners’ Workshop will cover:

Components of the harmonica
Posture and hand holds
Embouchure (Pucker or Block?)
Harmonica tablature
Diatonic reed arrangement
Navigating the harmonica
Simple chords and rhythms
Single note playing and tone building
The C major scale
Glottal stops
Simple melodies (first position)
Playing in rounds
Couplets and Triplets
Trills, rolls and trains
Introduction to second position (cross harp)
Backbone of the blues
Playing round 12 bars
Breathing exercises
Introduction to note bending
Intermediates’ Workshop: 1330h-1700h                                                                   £15.00

“I have the basics and can bend reeds, but I just seem to play the same old thing!”

That’s perfectly normal - we all reach plateaus! This workshop will help lift you onto the next level by introducing
you to new techniques, styles and positions on the harp. We will assume you already play individual notes cleanly,
can direct bend and can follow standard harmonica tablature. The intermediates’ workshop will cover:

Breathing exercises and warm ups
Location and physics of bends
Review of bends: portamento and direct bends
C major scale: holes 1-10 (first position)
Study piece: Duck Drawl
Blues scale: holes 1-10 (second position)
Blues Riff: Messing With The Kid
Study piece: Stone Fox Chase
Linking top and bottom in second position: The Bridge
Introduction to first position blues
Introduction to third position playing
Octaving and note splitting
Tongue blocking, slapping and fluttering
Vibrato and choking the harp
Introduction to Country and Cajun
Introduction to Spanish and Latin
Study piece: 3 part blues

Each workshop costs £15.00. Please make your payment direct to Sussex Music Academy using the workshop
registration page at www.sussex.com.Your payment should be made at least two weeks in advance to facilitate
management of numbers. Places are subject to a maximum of 15 students per session. If your desired workshop is
already full at the time of booking, we will be happy to offer you alternative date. Payments are non-refundable.
However, we will be happy to hold a place for you at a subsequent workshop, provided you give at least two week’s
notice. No shows on the day will forfeit the workshop fee.

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