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Section                         Topic
          Executive Summary
  1       Introduction
          Introduction to the B2B Market
          Constituents of the B2B Market
          Communication Platforms offered by Times of
          Trade Magazines
          Special Industry Features
          Times Office Solutions & Cutting Edge Feature
          Retail Forums
          Communication Solutions offered to Jhonson &
          Jhonson Limited
  4       ET Retail Awards
          Response Integrated Solutions(RIS) offered by
  6       Recommendations
  7       Annexure
          B2B Rate Card
Executive Summary

The purpose of this project report is to study the integrated B2B marketing
communications mix offered by the Times of India to its clients spread across
various business sectors.

The awareness & interest levels of B2B marketing communications mix is very
focused in its approach and offers the clients the right target audience which it is
looking out for in a market where the communication has not only to be right
and precise but positioned and directed to the right target audience to generate
interest in clients towards their goods, services and ideas. Brand building to
cultivate the top of the mind recall level and to gain the maximum mindshare
and thereby marketshare, is one of the prime reason for any entrepreneur to
advertise through different mediums be it in the B2C Market or the B2B Market.

This project will help us to study the marketing communications mix from the
B2B Market perspective across 6 Industy sectors namely- Manufacturing, Retail,
Construction & Design, Food Processing, Polymers & Shipping and Logistics.
Customized communication solutions as well special and exclusive business
promotions through award ceremonies and felicitations turns out to be a feather
in the cap of a company operating in the B2B Market to distinguish itself from its
competitors. These initiatives undertaken by Times Of India have been
elucidated in this report by throwing light on a Customized B2B Marketing
Communications Mix developed exclusively for Jhonson & Jhonson Limited and
the ET Retail Awards to be held in January 2010.

What is B2B Market ?
Business-to-business     (B2B)   describes   commerce    transactions   between
businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a
wholesaler and a retailer.

The volume of B2B transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C
transactions. The primary reason for this is that in a typical supply chain there
will be many B2B transactions involving subcomponent or raw materials, and
only one B2C transaction, specifically sale of the finished product to the end

For example, an automobile manufacturer makes several B2B transactions such
as buying tires, glass for windshields, and rubber hoses for its vehicles. The
final transaction, a finished vehicle sold to the consumer, is a single (B2C)

The universe of B2B is defined as

“All businesses whose consumers are other businesses.”

       “Business to Business” category addresses
        the communication need of all advertisers,
                where the end-user of the product
                   or service is another business.

The term "business-to-business" was originally coined to describe the electronic
communications between businesses or enterprises in order to distinguish it
from the communications between businesses and consumers (B2C). It
eventually came to be used in marketing as well, initially describing only
industrial or capital goods marketing. Today it is widely used to describe all
products and services used by enterprises. Many professional institutions and
the trade publications focus much more on B2C than B2B. This is a strange
development as most sales and marketing people work in B2B

Electronic Business, commonly referred to as "eBusiness" or "e-Business", may
be defined as the utilization of information and communication technologies
(ICT) in support of all the activities of business. Commerce constitutes the
exchange of products and services between businesses, groups and individuals
and hence can be seen as one of the essential activities of any business. Hence,
electronic commerce or eCommerce focuses on the use of ICT to enable the
external activities and relationships of the business with individuals, groups and
other businesses [1].

Louis Gerstner, the former CEO of IBM, in his book, Who Says Elephants Can't
Dance? attributes the term "e-Business" to IBM's marketing and Internet teams in

Electronic business methods enable companies to link their internal and external
data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with
suppliers and partners, and to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their
In practice, e-business is more than just e-commerce. While e-business refers to
more strategic focus with an emphasis on the functions that occur using
electronic capabilities, e-commerce is a subset of an overall e-business strategy.
E-commerce seeks to add revenue streams using the World Wide Web or the
Internet to build and enhance relationships with clients and partners and to
improve efficiency using the Empty Vessel strategy. Often, e-commerce involves
the application of knowledge management systems.

E-business involves business processes spanning the entire value chain:
electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders
electronically, handling customer service, and cooperating with business
partners. Special technical standards for e-business facilitate the exchange of data
between companies. E-business software solutions allow the integration of intra
and inter firm business processes. E-business can be conducted using the Web,
the   Internet,   intranets,   extranets,   or   some    combination     of    these.

How is different from B2C Market ?

Business-to-consumer (B2C, sometimes also called Business-to-Customer)
describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or

An example of a B2C transaction would be a person buying a pair of shoes from
a retailer. The transactions that led to the shoes being available for purchase, that
is the purchase of the leather, laces, rubber, etc. as well as the sale of the shoe
from the shoemaker to the retailer would be considered (B2B) transactions.
        Industry-specific trade shows                                               45%

       Industry-specific conferences                                                45%

Industry-specific business magazines                                               44%

                      Custom media                                                 44%

         Peer advice, word of mouth                                               43%

       General business magazines                                      28%

                                  TV                             23%

                          Direct mail                           22%

                        Newspapers                              21%

                              Radio                       17%

                            Outdoor                      16%

                                         Spends in Year 2008

                                    Constituents of Business Cycle

          Flow of Goods and Services

               Raw                 Manufactur           Distributor          Retailer
              Material                er

                                                 End User
B2B client Objectives

      Reaching Decision Makers.

      Measuring Market Results
      Creating Brand Visibility & Equity

Tools to Marketing

      Trade Shows

      Electronic Direct Mailers

      Direct Mail

      Print Advertising

      Seminars

      Events
Communication Platforms offered by Times of India to B2B Marketers

           B2B Pages

                Now                                              Now
                 !                                                !
                               B2B Print Platform
                                                              Area centric
2005 B2B Marketing Spends                                       Guides.

            Industry              B2B Display
WWM B2B Magazines – Portfolio:

Each trade magazine has its dedicated website
                   Machinist        Search       Modern Machine Tools        I PF
    Publisher       WWM        Infomedia India      Infomedia India       I PF Online
   Frequency       Monthly         Monthly              Monthly            Monthly
   No of pages        85                350              150                 300
  No of Ad Pages      17                150               45                 150
   Circulation       4000           15000                5500               12000
   Subscribers       527            11000                5000               8000
     Ad rates       13650           28000               34500               36410
   Cover price        75                50                60                  70
 Avg.Rev / Issue   300000          3500000              650000             3500000

Proposed for The Machinist: No of pages per issue                 : 150

Print run              : 10000

Ad Rate [Proposed] : Rs.18000

Ad Pages [Proposed]              : 45

Average Rev/Issue : Rs.700000

“The Machinist” in its new format will be a comprehensive monthly magazine
catering to all sectors of the manufacturing and process industry i.e., Pumps &
valves, electrical & electronics, switchgear & motors, hydraulics & pneumatics,
instrumentation & control, machine tools, auto ancillaries, material handling,
power, energy, oil & lubricants, steel.

Magazine frequency                                                                      : Monthly

Circulation                      : 40,000 (All India)
Editorial Profile: -

Global & National News: The latest developments in the manufacturing industry.

Cover Story:             An in-depth analysis of any topical trend/issue
                         impacting the industry substantiated with quotes from
                         industry experts/key players.

Strategy:                Case study of any long-term change in business
                         strategy, which has increased productivity and reduced

Best Practices:          Tools and practices that have the potential to streamline
                         production process and improve end results

Interview:               Interviews of industry stalwarts and decision makers in
                         different areas.

Technology:              The latest shop floor technologies that the industry can
                         implement to be competitive in the market.

                         Trends in Instrumentation technology.

                         Latest technological and manufacturing trends in India
                         and the world in the fields of hydraulics and

Cutting Edge:            A complete overview of the emerging trends, current
                         technologies, new products and future prospects of a
                         specific segment.

Chip Focus:              Recent advancements and benefits of IT in
                         manufacturing that can help in enhancing business

Tenders                  Information on the tenders
Product Watch                   Ready Reckonor for the purchase managers

                         List and details of important events lined up in the
Seminars and Exhibitions magazine

Target Audience: -

                6%   6%
                                                       Sr. Management
                                                       Middle Management
                                                       Jr. Management
                                      `                Library
        24%                                            consultants

Advertisers Profile: -

                                                  Electrical & Electronics
              10%               18%
                                                  Machine Tools
                                                  Material Handling

                                                  Pumps & Valves
  20%                                             Heavy Engineering

Ad Tariff
                                                   1- 4                  5- 8         9- 12
                           Size (WxH)           Insertions            Insertions   Insertions

Back Cover          17cm x 25 cm                  41,500                38,100       31,500
Inside Front Cover 17cm x 25 cm                   36,000                33,000       27,300
Inside Back Cover 17cm x 25 cm                    33,200                30,500       25,200
Full Page Colour    17cm x 25 cm                  27,700                25,400       21,000
Half Page Colour    17cm x 12 cm                  16,600                15,200       12,600
Quarter Page-Colour 8.5 cm x 12 cm                11,100                10,100        8,400
Double Spread       35 cm x 25cm                  49,900                45,700       37,800
                      Retail Biz          Retailer       Storai        Images Retail
      Publisher         WWM         Franchise India       RAI        Images Multimedia
      Frequency       Monthly             Monthly     Bi - Monthly       Monthly
     No of pages         55                 60            135              120
    No of Ad Pages        6                 30             56               55
     Circulation        2200               7000           9000             8000
     Subscribers         356               3000       Free Copies          3000
       Ad rates        10500              30000         17700             75000
     Cover price         75                 50            Free              50
    Avg.Rev / Issue    80000              400000        400000           1750000

Proposed for Retail Biz :No of pages per issue : 100

Print run               : 7500

Ad Rate [Proposed] : Rs.15000

Ad Pages [Proposed]                : 25

Average Rev/Issue       : Rs.35000

       FREQUENCY                      :     Monthly

          FORMAT                      :     A4 magazine

        LAUNCHED                      :     August 2002

      PRINT ORDER                     :     25,000

      SUBSCRIBERS                     :     22,000

      ANNUAL                          :     Rs.900/- (12 issues)
  PUBLISHING DATES                    :     4th week of every month

                                      :     MBO’s (Multi Brand Outlets) Dept. Stores,
  PRIMARY AUDIENCE                          Super Markets, Wholesalers, Retailers,
                                            Distributors, Exporters, Consultants
                      Reader Profile                               Industry Profile

          Junior           Library &
          Level                                                    F&B               Mall
        (Asst. Mgr.                        Senior                   9%            Developers
                               5%                       Consumer
         & Execs.)                       Level (GM      Durables                     24%
           18%                           & Above)         18%
                                            43%                                           Consultant
          Middle                                        FMCG
          Level                                          17%                          Apparel
         (Mgr. &                                                                       12%

    Editorial Profile

       News Brief                 Latest happenings in the retail industry.
     Case Study                   Covering issues faced by national and international retailers

     Retail in the                A bird’s eye view of various terms used in the retail business
     Cover Story                  Marketing/ Strategic thoughts of organisations

     Retail Classroom             Latest in Technology

     Special Features             Topic of the month

     Interview                    Tete-a-Tete with prominent personalities

     Events                       Post event coverage related to Retail Industry

     Brand Watch                  New concepts and emerging trends/ products in retailing
                      Times Shipping Journal      Log India             Marine World
      Publisher               WWM              DVV Media Group   YAK Institute of Management
      Frequency              Monthly                 Monthly             Fortnightly
     No of pages               55                      70                    45
    No of Ad Pages             10                      9                     8
     Circulation              1200                   25000                 18000
     Subscribers               424                   17500                 10800
       Ad rates               12200                  150000                 8000
     Cover price               100                    100                    20
    Avg.Rev / Issue          140000                  570000                30000


     Retail Automation                               Signages and Glow signs
     Display Solution Providers                      Point of Sale suppliers
     Trade show / Event organizers                   Retailers
     Mfrs. Of Electronic Security                    Suppliers of IT (hardware and software
      Surveillance systems                             solutions)
     Cooling Systems &                               Mall Developers
     Barcode, Labeling and
      Packaging suppliers
                        TJCD         Construction World Indian Architects & Builders
      Publisher         WWM             ASAPP Media                JMPL
      Frequency        Monthly            Monthly                 Monthly
     No of pages         52                 250                     75
    No of Ad Pages        6                 90                      30
     Circulation       2200                35000                   36640
     Subscribers        250                5000                    7000
       Ad rates        10000               75000                   69000
     Cover price         74                 100                     100
    Avg. Rev / Issue   100000             2800000                 880000

Back ground

Language                         :     English
Frequency                        :     Monthly

Format                           :     A4 magazine

Launched                         :     September 2001

Website                          :     www.timesb2b.com

Print Order                      :     22,000
Subscribers                                 :     20,000

Primary Audience                            :     Civil Engineers, Contractors, Builders, Architects,
                                                  Consultants, Brokers/ Estate Agents, Educational
                                                  Institutions, Government agencies.

Editorial Mission

The Times Journal of Construction and Design is the common platform that
integrates all the players in the Construction and Design Industry and
gives an impetus to growth trend in this industry.

Target Audience

                     Reader sub-segments for TJCD                                       Functional Levels of Subscribers for TJCD
                                     Bank        Material
                 Agri Research                                                        Jr.Managem
                                      3%           3%                                                   Others
                       1%                                       Promoter                   ent
                                                                   3%                 (Executives
      Construction                                                         Building                      11%
        Comp.                                                                            to Asst.
         20%                                                                           Managers)
   Engineering/Arc                                                     Construction
      hitecture                                                          Material
       College                                                             4%            Middle
         13%                                                                          Management
                                                                                      (Managers to
                                                                       Equipment                                     Sr.Managem
       Consultancy                                                                      D.G.Ms)
                                                                          6%                                           ent (G.Ms
          13%                                                                             7%
                                                                                                                      and above)
                                 Developers          Builders        Real Estate
           Govt. Body
                                    7%                 7%               6%

Editorial Profile

National News             Latest happenings in Indian construction industry segments and
                          Indian multi-Crore projects

Global News               Latest happenings in the global construction industry segments
                and multi-million global projects

Cover Story     An in-depth look at a particular concern or business opportunity
                often with a case study

Tech Talk       Technical issues in the industry (such             as   corrosion,
                waterproofing) often written by a columnist

Spotlight       Analysis of a current issue

Input Insider   Discussion on a current issue related to an input (e.g. Steel,


Financial       Series on financing of construction projects

Legal Speak     Detailed discussion of laws, legal disputes and contracts in this

By Invitation   An expert or industry leader writing about a relevant subject

Project         Study of a particular construction project

Event           Preview of a construction industry event

Advertisers :
Construction equipment and technology providers / Consulting companies Interior designers
Suppliers of raw materials such as cement, steel, paints etc. / Construction companies
IT hardware and software companies / Building material suppliers / Insurance companies

Trade show organizers / Real Estate consultants and developers / Civil engineering consultancies

Electrical accessories manufacturers / Finance companies
Advertising Tariff Colour

              Mechanical Details   insertions   5-8 insertions 9-12 insertions
                                   Rate         Rate           Rate

              17.0 cms. X 25.0 cms 23100        20000          17700
Full Page
Back Cover    19.0 cms. X 27.0 cms 34650        30000          26550

Inside Back   19.0 cms. X 27.0 cms 27720        24000          21240

Inside Front 19.0 cms. X 27.0 cms 30030         26000          23010

Half Page     17.0 cms. X 12.0 cms 13860        12000          10620

Quarter Page 8.5 cms. X 12.0 cms 9240           8000           7080

              39.0 cms. X 27.0cms 41580         36000          31860

Advertorial   17.0 cms. X 25.0 cms 16170        14000          12390
                        TFPJ         Modern Food Processing   Beverage & Food World
      Publisher         WWM            Infomedia India Ltd    The Amalgamated Press
      Frequency       Bi-Monthly             Monthly                Monthly
     No of pages         65                    70                     125
    No of Ad Pages        8                    16                      45
     Circulation        2200                  5500                   15000
     Subscribers         391                  5000                    5000
       Ad rates         10500                 27600                  35000
     Cover price         75                    40                      50
    Avg.Rev / Issue     90000                 200000                 670000

LANGUAGE                        :   English

FREQUENCY                       :   Bi-monthly

FORMAT                          :   A4 magazine

EDITORIAL ADVISOR               :   Amy Fernandes

LAUNCHED                        :   September 1999

PRINT ORDER                     :   25,000

SUBSCRIBERS                     :   20,000

CONTROLLED                      :   5,000

ANNUAL                          :   Rs. 415 (6 issues)
PUBLISHING DATES                :   February, April, June, August, October, December

PRIMARY AUDIENCE                :   Beverages, Breweries, Fisheries, Poultry, fruits,
                                    Vegetables, Dairy, Bottling & Packaged foods


Times Food Processing Journal is primarily targeted at businesses in the food
processing, beverages and allied industries. It gives insight into the development
of new technologies and management techniques to improve productivity in
production and distribution processes.

                READERS CATEGORY
                                                 Sr. Management
                                                 (GM & above)
                     10%                         Middle Mgmt (MGR
           15%                                   & DGM)
                                                 Jr.Mgmt (Asst Mgr
                                                 & Execs)
                30%                              Associations


              15%      5%        15%            Food & Beverage


                                       40%      Engineering
                                                Govt. Associations


   COVER STORY        Discussion on a focused topic and the latest
    INDUSTRY REPORT              Review of issues facing the food processing
     industry in India
    TECHNOLOGY                   Updates on new technology and trends
    PRODUCT WATCH                Food processing equipment reviews
    GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS             International updates on food products and
    MARKET MOVERS                Success story of a company/ product
    NEW AVENUES                  Launch stories of company/product
    EVENTS                       Covers the latest events / seminars /
    TENDERS                      Information on the upcoming tenders


      Equipment Manufacturers
      Food Processing Machinery
      Dairy Processing Equipments
      Packaging and Labeling Suppliers
      Warehousing and cold storage
      Bar coding and Packaging
      Exhibitors/ Tradeshow organizers
      Raw Materials, Ingredients and Additives Manufacturers / Suppliers
      Food preservatives and flavors
      Food Consultants
      Recruitment Ads


                                           RATES (Rupees) per
                         SIZE                  insertion
                        (W * H)         1-3            4-6
                                       Insertions     Insertions

Back Cover          19.6 cm x 27.3         34650          27750
Inside Front        19.6 cm x 27.3
                    cm                     30030          24050
Inside Back
Cover               19.6 cm x 27.3
                    cm                     27720          22200
Full Page Colour
Cover               17.0 cm X 25.0
                    cm                     23100          18500
Half Page Colour     8.5
                    cm cm x 25.0 cm        13860          11100
(Vertical) Colour
Half Page           cmcmcmx 12.5
                     17.0 cm               13860          11100
(Horizontal)        cm
Quarter Page-        8.5 cm x 12.5 cm              9240                7400
Double Spread
Colour                                            41580               33300
Advertorial                                       16170               12950

             Overall page size – 19.6 cm x 27.3 cm


4 Colour positives with progressives proofs. Screen ruling 120 LPI - GNP
Booking Deadline: 45 Days prior to the date of publication
                                    ET Polymers    Modern Plastics & Polymers
                 Publisher               WWM          Infomedia India Ltd
                Frequency            Bi-Monthly             Monthly
                No of pages                60                 150
              No of Ad Pages               12                 45
                Circulation              2200                5500
                Subscribers               312                5000
                 Ad rates                13000               27600
                Cover price                75                 50
              Avg.Rev / Issue         165000                530000

Material Deadline: 30 Days prior to the date of publication

LANGUAGE                          English
                              :   Bi-monthly
FORMAT                        :   A4 magazine

                              :   Mr. S. K. Ray (Sr. V.P. Reliance - Polymer Division)

LAUNCHED                      :   1997

PRINT ORDER                   :   22,000

SUBSCRIBERS                   :
ANNUAL                  :   Rs. 450 (6 issues)
PUBLISHING              :   February, April, June, August, October, December
PRIMARY                 :   The primary target audience of this magazine are
AUDIENCE                    manufacturers, dealers and users of polymers across
                            various     industries   e.g. FMCG      companies,
                            automobile companies, textile companies, chemical
                            process companies, packaging companies and
                            electrical/electronic component manufacturers.


The mission of the ET Polymers is to bring together relevant information,
insightful analysis and product reviews from the polymer industry to the
various user industries such as electrical and electronic equipment industry,
automobile industry, textiles industry and packaging industry. The magazine
also covers international trends in polymers – product and technology so that
these user industries have access to the latest information from the global
plastics and polymer industry.

Target Audience

                              INDUSTRY WISE
                                           5%     8%
                  40%                                    4%

                   Textile & Garments        FMCG
                   Petrochemicals            Rubber Industry
                   Chemicals & Additives     Automotive
                   Packaging                 Plastic Processors
Advertiser Categories

    Plastic Component               Rubber & Rubber products
     manufacturers                   Composite materials
    Chemicals & additives           Packaging
    Dies, Patterns and moulds       Automotive

Editorial Synopsis

      Industry news
      Sector focus
      Technology trends
      Interviews with industry
      Environmental issues
      Company profiles
      Product profiles
      Government policies
      Event Calendar
      Tenders
      Classified Advertising
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

Advertisement Tariff

                                                      RATES (Rupees) per
                                   SIZE                   insertion
                              Width X Height          1-3            4-6
                                                   Insertions    Insertions

    Back Cover             17 cm x 25 cm             37,050        27,750

    Inside Front Cover     17 cm x 25 cm             32,110        24,050

    Inside Back Cover      17 cm x 25 cm             29,640        22,200

    Full Page Colour       17 cm x 25 cm             24,700        18,500

                           17 cm x 12.5 cm (H)
    Half Page Colour
                           8.5 cm X 25 cm (V)        14,820        11,100

    Quarter Page-
                           12.0 cm x 8.2 cm
    Colour                                           9,880          7,400

    Double Spread                                    44,460        33,300

    Advertorial                                      17,290        12,950

verall page size = 19.6 cm x 27.3 cm

Material Requirements

Colour            : 4 Colour positives with progressive proofs

                  Screen Ruling 120 LPI GNP

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              1
                                                    B2B Marketing Communications


          N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research            2
                                          B2B Marketing Communications


N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research            3
                                                      B2B Marketing Communications

Industry Pages – Existing Property

 ET Shipping & Logistics Page (Every Monday, ET editions: Mumbai, Delhi,
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai)

Integrated Offerings

Industry Pages.
Launched ET Polymers


            N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research            4
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

                         Innovative solutions offered by TOI


Indian economy has seen an unprecedented growth in past couple of years, further
resulting in huge investments in office establishment right from corporate to SME.
However it is essential to source qualitative and cost effective office products and
services available in market.

Times Group proposes a dedicated page for all the office related equipments and
solutions, in terms of latest technology, new products and services, office management
etc. The intention is to facilitate with the information and updates while making the

Editorial Outline
   Fact to Face - Industry Leader
   Industry Overview
   Best Practices
   New Product/ technology Update

From a reader’s perspective: This initiative would assist them to source cost effective
products and services, & generate awareness on the trends and market scenario.

From an advertisers perspective: This initiative would assist advertisers to get
response for their products and services. It would also be a cost effective platform to
create an image.


   CEO’s, VPs- of SMEs,
   Professionals/Office Vendors
   Entrepreneur/ Proprietor

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                    5
                                                           B2B Marketing Communications

Mechanical Details

Media Vehicle                 : Times of India, Mumbai

Size                        : Full Page

Hue                         : Colour

Circulation                   : 7.2 lakh Copies (Mumbai)

1) Rates Advertising Rates (Minimum commitment: 6 insertions)

                                           1      6         12     18      30
                                          1108   920       830     779     608
Max size 396 sq cms, Min size 24 sq cms

2) Column Sponsorships – Rates Charged on the 70% of the Column size. Ad Space
available is 20% of the Column size.


The need of energy conservation today is more evident than ever before due to the
visible effects of global warming. The increasing consumption of energy has resulted in
huge amounts of green house gases being produced to meet these energy demands.
Companies have now begun to wake up to this dire situation and take initiatives
towards reducing their carbon footprint in an attempt to slow down if not completely
stop global warming.

Along with the ecological benefits, there are a whole lot of economic and business
advantages to energy conservation. In today’s economic scenario, any economic
advantage is always welcome. Thus, implementation of the right solutions and tools
like green data centres, green buildings, power efficient utilities, fuel cell powered
systems, smart sensors power optimisers, etc. are effective ways for companies to
conserve energy.

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              6
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

Standards such as Energy Star have paved the way for companies like Philips,
Crompton Greaves, Osram, etc. to introduce energy saving products. An increasing
number of companies are looking into the limitless possibilities of renewable sources of
energy and new ways to tap into them.

Energy efficiency is not only being looked into by companies in terms of their
consumption but is now being scrutinised at all the levels including the generation and
transfer of energy. Reutilisation of this energy is also being looked into as a way to
improve overall energy efficiency.

List of potential associations and organisations that would be associated with energy



Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

India Energy Forum


Indian Wind Energy Association

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Organisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies (OPET)

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

TERI School of Advanced Studies

Bharat Heavy Electricals LTD (BHEL)

NEPC India

World Energy Council

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                 7
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy (SARI)


Solar India Solutions


Zenith Energy

Winrock International


Suzlon India

Philips Electronics India Ltd

Osram India Ltd

KSB Pumps Ltd

Crompton Greaves Ltd

Conzerv Systems Private Ltd

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research            8
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications



• Architects/ Retail Designers
• Brand Retailers
• Chain Stores
• Department Stores
• Retail Consultants
• Franchise Networks
• Independent Retailers
• Institutional Investors
• Hypermarkets
• Potential Retailers
• Property Advisors/ Management Companies
• Retail Real Estate Companies
• Retail Security Systems
• Retail Support Systems
• Retail Technology Solutions
• Shopfit Equipment
• Speciality Retailers
• Supermarkets


• Fashion and Lifestyle brands and products in clothing, footwear, jewellery and
watches, mobile gadgets and accessories
• Food and Grocery items such as fresh food, ready-to-eat, meat, dairy & frozen, bakery
& confectionary and processed foods.
• Books, Music, Gifts and Handicrafts
• Black & White goods and Home Fashion
• Health, Beauty and accessories

A unique opportunity for consumer products manufacturers and brands to showcase
and interact with retailers who boast of evolved shoppers and quality shelf space.
Innovative products drive retail, creating consumer interest, changing lifestyles and
helping retailers add value to their shelves, which in turn boost sales. IRF provides the
only one of its kind one-stop-destination for quality products & brands to interact with
retailers to add variety and freshness to their stores to help them cater to the needs of
the new age shopper.

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                      9
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

L-Cube has been devised with a view to bringing retailers and brands face-to-face

• Developers of Malls & Shopping Centres
• Entertainment Zones
• Food Plazas
• Mall Managers
• Multiplexes
• Airports & Metro Authorities
• Architects
• Real Estate Consultants
• Banks & Financial Institutions
• Retail Consultants
• Space Holders
• Space Managers
• Urban Planners


• Brand Retailers
• Chain Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Department Stores
• Discounters
• Hypermarkets
• Independent Retailers
• Speciality Retailers
• Supermarkets
• Forecourt Retailers


•To be the preferred platform for the Indian Retail sector

•To be the mouthpiece of the Indian Retail sector

•To co-create value propositions for the sector

•To provide the sector with multimedia media platforms

              N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research             10
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

                             Three Pronged Media Strategy

Generate Awareness
and connect with the                                 Knowledge solutions
  target audience                                      and addressing

                    Recognize performance and excellence

                                 in the Retail Industry

                         In the Offering

 Contextual Content                                              ET Retail Page

Knowledge Solutions &                                          ET Retail Forums
 Addressing Issues

 Recognize performance                                        ET Retail Awards
    in Retail

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           11
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications


   1. Display Solutions – JULY 09

•POS – Brand Promotion

• Innovations in effective display

• Technology in display solutions

• Case studies

   2. IT in Retail – AUGUST 09


• Vendor management



   3. Retail Infrastructure- SEPTEMBER 09

•Mall Management

• Networking

• Store Designing

• Manpower planning

   4. Supply Chain Management – OCTOBER 09

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           12
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

•Inventory management

• Distribution & Logistics

• New Innovations and practices

• Backward Integration


     5. Multi Channel Retail- NOVEMBER 09

•Multi channel retail - Trends

• Latest Multi channel retail    models

• Case Studies


   6. Franchising DECEMBER 09
•Franchising Trends

•Models & new concepts


•Franchising in different domains


•Case studies


•Continuous and Consistent Multichannel visibility

•Mass visibility    :

•Niche visibility :

•Online visibility : retailbizonline.com

•Constant positioning with Persistent Presence

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           13
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

•    Automatic “Top-of-the-mind” recall amongst the Target Group

•High Impact through Information Dissemination

•Frequency Builder in Print in sync with Interests


Size - 200 sqcm

Editions - ET - ALL English

Value Additions –

    1 Full pg ad in Retail Biz Magazine

    1 Banner on www.retailbizonline.com     Actual Cost - 994000/-

    Special Price - 235000/-

    Size - 300 sqcm

Editions - ET - ALL English

Value Additions –

    1 Full pg ad in Retail Biz Magazine

    1 pg product profiling in Retail Biz Magazine

    1 Banner on www.retailbizonline.com     Actual Cost - 1491000/-

    Special Price - 352000/-


A round table discussion by inviting industry experts to mull over the vital and
critical issues pertaining to the industry & derive solutions which could be proven as
helping tool for the industry

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research            14
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications



Impact on the Retail Industry

•Industry status

•Retail Policy

•Labour laws

•Women in Retail

•Consumer Affairs


•Suggested speakers:

1.Ajit Joshi – Infiniti Retail Ltd

2.2.Aniruddha Deshmukh – Raymond Ltd

3.3.Raghu Pillai – Reliace Retail Ltd


•Talent Management

• Industrial Relations

• Personal Retention

• Training requirements

Suggested speakers:

1. Harshvendra Soin – CPO

  Aditya Birla Retail Ltd

2. Mukul Rastogi – VP HR –


              N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           15
                                                      B2B Marketing Communications


•Supply Chain Tracking, RFID

• Retail Revenue management

• Emerging Trends & cost effective IT Solutions

Suggested speakers:

1.Arun Gupta- Shoppers Stop

2.2.Ushir Bhatt- Future group

3.3.Mukesh Mathur– Oracle

4.4.Jagadish Mahapatra - CISCO


•Worldwide Outsourcing Trends

• Research & Analysis Outsourcing –

   Emerging Opportunity

• HR Training in Outsourcing

 Suggested speakers:

1.Mr. Hiren Kulkarni – Head BPO – Zensar Technologies

2.Mr. Amitabh Nema – Founder & Principal Consultant – Group Soft

3.Mr. Maneet Puri – CEO – Lexolution IT Service India Pvt. Ltd.


•Latest trends & Innovations

•Window Dressing: Attention compellers for business

•Visual Merchandising: Creating a Retail Experience

            N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           16
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

Suggested speakers:

1. Balaji Natrajan –Titan Industries

2. Vishal Kapoor –Pantaloons

3. Christopher Bramall –Shoppers Stop


•Impact of Real estate price on retail expansion

•Retail formats to optimize effective land usage

•Innovations in mall/stores designing and development

Suggested speakers:

1.Dharmesh Jain – Nirmal Lifestyles Ltd

2.Neel Raheja – K Raheja

3.Vikas Oberoi – Oberoi Mall Pvt Ltd

 Positioning as Thought Leaders in the space

   Networking Platform

   Mindshare of top discerning decision makers

 Media Amplification

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           17
                                                           B2B Marketing Communications

Special Initiatives
        Broadsheet lead special features in a near perfect editorial environment

We have done special features with many corporates catering to their marketing and
communication need. A Special feature on SME segment Titled SME DIALOGUE is on. It is a
weekly in ET All- Tuesday currently sponsored by ICICI Bank.•

•Column Sponsorship: This would be a regular feature on a certian vertical e.g.. an IT column
which would be sponsored. The column will carry a strip ad along with the logo.

••Company Profile: Branding Advertorial

••Foundation Day: This is a special page highlighting the founders, management and
the achievements of the company.

••Special Coverage of any event/award/exhibition by the sponsor.•

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                   18
                                                                 B2B Marketing Communications

Event Related Media Platforms

•Advertising in print in all Times Group Publications

•Full and half page Special Features for exhibition organisers

•Similar Activity for Industry Associations and Export Promotion councils•Eg: Plast India,
IMTMA, Smart Cards, Componex, Texprocil,Elecrama..etc

•Web based Marketing••White Paper and innovations


              N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                      19
                                                      B2B Marketing Communications

The Economic Times Knowledge Forum

The Economic Times Corporate Dossier Super Achievers Forum


•Knowledge Forum: This is a sponsored event, wherein we provide both narrow cast(
event) and broadcast ( feature in ET) to the sponsor to communicate to its target

••CDSA Forum: This is a single speaker event.

••Round Table: The sponsor gets the opportunity to interact on a one to one level
with its key clients. The discussion is then compiled in a White Paper.

            N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research               20
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

Integrated Process for ETIG Knowledge Forum.

         Build                     Direct

    Coverage                     Network

 Build up the forum by 362 sqcms (88cc) B/W advertisement in The Economic Times

§Direct people to the Website: www.timesb2b.com/knowledgeforum§Generate
awareness and get suggestions/feedback from people and involve them in shaping the

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research            21
                                                      B2B Marketing Communications




•The mega value addition by Coverage in the leading business daily in Asia The
Economic Times- Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore editions.


                                                  audience of business importance

            N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research               22
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

Media options for Jhonson & Jhonson Ltd

 Defining the marketing objective

 Facts about Times publications

 Media Options



 Special Initiatives

Marketing Objective

      To gain knowledge leadership position in the field of Healthcare
      To provide 360 degrees corporate branding
      To reach out to Johnson and Johnson’s Target Audience of
      To have top of mind recall in this vertical
      To educate the masses on health issues

Media Options

      Broadsheet
      Events
      White Paper
      Website
      Ezines
      Healthcare Report

              N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           23
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

The Economic Times

      No 1. Business Daily in India,2nd globally
      Circulation- 511082
      Readership-1174000
      Editions-9 (Mum,Del,Kolkata,Hyd,Chennai,Chandigarh,Ahd,B’lore,Pune)
      Reader Profile-

Target Audience for the page


 Surgeons and Doctors

 Franchisers for Medical equipment

 Readers across the nation- Health awareness creation

 Medical Institutions and Hospital Management Colleges

Corporate Branding for J&J Medical

      Special Supplement in The Times Of India and The Economic Times
      Profiling the offerings of J & J Medical
      Focus on the mission and vision of the organisation
      Highlighting J&J’s Achievements and Awards
      Case Study highlighting the processes that distinguish J&J Medical

Special Initiatives- Broadsheet

•Column Sponsorship: This would be a regular feature on a Healthcare vertical.The
column will carry a strip ad along with the logo.

•Foundation Day: This is a special page highlighting the founders, management and
the achievements of the company.

•Special Coverage of any event/award/exhibition by the sponsor.

•Health Guide- Booklet Circulated with Broadsheet.

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              24
                                                            B2B Marketing Communications

Round Tables with White Papers

 A monthly/bi- monthly round table

 Issues discussed to be covered in a White paper

 Special feature in TOI/Times Wellness highlighting the event

 A mouthpiece for the latest development in medicare.

 Johnson and Johnson Medical bringing the icons of medical field together

Knowledge Forum

    A platform to reach out through both narrowcast and broadcast medium
    Forum would anchor a leading surgeon who has developed a unique product
     for medical fraternity
    The forum would be attended by doctors/surgeons/hospital management

Special Initiatives for J&J Medical

 ETIG Report on Healthcare- A Research based product.

 E-zines- Branded along with J&J sent to an exhaustive database.

 Creating micro- sites for J&J highlighting the offerings

 Felicitation/Award for Healthcare sector professionals

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                25
                                                      B2B Marketing Communications


 An Awards Night to recognize excellence and felicitate companies adopting best
practices in the Retail Industry

  Awards night to be attended by 200-250 eminent personalities from Retail and
related industries

 An Awards Night to recognize excellence and felicitate companies adopting best
practices in the Retail Industry

  Awards night to be attended by 200-250 eminent personalities from Retail and
related industrie

      Award                      Research &                             Pre- Event
 Announcement                                                       Advertisement

                                                                           In Print

                                                               Post Event
                     ET Retail Awards

            N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                 26
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

Retail Awards – Partners

•Economic Times

•ET Intelligence Group

•Retailers Association of India

•Validation through third party

Benefits to the clients

•Position your company a partner in growth of the retail industry

• Gain a competitive advantage

•Network with Key Decision Makers of Top Clients

• Gain visibility, marketing coverage & recognition   which will enhance your
company's Brand Equity

• Get sustained media coverage for your business, enabling your brand to reach out to
existing and new customers

• Gain visibility and market coverage

Post Event

Detailed Post Event report, highlighting the events at the Award CeremonyET(ALL)

1 Full Page

1 (after each forum)

White paper

Creation of the white papers based on Retails Industry & its drivers coupled with
knowledge shared in the Round.

        Television DeliverablesTicker ads on ET now for a duration of 15 days

               Coverage of Retail Awards on ET Now as half an hour slot

              N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research             27
                                                            B2B Marketing Communications

                                   Online Deliverables

   Banners on The Economic Times website hyperlinked to the micro site for a period of
                                      15 days

                                  Standard Deliverables

  •Prominent display of the sponsors logo on the main stage backdrop and standees.

  •Acknowledgement of the sponsors Logo on all promotional material.

  •Sharing of database of attendees.

  •Personalized letters inviting Panelists and Moderators

  •Sponsors video clips running in-between sessions

                                         Initiative                     Investment

Initiative 1                           ET Retail Page             400sqcm:Rs. 5.92 Lacs

Initiative 2                            Roundtable                      Rs 16.8 Lacs

                                                                      per round table

Initiative 3                      ET Retail Awards-                      Rs 80 Lacs
                                  Principal Sponsor

               N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              28
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

Response Integrated Solutions (RIS)

                                 Analysis – MAY 2009

May 2009 Revenue:-

Figures in Lacs

   SalesOrg        Net Value

Ahmedabad         0.36

Bangalore         22.23

Chennai           16.35

Delhi             44.75

Hyderabad         1.13

International     0.18

Jaipur            0.01

Kolkatta          0.48

Mumbai            45.27

Pune              1.49

Grand Total       132.25

              N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           29
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications



1. Intel & The Times of India (Innovators of Tomorrow)
   Concept - Intel and The Times of India were launching a unique contest named
   “Innovators of Tomorrow” through All India editions of The Times of India. The
   client wanted a 360 degrees plan for this launch campaign.

   Activity – We complemented the print campaign with media like Outdoors in Delhi,
   Mumbai, Bangalore, scrollers on Times Now channel, online banners on Indiatimes
   site network, Indiatimes 58888 short code and a contest micro was created to capture
   all registrations.

   Total Outlay – Rs.20, 07,529/-

2. 3infotech (Tax smile)
   Concept - The client was coming with a campaign for their product “Tax smile”. Tax
   Smile is an online service for filling of your IT returns. The print campaign was
   amplified with online campaign and a special Expert Panel Discussion was to be
   organized to get closer to the user segment.

   Activity - The solution provided to the client was a banner campaign on
   Indiatimes.com, Simplymarry.com and Economictimes.com for a period of 2
   months. Also an half an hour panel discussion for one of the client’s another product
   E- mudhra (Digital Signatures) on NDTV PROFIT channel was provided as a part of
   the campaign.

   Total outlay- Rs. - 5, 26,199/-

3. Anu Solar (i Hot)
   Concept - Anu Solar (i-Hot) - India’s first and only Metered Water Heating Service.
   The client was coming up with a print Innovation campaign on Go Green Initiatives
   in the Times of India, and wanted as much additional mileage as he could get
   through other mediums.

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research               30
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

   Activity - In the print proposal we included online component of Indiatimes.com for
   a period of 1 week as a value add to the client, he liked the idea of being seen online.

   Total outlay- Rs. 21,250/-


1. Franklin
   Concept – The client was organizing a seminar with our help and wanted to
   promote is a few other mediums to ensure multiple exposure for the TG.

   Activity – We proposed radio as the ideal amplification, as most of the desired TG
   are exposed to it during the morning hours, the client jumped at the proposal.

   Total Outlay – Rs. 21509/-

2. LIC
   Concept – The client is a first time print advertiser with our branch, who wanted to
   target women in Chennai for the Jeevan Varsha yojna.

   Activity - We convinced the client to take push SMS solution, which as a medium is
   highly cost effective and targeted at the same time is delivered right to your hand
   held. The client bought into this immediately.

   Total Outlay - Rs. 53,000/-

   Concept – The basic brief was to facilitate walkthroughs to the seminar. The client
   gave the entire responsibility to us

   Activity – As they wanted to promote the seminar, they had planned. We integrated
   RIS solutions like radio, SMS, banner along with print campaign to generate
   additional buzz to hopefully try and reach out to a wider audience. Client is happy
   with response, got him 4 conversion

   Total Outlay - Rs.75, 000/

4. Ford Fiesta

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                  31
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

   Concept- To idea was to boost the demand of petrol engine, ford fiesta in Delhi and
   Mumbai market. The client wanted PR promotion in order to reach its target group
   with the desired communication.

   Activity - We approached the client with an OMS proposal to target desired market
   client, and they immediately signed up for 5 insertions, 2 for Delhi and 3 for
   Mumbai with us. Client is pleased with the outcome

   Total Outlay – Rs. 8, 65,000/-

   Concept - To promote and sell Vels prospectus through education times, as the client
   had been looking for a portal with numbers to do the trick for them.

   Activity - We sold prospectus for Vels on educationtimes.com, this is a first time
   client and they had never used The Times of India to promote their University. We
   managed to get their support after this campaign.

   Total Revenue – Rs.20, 000/-

   Concept – We had to propose a comprehensive and inexpensive deal to promote the
   overseas education Fair for the client

   Activity – This client had been very happy with the previous engagement and this
   was a repeat; we promoted their education fair for in Chennai and Hyderabad
   through Radio advertising, and they have received footfalls to their expectations

   Total Revenue – Rs.1, 40,000/-


 1. Aircel
   Concept- Aircel was launching in North India and wanted to create a great splash
   across media and we offered them a high visibility online campaign across our

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                32
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

 Activity- Amplification platform provided through Shoshkele and banner
 promotion on Indiatimes.com, Timesofindia.com and Economictimes.com as this
 provided the most relevant section of the TG

 Total Outlay- Rs 6, 60,000/-

2. Havells
  Concept- Havells wanted to create greater awareness and visibility for the launch of
  their new switch gear.

 Activity- We created a comprehensive online campaign across Indiatimes.com,
 Timesofindia.com and Economictimes.com, as most of the decision makers
 constitute the traffic for all of these portals.

 Total Outlay- Rs 3, 00,000/-

3. IPPAI and Aviation Watch
  Concept- IPPAI and Aviation Watch initiated a one day conference on ‘Counter-
  Terror & Security Solutions for India’ which aimed at spreading awareness amongst
  citizens and businesses about global practices on counter terror measures in a bid to
  safeguard people, critical assets and business. The activity was promoted through
  print and online media

 Activity- We provided them amplification platform through a micro site promoted
 on E-paper apart from the print campaign to get them the relevant eyeballs

 Total outlay- Rs 28,000/-

4. Amity University
  Concept- We worked on a campaign to promote admissions. The campaign was to
  be promoted through online medium, as Amity is already a big spender across

 Activity- Amplification platform provided through Education Times, as this is a
 very niche portal for the Education, for aspiring students and parents.

 Total Outlay- Rs 6, 85,000/-

           N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                 33
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

 5. Suzuki
   Concept- Suzuki wanted to create greater awareness about their new bike and we
   provided them with sectional sponsorship on zigwheels.com.

   Activity- We provided an amplification platform through sectional sponsorship on

Total Outlay – Rs. 1, 63,500/-

 6. Honda
   Concept- Honda is about to launch the Jazz and we provided a teaser campaign in
   order to create buzz and anticipation about the first hatchback from Honda.

   Activity- We provided a comprehensive online teaser campaign for The Honda Jazz
   on zigwheels.com. We offered them preview banners, co branded mailers to a
   segmented Times Job Database and a co branded floater on zigwheels.com

   Total Outlay – Rs. 3, 12,500/-

  7. HMSI
    Concept- Honda Motorcycles wanted to create some buzz online and wanted greater

   Activity- We provided an amplification platform through banner Promotion and
   Shoshkele on zigwheels.com.

   Total Outlay – Rs. 2, 29,500/-

 8. Apollo
   Concept- Apollo Honda Motorcycles wanted to create some buzz online and wanted
   greater visibility.

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research               34
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

   Activity- We provided an amplification platform through banner Promotion on

   Total Outlay – Rs. 89,500/-


1. Colour’s Chhote Miyan
   Concept - The client wanted to conduct a contest to build excitement about the
   auditions for their popular kid’s laughter show - Chhote Miyan which is to enter its
   second season.

   Activity - ‘Patli Gali’ contest was initiated through print ads in Mumbai and Delhi.
   A simple question related to Chhote Miyan was asked in the print ad. Responses to
   the question were collected through SMS keyword on 58888. Short-listing &
   validating contest winners and intimating them about the audition dates was also

   Total Outlay – Rs. 3,309/-

2. Spaces Get your Bedroom Makeover Contest
   Concept - This was a brand building exercise by the client where it wanted audience
   engagement and interaction with the brand.

   Activity - The solution offered was SMS based contest amplified through print ad.
   Print ad was released in The Address with a contest question. Responses to the print
   ad were collected through SMS keyword on 58888. Amongst the respondents, one
   winner was randomly selected by the client and was awarded makeover of his/her
   bedroom. Additionally, as an incentive, all the respondents to the contest were sent
   a free gift reply SMS which they could redeem at the Spaces outlets across Mumbai.

   Total Outlay – Rs. 7,721/-

3. Dolphin Offshore’s ETIG Knowledge Forum
   Activity – A conference was being organized by us on behalf of the client under the
   banner of ETIG knowledge forum. The knowledge exchanged during the forum was

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              35
                                                   B2B Marketing Communications

made available to larger audience by uploading it on a micro site. This micro site
was promoted on epaper.timesofindia.com

Total Outlay – Rs. 50,000/-

         N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              36
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

4. GEC India’s University of East London and University
   Concept – The client represents University of East London and University of
   Bedfordshire in India. Counseling sessions were being conducted at to introduce the
   Universities to the students and facilitating spot admissions.

   Activity – To draw students for these counseling sessions radio campaign was
   suggested to client to supplement the print campaign. Combination of print and
   radio brought great response for the client.

   Total Outlay – Rs. 56,148/-

5. Chats on www.educationtimes.com
   Concept - For the second year in a row, The Education Team released the “Your
   Counselor” book targeted towards students and parents and “counseling” and
   “guiding” them to plan for their children’s education.

   Activity - As a complete experience to interact and reach out to their target audience,
   we packaged 1 ad in the “Your Counselor” with one hour of

   Chat on www.educationtimes.com.

   Clients have been very appreciative of this connect with the audience and looking
forward for more sessions.

   Total Outlay: Rs. 4, 06,000/-

6. Tourism Australia
   Concept: Tourism Australia had experience RIS in the past and was tempted to
   explore the other mediums that we had in store.

   Activity - Post the first online campaign from Travel, this time around an integrated
   proposal was offered to the client. Radio, Online, 58888, Facebook including Print
   was offered to the client and the client went ahead with this plan.

   Total Outlay - Rs.15, 00,000/-

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                 37
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

7. Super Mom
   Concept: The Activation team was organizing the annual Super Mom contest, where
   the best mom would be rewarded

   Activity: We provided them with a Microsite along with a keyword to amplify this
   project via print.

   Total Outlay - 25000/-


1. DSK, Rohit Bhole
   Concept - Keyword 'DSK' used on 58888 along with the print campaign for lead
   capturing and response gauging

   Activity - The client needed to use it for registrations through mobile. They also
   used print ads along with the keyword activation and got a great response from the
   sms keyword activation.

   Total Outlay - Rs.10, 000/-

2. MKCL Gemini Education
   Concept - Co branded Seminars with Radio Campaigns built in

   Activity - We did a total of 3 co branded seminars with our clients, where education
   times were a partner in all of these seminars. They all had different themes like,
   Study abroad, fashion and design technology and robotics. The idea was to create
   maximum number of enquiries and foot falls for the events. All three seminars got a
   great response, and clients were equally happy. We used Radio City and Radio
   Mirchi to amplify the campaigns and ensure maximum participation a day prior to
   the seminars.

   Total Outlay - Rs.40, 000/-

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research              38
                                                         B2B Marketing Communications

3. Property Expo
   Concept - Property Expo 2009, needed to get to the desired levels of footfalls and
   create the necessary hype about the same Pune's prime attraction for all property
   buyers, biggest names in construction in Pune are all a part of this exhibition held
   almost every 3 months. Objective was to ensure footfalls at the venue.

   Activity - We used Radio Mirchi over a period of 3 days prior to the event, a total
   number of 5,000 people attended the exhibition, making it a huge success by the
   clients expectations.

   Total Outlay - Rs.50, 000/-

   Concept: First time advertiser on internet, the client wanted to be in the online space
   for his computer courses due to the presence of the right TG

   Activity: we got them to come on board with www.educationtimes.com home page
   banners for a period of one month, for advertising about their computer courses.
   The client intends to continue with a longer presence and wants to have a
   permanent banner on the home page.

   Total Outlay Rs.15, 000/-

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                 39
                                                       B2B Marketing Communications



      The magazines have no Editors
      Editorial written by Content Providers not known in the Industry
      The magazines have no RMD support
      Low print-run due to lack of promotion
      Low Brand visibility & low response to advertising due to low print-run

Support Required

      Appoint Consulting Editors for each magazine
      RMD team to be set up for Brand Promotion
      Enhance Promotional Budgets for Marketing activities
      More involvement from WWM in the Brand activities
              Competition from other broadsheets.
              B2B Online portals well developed thus attracting sizeable
              Competition magazine very strong in the market.

Targeting smaller markets
•Appoint DSAs

• Tie-up with advertising agencies

• Markets to be services by the nearest branches

 Neighbourhood Guides

 B2C hard sell

 10 guides per year

 Guides in small format

 Circulated in the region with our broadsheet or with alliance partners

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           40
                                                           B2B Marketing Communications

 Industrial Guides

 20 industrial guides per

 Guides in small format

 Circulated to the various association members

Tapping Exporters Market
 Exports has grown at a CAGR of 23 % in last 5 years

   More exhibitors participating in international exhibitions

   More exporters visiting international fairs

Catalogue Show
Doing Business with India
 Product Offering

 Catalogue on “ Doing Business with India”

 A CD with details on “ doing business with India” with company ad & product


 To all exhibitors and select visitors at the exhibition


 4 events per year : Rs 50 lacs in the first year

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                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

                                   ACTION PLAN

Brand Development

Appoint Technical Advisors to the magazines
Edit to provide a National Perspective & to align as per market dynamics
Edit team to cover relevant & significant events
Regional & Sectoral focus every quarter
Encourage “Product Profiles” to enhance the magazine referral value

Brand Promotion

To generate Advertising:

Brand Advertising in Broadsheet
Packaging relevant magazines with Broadsheet Features
Launch of corresponding Industry Pages in ET
Offering Integrated Solutions i.e. Broadsheet + Magazine +   Online
Tie-up with Exhibitions as Official Magazine for the event
Appoint DSAs in regions not serviced by us

Brand Promotion

To increase Subscription:

Tie-up  with Industry Associations for syndicated content & offer special
subscription rates to members
Client Story Board with Subscription offer
Participation in B2B exhibition for Brand visibility & Subscriptions
Free Gift offer with Annual Subscriptions

Online Initiatives

      Up-gradation of all Magazine Websites currently underway
      Hosting of the Websites on all Search Engines
      ‘Creative Online offerings’ to B2B clients
      SME Portal under construction which will enable online transactions
       generating additional revenues

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                                                       B2B Marketing Communications

Times B2B Rate card (wef. 1st Jan 2009)

  Times B2B Rate Structure in TOI, ET, NBT, MT & Vijay Karnataka (Rates -per sq.cms)
Publicati                                            12 -   19 -    27 -
             Edition                 1- 5   6 - 11                          36 +    d
  on                    Days                          18     26      35

   TOI       Mumbai     Wednesday 1050       895     790    735     685     580    580

   TOI        Delhi     Tuesday      810     690     610    565     525     445    445

   TOI      Bangalore   Tuesday      635     540     475    445     415     350    350

   TOI       Chennai    Tuesday      335     285     250    235     220     185    185

   TOI        Pune      Tuesday      330     280     250    230     215     180    180

   TOI       Kolkata     Monday      295     250     220    205     190     160    160

   TOI      Lucknow      Friday      240     205     180    170     155     130    130

   TOI        A'bad     Tuesday      220     190     165    155     145     120    120

   TOI         d         Friday      160     140     120    115     105      90        90

   TOI        Jaipur    Tuesday      75      64      57      53      49      49        49

   TOI       Kanpur      Friday      60      50      45      42      39      33        33

   TOI       Nagpur       ay         48      41      36      34      31      26        26

   TOI         Goa        ay         35      30      27      25      25      25        25

   TOI       Mysore     Tuesday      30      26      23      21      20      17        17

   TOI       Kannad     Saturday     30      26      23      21      20      17        17

   TOI         e        Tuesday      18      15      14      13      12      10        10

            N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                   43
                                                     B2B Marketing Communications

  ET       Mumbai     Thursday     640     545    480     450     420   350   350

  ET         Delhi      Friday     545     465    410     380     355   300   300

  ET       Kolkata     Tuesday     220     190    165     155     145   120   120

  ET       Bangalore Thursday      180     155    135     125     115   100   100

  ET        A'bad        ay        160     140    120     115     105   90    90

  ET       Chennai    Thursday     150     130    115     105     100   85    85

  ET          d       Thursday     140     115    105      95     90    75    75

  ET         Pune        ay         70     60      55      50     45    40    40

  ET          rh        Friday      60     50      45      42     39    33    33

  ET       Lucknow      Friday      42     36      32      29     27    23    23

Gujarati   Mumbai     Thursday      60     51      45      42     39    33    33

  ET       Ahmedab
Gujarati     ad       Thursday      36     31      27      25     23    20    20

 NBT         Delhi       Wed       340     290    255     240     220   190   190

 NBT       Mumbai       Weds       160     140    120     115     105   90    90

  MT       Mumbai       Thurs      425     360    320     300     280   235   235

  VK          All         Fri      450     385    340     315     295   250   250

           N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research           44
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

    VK       Bangalore      Fri       215     185      160      150         140         120     120

Consump                               8    16   24   36   48   52
  tion                               week week week week week week
 Period                               s     s    s    s    s    s

 Zonal Packages: (for editions included in each Zone refer to page:2*)

     Publication           Zone        1-5      6-11    12-18     19-26       27-35           36+

  TOI+ET+MT+NBT            West       1825     1555     1375      1285            1195        1015

    TOI+ET+NBT             North      1260     1080      960          900         835         715

     TOI+ET+VK             South      1240     1085      975          925         875         765

      TOI + ET              East       355      300      265          245         230         200

City Packages:

     Publication          Edition      1-5      6-11    12-18     19-26       27-35           36+

TOI + ET + MT + NBT       Mumbai      1470     1250     1105      1035            960         810

   TOI + ET + NBT          Delhi      1105      945      830          775         720         605

    TOI + ET + VK
        (B’lore)         Bangalore     725      620      545          510         475         400

      TOI + ET            Chennai      380      325      290          265         245         210

      TOI + ET              ad         265      230      200          185         175         145

Metro Package:

     Publication          Edition      1-5      6-11    12-18     19-26       27-35           36+

      TOI + ET            Mumbai      1225     1070      965          910         860         755

             N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                              45
                                                           B2B Marketing Communications

         TOI + ET              Delhi      960      840     760     715       675     595

         TOI + ET           Bangalore     685      590     525     495       465     400

TOI + ET All

        Publication           Edition     1-5      6-11   12-18    19-26     27-35   36+

           TOI                  All       2600    2500     2425    2350      2275    2200

            ET                  All       1400    1300     1200    1100      1000    900

         TOI + ET               All       3500    3400     3300    3200      3100    3000

Colour Option :

10% premium on applicable rates, subject to availability of colour pages in the following

   o TOI (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad) & ET
25% premium on applicable rates in all other editions subject to availability of colour


        ET Mumbai includes Pune.
        ET Delhi Includes Chandigarh & Lucknow
        TOI Lucknow includes Kanpur
        TOI Bangalore includes Mysore
        TOI Mumbai includes Nagpur


   1. The width of advertisement allowed on B2B page-3cm, 6cm, 9cm, 12cm, 15cm,
      18cm, 24cm & 32.9cm
   2. Maximum size of a B2B ad. can be 396 sq cms & min size is 24 sq cm.

                 N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research                 46
                                                        B2B Marketing Communications

   3. The publication with the highest rate will be considered as base publication & the
      rate would be the “applicable basic rate”. Any other publication / edition will
      attract the respective ADD–ON rates.
   4. The above-mentioned rates are valid till 30th Dec’2009.
   5. Material to be submitted 2 working days prior to the insertion day.



TOI – Mumbai      TOI – Delhi          TOI – Bangalore      TOI – Kolkatta

TOI – Pune        TOI – Lucknow        TOI – Mangalore      ET - Kolkatta

TOI – Ahmedabad TOI – Kanpur           TOI – Mysore

TOI – Nagpur      TOI – Jaipur         TOI – Hyderabad

TOI – Goa         ET – Delhi           TOI – Chennai

ET – Mumbai       ET – Chandigarh      ET – Bangalore

ET – Pune         ET – Lucknow         ET – Chennai

ET – Ahmedabad NBT - Delhi             ET – Hyderabad

MT – Mumbai                            VK - All

NBT – Mumbai

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                                                      B2B Marketing Communications
















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