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									Titanic Survivors Diaries
 Nylaiza Espey
 My name is
Titanic first class smoking
                   Today I went to the
                    smoking room, I
                    found out it was
                    only for men.
                    Unlike other rooms
                    the smoking room
                    had working
                    fireplaces fired by
                    coal and kept in
                    adjacent hods.
I also went to the reading and writing
It had a bay window outboard and a
 fireplace aft anchored the beautiful
 proportions of the room and suggested a
 cozy environment in which to do the
 activities suggested by the room’s name,
 especially on blustery days.
As a counterpoint to the men's smoking
 room this stylish space was primarily
 intended for the ladies.
Reading and writing room
 Since the reading and writing room was so
  interesting I decided to go there after dinner as
  my husband went to the smoking room.
 I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and a interesting
  conversation with the other ladies.
 I expected more ladies would be in the room
  but there were not.
 This room did not need to be as big as it was.
 April 11,1912.

   Dear diary, Today I
  checked out the
  gymnasium. I went around
  10;30pm. It had an order
  in wich things happened.
 The gentlemen went from
  6am to 9am.Ladies went
  from 10am to 1pm.
  Children from 1pm to
  3pm. Gentlemen again
  from 4pm to 6pm.
 The gymnasium was for
  first class people like
The gymnasium was on the start board
 side of the deck.
It had rowing machines, and stationary
 bicycles, the Titanic had full complement
 of electrical exercise equipment under the
 supervision of a gym instructor.
After a workout like that, mechanical
 hammers were at the ready to massage
 out the muscle kinks.
 April 12,1912.
 Dear diary, I am a little
  stressed today out so I
  thought a massage would
  be a good idea. So I went
  to the Turkish electric and
  swimming baths. I had to
  pay only one dollar and I
  stayed an hour. I was
  really relaxed. So after
  that I went to the galley
  for first and second class.
  Over 62,000 meals were
  to be served during our
  voyage. It was a small
  comfortable place.
 April 13,1912

 Dear diary, Today I went to the Squash Racquet
  Court.It was located well down in the ship, it was on
  lower deck.
 As well as the gymnasium it was under the
  supervision of an attendant,who was there to take
  care of every need.He gave me and my husband
  racquets and a ball.
 We Played for only the fee of $0.50.
 There was no one waiting so we got to play for the
  amount of time we wanted.
Squash racquet court
April 14, 1912

Today I joinedmy new friendElisabeth Allen for tea. she is
one of the most classy people I've evermet in my life. We
met on the open boat deck on the secondday. We went to
the verandah cafe and palm court. Our server was named
Evelyn Marsden. This was a very classyplace.
 There were
  windows. It had a
  very relaxing
  breeze coming
  from the
 That night was a
  very cool night so
  me and my
  husband cuddled
  together.We were
  awoke by the
I panicked because I thought the
 lifejacket I was wearing wouldn't
 really work.
So my husband took another life
 jacket and showed me what it was
 made of.
Now I believed him.I got in a life boat
 so I had to leave my husband because
 they ad to save the women first.
Titanic Newspaper
 April 15, 1912

      After a couple hours i got off the life boat with my dear
    friend Elisabeth Walten Allen I found my husband died. I
    was very upset but my friend Ellisabeth was there to cheer
    me up.We were on a ship named The Carpathia. They
    took are names. Then me and Ellisabeth became good
    friends with a first class passenger on this ship. His name
    was Dr.Blackman. That night we slept in his room. We
    didn't feel comfortable with him in the room so he went to
    one of his other friends room. He was such a gentlemen.
April 16,1912

Today I just sat in my room and
 wrote in my diary. I cried and
April 17 1912

Today I just sat in my room for a
 little while and thought about how
 my husband and I waited for safety
 in the gymnasium. He handed me
 his gloves as protection against the
 cold and stepped back to meet his
        April 18, 1912

Finally we landed in New
 York. I had my baby in
 August. his name was
 John Jacob Astor V.
John Jacob
 Astor V
      This is him when he
       was a man
There I started my new life
 and soon remarried. Later I
 remarried again. I had 3 boys.
By; Madeleine Talmage Astor
Elisabeth Walton

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