Determining your dominant Dosha Are you Vata_ Pitta_ or Kapha by leader6


									          Determining your dominant Dosha: Are you Vata, Pitta, or Kapha?
Once you’ve taken the test and added up each column, you can easily see which Dosha is dominant: the
 one that has the highest score. As we said earlier, everyone is a combination of all three Doshas, but in
most people, one Dosha: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha takes center stage. It’s quite possible that your scores will
   be close or equal for two of the Doshas. This suggests a two- Dosha type, meaning that you express
  qualities of your two leading Doshas nearly equally. However, one Dosha usually predominates, even
    though the difference may be small-thus, the fine distinction between Pitta-Vata and Vata-Pitta,
 between Vata-Kapha and Kapha-Vata, and between Pitta-Kapha and Kapha-Pitta. On the other hand, if
scores for all the Doshas are nearly equal, you are a rarity-a three Dosha type. However, even in a three-
                           Dosha type one Dosha usually edges out the others.

               Score yourself by rating which description applies best by using numbers 0-3.

                                        0= Never or Almost Never
                                             1=Rarely, Mild
                                        2= Sometimes, Moderate
                                        3=Frequently, Severe, Yes

                            VATA                            PITTA                              KAPHA

                                                                                             oily, thick,
My skin is..             dry, flaky, thin,              oily, smooth,                        smooth,
                         rough, cool to touch           with freckles or moles,              soft to touch
                                                        warm to touch, glowing

My complexion is..       Bluish                         red, ruddy, or yellowish             pale

                         dry, brittle, thin,            fine and                             oily, thick,
My hair is..             or                             straight,                            luxuriant
                         coarse, brown, black           blonde, red, graying early           wavy, curly, dark
                                                        or balding

                                                                                             big, calm, blue,
My eyes are..            small, nervous, dry,           sharp, bright, sensitive to light,   with
                         black or brown                 grey, or green with a penetrating    a loving gaze

My teeth are..           big, crooked, or protruding,   medium-sized, yellowish              strong and white
                         healthy with                                                        with healthy
                         thin,                          and soft with tender gums            gums
                       receding gums

                       dry, thin, dark,
My lips are..          red,                      soft, pink, and firm,       oily and smooth,
                       or yellowish              pale                        large and thick

My bone                slim, slight, prominent   medium                      thick, solid, heavy
structure is..

My height is..         above or below            average                     average or tall

My muscles are..       undeveloped               moderately developed        solid, stocky,
                                                                             well developed

My weight is..         below average, I          medium, able to             above average,
                       lose weight               lose or gain                I gain weight
                       easily                    weight                      easily

                                                                             around my hips
Most of my fat is      around my waist           evenly over my body         and
located..                                                                    thighs

My veins are..         prominent                 visible                     not visible

                       narrow and
My shoulders are..     slope                     medium-sized                broad, firm,
                       downward                                              developed

My hips are..          narrow                    medium width                wide

My hands are..         small, dry, cool, with    medium-sized, moist, warm   large, oily, cool,
                       long fingers              pink                        firm

                       dry, rough,               flexible, pink,
My nails are..         brittle                   and                         thick, smooth,
                       and break easily          lustrous                    shiny and hard

                                                                             moderate or
My perspiration is..   scanty with no odor       heavy with strong odor      heavy
                                                                             with pleasant
My lifestyle is..       highly active               active                           rather inactive

My appetite is..        Irregular with skipped      strong, must eat regular meals   constant, but can
                        meals                                                        skip meals

My sleep pattern is..    irregular, light,          sound and even, 6-8 hours        prolonged, and
                        interrupted, 5-7 hours      a night                          deep, difficult to
                        a night                                                      wake up

                        quick, short
My gait is..            steps                       medium pace,                     slow and graceful

My energy or            low energy, comes in        well-managed                     good, long lasting
Endurance is..          spurts, then need to rest

My speech pattern       fast, talkative             precise, convincing              slow, monotone,
is..                                                                                 melodic

The pace of my          fast                        medium speed,                    slow, steady
activity..                                          intense

                        either in very
My sex drive is..       high                        moderate frequency,              infrequent,
                        or very low gear            but passionate and               constant or cyclic,
                                                    domineering                      loyal and devoted

The pace is my          fast                        medium speed,                    slow, steady
activity is..                                       intense

                        either in very
My sex drive..          high                        moderate frequency,              infrequent,
                        or very low gear            but passionate and               constant or cyclic,
                                                    domineering                      loyal and devoted

I dislike weather       cold, windy, dry            hot, with strong sun             cool and damp
that is..

I am..                  flexible, optimistic,       ambitious, practical,            calm, peaceful,
                        lively, intuitive,          intense, motivated,              resilient,
                                                    perceptive,                      content, loyal,
                        enthusiastic,               warm,                            slow,
                        changeable, an              intense, motivated,              deliberate,
                      initiator                 warm, friendly, independent,    compassionate,
                                                courageous,                     nurturing,
                                                discriminating, a good          stable
                                                leader, goal-oriented,

                                                                                slow to
My memory is..        quick to remember-        average, clear, distinct        remember-
                      and to forget                                             and to forget

My thinking style
is..                   restless, quick          organized, effienct, accurate   slow methodical,

I process                                       at medium
information..          quickly                  speed                           slowly

My creativity level
is..                   filled with ideas, but   inventive in many areas,        best in the field of
                                                with good
                      tend to follow through    follow-                         business
                      poorly                    through

                      anxious,                  aggressive,
Under stress I        insecure,                 angry,                          lethargic, dull, in
become..              tense, and sigh and       irritable, headachy,            denial
                      hyperventilate            nauseated

I dream of..          activity, running,        violence, fire, anger           romance,
                      frightening               passion, the sun                sentimentality,
                      things                                                    water, and snow

                                                quick and
When making           unsure                    decisive                        deliberate
decisions I am..

                      worry, am
Emotionally, I..      anxious,                  get angry and irritated         stay calm,
                                                                                complacent, get
                      moody, and emotional      easily                          and
                                                                                anger slowly
I love..   traveling, art, esoteric   sports, politics,   good food
           subjects                   luxury

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