Balloon_Animals_for_Kids by thenichekiller


									Title: Balloon Animals for Kids Word Count: 410 Summary: Why kids like balloon animals and where they can learn to make the basics. Keywords: balloon animals, kids fun Article Body: When I was a kid, I loved twisting Balloon Animals. When ever I had one made for me, I couldn’t wait to take it apart and put it back together. Of course they usually would pop on me in the process. But I think that this was the enticement. Trying to remake the balloon animal with out it popping was exciting for me as a seven year old child. It wasn’t long before I set out to learn how to really make balloon animals for myself. In 1988, though we didn’t have the internet as we have it now. Since I could search the internet for instructions or directions, I went to the local library. This is still a great place to learn about stuff, whatever that maybe. I liked this approach because it didn’t require me to actually purchase the “how to balloon book” that I probably would open after a couple of weeks anyways. Today, however, we do have the internet, to much the detriment of many libraries. So if you have a kid, or are a kid, and think that learning how to make balloon animals are a pretty neat idea, go ahead and search for instructions on how to make balloon animals. If I may suggest, start with the basic balloon dog. Don;t worry it'll be fun. Instructions can be found at The balloon dog is the basic animal shape. This is where it all begins. Think of it as the primordial ooze of balloon animal evolution. Plus, this is by far the most request balloon animal of all time. Why? It’s quick, easy, and people really like dogs. Just by altering the length of the segments you could turn a dog into a giraffe, horse, maybe even a monkey. Use your imagination and a sharpie marker. Draw a face on it and show everyone who isn’t afraid of balloons, and a few who are, what a wonderful piece of art you’ve made. Balloon animals seem to have a grip over children. Even at a very young age kids are mesmerized by the act of twisting a balloon animal. It can take the most hyper kid and calm them down. But beware, you will also be bombard with more questions then you’ve ever answered before. It can also take a shy quite kid, and make him extremely out going.

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