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                  AAA ADVOCACY AND SAFETY

AAA Arizona has been a champion for the safety and security of the motoring public since the club’s inception, lobbying for safer
roads and creating programs for school-age children to seniors. AAA also represents the interests of motorists and the traveling
public on fair transportation taxes, traffic safety, energy, environmental, travel and tourism issues.

The club is committed to advocating on behalf of motorists on a broad spectrum of issues including occupant protection, teen
driving safety and consumer choice.


n   AAA Arizona spearheaded the successful lobbying efforts to enact the Teenage Driver Safety Act in 2007. The law creates
    an intermediate phase for Arizona’s newest and most dangerous drivers. For their advocacy efforts, the club has won
    several awards, including two Copper Anvil Awards and an Award of Merit from the Public Relations Society of America
    (PRSA), three Gold Hermes Creative Awards and one Platinum Award from the Association of Marketing and
    Communications Professionals.

n■ Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for Americans from ages one to 34, according to the AAA Foundation for
   Traffic Safety.
n■ In Arizona, about one-quarter of people killed in crashes involving drivers ages 15 to 17 are teen drivers themselves,
   while nearly three-quarters are passengers, occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and others.
n■ Proper use of a safety seat can reduce a child’s fatality risk by as much as 71 percent.

                                                                   The club supports several transportation measures including
                                                                   a primary safety belt law, laws that protect child passengers,
                                                                   laws to discourage unsafe and aggressive driving and adequate
                                                                   funding for state and national highways. To follow AAA
                                                                   Arizona’s advocacy efforts as updated throughout the legislative
                                                                   session, visit

                                                                   AAA Arizona’s public affairs team also serves on statewide
                                                                   traffic safety boards and commissions. In an ongoing effort to
                                                                   reduce injuries and fatalities on our roads, AAA provides
                                                                   workshops, training materials and other resources for drivers of
                                                                   all ages.

                                            For more information, visit
A A A A R I ZO N A’ S D R I V E R R E S O U R C E S :

Dare to Prepare:
An award-winning, 90-minute workshop designed to assist parents and soon-to-be teen drivers in the learning-to-drive

A 10-hour, scientifically-based driver education program including six DVDs, a workbook, parent guide and a certification
test. Upon completion of the program, parents or guardians can save up to 24 percent when adding their new teen driver
to their AAA insurance policy.

A computer-based DVD software program that helps novice driv-
ers recognize and avoid more than 100 potential road hazards.

Teaching Your Teens to Drive:
A complete course with DVD and workbook for parents who
choose to teach their teen how to drive.

A website ( that provides parents
an easy way to work with their teens through each step of the
learning-to-drive process, from choosing a driver education
program to deciding when solo driving is permitted.

Approved Driving School Network:
A network of local driving schools that have completed AAA Arizona’s rigorous approval process, including approved
curriculum and a 90 percent customer approval rating.

Keeping the Keys:
A workshop that aims to educate senior drivers about the effect age has on their driving abilities — in addition to
providing them with tools and resources so that they can continue to maintain their mobility as long as they are safely
able to do so.

An assessment that offers mature drivers the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them, thereby
allowing them to make adjustments to drive more safely and comfortably.

Senior Driver Computer Resources:
AAA Arizona offers many other senior driving resources including Roadwise Review, a CD-ROM designed to screen seniors
for the strongest predictors of crash risk; DriveSharp, a computer software program that focuses on the visual systems in the
brain that are essential to safe driving and an online Mature Driver Safety Course, which can earn seniors a discount on their
AAA Insurance.

                                             For more information, visit

AAA Arizona works to educate motorists about vehicle preventative maintenance in order to prevent breakdowns. However,
when they do occur, the auto club comes to the rescue with its legendary Roadside Assistance.


n■ AAA Arizona’s Roadside Assistance responds to more than 450,000 calls for service annually.
n■ About 65 percent of AAA Arizona’s Roadside Assistance calls could be avoided with preventative maintenance.

A A A A R I ZO N A’ S A U T O M O T I V E p R O G R A M S A N D R O A D S I D E A S S I S TA N C E

Club-Owned Auto Repair Facilities:
AAA Arizona owns and operates full-service auto repair facilities which provide members with two-year/24,000-mile warranty
and non-members with a one-year/12,000-mile warranty on
parts and labor for all services provided.

AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) Facilities:
AAA Arizona maintains a network of more than 130 facilities
statewide that adhere to stringent standards established by
AAA, and agree to binding arbitration if there is a dispute with
a AAA member. AAR facilities that exceed these standards by
maintaining a 90 percent customer approval rating and are
actively involved in the community are eligible for the auto
club’s Top Shop award.

Green Shops:
These auto repair facilities earn certification from AAA Arizona
and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for their commitment to pollution prevention and conservation measures.

Roadside Assistance:
AAA Arizona offers Roadside Assistance to members in any vehicle, whether they’re the driver or passenger. Services include
long-distance towing from any part of the state or country as well as light service trucks for minor roadside repairs.

Vehicle and Title Registration Services:
AAA offers 30 vehicle title and registration services to the public at select offices. Members receive exclusive pricing.

AAA Battery and Auto Glass Services:
AAA Arizona provides limited on-the-scene battery charging and replacement as well as windshield repair and installation services.

AAA Extended Service Contracts:
AAA Extended Service Contracts offer a way for members to keep their car covered and protect their wallets from costly repairs.

Car Buying:
AAA Arizona’s Car Buying service affords members the convenience of buying a vehicle without stepping foot into a car dealership.

                                             For more information, visit
                    INSURANCE SERVICES

AAA Arizona provides insurance services to members and non-members. AAA Insurance offers low rates to cover consumers in
the case of an accident or claim. To meet consumer needs for day-to-day living, as well as while on the go, AAA Insurance pro-
vides auto, boat RV, home, business, and life and health insurance.


AAA Insurance seeks to provide the best rates and coverage to motorists, to cover the cost of a motor vehicle crash. Members
receive a five percent discount, and families whose teen drivers complete AAA’s teenSMART driver training program can also earn
discounts. AAA Insurance also offers coverage on RVs, ATVs, boats and motorcycles.

AAA’s home and rental insurance is tailored to individual home and lifestyle needs, saving members from unnecessary expenses
but also ensuring total coverage for all belongings.

Life and Health:
The club offers a variety of life and health insurance plans for all ages and needs, including
temporary and low-cost health plans. Members under the age of 65 may be eligible for a
five percent discount. AAA Arizona also offers dental insurance to members.

Mexico Auto:
Because U.S. auto insurance isn’t recognized in Mexico, AAA Insurance provides a
plan tailored to protect travelers who drive south of the border.

International Travel Medical:
Vacationers can also purchase a temporary medical plan for international vacations
where U.S. health insurance won’t cover health needs.

Trip Interruption Insurance:
AAA Arizona offers insurance packages that reimburse travelers who must cancel a
trip because of unexpected problems including lost luggage, canceled flights or
medical expenses.

Long Term Care:
AAA’s long term care coverage focuses on financing assisted living, nursing home and
in-home care.

Commercial Lines:
AAA’s business insurance provides general liability, workers’ compensation, property, auto
and umbrella coverage to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Home Warranty:
AAA’s home warranty enables homeowners to purchase coverage anytime during their home’s life cycle.

                                               For more information, visit
                            AAA FINANCIAL SERVICES

AAA Arizona partners with trusted financial institutions to offer members a variety of exclusive products. AAA Arizona’s financial
products offer member-exclusive benefits and deposit program rates that consistently beat the national average.1


AAA Deposit Program:
AAA Arizona offers members FDIC-insured, highly competitive, member-preferred rates on high-yield savings products. Benefits of
AAA’s deposit program include: no deposit minimum to open a CD, IRA or money market account2; quick account set-up by phone,
mail or online; flexible terms that range from three months to 10 years on CDs; and free transfers between AAA and non-AAA
accounts. Deposits are offered through Discover Bank, Member FDIC.

AAA Credit Cards:
AAA Arizona offers members the flexibility to choose the credit card rewards most important to them by offering three credit
card programs. The AAA Member Rewards Visa® provides members with best-in-class earning power on everyday purchases,
flexible redemption choices across a variety of cash, travel, and merchandise rewards and a strong AAA touch with AAA specific
earning and redemption options. The AAA Visa® card with WorldPoints® rewards allows cardholders to earn points for retail
purchases and redeem points for travel, cash and/or merchandise rewards. The AAA Cash Rewards MasterCard® credit card al-
lows cardholders to earn a one percent cash-back reward on retail purchases. All cards offer members no annual fee, auto rental
insurance benefits and a low introductory APR†.

Travelers Cheques, Foreign Currency and the AAA Visa TravelMoney® card:
AAA Arizona offers members the ability to purchase American Express® Travelers Cheques, Gift Cheques and gift cards at offices.
                                                             Members traveling abroad can purchase foreign currency online
                                                             prior to international travel. AAA members can also purchase a
                                                             Visa TravelMoney card, a prepaid reloadable Visa debit card that
                                                             can be used everywhere Visa credit and debit cards are accepted.

                                                                                                        Identity Theft Protection:
                                                                                                        AAA helps members protect themselves from identity theft with a
                                                                                                        15 percent discount on new memberships with LifeLock®.

                                                                                                        AAA Auto Finance:
                                                                                                        AAA works with multiple lenders to provide auto loans at exclu-
                                                                                                        sive member rates across a full credit spectrum, and no lender
                                                                                                        fees. AAA can also assist with refinancing, lease buyouts, and
                                                                                                        person-to-person loans.


AAA Arizona has more than 300 discount partners with over 164,000 locations around the world. Last year, members saved an
average of $93 with discounts on travel, dining, entertainment and events, as well as prescriptions and car rentals. AAA Arizona
prides itself on being considered the most trusted source for discounts, benefits and values for members. (4Q-2008) Top Tier Quarterly Winner for consistently high yields. 2.There is no minimum deposit required to open an account, however money market accounts must have an average daily balance of
at least $1,500 beginning on the third statement cycle otherwise a monthly minimum balance fee will be charged.

                                                                       For more information, visit
                   AAA VACATION pLANNING

AAA Arizona has provided travel aid for motorists since 1927, taking great pride in offering members high-quality travel products
and services, while serving as members “go to” source for travel planning, trends and destination ratings. In fact, AAA is the
largest leisure travel agency group in North America, offering discounts on cruises, tours, travel insurance, airline tickets,
hotels and car rentals to its members.

A A A A R I ZO N A’ S VA C AT I O N p L A N N I N G b E N E F I T S

Full-Service Travel Agency:
AAA Arizona is a full-service travel agency, offering cruises, tours, domestic and international packages, airline tickets, hotels and
rental cars, either online, over the phone or in person at any of our offices. Agents are available 24 hours a day to assist members
with after-hours emergencies.

                                                                     Hot Deals:
                                                                     AAA provides exclusive, limited-time travel offers to members
                                                                     on tours, cruises and attractions to popular destinations such as
                                                                     Anaheim, San Diego and Las Vegas, among others.

                                                                    TripTiks®, TourBooks® Guides and Maps:
                                                                    AAA Arizona is renowned for its TripTik Travel Planner mapping
                                                                    service, available in print and online, which provides detailed
                                                                    door-to-door directions including construction zones, gas sta-
                                                                    tions, rest stops, restaurants and other alerts. AAA also provides
                                                                    members TourBook guides and road maps to assist with travel
                                                                    needs. In 2008, the club provided more than 392,000 Trip-
                                                                    Tik route requests and provided members with approximately
                                                                    555,000 printed maps and 298,000 TourBook guides.

Diamond Ratings:
Since 1975, AAA has annually rated resorts and restaurants throughout North America. Today, more than 60,000 destinations
are reviewed by more than 60 full-time reviewers. Travelers can use the club’s diamond ratings to plan for their needs, budget
and taste.

TravelMoney, Insurance and Passports:
AAA Arizona helps travelers secure their finances with TravelMoney and provides travel insurance to protect vacationers when an
emergency requires a trip cancellation. Offices also offer passport photos ,expedited passport processing services and international
driving permits.

AAA Arizona provides a free monthly, electronic newsletter, as well as a quarterly travel magazine highlighting travel news, deals
and exclusive membership travel benefits. AAA’s online travel blog is a forum for travel experts to share travel stories, photos, tips,
information and industry news for consumers. Additionally, AAA sponsors a weekly television show based on the magazine called
AAA presents Highroads with Dan Davis, which airs on KPNX-TV in Phoenix and KVOA-TV in Tucson.

                                              For more information, visit

                     MIKE TULLY, President and Chief Executive Officer

                      Mike Tully joined AAA Arizona in 1998 as the Chief Financial Officer. He currently serves as the company’s Pres-
                      ident and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Tully has been instrumental in driving the tremendous growth of AAA
                      over the last decade including the rapid expansion if its membership, financial services, insurance and travel
                      operations. He also assisted in the development and implementation of AAA’s automotive buying service and
                      AAA owned auto repair and was instrumental in the establishment of a holding company with AAA Northern
                      California which has now expanded to a 9 state region. Mr. Tully is currently responsible for the Arizona op-
erations which includes more than 800,000 members and is also on the leadership management team for the holding company.
Prior to joining AAA, Mr. Tully owned an export finance company that arranged structured trade finance transactions for exporters
throughout the United States and previously held CFO positions at both Fairchild Data Corporation and PJ1, Inc. Mike earned his
Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 1987 and a Masters in Business Administration in 1991 from Arizona State University and
in 2007 graduated from the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. Mr. Tully also holds a CPA certification.
He is a lifetime member of the Fiesta Bowl Committee, serves on the Finance Advisory Board for Arizona State University and is a
Finance Committee member for GPEC. Mr. Tully also serves as the current Vice Chairman for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and is a
past Board Member for the Boys and Girls Club of America as well as the past Vice Chairman for Financial Executives International.

                     KEITH COWAN, Chief Financial Officer

                    Keith Cowan has been AAA Arizona’s chief financial officer since 2006 and is responsible for strategic plan-
                    ning, information technology and financial management for the club. Prior to joining AAA, he was with
                    Honeywell International for 15 years in a variety of corporate and business unit roles, most recently as director
                    of global financial planning and analysis for Honeywell Process Solutions. Mr. Cowan started his career with
                    Coopers & Lybrand, is a CPA and a member of the American Institute of CPAs, the Arizona Society of CPAs and
                    Financial Executives International. He is an active member and on the board of Faith Bible Church in Glendale,
Arizona, and is a member of the finance and audit committee of Valley of the Sun United Way. Mr. Cowan received his BBA and
MBA degrees from the University of Michigan.

                     MARY BETH REISINGER, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Human Resources

                      Mary Beth Reisinger serves as AAA Arizona’s vice president of corporate communications and human
                      resources. In this role, Ms. Reisinger oversees the club’s internal communications, human resources, learning
                      and development as well as building services. Prior to joining AAA Arizona in 2000, Ms. Reisinger acted
                      as a divisional human resource director at a fortune 500 technology company as well as at a large grocery
                      chain. Ms. Reisinger has also been active in AAA Arizona’s traffic safety advocacy efforts, and has served
                      on the Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Council. She has also served on the Leadership Giving Cabinet
for the Valley of the Sun United Way and the Executive Woman’s H.R. Forum. She has been certified as a Senior Professional of
Human Resources since 1998.

                                              For more information, visit
                     JIM LEHRER, Vice President of Member Experience and Distribution

                    Jim Lehrer joined AAA Arizona in 2002 as Director of Technical Marketing. He has subsequently had diverse
                    responsibilities, first as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, and currently as Vice President,
                    Member Experience and Distribution. Mr. Lehrer’s teams also support websites, eMarketing and customer
                    analytics for partner clubs within ACP Holdings. His career began at AAA Northern California, Nevada and
                    Utah (NCNU) in Financial Analysis. While at NCNU, he moved up the ranks to become Manager of Insurance
                    Company Financial and Operational Planning, and later, Director of eBusiness Strategy and Delivery. Mr. Lehrer
holds a BA in Japanese Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and an MBA from Thunderbird American
Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona.

                     DON NUNNARI, Vice President of Membership Products and Services

                    Don Nunnari joined AAA Arizona in 2007 and is currently the vice president of membership products and
                    services. He currently oversees the club’s membership, travel and automotive services including Emergency
                    Roadside Assistance, club-owned and Approved Auto Repair facilities, automotive glass and battery service.
                    Mr. Nunnari has more than a decade of experience from AAA East Central, where he directed automotive
                    services operations for the Ohio region. Prior to that, his experience includes a 17-year career in financial
                    services, and ownership of a consulting firm. Mr. Nunnari received his bachelor of science degree in business
administration from Bowling Green State University of Ohio, holds an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio and completed
Leadership School at the University of Oklahoma.

                     BRAD OLTMANS, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, Vice President of Insurance

                     Brad Oltmans joined AAA Arizona as vice president of insurance in 2008 with more than 20 years of experience
                     in the insurance industry. Prior to his arrival at AAA Arizona, Mr. Oltmans was sales director at Allied Insurance/
                     Nationwide Company in Denver. He also held similar positions at The Hartford Group and State Farm. At
                     AAA Arizona Mr. Oltmans is responsible for researching and forecasting market trends, opportunities and
                     competition to develop strategies for the club’s insurance services and products.

                     PAIGE CHADWICK, Vice President of Marketing, Publisher, Highroads Magazine

                      Paige Chadwick joined AAA Arizona as vice president of marketing in 2008, bringing with her more than 20
                      years of experience in areas including strategic marketing and brand management, new product launches,
                      brand re-positioning, research, advertising, corporate communications and Internet marketing. Ms. Chadwick
                      became publisher of AAA Arizona’a member magazine, Highroads, in 2010. In her career, Ms. Chadwick has
                      served as vice president of marketing for International Banking Technologies, Peerless Group and Off Madi-
                      son Ave, where she also consulted local, regional and national clients on strategic marketing. In addition, she
served as senior director of marketing at KPMG Peat Marwick LLP. Ms. Chadwick has been adjunct professor of advertising at the
University of Texas at Arlington and a featured speaker on marketing topics for the Arizona and national small business associations.

                                              For more information, visit
                      TODD MCGEE, Vice President Business Development

                      Todd McGee serves as AAA Arizona’s vice president of business development. In this role, Mr. McGee is responsible
                      for identifying business opportunities and developing strategies to support the growth and expansion of the auto
                      club’s products and services. Prior to joining AAA Arizona in 2010, Mr. McGee acted as global segment leader for a
                      fortune 500 chemical company. He began his career as a financial analyst at Allied Signal before working at Honey-
                      well for eight years in marketing, business development and general management roles. Mr. McGee holds a master
                      of business administration from Stanford University and a bachelor of science from University of Utah.

                      LINDA GORMAN, APR, Director of Communications and Public Affairs

                     Linda Gorman joined AAA Arizona in 2006 and has made great strides in enhancing the club’s public relations,
                     traffic safety initiatives and legislative efforts. Under her tenure, the club led a statewide coalition to lobby for the
                     Teenage Driver Safety Act. With her leadership, the club has won several awards for its advocacy efforts, includ-
                     ing three Copper Anvil Awards, an IMPACT award and an Award of Merit from the Public Relations Society of
                     America (PRSA), three Gold Hermes Creative Awards and one Platinum Award from the Association of Marketing
                     and Communications Professionals. Prior to her career with AAA Arizona, Ms. Gorman served as acting director
of public information for the City of Mesa and communications manager for The Downtown Phoenix Partnership. Ms. Gorman is a
past board member of the Phoenix Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and currently serves on the board of di-
rectors for the Highway Users Alliance, the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association. and the Valley of the Sun YMCA. She also serves
on the State Operations Council for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Maricopa Association of Governments Transportation
Safety Committee, is vice chair of the Chamber of Commerce’s transportation policy subcommittee and co-chair of the Arizona Injury
Prevention Policy Coalition. Ms. Gorman received her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) in 2008 from PRSA.

                      ROBIN ARNOLD, Director, Information Technology

                      Robin Arnold joined AAA Arizona as director of information technology in 2010, bringing with him more than
                      20 years of experience in areas including systems engineer, software developer and director of operations.
                      Prior to his career at AAA Arizona, Mr. Arnold served as vice president of information technology at Pitney
                      Bowes PSI. Mr. Arnold spent his early career as an F-16 avionics technician in the U.S. Air Force, where he at-
                      tained the rank of sergeant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Nebraska
                      and a minor in accounting from Arizona State University.

                      MARK SPRINGSTEEL, Treasurer and Director of Financial Services

                  Mark Springsteel joined AAA Arizona in 2006 as a treasury and risk management analyst. He was pro-
                  moted to Treasurer in 2007 and most recently to treasurer and director of financial services in 2011. In
                  this role, Mr. Springsteel is responsible for managing relationships with investment advisors, bankers
                  and insurance providers. In addition, Mr. Springsteel oversees purchasing, directs financial services strat-
                  egy and leads the treasury and risk management areas. His experience includes 12 years of finance and
                  accounting roles such as financial analyst, vice president of finance and vice president of internet
                  banking for companies in Arizona and Colorado. Mr. Springsteel holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and
accounting from Mesa State College in Colorado.

                                                For more information, visit
                     AMISH PATEL, Director of Strategy and Project Management

                      Amish Patel joined AAA Arizona in November 2006 as manager of the project management office. In this
                      position, he led the formation of the club’s project office which focused on planning and delivering key
                      initiatives for the club. Mr. Patel’s responsibilities grew to include strategic planning, quality assurance and
                      enterprise information management. In 2011, he was promoted to director of strategy and project manage-
                      ment. In this role, he continues to lead the project management office and is responsible for the develop-
                      ment of corporate wide strategic plans. Mr. Patel’s career began as a product engineer; designing innovative
                      technologies for domestic and international customers in the auto safety industry. He holds a bachelor’s of
science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Arizona and a master’s of business administration from Arizona
State University. Mr. Patel is also Six Sigma Black Belt trained and holds project management certification through the Society of
Automotive Engineers

                     JIM PRUETER, Insurance Executive and Club Spokesperson

                     Jim Prueter is AAA Arizona’s insurance executive and club spokesperson. He is a regular contributor to
                     AAA Arizona’s Highroads Magazine. Before joining AAA Arizona in 1998, Mr. Prueter was Executive Vice
                     President of AAA Chicago Motor Club and Vice President of Insurance at AAA Mid-Atlantic. Prior to that,
                     he served as Director of Corporate Marketing for Allstate Insurance. Mr. Prueter regularly appears on local
                     TV stations as an automotive and travel expert and is a widely published travel and automotive writer. He
                     serves as Chairman of the Board of Arizona Tourism Alliance, and is a past president of the Phoenix Automo-
                     tive Press Association and is also a member of the Motor Press Guild and Western Automotive Journalists.

                                             For more information, visit

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