Venezuela by xiaoshuogu


 By Esther Franco
 Northern South America,
bordering the Caribbean
Sea and the North Atlantic
Ocean, between Colombia
and Guyana
 Capitol: Caracas.
 Languish: Spanish.
 Population: 26,414,815
 (July 2008 est.)
   Brief History.
   National colors.
   Folkloric Dances and Music.
   The Salto al Angel.
   Paces to go on vacation.
                 Brief History
   Venezuela was one of three countries that emerged from the
    collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others being Ecuador
    and New Granada, which became Colombia).
   Independence day : July 5th 1811 (From Spain)
   Democratically elected governments have held sway since
    1959. Hugo CHAVEZ, president since 1999, seeks to
    implement his "21st Century Socialism,".
   Venezuela remains highly dependent on oil revenues, which
    account for roughly 90% of export earnings, more than 50%
    of the federal budget revenues.
             National Colors
   three equal horizontal bands of yellow
    (top), blue, and red with the coat of arms on
    the hoist side of the yellow band and an arc
    of eight white five-pointed stars centered in
    the blue band
Folk Dances and Music
   Llanero is Venezuela's
folk music along with
Tambores (drums)
       Simon Dias is the
     most important Llanero
     Artist In Venezuela. Also
     known as
     Tio Simon (uncle Simon)
   The traditional dances are
   Joropo and Tambores.
       Joropo is usually danced at the
      sound of Llanero music.
      Tambores is danced at the sound
     of The drums, it was introduced to Venezuela's culture by the African slaves.
                    Angel Falls
   The Largest waterfall in the world.
   Located in Guayana Highlands.
   It plunges off the edge of a table-top mountain.
   It freefalls 2,421 feet to the river below.(15 times
    larger than Niagara falls)
   It is name after an adventurous pilot Jimmy Angel
    From Missouri. Who first saw the falls in 1933.
Angle Falls.
Angel Falls
Places to Visit.
   Margarita.
   Pico Bolivar.
   Maracaibo.
   Coro.
   Guayana.
Places to Visit.
Great Beaches.
Places to Visit.
Pico Bolivar.
The largest mountain
in Venezuela.
Places to Visit.
It has the Longest
concrete bridge
in the world.
(8,687 ms)
And Colorful
Places to Visit.
   Maracaibo. Puente Rafael Urdaneta.
Places to Visit.
It has sand dunes.
And beaches.
Angel Falls
Angel Falls
Interesting (random) Facts.
  Venezuela is one of the major
exporters of oil.
 It has won about 6 times
Miss Universe, Counting this year.
 Venezuela is slightly twice
the size of California.
 It has around 7 ethnic groups:
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab,
 German, African, indigenous people.
 It has 390 airports.
We talked briefly about Venezuela’s history,
  national colors.
The Folk Dances and music.
The Magnificent Salto Angel ( Angel Falls ).
Places to visit, such as Margarita, Maracaibo,
  Coro, Pico Bolívar, and Guyana
And interesting Facts.
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