AFLFL Rules 1.52 by JakeStevens


									     RULES OF THE
   League FANTASY

                  VERSION 1.52

 1. The inaugural AFL Fantasy Football season will be held during the 2012 AFL
 2. The title of Commissioner belongs to the league’s creator and founder Jake
 3. The Commissioner’s job includes administrator of the league and rulings. The
    points calculations will also be the job of the commissioner.
 4. Before the commencement of each season positions of ‘Vice Commissioner’
    and ‘Deputy Vice Commissioner’ are to be filled. These positions will be
    chosen by the Commissioner. Duties of these positions will be at the discretion
    of the Commissioner.
 5. Elections of these positions will be held at the 2012 draft.
 6. All decisions will be made by the AFLFL Commissioner. The Vice
    Commissioner and Deputy Vice Commissioner are simply advisors to the
    Commissioner. Always the Commissioner has the final say.
 7. Every official AFLFL document will have the official AFLFL logo on it.
 8. This copy of the AFLFL Rules will be located on the facebook group and


 1. Each participant will choose a team of 22 players plus an extra 4 emergencies
    from the person’s ‘player pool’.
 2. Each person’s initial player pool will be chosen at the beginning of the season
    via the AFLFL draft.
 3. Entry fee to the AFLFL will be starting at $10.00. Payments are to be made in
    cash to commissioner Jake Stevens at the 2012 draft.
 4. Payments will go towards the purchase of the AFLFL trophy and winner’s
    prize money.
 5. The perpetual trophy will be a retainable trophy in which the year’s winner
    will get his name engraved on it.
 6. It will be passed on each year to the overall AFLFL winner.


 1. The 2012 draft was conducted at Jake’s house at 7:00pm on Friday the 16th of
     March 2012.
 2. This location, time and date are subject to change depending on participant’s
 3. Attendance at the draft is necessary for entry to the AFLFL.
 4. The draft will consist of all 2012 registered AFL Players. Each AFL player
     will have their own card describing their name, team, and preferred
     position(s). This information has been gathered from the Supercoach website.
 5. It is expected that the participant will research the players in their own time
     before the draft.
 6. A challenge will be organised in order to establish the order of picks. The
     inaugural challenge involved a round robin tournament in three disciplines;
     skill, knowledge and luck. The skill component involved a round of darts, the
     knowledge component involved a set of 5 random quiz questions and the luck
     component involved picking a white marble from a bucket of other marbles. A
     win in the random discipline equalled 1 point. The rank number of total points
     accumulated decided the pick order.
 7. The participant with the first pick will get first choice of pick of players.
 8. Each player can only be chosen once by one participant.
 9. Each participant will choose their picks until they reach 40 players.
 10. The players that have been picked will form the participant’s ‘player pool’.
 11. Trades can be made during the draft selection.
 12. Draft picks will be recorded by the Commissioner and will be published
     online. This allows other members to view other participant’s players in order
     for trades to occur.
 13. No notes will be allowed on the night of the draft or mid-season draft. This
     will prevent competitors from cheating by picking the best players and force to
     use their knowledge of the game.
 14. The remaining players left unchosen will be known as ‘free agents’.
 15. Participants will be able to substitute any players in the player pool for free
     agents at any time. However it requires the participant to nominate which
     player they intend of discarding in replace for the free agent. This is needed to
     be announced online at the blog or the official facebook group.

 1. Each week a participant must select a team of 22 players plus 4 emergency
 2. Each chosen player must be from the participant’s ‘player pool’.
 3. If you do not own a player in your ‘player pool’, you cannot select him to be
     part of your AFLFL team.
 4. The team selection sheets are available on the official facebook group and at
 5. The team will need to consist of 7 defenders, 6 midfielders, 2 rucks and 7
 6. There will also be 1 emergency defender, 1 emergency midfielder, 1
     emergency ruck and 1 emergency forward.
 7. In the case of multiple defenders/midfielders/rucks/forwards named in the
     emergencies, the first listed will be the first emergency used.
 8. Player positions are on the card provided.
 9. If you lose a player card, you cannot trade him to others. Therefore it is
     suggested that you keep all your players in a safe place.
 10. Player cards will not be reprinted.
 11. Coaches can change their squad to have any number of positions. For example
     they can choose to have more than 7 midfielders, as long as the player pool
     remains at below 40. However teams will be awarded points for a maximum
     of 7 defenders, 6 midfielders, 2 rucks and 7 forwards therefore it is advised to
     maintain at least these position levels.


 1. Attendance at the midseason draft is crucial. Without attendance the
    participant forfeits all early picks and receives the last picks available.
 2. The midseason draft will be held during a weekend between rounds 11 and 13.
    The midseason draft time and location is yet to be decided.
 3. Before the midseason draft, participants will have to choose 26 players in
    which they wish to retain. The remainder of the players will be put into the
    midseason draft.
 4. To establish the order of picks, the last person on the ladder will automatically
    get first pick. Then the second last player will get second pick and so on.
 5. The midseason draft works similarly to the opening season draft. Each
    participant will choose another player until all available players have been
 6. You can choose other participant’s delisted players or your own delisted
 7. The players that have been picked will form the participant’s ‘player pool’.
 8. Again, picks can be traded for money or personal favours providing that a
     trade form is filled out.
 9. No trades can be made until the end of the draft.
 10. Midseason draft picks will be recorded by the Commissioner and will be
     published online.


 1.   In order to submit your weekly team, you must include your 26 player
      positions as follows:

                Defenders: (7 full player’s names)
                Midfielders: (6 full player’s names)
                Rucks: (2 full player’s names)
                Forwards: (7 full player’s names)
                Emergencies: (4 full player’s names)

 2. Note that it does not matter the positions of your players in that position
    bracket. (There is no difference between Full Back and Back Pocket.)
 3. Each week’s teams should be submitted before the fourth game of that round.
    This prevents participants from looking up the scores of the already played
    players and selecting a team based on that, yet it also allows a bit of leeway
    and flexibility between the short deadline of the official AFL teams
    announcement and the opening game.
 4. A penalty will be paid for a late team submission, providing no reasonable
    notification of the Commissioner. The penalty will be that, for every game
    following the third opening game deadline for the round, 25 points will be
    subtracted from the participants score for that round. This means if the team is
    submitted during or after the 4th game of the round, 25 points will be deducted.
    After/during the 5th Game = 50 points.
    After/during the 6th Game = 75 points.
    After/during the 7th Game = 100 points.
    After/during the 8th Game = 125 points.
    After/during the 9th Game = 150 points.
 5. The team submission time will be based on the time of the received e-mail or
 6. Failure to submit a team to the Commissioner prior to the weekly deadline
    results in the team remaining unchanged from the previous round and a one
    point ladder penalty applying.
 7. Failure to submit a team in the opening round of the season sees the team
    awarded the lowest score of the week minus one point (to ensure a loss) and a
    one point ladder penalty.
 8. Team submissions should be sent by e-mail, text, at or
    via the online facebook group ‘AFLFL’ before the designated deadline.
 9. Some weeks there are some teams that play few days before the other teams
    are announced. There is no half-deadline. The teams must be submitted
    regardless of when the other teams are playing. It must be before the first
    game of that round.


 1. Points scoring of your team will be calculated manually by the Commissioner.
 2. The points allocated for each player will be decided by the online system of
    Supercoach run by the Herald Sun. Details of the scoring system are available
    on the website.
 3. Captains will score double points. Vice Captains will act as the Captain if he
    does not play.
 4. Unlike the Supercoach edition of fantasy football, there is no price or salary
    cap in the AFLFL.
 5. Rounds 11, 12 and 13 have teams that have a bye. Competition is scheduled to
    run as usual. It is expected that during these rounds participants adjust their
    line-up so as to not include players that are having the bye. Competition will
    run as usual.


 1. After the draft, participants may trade players between themselves.
 2. To complete a trade, all parties must have written agreement on either the
    online blog or official facebook page.
 3. Three-way trades may also be completed. Again written agreement is required.
 4. The trade(s) must be agreed upon by all parties.
 5. A trade-back can be issued, but requires the participants confirmed agreement.
 6. Trades can be accompanied with other incentives, such as money or favours,
    but all information must be included online.
 7. To keep track of which competitors have which players, it is strongly
    suggested that once a trade has been completed, the participating players swap
    the card(s) immediately.
 8. Simultaneously each participant’s player pool will be typed up available on
    the facebook group or at
 9. All participants must notify all others that a trade has taken place, preferably
    via the facebook group.

     1. There will be six teams in the 2012 AFLFL.
     2. Each week two teams will go head to head against each other. Winning is
        simple. Score more points than your opponent.
     3. 4 points are awarded for a win and 2 points are awarded for a drawn game.
     4. There will be a ladder to rank the teams in terms of most points won. This
        ladder will be available at the facebook group and
     5. Should teams have an equal amount of points percentage (points for, divided
        by points against multiplied by 100) is used to split the teams.
     6. In the highly unlikely even that this is also equal, the head to head matches
        between the teams will be used to split them.
     7. The 2012 AFLFL will have six teams. The fixture of play will be as follows:

1, 6, 11, 16     AvB                     CvD                         EvF
2, 7, 12, 17     AvD                     BvE                         CvF
3, 8, 13, 18     AvE                     BvC                         DvF
4, 9, 14, 19     AvF                     BvD                         CvE
5, 10, 15, 20    AvC                     BvF                         DvE
21               First and Second               1st v 2nd                    3rd v 4th
                 Quarter Finals
22               Semi Final              Loser 1st Quarter v
                                         Winner 2nd Quarter
23               Grand Final             Winner 1st Quarter v
                                         Winner of Semi

        For the 2012 draw:

        A = Mitch
        B = Troy
        C = Jake
        D = Alex
        E = Matt
        F = Conor

     8. In the case of a bye round during the AFL season, the commissioner may
         choose to replicate this bye round in the AFLFL.
     9. In the 2012 AFLFL season bye rounds will be in round 11, 12 and 13. During
         this time there will be no head-to-head competition. However throughout this
         time, participants will be expected to continue to submit teams, because scores
         will continue to be recorded, and this will contribute to the percentage tally on
         the ladder. This will affect the ladder because although there will be a ‘for’
         points added, there will be no ‘against’ points. To combat this, the round
         average will be added to all the ‘against’ tallies, thus continuing to project an
         accurate percentage calculation.
     10. The top 4 teams on the ladder at the completion of Round 20 will play in the
         finals series, which is scheduled using the ‘Page Playoff System” as follows:

        Round 21: First Quarter Final – 1st v 2nd
                 Second Quarter Final – 3rd v 4th
     Round 22: Semi Final – Loser 1st Quarter v Winner 2nd Quarter
     Round 23: Grand Final – Winner 1st Quarter v Winner of Semi
 10. The winner of the Grand Final will be crowned champion by all and fully
     respected for their knowledge and gameplay in the AFLFL. The champion will
     receive the AFLFL perpetual trophy and any allocated prize money.
 11. As per tradition, the participant in last place on the AFLFL ladder at the
     completion of round 20 will be deemed the AFLFL ‘Wooden Spooner’.


 1. If, for any reason, a chosen player is unable to play, and scores zero, the
    identified emergency’s score will replace the non-scoring player.
 2. If the emergency player also scores zero, this will be final.
 3. A score of 1 or above counts as being played.


 1. If any participant is caught cheating in any way, they may face ladder point
    reductions or even ejection from the competition.
 2. Depending on the severity of the offence, the Commissioner may choose to
    hold an election deciding the fate of the criminal.
 3. All activity should be played in the ‘spirit of the game’.
 4. Participants who consider cheating should remember that what goes around
    comes around!


 1. These rules are subject to change by Commissioner Jake Stevens. You will be
    notified of any rule changes via the official facebook group or at
 2. Any requests for rule changes should be directed to Commissioner, Jake
3. An election may be called in order to decide a rule change or any AFLFL
   dispute. The election requires a voluntary vote available to all members of the
   AFLFL. Details of an election are under discretion of the Commissioner.

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