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					                          Jessica Simpson banned by Romo
                                                                         14:05, July 29, 2009

Jessica Simpson has been banned from her ex-boyfriend's house.

American football star Tony Romo, who dumped Jessica earlier this month, allegedly told the
security team at the Dallas gated community where he lives not to let the singer-and-actress

According to Us Weekly magazine, a sign at the entrance of his home reads: "Red alert!
Tony Romo has made some changes to his list of people allowed in. Jessica is no longer on
the list and not approved for access."

However, it seems Jessica has no interest in pursuing her former boyfriend.

The 29-year-old blonde beauty reportedly paid $19,000 to have 37 boxes containing her
belongings transported from the athlete's home to Los Angeles just days after Tony ended
their romance on July 9 - the night before her birthday.

Jessica has been enjoying her single status by going to the cinema and having dinner with
her friends and her mother Tina Simpson.

The star has also been spending time with her nephew Bronx, the eight-month-old son of her
sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her husband Pete Wentz.

Jessica told Pete on her Twitter blog last weekend: "Auntie Jess bought BX his first swim
trunks - Burberry style!! A day of babysitting and I'm in love!

"He actually danced to Kanye today. Boy has some rhythm!"

"Source: China Daily/Agencies"

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