why losing belly fat is important

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					Why losing belly fat is important
Obesity is defined as the condition where the body accumulates excess fat to the extent that it becomes
unhealthy. In the United States, there is approximately 35% of the general population that is struggling with
obesity. This condition is aggravated by the state of the society today. In previous generations, society
encouraged a lot of physical activity. Men would go out hunting, defend the homestead and even build the
community while women stayed home and tilled the land and took care of the general household chores
including taking care of the children. While men still go out to hunt in modern economic terms, the work
involved is nothing more than sitting behind a computer desk all day and when it comes to going home, they
get into their vehicles and drive home. Then at home, there is the couch, the remote-controlled TV and the
high-calorie diet. Sometimes, people don’t even wait to get home to eat a home-cooked meal. Because of
being pressed for time, they roll into a fast-food drive-thru and order a take-out meal. This, coupled with a
sedentary lifestyle which is devoid of exercise, creates a conducive atmosphere for obesity and accumulation
of belly fat.

Obesity and excess belly fat can be dangerous. Upwards of a quarter million people lose their lives each year
due to obesity. One risk of obesity is heart failure. This is because trans-fats accumulate on the fat itself and
cause a problematic heart beat.

Excess fat also causes low- self esteem. This is because the mass media peddles the image of the slick male
and female models with the perfect bodies and abs as the way people’s appearance and looks should be. This
can cause a situation where people who are obese dislike themselves and have this fear that everyone else
does as well.

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