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									A photographer will certainly not stop to hunting in order to increase the number of images in the
portfolio. But for any hunting of course we should not do this origin, because the hunting activities
are planned more carefully will enhance the image we'll start from the concept, where and so on. I
want to share hunting tips based on my experience hunting with my friends.
• Choose a unique place.
Why you should choose a unique place? That's because we certainly want the images we different
from other photographers. Do not choose a hunting spot that has been commonly used by
photographers as a hunting place. Even if you can spot which had never didatangin or no thought of
other photographers as a hunting place.

• Define the concept of shooting.
Although the hunting activity is basicly taking photographs at random, but must also determine the
maturity of the concept in hunting activities. In addition to the images we will be more organized,
we will also be trained to develop the concept so that we can show our qualities as a photographer
in the face of potential future clients. Because the typically prospective clients who come to us will
ask the concept of photography as the main question.

• Survey sites.
Do a site survey first. With the sophistication of technology today, you do not need to come directly
to the site, especially if you choose a location outside Jakarta. Simply browsing on the internet and
you can find the location you are looking for on the internet. If no contact number to call, maybe it is
better if you call that number again to ask more details about the facility, the cost of rent, etc..

• Minimize the budget.
Minimize the budget as the budget for transport, food, and rent a place. If you can invite your
friends to join with you so that you can minimize the cost of expenses such as gasoline, food, and
rent a place. If it's hilarious you can joint venture with your friends for all that. If you are using a
model, try to invite relatives or close friends until you can minimize the budget for their fee as a

• Prepare your equipment.
Prepare your camera and its companion tools such as lens, tripod, flash, filters, etc.. Check back with
details of your camera because you certainly do not want your hunting activities be futile because
the camera is not ready or no interference. Clean lenses and other equipment before you take it the
day before. Enter your camera and other equipment to casenya masing2. If you use a bike as a
vehicle to the location of hunting, try to wear a special backpack for storing the camera or backpack
with a few large size with strong stitching as you combat equipment storage area as a photographer.

• Choose a model that fotogenic.
This applies if you use a model, choose the model that fotogenic and unique character. It's good if
you have more budget, you use a professional model that has little to ease the process of shooting.

Thus the tips that I can share with you. May be useful and what if there is a shortage, please do not
hesitate to inform me. Thank you.

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