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					                        Marvista Elementary 'Our Town' Auction - March 14, 2009
 Below is a list of businesses that the Marvista Procurement Team is contacting for procurement items as of 1/24/2009.
 Businesses listed with 'Donation Confirmed' have already been contacted and a donation has been confirmed.
 Businesses listed with a 'Solicitor Name' have been assigned to a Procurement Team member who is actively working
 on securing a donation. If you frequent the businesses listed below and have an 'IN' to secure a donation, please feel
 free to work with the Solicitor listed. Any businesses not listed are open to contact.
 Procurement Deadline is Thursday, February 5th.
 Business                                                          Solicitor
 103.7 The Mountain                                                Britt Weber
 13 Coins Restaurant                                               Gloriana Morine
 3 Wishes Boutique                                                 Donation Confirmed
 3-2-1 Bounce LLC                                                  Britt Weber
 909 Coffee & Wine                                                 Donation Confirmed
 94 Stewart Restaurant                                             Britt Weber
 A Place for Pets                                                  Kerry Hansen
 AAA Vacuum & Sewing Co.                                           Chris Sylvester
 Acme Bowling Billiards & Events                                   Britt Weber
 Advanced Massage                                                  Donation Confirmed
 AirTran Airways                                                   Britt Weber
 Albertson's                                                       Jean Dunn
 Allegro Performing Arts Academy                                   Donation Confirmed
 Allusia                                                           Ashley Fosberg
 American Dance Institute                                          Donation Confirmed
 American Girl Doll                                                Britt Weber
 Amtrak                                                            Chris Sylvester
 Angelo's of Burien                                                Donation Confirmed
 Anthony's Homeport                                                Chris Sylvester
 Aqua Verde Paddle Club & Cafe                                     Donation Confirmed
 Arena Sports                                                      Donation Confirmed
 Arthur Murray Dance School                                        Chris Sylvester
 Artswest Playhouse                                                Britt Weber
 Ashlan's Unique Beads                                             Britt Weber
 ATA Black Belt Academy                                            Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Auburn Dance Academy                                              Britt Weber
 Australian Pie Company                                            Gloriana Morine
 B & K Design                                                      Chris Sylvester
 B&E Meats & Seafood                                               Donation Confirmed
 Bakery Nouveau                                                    Donation Confirmed
 Balance Massage Therapy                                           Chris Sylvester
 Banya 5 Urban Spa                                                 Donation Confirmed
 Bark Busters In Home Dog Training                                 Chris Sylvester
 Bartell Drugs                                                     Britt Weber
 Bellevue Art Museum                                               Chris Sylvester
 Ben Bridge Jewelers                                               Royce Badley
 Benson Bites                                                      Britt Weber
 Best Plumbing Group LLC                                           Donation Confirmed
 Big E Auto                                                        Gloriana Morine
 Big Picture                                                       Michelle Grantham
 Bill Ayer                                                         Michelle Grantham
 Binyon Vision Center                                              Britt Weber
 Bison Creek Pizza                                                 Donation Confirmed
 Bistro Baffi                                                      Britt Weber
 Blue Boy West Golf Course                                         Royce Badley

6/6/2012                                                                                                         1 of 10
 Blue Ribbon Cooking                           Donation Confirmed
 Blue Sky Outfitters                           Donation Confirmed
 Boatyard Inn                                  Donation Confirmed
 Bon Vivant School of Cooking                  Britt Weber
 Bonaci Jewelers                               Donation Confirmed
 Book-It Repertory Theatre                     Donation Confirmed
 Broadway Center for the Performing Arts       Donation Confirmed
 B-town Scoop                                  Donation Confirmed
 Build-A-Bear                                  Michelle Grantham
 Burgermaster                                  Michelle Grantham
 Burien & Riverton McDonalds                   Britt Weber
 Burien Auto Dealers Association               Gloriana Morine
 Burien Auto Repair                            Gloriana Morine
 Burien Bark                                   Michelle Grantham
 Burien Grocery Outlet                         Jean Dunn/Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Burien Honda                                  Gloriana Morine
 Burien Lover's                                Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Burien NAPA                                   Michelle Grantham
 Burien Studio                                 Donation Confirmed
 Burien Toyota/Scion                           Britt Weber
 Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture   Donation Confirmed
 Butch Blum Fasion Retailer                    Donation Confirmed
 Butler Bar & Grill                            Kristin Kerns
 C & N Design Development Co.                  Britt Weber
 Cactus in Madison Park                        Gloriana Morine
 Cactus Tan                                    Donation Confirmed
 Calidora Skin Clinics                         Donation Confirmed
 Camaloch Golf Course                          Donation Confirmed
 Carmilia's                                    Laurie Weisman
 Carpinito Brothers Inc.                       Britt Weber
 Castle Ice Arena                              Donation Confirmed
 Chambers Bay Golf Course                      Donation Confirmed                                  Donation Confirmed
 Chihuly Studio                                Donation Confirmed
 Children's Bookshop #5                        Michelle Grantham
 Chinoise Cafe                                 Royce Badley
 Choice Organic Teas                           Michelle Grantham
 Chris Leavitt Photography                     Donation Confirmed
 Ciao Ciao                                     Gloriana Morine
 Circa                                         Britt Weber
 Clearwater Casino                             Michelle Grantham
 Columbia Tower Club                           Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Competitive Edge                              Shana Hoefer
 Continental Mills                             Michelle Grantham
 Cookies by Design                             Britt Weber
 Corky Cellars                                 Donation Confirmed
 Creative Brothers Landscape                   Gloriana Morine
 Crepe It                                      Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Cronin Company Store                          Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Cupcake Royale                                Royce Badley
 Curious Kidstuff                              Donation Confirmed
 Dan Steele Massage Therapy                    Charlotte Gilbert
 Dan the Sausage Man                           Donation Confirmed

6/6/2012                                                                   2 of 10
 Darien & Meadows Racing                            Royce Badley
 d'Coeur Flowers                                    Donation Confirmed
 Des Moines Cinema                                  Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Des Moines Creek Restaurant                        Laurie Weisman
 Des Moines Dog House                               Britt Weber
 Des Moines Drug & Hallmark                         Donation Confirmed
 Des Moines Police Department                       Britt Weber
 Desert Sun                                         Britt Weber
 Dick's Drive-In Restaurant                         Donation Confirmed
 Dino's Greek & Italian Cuisine                     Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Disney World Condo                                 Donation Confirmed
 Display & Costume                                  Britt Weber
 DJ Sports Cards                                    Britt Weber
 DJ's Sportscards                                   Britt Weber
 Doe Bay Resort                                     Britt Weber
 Don Smolich                                        Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Donovan Photographic                               Donation Confirmed
 Dr. Calvo, Dr. Waldbaum, Dr. Richard DDS           Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Dr. Dona M. Seely                                  Britt Weber
 Dr. Phil                                           Britt Weber
 Dr. Sherrill Conner, DDS                           Jean Dunn
 Dr. Thomas C. Beffa D.D.S.                         Bernie Dorsey
 Dr. Vivian Bae                                     Mardi Anderson
 Duke's Chowder House                               Britt Weber
 E.B. Foote Winery                                  Donation Confirmed
 Eastman Kodak Co.                                  Britt Weber
 El Gaucho Seattle                                  Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Elliott Bay Brewhouse and Pub                      Donation Confirmed
 Embassy Suites Hotel Sea-Tac                       Royce Badley
 Emerald City Smoothie Burien                       Donation Confirmed
 Emerald Downs                                      Kurt Houston
 Euro Institute of Skin Care                        Donation Confirmed
 Everett Aquasox                                    Royce Badley
 Everett Symphony Orchestra                         Royce Badley
 Experience Music Project                           Donation Confirmed
 Family Fun Center                                  Kristin Kerns
 Fascinations                                       Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Fifth Avenue Dance Studio                          Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Firestone - Burien                                 Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Foss Maritime Company                              Kurt Houston
 Fran Donohue                                       Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Fran Reid Music Studio                             Britt Weber
 Freedom Fitness                                    Donation Confirmed
 Frye Art Museum                                    Donation Confirmed
 Funtasia Fun Park                                  Donation Confirmed
 Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour     Donation Confirmed
 Gaither Music Company                              Donation Confirmed
 Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. Craig R. Jonov   Britt Weber
 Galvin Flying Services, Inc.                       Donation Confirmed
 Galvin Flying Services, Inc.                       Britt Weber
 Garage Billiards & Bowl                            Donation Confirmed
 Gilbert Family Dentistry                           Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Glass Expressions                                  Jennifer Hefford-Anderson

6/6/2012                                                                        3 of 10
 Gone To The Dogs                     Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Good Milk, Inc.                      Kristin Kerns
 Goodie Gumdrops                      Donation Confirmed
 Great Harvest Bread Co.              Donation Confirmed
 Gymboree Corporation                 Laurie Weisman
 Hair Master's                        Donation Confirmed
 Happy Tails Pet Sitting              Gloriana Morine
 Hellriegel's Portrait Studio         Donation Confirmed
 Herr Backyard Garden Center          Gloriana Morine
 Hey! Paison                          Ashley Fosberg
 Highlights for Children              Britt Weber
 Highline Athletic Club               Donation Confirmed
 Highline Auto Electric               Donation Confirmed
 Highline Tutoring & Testing Center   Donation Confirmed
 Highline YMCA                        Mardi Anderson
 HiLine Lanes                         Jean Dunn
 Hollywood Video                      Britt Weber
 Home Depot                           Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Hoodsport Winery                     Donation Confirmed
 Horizon Pet Supply                   Kerry Hansen
 Hotel 1000                           Britt Weber
 Hotel Andra                          Britt Weber
 Howard & Marge Boutique              Donation Confirmed
 IKEA                                 Royce Badley
 Il Terrazzo Carmine                  Gloriana Morine
 Imperial Majesty Cruise              Britt Weber
 Inn at Cannon Beach                  Donation Confirmed
 Interbay Golf Center                 Donation Confirmed
 Interstate Tire & Automotive         Jean Dunn
 Iron Age Design                      Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Island Dermatology                   Laurie Weisman
 Ivar's and Kidd Valley Restaurants   Britt Weber
 Jak's Grill                          KHansen/Todd&Lane McKittrick
 Jamba Juice Westwood Village         Gloriana Morine
 Jan's Beauty Supply & Salon          Laurie Weisman
 Jean Delight Kehl                    Gloriana Morine
 Jewelry by Box                       Donation Confirmed
 Jillians Billiards Club              Britt Weber
 John L. Scott                        Britt Weber
 John Travolta                        Britt Weber
 Jon Marie Portrait Studio            Donation Confirmed
 Jon Marie Portraits                  Britt Weber
 Justin Vineyards & Winery            Donation Confirmed
 K2 Sports                            Marete Eadie
 Kari Miller                          Marete Eadie
 Karuna Arts Yoga                     Donation Confirmed
 Kent Valley Ice Centre               Donation Confirmed
 Kids Quest Children's Museum         Marete Eadie
 King 5 Television                    Gloriana Morine
 King's Hardware                      Donation Confirmed
 KJR-AM, Sports Radio, 950-AM         Gloriana Morine
 Koch Music Studio                    Donation Confirmed
 KOMO 4 News Team                     Gloriana Morine

6/6/2012                                                             4 of 10
 KPLU 88.5                          Donation Confirmed
 Kremeworks LLC                     Britt Weber
 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts             Donation Confirmed
 KZOK - Radio Station               Gloriana Morine
 Lago Azul                          Jean Dunn
 Lake Union Crew                    Donation Confirmed
 Lakeview Golf & Country Club       Dave Galando
 Laurel Ink                         Britt Weber
 Laurel McConnell Photography       Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
 Le Gourmand Restaurant             Donation Confirmed
 Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.        Britt Weber
 Les Schwab Tire Center             Gloriana Morine
 Lolly & Company                    Marete Eadie
 Long's                             Jean Dunn
 Lovely Nails                       Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Luxury Nails                       Donation Confirmed
 Macrina Bakery & Café              Donation Confirmed
 Mae's Phinney Ridge Café           Donation Confirmed
 Maid in the Northwest, Inc.        Britt Weber
 Majestic Bay Theatre               Britt Weber
 Making Memories Wholesale, Inc.    Britt Weber
 Mandarin Kitchen                   Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Manelines Hair Salon               Charlotte Gilbert
 Manhattan Drugs                    Marete Eadie
 Marine View Florist                Donation Confirmed
 Mark Minium                        Gloriana Morine
 Mark Restaurant                    Ashley Fosberg
 Market Place Salon                 Donation Confirmed
 Max Gymnastics Academy             Marete Eadie
 McCormick & Schmicks               Donation Confirmed
 McCormick Woods Golf Course        Chris Sylvester
 McCormick's Fish House & Bar       Kristin Kerns
 McKittrick Real Estate Group       Donation Confirmed
 McLendon's Hardware                Marete Eadie
 McMenamins                         Kristin Kerns
 Medalion Imports, Inc.             Gloriana Morine
 Melanie's Dancers Unlimited        Carol Brummond
 Metropolitan Gymnastics            Kristin Kerns
 Mia Bella Salon                    Marete Eadie
 Michael Rosenberg Photography      Marete Eadie
 Mick Kelly's Irish Pub             Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Miller Paint Co.                   Gloriana Morine
 Mills Music                        Jean Dunn
 Miss Kitty's                       Marete Eadie
 Momentum Music and Dance Academy   Donation Confirmed
 Mosleys                            Marete Eadie
 Mount Hood Railroad                Kristin Kerns
 Mountaineers                       Donation Confirmed
 Mr. J's Kitchen Gourmet            Marete Eadie
 Mrs. Field's Cookies               Kristin Kerns
 Mud Bay, Inc.                      Heidi Peacock
 Museum of Glass                    Donation Confirmed
 Museum of History & Industry       Donation Confirmed

6/6/2012                                                        5 of 10
 Nail Time                                 Jean Dunn
 Nails Care                                Britt Weber
 Nichols Bros. Stoneworks                  Jean Dunn
 Nordic Heritage Museum                    Donation Confirmed
 Normandy Animal Hospital                  Gloriana Morine
 Normandy Park Athletic Club               Britt Weber
 Normandy Park Chiropractic                Kristin Kerns
 Normandy Park Curves                      Kristin Kerns
 Normandy Park Dairy Queen                 Jean Dunn
 Normandy Park Police                      Donation Confirmed
 Normandy Park Swim Club                   Donation Confirmed
 North Hill Espresso                       Jean Dunn
 Northwest Art & Frame                     Laurie Weisman
 Northwest Associated Arts                 Jean Dunn
 Northwest Chamber Chorus                  Donation Confirmed
 Northwest Film Forum                      Donation Confirmed
 Northwest Outdoor Center                  Donation Confirmed
 Northwest Puppet Center                   Kristin Kerns
 Northwest Sinfonietta                     Kristin Kerns
 Northwest Symphony Orchestra              Donation Confirmed
 Northwest Trek - Wildlife Park            Donation Confirmed
 O. S. Winery                              Kristin Kerns
 Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center         Kristin Kerns
 Olympic Coffee & Roasting                 Jean Dunn
 Olympic Hot Tub Company                   Donation Confirmed
 Olympic View Dental                       Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Olympic View Swim Club                    Britt Weber
 Olympus Spa                               Donation Confirmed
 On the Boards Contemporary Performances   Donation Confirmed
 Optimal Health Chiropractic               Donation Confirmed
 Optimark Vision                           Donation Confirmed
 Orthodontics of Burien                    Donation Confirmed
 Osteria del Primo                         Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Out of the Box Publishing                 Jean Dunn
 Pabla India Cuisine                       Jean Dunn
 Pacific Coast Feather Co.                 Jean Dunn
 Pacific Coast Restaurants, Inc.           Jean Dunn
 Pacific Middle School Leadership Team     Sheri Healey
 Pacific Northwest Ballet                  Donation Confirmed
 Pacific Raceways                          Donation Confirmed
 Page 2 Books                              Jean Dunn/Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle                 Donation Confirmed
 Panera Bread                              Kristin Kerns
 Paolo's Italian Restaurant                Kristin Kerns
 Papa Murphy's Take N' Bake Pizza          Gloriana Morine
 Paris Miki Optical                        Jean Dunn
 Park Place Bar & Grill                    Gloriana Morine
 Pasta & Co                                Donation Confirmed
 Paul Lewing Custom Tile                   Royce Badley
 Paulo’s Italian Restaurant                Donation Confirmed
 Perche' No                                Donation Confirmed
 Personal Training - Collette Geppert      Donation Confirmed
 Pete's Supermarket                        Britt Weber

6/6/2012                                                              6 of 10
 Phillips Oral Healthcare                      Heidi Peacock
 Photography by Steven                         Donation Confirmed
 Piendi Media                                  Gloriana Morine
 Pioneer Organics (SPUD)                       Kristin Kerns
 Pit Stop                                      Gloriana Morine
 Pizza Time                                    Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Play-Creation                                 Gloriana Morine
 Poggi Bonsi                                   Donation Confirmed
 Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium                 Heidi Peacock
 Portland Press, Inc.                          Heidi Peacock
 Puetz Golf Headquarters                       Kristin Kerns
 Pure Med Spa                                  Heidi Peacock
 QFC                                           Heidi Peacock
 Queen Anne Upholstery                         Heidi Peacock
 Radio DJ Parties                              Donation Confirmed
 Radio DJ Parties                              Heidi Peacock
 Rainier Golf & Country Club                   Laurie Weisman
 Rainier Photographic Supply & Dick's Camera   Kristin Kerns
 Rebecca Douglas Photography                   Donation Confirmed
 Red Robin                                     Heidi Peacock
 Remlinger Farms                               Donation Confirmed
 Renton Civic Theatre                          Donation Confirmed
 Replica Graphics                              Heidi Peacock
 Richard Petty Museum                          Heidi Peacock
 Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door     Donation Confirmed
 Ride Snowboards                               Donation Confirmed
 Rips Baseball Training Complex                Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Ritz Camera Centers                           Donation Confirmed
 Riverbend Golf Complex                        Kristin Kerns
 Rivers, Inc.                                  Kristin Kerns
 Rottles Clothing & Shoes                      Donation Confirmed
 Round Table Pizz                              Donation Confirmed
 Rudey Orthodontics                            Donation Confirmed
 Rupert's Kids, Inc.                           Heidi Peacock
 S & S Glassworks                              Heidi Peacock
 Sailing Heritage Society                      Donation Confirmed
 Salon in the Park                             Shelley Cain
 Salon Spectrum                                Laurie Weisman
 Salon VCM                                     Donation Confirmed
 San Juan Excursions                           Donation Confirmed
 Science, Art and More                         Shelley Cain
 Scott Alan Leibowitz                          Gloriana Morine
 Seabrook Land Company                         Donation Confirmed
 SeaFair                                       Donation Confirmed
 Seasons Salon                                 Shelley Cain
 Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar                  Kristin Kerns
 Seatac Hilton Hotel & Conference Center       Donation Confirmed
 Seattle Airport Marriott                      Jean Dunn
 Seattle Children's Theatre                    Donation Confirmed
 Seattle Drum School                           Donation Confirmed
 Seattle Fire Department                       Donation Confirmed
 Seattle International Film Festival           Donation Confirmed
 Seattle Language Academy                      Donation Confirmed

6/6/2012                                                            7 of 10
 Seattle Mariners                                Shana Hoefer
 Seattle Musical Theater                         Donation Confirmed
 Seattle Repertory Theatre                       Shelley Cain
 Seattle Seahawks                                Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Seattle Team Shop                               Shelley Cain
 Seattle Theatre Group                           Kristin Kerns
 Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey Club                Kristin Kerns
 Seattle Tours                                   Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Secret Garden Statuary Inc.                     Kristin Kerns
 See's Candies                                   Kristin Kerns/Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Serenity Day Spa                                Gloriana Morine
 SHNLL                                           Donation Confirmed
 Shutterbox Photos                               Kristin Kerns
 Silverwood Theme Park                           Shelley Cain
 Silvia's European Spa                           Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Skinperfect Aesthetics                          Donation Confirmed
 Smith Tower Observation Deck                    Donation Confirmed
 Soccer Pro Specialty Store                      Shelley Cain
 Sonics and Storm Foundation                     Britt Weber
 SPEX - Dr. Scott Campbell                       Shelley Cain
 Spin Alley Bowling Center                       Donation Confirmed
 Spirit 105.3 Radio Sation                       Britt Weber
 Square One Books                                Laurie Weisman
 Stagg's                                         Shelley Cain
 Star 101.5                                      Kristin Kerns
 Star Fruits                                     Jean Dunn
 Starbucks                                       Shelley Cain
 Starbucks - Manhattan QFC                       Donation Confirmed
 Starbucks Burien                                Donation Confirmed
 Stoneway Concrete                               Kristin Kerns
 Studio 152nd                                    Donation Confirmed
 Studio East, Training for the Performing Arts   Kristin Kerns
 Summit at Snoqualmie                            Kristin Kerns
 Sunmart Shell                                   Jean Dunn
 Sunset Bowl                                     Kristin Kerns
 SushiSaki                                       Laurie Weisman/Walt/Lisa Hunt
 SyKart Indoor Racing Center                     Donation Confirmed
 Sylvan Learning Center                          Britt Weber
 Sylvester Middle School PTSA                    Mardi Anderson
 Tacoma Actors Guild                             Mardi Anderson
 Tacoma Art Museum                               Kristin Kerns
 Tacoma Philharmonic                             Donation Confirmed
 Tacoma Rainiers                                 Kristin Kerns
 Taproot Theatre Company                         Kristin Kerns
 Terry Bradshaw Fan club                         Kristin Kerns
 The 5th Avenue Theatre                          Donation Confirmed
 The Balloon Co.                                 Kristin Kerns
 The Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture   Donation Confirmed
 The Card Bar                                    Donation Confirmed
 The Carlton Inn                                 Jim Fursman
 The Center for Wooden Boats                     Donation Confirmed
 The Center for Yoga of Seattle                  Donation Confirmed
 The Children's Museum, Seattle                  Kristin Kerns

6/6/2012                                                                         8 of 10
 The Comedy Underground                          Kristin Kerns
 The Container Store                             Kristin Kerns
 The Daily Perk (name change)                    Mardi Anderson
 The Des Moines Cinema                           Mardi Anderson
 The Development LTD                             Mardi Anderson
 The Discovery Lab                               Mardi Anderson
 The Dollywood Foundation                        Donation Confirmed
 The First Swing Foundation                      Britt Weber
 The Late Show with David Letterman              Kristin Kerns
 The Little Gym of Kent                          Donation Confirmed
 The Museum of Flight                            Kristin Kerns
 The Ocean Lodge                                 Mardi Anderson
 The Puyallup Fair                               Kristin Kerns
 The Tin Room                                    Donation Confirmed
 The Young and the Restless                      Kristin Kerns
 Thistle Theatre                                 Kristin Kerns
 Thomas Kinkade                                  Kristin Kerns
 Three Tree Point Beach Cottage Rental           Donation Confirmed
 Thrifty Car Rental & Airport Parking            Mardi Anderson
 Tight Lines Fishing                             Donation Confirmed
 Tillicum Village Tours Inc.                     Donation Confirmed
 Tim's Sports Card                               Gloriana Morine
 Today's Chiropractic                            Walt/Lisa Hunt
 Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse                       Mardi Anderson
 Tom's Automotive                                Donation Confirmed
 Tool Town                                       Gloriana Morine
 Troiani Ristorante Italiano                     Kristin Kerns
 Tully's Coffee                                  Staci McLaughlin
 Turning Point Counseling, LLC                   Charlotte Gilbert
 Tutta Bella Neopolitian Pizzeria                Ashley Fosberg
 Tyee Golf Course                                Donation Confirmed
 Udupi Palace                                    Staci McLaughlin
 Ummelina International Day Spa                  Laurie Weisman
 Unexpected Productions/Market Theater           Donation Confirmed
 Unexpected Productions/Market Theater           Staci McLaughlin
 Union Restaurant                                Staci McLaughlin
 Unique Bridal Boutique                          Gloriana Morine
 University of Washington Athletics              Kristin Kerns
 UW School of Drama                              Donation Confirmed
 UW World Series at Meany Hall                   Staci McLaughlin
 VCA Five Corners Animal Hospital                Staci McLaughlin
 Village Frame & Gallery                         Donation Confirmed
 Village Theatre                                 Donation Confirmed
 Vino Bello                                      Gloriana Morine
 Vision Art                                      Staci McLaughlin
 Washington State Department of Transportation   Staci McLaughlin
 Washington State University                     Staci McLaughlin
 Waterfront Seafood Grill                        Britt Weber
 Wayne's Fruits & Vegetables                     Staci McLaughlin
 Wayne's Service Center                          Gloriana Morine
 West Seattle Dream Dinners                      Kristin Kerns
 Westfield Southcenter                           Britt Weber
 Wheel of Fortune                                Britt Weber

6/6/2012                                                              9 of 10
 Wild Birds Unlimited                             Kristin Kerns
 Wild Ginger                                      Spencer (Jean) Dunn
 Wild Waves                                       Britt Weber
 Wing Luke Asian Museum                           Donation Confirmed
 Wish Publishing                                  Kristin Kerns
 Woodland Park Zoo                                Donation Confirmed
 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.              Donation Confirmed
 Yard Arm Steak 'N Ale                            Donation Confirmed
 Yen Lui Studio, Inc.                             Kristin Kerns
 Zeitoon Cafe/Bistro                              Gloriana Morine
 Zizia                                            Gloriana Morine
 Zoopa                                            Donation Confirmed

 Auction Sponsorships Confirmed as of 1/24/2009

                      Corporate Sponsors
 McKittrick Real Estate Group
 Burien Auto Row

                      Landmark Sponsors
 Jackson, Morgan & Hunt
 Cain, Bolt & Gasket, Inc.
 NW Asphault
 Normandy Park Town Center:
    Emerald City Smoothie
    Desert Sun Tanning
    Normandy Park Athletic Club
 Mick Kelleys Irish Pub
 Medallion Imports & Zeitoon

6/6/2012                                                                10 of 10

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