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									eric giovon                                            
director of photography                                          917-279-4748

FEATURE FILMS                       director
Delusion                            Jeremiah Kipp
Black Parables                      Andrew William Flores
Universalove (NY story)             Thomas Woschitz
House of Satisfaction                Jesse Hartman
What Matters Most                    Jayson Simba
Liar’s Pendulum                      Andrew William Flores
Sanctified                            Val Lik
Dissonance                           Moniere
Rapturious (Old West opening)        Kamal Ahmed
Our Pet, Ophelia                     Scott Reardon
Liars                                Matt Guerra

MUSIC VIDEOS                        director                             artist
Unexpected Love                      Gustavius Smith                     Esnavi
Arie Dixon Is My Name                Pete Flores                         Arie Dixon
Fall in Love                         Kemi Adetibe                        Ego Ogbaro
Del Baro                             Ehsan Aman                          Ehsan Aman
Saqi                                 Ehsan Aman                          Ehsan Aman
Rakla Jam                            Ehsan Aman                          Ehsan Aman
Radio Girl                           Ron Thomas                          The Real Tuesday Weld
Chemical Marketplace                 Marcarthur Baralla                  Evan Saffer
You Don’t Have To Go                 Duffy Higgins                        Rachel Platten
Nothing Ever Happens                 Duffy Higgins                        Rachel Platten
Precious                             Armen Djerrahian                    Ryan Leslie
Blow the Bank                        Armen Djerrahian                    Jim Jones
5 Men Featuring Pras                 Jean Baptiste Erreca                Angunn
Tribute to Music                     Robbie Jameson                      Miss Ko
Charmparticles                       Matt Lambert                        Gold Plated Shot
Khanjar                              Moniere                             Ehsan Aman
My Happy                             Mike Fitzgerald                     Lindsay Katt
Gravedancer                          Val Lik                             Pig Destroyer
Once Again                           Frederic Colier                     Shu
Let’s Go To Haiti                    Major Lightner                      The Exit
I Need a New Take                    Major Lightner                      Walking Concert
Kicking the Heart Out                Ryan Whiting                        Rogue Wave
COMMERCIALS                         director                             ad agency/prod co.
Nintendo Zelda                      Joshua Clark                         Wanderfilms
CAT Shontelle (Reflection)           Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Code (2012)                     Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Turn of the Century             Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Young Heritage                  Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Cat & Mouse                     Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Code (2011)                     Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Barbados (Shontelle)            Pete Flores                          DFDTV
Bon Appetite - Bite Me              Gavin Bond                           Indy Road Productions
Ice Breakers                        Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide
Jolly Ranchers                      Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide
Diesel Jeans                        Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett           Dolcefilms
CAT Shontelle                       Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Footware 2011                   Pete Flores                          DFDTV
CAT Real Women                      Pete Flores                          DFDTV
Pret-a-Surf Swimwear                Duffy Higgins                         A76 Productions
Pepsi Max w/ Jeff Gordon             Duffy Higgins                         A76 Productions
Regus Office Space                    Duffy Higgins                         A76 Productions
Vis-a-Vis Cosmetics                 Eric Giovon                          Blueliner NY
Laughs On Demand                    Elyse Roth                           Local Woman Films
U.S. Open Series 2008               Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
Roush TV                            Greg Harvey                
American Express                    David Cohen                          Tribe Pictures
U.S. Open Series 2007               Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
McDonald’s                          Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
U.S. Open Series 2006               Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
Hershey’s                           Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
Tums                                Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
Nicorette                           Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
U.S. Open Series 2005               Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
Pepsi                               Justin Wan                           Stain NYC
Playstation 2                       Justin Wan                           Stain NYC
eric giovon                                                          
director of photography                                                        917-279-4748

Trivial Pursuit SNL Version                       Matt Guerra                          Arnold Worldwide NY
PSA / PROMOS                                      director
Frack PSA (Mark Ruffalo)                           Talia Lugacy
Pop Chips (Vanessa Hudgens, Heidi Klum)           Pete Flores                          DFDTV
Derek Lam Ebay BTS                                Eric Giovon                          Azul Productions
Richard Meier                                     Shim-Taka                            PMC Gobal
Derek Lam Spring 2011                             Eric Giovon                          Azul Productions
Acropolis Museum Perikles Exhibit                 Eric Giovon                          Azul Productions
Big Brother’s Big Sister’s Westchester            Eric Giovon                          Azul Productions
Derek Lam Fall Campaign                           Eric Giovon                          Lloyd & Co.
The Village School                                Ehsan Aman                           Fifth String
City Harvest - Feed A Dream                       Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett           Dolcefilms
Narconon International                            Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett           Dolcefilms
Floralia                                          Jesse Hartman                        Hartpictures
Singles                                           Eric Giovon                          Hartpictures
City Meals On Wheels                              Eric Giovon                          Hartpictures
Frank Alexander NYC                               Eric Giovon                          Hartpictures
Revlon - Jennifer Connelly                        Aaron Freeman                        Redeye Media
Revlon - Gucci Westman                            Aaron Freeman                        Redeye Media
The Walter-Hoving Home                            Emily Morrow
MTV2                                              Reynier Molenaar                     Nascent Entertainment
Greenbridge Developments                          Eric Giovon                          Missy McLamb
Lifetime Promo                                    Chris Strand                         Strand Communication                                  Justin Wan                           Stain NYC
DOCUMENTARIES                                     director
Let’s Play                                        Dennis Ostermaier
Misdirection                                      Jason Sosnoff
Poliwood                                          Barry Levinson
Diane Skyhawk                                     Jason Hammonds
NYC Soundwalk Meat-packing District               TV France
Dreamers (features Dougie Fresh & DJ Red Alert)   MTV Japan
OUT OF STATUS                                     Sanjna Singh
The Whisperer                                     Andrea Odezynska
Loaded                                            Andrea Williams
Catepillar                                        David Field
Capone                                            Bob Giraldi       (starring Danny Aiello)
Night Driver                                      Fritz Cellestin
In Flander’s Fields                               Michael Banks
American Way                                      Jason Wade Hammonds
Gone Away                                         Fish
The Girl With the Yellow Scarf                    Michael Banks
The Plan                                          Virginia Sanchez
(Whisper) Lolo!                                   Atley Loughridge
Ravenous Wolves                                   Henrique Aguiar
Ilan                                              Arthur Boujenah
The Solid                                         Carlos Leitao
Second Guessing Grandma                           Bob Giraldi
Staged Archive                                    Maryam Jafri
Something in the Air                              Ramsay Davila
Attendance                                        Rob Woolsey
Jason                                             Val Lik
Texas Hold’Em                                     Val Lik
Blood Money                                       Steven Asaro
A Sleepwalker’s Guide To Everything               Craig Young
Wander                                            Joshua Clark
Aesop’s Diner                                     Cara O’Shea
The Gift of Terry Sullivan                        Carlos Leitao
Sanctified                                         Val Lik
False Teeth                                       Andy Cambria
Sweetness                                         Craig Young
A Life Together                                   Alex Baliev
The Cure                                          Ryan Jafri
Window                                            Ramsey Davila
Chipped Beef on Toast                             Chad Nielson
Desert Weeds                                      Frederic Colier
Modern Day Arranged Marriage                      Rehana Mirza
Wanderlust                                        Frederic Colier
Some Wounds                                       Val Lik
In The End                                        Jared Silvermintz
11 Monkeys & a Mailman                            Rebecca Scott
Alchera                                           Rohit Batra
eric giovon                                
director of photography                              917-279-4748

The Return of Captain Intuitive   Ryan Whiting
Alternating Views                 Arjumand Rahim
Electrolite                       Mary Smith
In the Blink of an Eye            Erica Jones
Johnny Moment                     Reynier Molenaar

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