The Frustration of Carpet Filtration by Siddharth.Sharma


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									Have you noticed in your home that blackish film around the edges of your carpet? Typically it is found
just beneath the base board and protrudes about one inch from the wall. It is not only an eye soar but
also an embarrassment. It simply makes us look like bad housekeepers. So, what causes it? Well, it really
doesn't matter what causes it the more important question is what can be done about it. But for those
"I have to know" people reading this, filtration, as it is called, is caused by one of two things.

One possible cause is the way air flows through the home via the heating and air system. As the house
"breathes" dust and dirt is carried invisibly through the air and when the air conditioning system turns
off the dirt and dust simply floats down to the floor. Over time dirt and dust becomes noticeable against
the walls. This makes sense because vacuums typically do not reach against walls. So, dirt and dust that
is deposited in open areas is vacuumed away with regular vacuuming. The second cause of filtration is
simple air physics. We all know that heat rises. So, when a furnace is on the dusty dirt warms and floats
upward. Then, when the system shuts off the dirt floats to cooler areas (usually against the walls). Over
time it simply gets more and more embedded.

The real question is "what can be done about it?" Well, the answer depends on how much filtration
exists and how long it has been there. The first step is to simply vacuum with an edging tool attached to
a typical household vacuum cleaner. This will likely not do too much. The most you can hope for is a
lighter look and affect. The next step is to spritz warm water onto the area (no soap!), agitate with a stiff
brush (sweeping the brush in one direction typically is best because this will push the dust away from
the wall rather than scrub it deeper within the carpet), and extract the wet dirt with a wet vacuum hose
attachment on a wet vac. Should this not work then it is time to call a professional carpet cleaning
service. Keep in mind though that not even a professional cleaning service can guarantee removal of
filtration. They are, however, equipped with the necessary tools and solvents to do the best job

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