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									  There are 6 college                          Making too many payments
  available through                             each month is frustrating
  the Iowa Credit                               A home equity loan from Linn Area Credit Union
                                                could be all it takes for you to pay off your car loans,
  Union League                                  those credit cards, school loans or any other debt
  Family Involvement                            you have. Get the other loans paid off and only make

  Board. The deadline
                                                one payment each month. It really is that easy - plus
                                                the interest is usually tax deductible! (See your tax         Holiday sticker                                   There’s a new Marion
  for submission is                             advisor.)
                                                                                                                      shock?                                 location coming next year!
  February 3rd. Click                           Equity is the difference between the amount your                               Well, the                     Linn Area is pleased to announce that our Marion
  here for details.                             home is worth and how much you still owe on it. With
                                                a home equity loan, you can borrow up to 100% of the
                                                                                                                                                             branch will be moving into a new building in the
                                                                                                                                                             Lincolnview Square development next year. The
                                                equity in your home to get these debts paid off and get                               and                    address will be 3275 7th Ave and the building will
        We will be                              your finances into a manageable state.                                                went,
                                                                                                                                                             be nearly
    closed January 16th                         Think about it - our home equity loan rates are most                                   behind                to our
   for Dr. Martin Luther                        likely lower than the interest rate on your credit cards.                              a trail               Edgewood
                                                With one low-rate                                                                of bills (and
     King, Jr.’s Birthday                       loan, you could                                                                 tears). Would
                                                save a lot of money                                                              a month off                 that
                                                in interest and                                             from your loan payment help?
  Effective March 1st,                          have much more
                                                                                                                                                             in 2011.
                                                breathing room                                              If you didn’t do it last month, you can
  2012 the high yield                           in your checking                                            skip the January payment on your
                                                                                                                                                             We hope
  checking account will                         account each                                                LACU auto, personal and/or second
                                                                                                                                                             you’re as
                                                month!                                                      mortgage loan(s). The cost to skip               excited as
  be tiered at levels of                                                                                    is $25 for each loan, which will be              we are about this great new location!
  $15,000 and $25,000.                          Stop in or call 378-                                        added to your loan balance. Think of
                                                0101, x 4 with any
  The dividend rate                             questions. Don’t
                                                                                                            all the things you could use that loan
                                                                                                            payment for, instead - like paying for
  paid will remain                              feel so strapped                                            the holidays!
  unchanged at this                             every month
                                                - enjoy some                                                To take advantage of this offer, click
  time.                                         financial freedom!                                          here or stop by any of our branches
                                                                                                            and ask for a skip payment form.
                                                                                                            Please return the form at least 4
                                                                               Branch Hours                 business days prior to skipping an
  Visit us at                                       Monday           9:00 to 5:00        automatic payment to allow processing
               Contact Us                                              Tuesday          9:00 to 5:00        time. If you have questions, give us a
Phone: (319) 378-0101 or (800) 950-5228                                Wednesday        9:00 to 5:00        call at 378-0101, x4.
ART: (319) 393-2266                                                    Thursday       10:30 to 5:00
Live Chat:                                          Friday           9:00 to 6:00        *Loan must not be currently delinquent and
                                                                                                            must be a closed end loan (auto, second
e-Mail:                                       Saturday        9:00 to 12:00
                                                                                                            mortgage or personal loan) to qualify for this
                                                                       Online branch Always open            promotion.
 Locations: 3015 Blairs Ferry Rd NE 3700 Edgewood Rd SW   3330 Mt. Vernon Rd SE     985 31st St Marion
 Drive-Up Only Location: 619 20th Ave SW
  Safeguarding your information online                                                                        You should know:                                  If you totaled your car
In today’s high tech world, we are able to do things more quickly and conveniently electronically
                                                                                                          •   Linn Area Credit Union will NEVER call,           today, would you have
whether it’s sending a letter via email, paying bills or even shopping online. With this increase
                                                                                                              email or otherwise contact you and ask for
                                                                                                              your username, password or other online               to keep making
in speed and convenience also comes increased risk. Every day, unscrupulous individuals
are busy developing new scams targeting the unsuspecting public. At Linn Area Credit Union,
                                                                                                              banking credentials.
                                                                                                          • Linn Area Credit Union will NEVER contact
                                                                                                                                                                       payments on it?
keeping members safe is a priority. One of the best ways to avoid fraud is to become an educated              you and ask for your credit or debit card                         Sure, your auto insurance would cover
consumer and we would like to help you in this endeavor. Please take a moment to read this                    number, PIN or 3-digit security code.                               a lot, but most likely not all, of the
important information on how to keep yourself safe online.                                                    Please see below for more information                              loan amount because of dramatic
                                                                                                              about how our card providers approach                             depreciation on new and late model
An important part of online safety is knowledge. The more you know, the safer you’ll be. Here are             customer service calls.                                       automobiles. This scenario is unfortunately
some great tips on how to stay safe in cyberspace:                                                        Credit Cards                                        common when a car is totaled, leaving people “upside
                                                                                                          Our card provider, The Members Group, will          down,” or owing more on their car than the vehicle is worth.
1. Set good passwords. A good password is          6. Logoff from sites when you are done. When
                                                                                                          say they are calling on behalf of Linn Area
a combination of upper and lower case letters      you are ready to leave a site you have logged in to,                                                       Gap Insurance kicks in when the amount your insurer would
                                                                                                          Credit Union. They will never ask for your card
and numbers and one that is not easily guessed.    logoff rather than just closing the page.              number, expiration date or CVC (security)           pay for your totaled or stolen car falls short of what you still
Change your password frequently. Don’t write it    7. Monitor account activity regularly. You can         code.                                               owe on the loan. Not only does it cover the remainder of
down or share it with others.                      do this either online or by reviewing your monthly                                                         your loan balance, it will give you $1,000 toward a new
                                                                                                          They will:
2. Don’t reveal personal information via email.    statements and reporting any unauthorized                                                                  car financed at Linn Area Credit Union within 90 days of
                                                                                                          • Verify your street address.
Emails and text messages can be masked to look     transactions right away.                                                                                   the accident.
                                                                                                          • Verify the last four digits of your Social
like they are coming from a trusted sender when    8. Assess your risk. We recommend periodically             Security Number.                                Chances are good you need Gap Insurance if :
they are actually from someone else. Play it       assessing your online banking risk and putting
safe, do not send your personal information such                                                          They may:                                           • You’re financing for more than four years
                                                   into place increased security controls where                                                               • You purchased a new car and didn’t have a down
as account numbers, social security numbers,                                                              • Ask for the last four digits of your card
                                                   weaknesses are found; particularly for members                                                               payment of at least 20%
passwords, etc. via email or texting.                                                                         number.
                                                   with business accounts. Some items to consider                                                             • You rolled debt from your last car into your current auto
                                                   when assessing your online banking risk are:           • Ask to verify the amount of your last
3. Be careful downloading that file! Opening                                                                                                                    loan
                                                                                                              transaction or payment.
files attached to emails can be dangerous          •   Who has access to your online business
especially when they are from someone you                                                                 • Ask you to verify recent transactions.
                                                       accounts?                                                                                              You can always add Gap Insurance to your current loan.
don’t know as they can allow harmful malware or                                                           If you are uncomfortable with the call, please      Just give us a call and ask how at 378-0101, x4.
                                                   •   How and where are user names and passwords         hang up and call the 800 number of the back
viruses to be downloaded onto your computer.
                                                       stored?                                            of your card.
Make sure you have a good antivirus program on
your computer that is up-to-date.                      •     How strong are your passwords and how        Debit Card
                                                                                     often are they       Our debit card provider, Fiserv, may call on
4. Links aren’t always what they seem.
                                                                                     changed? Are         behalf of Linn Area Credit Union. To confirn
Never log in from a link that is embedded in an
                                                                                    they changed          your identity, they may ask you to verify your
email message. Criminals can use fake email
                                                                                    before or             street address. They will never ask for your             If your debit card is ever lost or stolen,
addresses and make fake web pages that mimic
                                                                                   immediately after      card number, expiration date or CVC (security)
the page you would expect. To avoid falling into                                                                                                                   call us immediately at our regular
                                                                                   terminating an         code.
their trap, type in the URL address directly and                                                                                                                   number (378-0101), no matter what
                                                                                  employee who had        Rights and Responsibilities
then log in.
                                                                                  access to them?         With respect to online banking and electronic            day or time it is. If you call it after we
5. Web sites aren’t always what they seem.                                                                                                                         are closed, you will get an automated
                                                                                   • Do you have          fund transfers, the Federal government has
Be aware that if you navigate to a Web site                                                               put in place rights and responsibilities for both
                                                                                   dual controls or                                                               menu that will still let you cancel your
from a link you don’t type, you may                                                                       you and the credit union. These rights and
end up at a site that looks
                                                                                   other checks and                                                               card right away. YOU DON’T HAVE TO
                                                                                  balances with           responsibilities are described in the Account
like the correct one,                                                                                     Information Disclosures you received when               WAIT UNTIL WE ARE OPEN TO DO
                                                                                  respect to access                                                               THIS! You can always call or email us
when in fact it’s not. Take                                                                               you opened your account with Linn Area
                                                                                 to online banking
time to verify that the Web page                                                                          Credit Union. If you notice suspicious account          later with any questions you have.
                                                                                 transactions?            activity or experience security-related events,
you’re visiting matches exactly with the
URL that you’d expect.                                                                                    please contact the credit union immediately at
                                                                                                              Rev. 12/10   Page 2

FACTS                AL INFORMATION?
                                                                                                                           Who we are

                                                                                                                           Who is providing this notice?          Linn Area Credit Union
Why?                 Financial companies choose how they share your personal information. Federal law gives con-                                                  3015 Blairs Ferry Road NE
                     sumers the right to limit some but not all sharing. Federal law also requires us to tell you how we                                          Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                     collect, share, and protect your personal information. Please read this notice carefully to under-                                           (319)378-0101 or (800)950-5228
                     stand what we do.
                                                                                                                           What we do
What?                The types of personal information we collect and share depend on the product or service you have
                     with us. This information can include:                                                                How does Linn Area Credit Union pro-   To protect your personal information from unauthorized
                     • Social Security Number                                                                              tect my personal information?          access and use, we use security measures that comply with
                     • Income                                                                                                                                     federal law. These measures include computer safeguards and
                     • Payment History                                                                                                                            secured files and buildings. These may include locked cabinets
                     • Credit History                                                                                                                             and security systems for our facilities; passwords and fire walls
                     • Account Balance(s)                                                                                                                         for our web sites; and having our employees ask for identification
                     • Credit Scores                                                                                                                              before processing your requests.
                     When you are no longer our member, we continue to share your information as
                     described in this notice.                                                                             How does Linn Area Credit Union col-   We collect your personal information, for example, when you:
                                                                                                                           lect my personal information?          • open an account
                                                                                                                                                                  • apply for a loan
How?                 All financial companies need to share members’ personal information to run their everyday busi-                                              • deposit money
                     ness. In the section below, we list the reasons financial companies can share their members’                                                 • pay your bills
                     personal information; the reasons Linn Area Credit Union chooses to share; and whether you can                                               • use your debit or credit card
                     limit this sharing.                                                                                                                          We also collect your personal information from others, such as
                                                                                                                                                                  credit bureaus, affiliates or other companies.
                                                             Does Linn Area Credit
Reasons we can share your personal information               Union share?                 Can you limit this sharing?
                                                                                                                           Why can’t I limit all sharing?         Federal law gives you the right to limit only
For our everyday business purposes --                                                                                                                             • sharing for affiliates’ everyday business purposes --
such as to process your transactions, maintain your                                                                                                                   information about your creditworthiness
account(s), respond to court orders and legal                            Yes                            No                                                        • affiliates from using your information to market to you
investigations, or report to credit bureaus                                                                                                                       • sharing for nonaffiliates to market to you
                                                                                                                                                                  State laws and individual companies may give you additional
For our marketing purposes --                                                                                                                                     rights to limit sharing.
to offer our products and services to you                                Yes                            No
For joint marketing with other financial companies
                                                                         Yes                            No
                                                                                                                           Affiliates                             Companies related by common ownership or control. They can be
For our affiliates’ everyday business purposes --
                                                                                                                                                                  financial or nonfinancial companies.
information about your transactions and experiences                      No                      We don’t share.
For our affiliates’ everyday business purposes --                                                                                                                 Linn Area Credit Union has no affiliates.
information about your creditworthiness
                                                                         No                      We don’t share.           Nonaffiliates                          Companies not related by common ownership or control. They
For nonaffilites to market to you                                                                                                                                 can be financial or nonfinancial companies.
                                                                         No                      We don’t share.                                                  Linn Area Credit Union does not share with nonaffiliates so they
                                                                                                                                                                  can market to you.
Questions?           Call (319)378-0101 or toll free (800)950-5228.
                                                                                                                           Joint Marketing                        A formal agreement between nonaffiliated financial companies
                                                                                                                                                                  that together market financial products or services to you.
                                                                                                                                                                  • Our joint marketing partners include insurance companies.

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