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									                                               NORTHSIDE HARLEY NEWS
                                              December at a Glance                                revealed – 19 riders made the list this year.
                                                                                                  Congratulations to all!
                                                December 4th was a very busy day for our            The program was followed by our 2nd
                                              chapter. The day began with coffee, pastry, and annual live auction. A variety of gift baskets, a
                                              our chapter meeting. Highlights included the        wine tasting party, chrome fire extinguishers,
                                              announcement and presentation of the trophy         Colts and Pacer tickets, jewelry, tool kits,
                                              our chapter captured for outstanding                tailgate package, HD welding helmet, whole
HARLEY-DAVIDSON                               participation at this year's 'Toys for Tots' event. house humidifier, football autographed by
                                              Be sure to take a peek at it in HOG Corner.         Marcus Allen, handcrafted corn-hole game,
OF INDIANAPOLIS                                 Annual elections took place as well. Thanks and V-twin chrome ceiling fan were among the
                                              to returning board members, and WELCOME items auctioned. A huge thank you to everyone
                                              to new board members: Bill Collins, Deta            who participated by donating and/or bidding.
     CHAPTER #1238                            Lasley and Jason Long.                              $5042.45 was presented to Gleaners Food
                                                Once again our dealership provided a              Pantry at the end of the evening.
                                              wonderful holiday party complete with great
    JAN 2011                                  food and beverage. Approx. 200 folks enjoyed
                                              the festivities. We are
        In This Issue                         very thankful for such a
18,014 – Year in Review. . . . . 6
                                              supportive dealership.
                                                This year's Rider
911 Indy Steel Ride . . . . . . . . 4
                                              Awards Program was a
Activities Calendar . . . . . . . . . 8       great success. Top
Bulletin Board . . . . . . . . . . . 17       billing went to Ted
Business Directory . . . . . 12-17            Rossell (18,014 miles)
Chili Cook Off . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3    and Etta Childs (11,753
Dealership News . . . . . . . . . . 4         miles). The new 10,000
December at a Glance . . . . . . 1            mile plaque was
Family Matters . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Fit Floorboards . . . . . . . . . . . 3
From Our View. . . . . . . . . . . . 7
HOG Wild . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
IMPD Appreciation Brunch . . . 8
Officers, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Renewal Form . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Rider Award Program . . . . . . . 9
 Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
 Assistant Director . . . . . . . . 4
 Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,3
 Secretary (minutes) . . . . . 5,11

         0 0 0,0 6 9
         2011 CHAPTER RIDE!

        HOG TALK

    Saturday, Feb 5, 2011
    Donuts & Coffee, 8:30
      Meeting, 9:00am
     H-D of Indianapolis
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                            JANUARY 2011

Message from Your Director                                           of their fellow members,
                                                                     we see the results
                                                                     represented in record
December – 2010 Recap                                                numbers of members on
   Have you ever pulled the bike across several lanes of heavy       group rides, record
traffic and onto the shoulder on a busy interstate, somewhere        numbers of miles logged
in the middle of wide, open country only to be passed by a           for chapter events
mile-long train of the semi-tractors that you just spent the last    (140,000), and the
hour getting past, only to have them thunder by in a deafening       largest sense of ‘chapter
roar and leaving you in a wake of sound and pressure that            community’ as I have
threatened to knock you down and blow over the bike nearly           ever witnessed.
leaving your stressed and harried world upside down? Yep,               I can go on at length
that is the holiday season for me. While I cherish the chance        and cite numerous
for warm gatherings with friends and family and wouldn’t             instances of successful
miss them for the world, I have come to breathe a great sigh of      chapter events such as
relief at the far end of the holiday.                                the Chapter Picnic in Brown County, numerous chapter rides,
   And so, I arrive at the cusp of a new year sufficiently drained   dinner rides, overnight rides, week-long trips, the dealership
not only by the season but by an insistent need to prepare for       open house, Loop for Life, Flags for Heroes, Throttles for
the coming year, which, in turn, requires a long retrospective of    Tots, the H.O.G. Bowling League, and many other events that
the past twelve months. I am not sorry to see 2010 in my rear        I have failed to mention. And I know I would fail miserably
view mirror; it has been a year of enormous struggles in my          to try to list the members that have invested their own time and
personal life. And yet, it has also been a year of great successes   resources to make it a great year, such as: the Cox’s serving up
in our chapter. In the latter, I have found laughter, friendship,    lunch at the chapter picnic, Matt and Denise Benn’s work on
community, and family that has served to buoy the darkest of         the H.O.G. corner, the By-law Committee, the volunteers for
my days and for this, I will be eternally grateful.                  the Loop For Life and dealership open house, our excellent
   I have been looking back at the year in preparation for this      Activities Co-Directors, Patti Boudreau’s leadership in the
article and to take a long hard look at the events and               Christmas Party and Charity Auction, and a host of others.
accomplishments as the chapter officers prepare for 2011. It            In the end, the proof is not only found in the numbers of
was a year of significant ‘firsts’ and achievements for our          participants and the miles logged, it is in the sense of
chapter and I am proud of what the chapter and its officers          satisfaction and appreciation expressed by those that made a
have accomplished. We started the year in concern for having         decision to participate and be a part of the activities. I am most
sufficient funds to get us through the year; we tightened our        grateful for your decision to be an active member in the chapter.
belt and sharpened our pencils to create a working budget for           I would be sorely remiss if I did not take a moment to thank
the entire year to which the officers drove activities and           Nick Dellen, Jeff Heck, and the dealership staff for the support
milestones. I am pleased to let you know that the officers did       and the smiles given to the chapter in 2010. The Christmas
an outstanding job of managing their allotted funds and              Party held at the dealership and provided by the dealership is
willingly returned unused funds to boost other projects; for         an excellent testament to the great working relationship that
instance, when the H.O.G. corner project came in under-              our chapter enjoys. It was also a great way to wrap up the year
budget, the remaining funds were used to bolster the Activities      and close it with a bang! Please take a moment to say ‘thanks’
fund. In all, our working budget was a milestone for the             the next time you are in the dealership. I know it has been said
chapter and we, the officers, learned much from where we             before, but it bears repeating, in many comparisons with many
need to allocate funds for 2011 and where the chapter reaped         H.O.G. chapters, we readily recognize and willingly
the greatest benefits. These ‘lessons learned’ were gleaned in a     acknowledge that our chapter is fortunate to enjoy the support
three-hour Officer meeting in December and used to forge the         of a dealership such as ours.
2011 working budget. That budget represents an exciting new
year for our chapter and it represents much optimism for our         January Meeting Recap
chapter, our planned events, and for the riding season.
                                                                       It was a great turnout and a great meeting to kick off the
   A year ago, as a chapter, we promised that we would return
                                                                     new year! January is the first of our two months of
the chapter to our original charter, and that is simply to (1)
                                                                     membership renewals. We renewed over 150 memberships at
ride and (2) have fun. And while this sounds simplistic in its
                                                                     the meeting and we look forward to the second opportunity at
approach, it has often proven difficult to avoid the trappings
                                                                     the February meeting!
and distractions of the requirements of running the chapter and
                                                                       I knew we had a full agenda going into the meeting but I
even the good intentions of worthy causes. But 2010 has
                                                                     really didn’t think we would go a full half-hour over our
proven nothing else if not the fact that if we focus on our
                                                                     allotted time. I appreciate the dealership’s understanding and
charter as our primary goal, the rest will fall into place. The
                                                                     assistance as we pushed through all of the information that
efforts of the year taught us that when we placed the emphasis
                                                                     came out of that morning.
on those events and activities that invite all of our members to
participate and enjoy themselves, their bikes, and the company                                                      Continued on page 3

2                                                                                                                 VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                              JANUARY 2011

Continued from previous page                                         the park, plans are also underway to provide shuttle services
                                                                     from the hotels to the park for those that would like to attend
  First out of the gate, was Gregg Hess, a new member and an         the street fair, activities, live music at the amphitheater, etc.
Indianapolis firefighter that came to share with us Project 911.        Several members of our chapter have already expressed
More information about this exciting project is found in             interest in the events and the rides that are scheduled for the
another article in this newsletter so I won’t take up space and      rally. Look for more info in this newsletter, in your e-mail, or
repeat all of the information here. Plan on keeping in touch         at the Rally website at
with this epic event, which will kick off in April.                  Preregistration is expected to open at the website in February
  Next on the docket was Eric Anderson, the Indiana State            and remain open through April 22. In addition, this rally will
H.O.G. Rally Coordinator for 2011. Eric gave us a wealth of          be providing registration at the event as well.
details about the many, many facets of this year’s H.O.G. rally         And lastly on the morning’s agenda was an update by Mike
to be held June 10-12. In many ways, it is a return to the state     Boudreau on the 2010 Finances and 2011 Budget. Mike
rallies of days gone by, and it encompasses many new and             worked closely with Bill Rushton to prepare the update and
exciting ideas as well. This June will see H.O.G. bikers taking      did a great job going over the 2010 budget and expenses.
over McCormick Creek State Park near Spencer, Indiana. If            Mike also presented the 2011 budget, which was created in a
you haven’t been, it is a beautiful park and will be an excellent    three-hour officer meeting in December. I am very pleased
setting for rally activities and as a rendezvous point for one of    and excited about the plans for the chapter in 2011 and I hope
the many rides that are planned for that weekend.                    you are making a commitment to yourself to be a part of the
  In addition to reserving all 71 rooms at the lodge, the rally      fun. Look for a follow-on article titled Chapter Updates –
committee is encouraging attendees to reserve campsites as           January 2011 in this month’s newsletter for more information
soon as possible with the park to insure a preferred spot in the     about the chapter’s business.
campgrounds. Some chapters are said to be reserving blocks              If January’s chapter meeting was any indication, this coming
of campsites to form a ‘community’ camping area for their            year will be an active and fun riding season. Bill Keesling and
group. Furthermore, the rally committee is making all 14 of          Greg Shipley have set up their Activities Meeting for January
the family cabins available to each of the chapters to rent for      29th to tie out on scheduling details and set the pace for the
the weekend; on Saturday evening, it will be the site of the         year. As always, your ideas or suggestions for a destination, a
H.O.G. Rally Street Fair and each of the chapters will be            good restaurant, or a good stretch of road is always welcome.
judged for their decorating skills for each cabin.                   Thinking about a ride you might want to lead? Let us help
  The Rally committee is also working on arrangements with           with the details to make it happen.
hotels in Cloverdale and Bloomington to provide blocks of               I hope you are already making plans for fun with our
rooms for those that prefer to ‘rough it’ in style. More             chapter in the coming year!
information will be forthcoming on availability and rates in the                                        Ride Far, Ride Safe, Have Fun!
near future. For those of us that might not actually be staying at                                                                     Ken

Are your feet too big for
your floorboards?                                                                     Chili Cook Off
  Buying a new bike recently made me think of an item that
some of you may not be aware of, so I thought I’d share it                     Saturday, Jan 29, 11am - ??
with you. I’ve always thought that the footboards on the                         HD of Indianapolis Event
touring bikes were not big enough for my big feet. And
wearing boots don’t make them any smaller! On a stock bike
I’d find my feet hanging half on and half off the floorboards.                        We're looking for entrants!
As with my first bike, I decided again to purchase an item for
my new bike that helps keep more of my feet on the                                     We're looking for judges!
floorboards. That item is the Harley Goodies’ floorboard
extension kit. They help prevent the sides of your feet from               We're looking for YOU to spend some time
hanging over the floorboards as much. Basically they are
spacers that extend the floorboards out one inch. Here is a link          with us enjoying good food and great friends.
that will connect you to their web site if you are interested in
this product:                                                  Prizes!!
  I have no financial interests in this company and only make                               Good Food!!
this information available to help out my fellow riders.
                                                    Aaron Childs                            GREAT FUN!!

3                                                                                                                   VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                             JANUARY 2011

                              Report From Your                       Project 9/11 Indianapolis
                              Assistant Director                        At the January chapter meeting, Greg Hess took the stage to
                                                                     inform our chapter of Project 9/11 Indianapolis. Greg is an
                               Hi Everyone,
                                                                     Indianapolis Firefighter and was among the first responders
                                 Well, I hope that everyone had
                                                                     from Indiana to arrive at the World Trade Center after the
                               a great time at the Christmas
                                                                     horrific attacks on 11 September 2001. For the last year, Greg
                               party. I would like to thank the
                                                                     has been working to create an Indiana 9/11 Memorial in
                               Jeff, Nick and all the dealership
                                                                     Indianapolis and after great effort, has recently secured two
                               staff for hosting a great event!!!
                                                                     steel beams from the devastated wreckage of the World Trade
                               The food and company was
                                                                     Center. He has invested long hours with the City of
                               great. I would also like to thank
                                                                     Indianapolis, the state governments of Indiana and New York,
                               Ken, Sherry and Chip for taking
                                                                     and the federal government to secure these sacred artifacts for
                               the lead on the auction. You guys
                                                                     this memorial. A memorial site has been granted on the White
                               did an awesome job with putting
                                                                     River Canal in downtown Indianapolis and is, fittingly, within
                               on a great show, I’m just sorry
                                                                     sight of a large firehouse there.
that Patti and I were unable to stay for the event.
                                                                        The response from the crowd of over 150 chapter members
  I look forward to another great year in 2011 and continuing
                                                                     that morning was very positive and Greg was applauded for
to grow on what we have put in place this year.
                                                                     his efforts in this most worthy cause. Smitty made a motion to
  Remember January and February are membership renewal
                                                                     pass-the-hat among the members and $626 were raised for the
months. You must be a current National member in good
                                                                     911 Memorial Fund. Greg stated that our chapter‘s donation
standing in order renew at the local level. A renewal form has
                                                                     was the first contribution to be made to the memorial.
been included in this newsletter. To speed up the process,
                                                                     Interestingly, Greg was not in attendance that morning to ask
please complete the form prior to coming to the Feb 5th
                                                                     anything of the chapter; he was not looking for assistance or a
meeting. See you at then!
                                                                     handout. As he and his brother Scott are new members of our
                                              Michael Boudreau
                                                                     chapter, they wanted to share the news of the 911 Memorial
                                                Assistant Director
                                                                     with us and invite us on a ride to meet the steel in Richmond,
                                                                     Indiana and escort them home to Indianapolis. I personally
                                                                     cannot think of a better reason to ride.
                                                                        Greg is taking this message to numerous groups in the state
                                                                     to join the escort ride. Though the original date for the ride
                                                                     was in March, it has now been moved back to Saturday, 9
                                 Dealership News                     April 2011. This will give us an extra month to hope for good
                                    Thanks to all that attended      weather for that weekend. Stay tuned for more information as
                                 the 2010 Christmas Party. I         it becomes available. This promises to be an exciting time and
                                 think everyone had a good           a proud moment for our chapter and our state as we witness
                                 time and left with a full belly     the creation of the Indiana 911 Memorial.
                                 and their fun meter pegged.            Going into that chapter meeting, I knew that I would have
                                 If you have any ideas for next      no problem getting volunteers from our chapter to be focal
                                 years party please feel free to     points for this ride. And it was only fitting that the first to
                                 email them to me or the             volunteer were brothers-in-arms. Paul ‘Smitty’ Smith of the
                                 Chapter officers.                   Indianapolis Fire Department took the role as focal point for
                                    I want to invite everyone to     our chapter. Jack Schoettle of the Boone County Sheriff
                                 the 52nd annual World of            Department volunteered to assist. Bill Keesling and I have
                                 Wheels Custom car and bike          volunteered to assist this group on behalf of the chapter too.
show. This is the second year Harley Davidson of                        Stay tuned for more details as they become available. We
Indianapolis is sponsoring the bike show. We will be in Hall         will send e-mail updates for significant dates or changes.
A of the South Pavilion Feb 11 (5-10), 12 (10-10), 13 (10-7)         Keep an eye on Bill’s updates in H.O.G. Talk too.
at the State Fairgrounds. Friday night is the X103 Bikini                                           You won’t want to miss this ride!
Contest, Saturday the Harley Hottie contest with an                                                                                  Ken
appearance from Elvis, and Sunday music all day long.
Please come out and visit us as well as our other vendors.
   Also, don't forget our Chili cook-off Saturday Jan 29th.
We 're looking for entrants and judges! Prizes will be                        CHAPTER MERCHANDISE
awarded and you'll be guaranteed a good time. What better
way to spend a Saturday; great food and fellowship!                        Chapter merchandise is available at chapter meetings.
                                                See you around!                           See Mistee Rushton

4                                                                                                                  VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                             JANUARY 2011

Indianapolis Chapter No. 1                                           Greg Shipley: On vacation
Jan 8, 2011, Chapter Meeting Minutes                                 Safety Director, Bill Collins: Please see me if you are interested
                                                                     in taking the ABATE courses.
                               Submitted by Mistee Rushton
                                                                     Road Captain, Ted Rossell: The most asked question today is
                               Ken White called meeting to order     “What is the date?”
                               at 9:00 a.m.
                                                                     Publicity, Mark Bowman: Not present

                                                                     Historian, Chip Sandleben: Nothing at this time
                               The sign in sheet indicated
                               133 members present.                  Sergeant at Arms, Ken Whisman: Nothing at this time
                                                                     Awards Chairperson, Matt Benn: 57 days until we begin
                               Opening General Discussion:           mileage for the rider award program!
                               • A big “thank you” to H-D of Indy
                                 for the breakfast treats            Charity Fund, Deta Lasley: $246.50 awarded to Bill Keesling.

Introduction/Welcome of New Members/Guests:                          Membership, Jason Long: Thank you for being patient with us
• Introduction of new members. Welcome back recently joined          as we work on your membership renewals!
  members. Welcome to all! Please participate in HOG
  Chapter rides and events. Get involved! Have fun and ride!         Newsletter Editor, Sherry Shipley: On vacation

Officer’s Report:                                                    NEW BUSINESS
Director, Ken White. Chaired the meeting.                            Ken White-Director: This is our state of the chapter address
1) Thanks for coming out today!                                      for 2011. We set a budget for 2010, & it worked very well.
2) Let us recognize our family & friends in the armed services.      Thanks to Bill Rushton for working very hard & keeping track
   WE SHALL NEVER FORGET! Please take a minute to                    of all monies. We found that we did under-spend on our
   remember the sacrifices these great Americans have made for       activities, therefore we will be doubling that amount for
   all of us.                                                        activities in 2011. Our goal is to do more for the chapter. Our
3) Please keep Rick & Pam Lowe in your prayers, as Rick's            motto is “Ride & Have Fun”. That is exactly what we intend
   brother has passed away.                                          to do. Please join us for even more riding & fun in 2011!
4) Thank you to Nick Dellen, Jeff Heck & the entire dealership
   for another excellent Christmas party. We really appreciate all   50/50: Vote was taken that our 50/50 monies go back to be
   of the effort they go to on our behalf. Our auction was very      invested in our chapter. The majority voted in favor of this.
   successful, as we were able to raise $5000 for Gleaners Food
   Pantry. Thank you to all who donated items & those that
   bought the items. GREAT JOB!                                      DEALERSHIP NEWS:
                                                                     Jeff Heck: 500 World of Wheels is Feb.11, 12, 13. We are
Assistant Director, Mike Boudreau:                                   sponsoring the motorcycle portion of this show. There is
As you know, we have a great deal of help on some of our rides       vendor space available if it pertains to the biker industry. It is
from the IMPD. We would like to show our appreciation by             at the Indiana State Fairgrounds/Blue Ribbon Pavilion.
inviting them to a “Pot Luck” lunch following our Feb. meeting.
We would love to have a big turnout! Please bring a dish &           UPCOMING EVENTS:
participate.                                                         Jan 22  Officer meeting, 8a.m.
                                                                     Feb 5   Chapter meeting.
Treasurer, Bill Rushton: Nothing at this time. Working on                    Breakfast 8:30, meeting @ 9:00
membership renewals in January & February.
                                                                             IMPD Potluck lunch immediately following
Secretary, Mistee Rushton: Attendance totals for 2010 were:                  the meeting. Please bring a dish to share.
Highest month-April(153), Lowest month-Feb.(71). Our average
for the year was 120. We had six members with perfect                Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.
attendance. Look for new chapter merchandise in the next few

Activities Coordinators:
                                                                                                    NEXT MEETING
                                                                                                  Saturday, Feb 5, 2011
Bill Keesling: We have a sign-up sheet for our activities meeting.
                                                                                         Donuts & Coffee, 8:30 • Meeting, 9:00am
It will be held on Jan. 29, suggestions welcome. We will have the
ride calendar available by the March meeting.                                            Followed by IMPD Appreciation Brunch

5                                                                                                                  VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                           JANUARY 2011

18,014            by Ted Rossell
   After finishing first in the chapter mileage contest this year
several people have ask me how I was able to ride this much in
a single riding season. So here's our season:
   First I will say that my wife Chris and I love to ride and
many of our miles are just evening rides to dinner. We have a
favorite restaurant in Louisville Kentucky so on a Saturday or
Sunday, we'll hop on the motorcycle and go there for lunch.
We also ride the motorcycle to visit our sons and the grand
kids. If the weather is nice and we want to go someplace, we
ride the motorcycle. Seldom do we take a direct route – we
can easily log 100 miles or more in just an evening.                 mansions and took a side trip to Ferriday LA to visit the Delta
   We are not retired, but are fortunate that Chris is a school      Music Museum. Ferriday is the birthplace and childhood
teacher and has the summer free. I have my own business              home of Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggart.
which gives me some freedom with my time.                              The ride home was an extremely hot trip; we were glad to
   None of our trips are planned just for miles and we always        have the cooler on our trailer as we had several cool collars on
try to find interesting things to see and do along the way. The      ice, stopping every 35–40 miles to change them.
internet is a great resource as there are a number of interesting      On Labor Day Weekend we headed south with Greg &
things to do and see within a day-ride from home.                    Sherry Shipley, Jeff & Fleta Ellis and Larry & Madalyn
   I think we made all but one or two of the chapter rides and       Worley to Huber Winery in southern Indiana to plan a possible
we took several trips with friends from the chapter or just by       chapter ride for next summer. Larry & Madalyn had to return
ourselves. Our earliest trip took us to Jacksboro TN to pick up      to Indy from the winery, but the rest of us went on to
our new Bushtec motorcycle trailer.                                  Evansville for the night. The next day we went to the Shawnee
   For our big summer trip                                                             National Forrest in south eastern IL and the
we set out for Oakland CA                                                              Garden of the Gods. This is a beautiful area.
with our friends Tom &                                                                   On my next trip, my son Brad and I went
Donna Ransdell. The first                                                              with the Bloomington HOG Chapter on a ride
leg took us to Antonito CO                                                             to Ludington MI where we loaded the
to ride the Cumbres and                                                                motorcycles on a ferry and went across the
Toltec Scenic Railroad. On                                                             lake to Manitowoc WI and to the HD museum
through Wolf Creek Pass to                                                             in Milwaukee. This time Chris had to stay
the Four Corners Monument                                                              home and work.
which unfortunately was closed for                                     Rabbit Hash Kentucky is across the Ohio river from Rising
repairs when we got there, then on to Farmington NM.                 Sun Indiana and along with several fellow chapter members
   Next we back-tracked to Durango CO to ride the Durango &          we took a day trip there in late September. This is another
Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. If you are ever in this part        great trip that can easily be done in one day.
of Colorado, this is a beautiful train ride.                           Earlier I said that our trips are not planned just for miles;
   Next we set off for U.S. Route 50 and Ely NV to visit the         well there was one exception, The Shipleys' mentioned they
Nevada Northern Railroad (you might notice a common theme            were trying to get 10,000 miles before the November meeting,
here, I have had a life long fascination with steam locomotives      so Greg & I planned a weekend trip to Clarksville Kentucky
and this first part of the trip was to visit these operating steam   and the Land Between the Lakes just to get some miles. Bill &
powered railroads). From Ely we headed west on U.S. 50.              Janet Collins and Jeff & Fleta Ellis came along for the ride
This is called the loneliest road in America and it lives up to      and it was a fun weekend.
it's billing as we found out when Tom & Donna had a flat rear          Our next and last overnight trip of the year was on Chris's
tire and had to wait 6 hours for help.                               fall break. Again Greg & Sherry Shipley, along with Bill &
   At this point Tom & Donna had to start their return trip;         Janet Collins and Aaron & Etta Childs, we rode to the AMA
Chris & I went on through Carson City NV to Lake Tahoe and           Museum in Columbus OH and on to Portsmouth OH where
Oakland CA where we spent 4 days visiting with my family.            their flood wall is decorated with 2,200 feet of murals.
   From Oakland we went north through Redding, CA; Lake                Overall we rode in 23 different states besides Indiana either
View, OR; Kennewick & Spokane, WA; CoeurD'Alene, ID to               riding alone, or with friends, on nights or weekends, on
Glacier National Park. From Glacier we started south and east        chapter rides or trips, 18,014
through Great Falls MT, to Yellow Stone National Park where          miles just flew by.
we spent a day riding through the park.                                Don't think about the miles
   Next we went over Bear Tooth Pass to Billings MT and on           just ride; enjoy our great
to Spearfish SD to spend another day riding in the Black Hills       country and have fun!
then on to ride through the Bad Lands on our return home.              I am already thinking about
   The trip took us through 15 states in 26 days; 7,049 miles.       next year, maybe northeast to
   Our next trip was to Natchez MS by way of the Natchez             New Hampshire, Maine &
Trace Parkway. In Natchez we toured some of the Antebellum           Vermont?
6                                                                                                               VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                               JANUARY 2011

                         From Our View                                Activities
                          by Deta Lasley                                 Well as I set here looking out at the
                             Today we take for granted being          snow and bone chilling cold, my thoughts
                          able to jump on a motorcycle, either        turn to next years riding season. I hope
                          as a driver or a passenger, and not         that everyone enjoyed the rides we took
                          think a thing about it. But it wasn’t       this past year, and wish some that were
                          always this easy nor was it accepted        rained out had been riden. Greg and I took
                          behavior for ladies. Our focus for the      a lot of suggestions from HOG members
                          next few newsletters is going to be on      last year and created rides around those
                          women pioneers in motorcycling.             suggestions. We plan to do the same this
                          You’ll meet some amazing ladies who         year. An Activities Committee meeting is
helped open doors for us so that we can enjoy riding, too.            scheduled for January 29. You can email your suggestions or
   Let me introduce you to Bessie Stringfield, the Motorcycle         contact us for meeting time/location if you would like to attend:
Queen of Miami. Born in Jamaica in 1911, she came with her   or While we may do
family to America but was orphaned at 5 years of age. Taken           some of the popular rides again next year, I've always felt that
in by an Irish woman, Bessie was raised to channel her strong-        variety is the spice of life. Trying to keep the rides at a
headedness and determination into achieving her dreams.               reasonable length and time puts some destinations out of reach,
When she was 16 Bessie was given a 1928 Indian motorcycle.            so we may try a few for the stout-hearted on a Sunday or
Putting her determination to work, she learned how to ride it         Saturday other than HOG meeting. We do want to plan a few
in one day! Riding soon became her passion. By the time she           more overnight options and we're open for destination
was 19, Bessie became an adventuress. She would spread out            suggestions!!!
a map of the United States, toss a penny in the air, and then                                                                 Bill Keesling
head for wherever the penny landed on the map. This was                                         It’s been pretty busy this winter so far
quite an undertaking for a young, single black woman given                                      and as we reflect on 2010, I hope
the racial temperature of the country at this time in. In her                                   most of you got what you wanted out
travels she would seek out welcoming black families to spend                                    of your Harley and your membership
the night with, or if none could be found it was not uncommon                                   in the best HOG Chapter in the world!
for her to pull into a gas station, roll up her jacket for a pillow                             I am excited about the prospects of
and rest on her bike.                                                                           the next riding season and the input
   From the 1930’s through the 40’s Bessie made eight solo                                      many of the members will have on
trips across the United States. Along the way she married and                                   activities. Please don’t suffer in
divorced six men. With the onset of World War II, Bessie                                        silence; speak up and let Bill and I
volunteered to become a motorcycle dispatcher, riding her                                       know if we are missing an important
Harley Davidson 61 from base-to-base carrying secret                                            event or just a special ride you may
government documents. She was the only female rider in her            want us to consider. Our meeting is scheduled for January 29,
unit. During one assignment she was purposely run off the             and is open to anyone interested in planning some great rides.
road by a man who was not kindly inclined toward blacks or            I’m fairly certain we will do “Rollin on the River” again and
women in the military. In typical Bessie style, she just dusted       also an escorted ride to an Indians game sometime in June that
off and rode on to complete her mission.                              will be funded in part by the activities budget. A chapter
   When the 1950’s rolled around, Bessie moved to Miami. She          picnic is also in the cards; it would be good to start a
bought her own home, became a registered nurse, and organized         committee to help plan that event. I look forward to a great
and founded the Iron Horse Motorcycle Club . . . disguised as a       New Year. The days are starting to get longer . . . spring is
man! After winning a major motorcycle race in Miami, handily          closer than we think!
beating every man, she revealed her true identity. She was                                                                 Greg Shipley
denied the prize money. Bessie had captured the attention of the
fans and the press, who began calling her the “Negro
Motorcycle Queen”. It which was later changed to a more
politically correct “Motorcycle Queen of Miami”. Not content                      Membership Renewals
just to race anymore, Bessie expanded her already considerable               Remember to renew your chapter
motorcycle skills by learning to do stunt riding. What a gal!                membership! Deadline is Feb 28.
   Over the course of her life Bessie owned 27 Harleys. In her
later years when her doctor advised her against riding, she told               Renewal form is attached to this newsletter.
him, “If I don’t ride I don’t live.” She passed away in 1993               If you cannot attend February's meeting, include a
from heart complications. To honor this amazing woman, in                stamped, self-addressed envelope with your check and
2000 the AMA created the Bessie Stringfield Memorial Award                 renewal form, and your card will be mailed to you.
to recognize outstanding achievement by a female                         You must be a member in good standing with national
motorcyclist. She was posthumously inducted into the                               to renew your chapter membership.
Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2002.
7                                                                                                                    VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                                 JANUARY 2011

Categories: Gen’l Events; H.O.G. Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 Member Events; H-D of Indpls Events

 JAN        Description                                             Location           LV Time       Contact Person       Contact #’s
22 Sat      Officer Meeting                                         Old Country Buffet 8:00 AM       Ken White            877-2195
29 Sat      Chili Cook Off                                          HD Indpls                        Jeff Heck
 FEB        Description                                             Location               LV Time   Contact Person       Contact #’s
5 Sat       Monthly Meeting (Donuts/coffee @ 8:30 am)               HD Indpls              9:00 AM   Ken White            877-2195
11-13       500 World of Wheels                                     State Fairgrounds                Jeff Heck
25-27       Motorcycle Expo                                         State Fairgrounds
 MAR        Description                                             Location          LV Time        Contact Person       Contact #’s
4-13        Daytona Bike Week                                       Daytona Beach, FL
5 Sat       Monthly Meeting (Donuts/coffee @ 8:30 am)               HD Indpls         9:00 AM        Ken White            877-2195
 APR        Description                                             Location               LV Time   Contact Person       Contact #’s
2 Sat       Monthly Meeting (Donuts/coffee @ 8:30 am)               HD Indpls              9:00 AM   Ken White            877-2195
2 Sat       BREAKOUT RIDE                                           HD Indpls              10:30AM   Bill Keesling        Greg Shipley
9 Sat       911 Steel Memorial Ride                                 TBD                    TBD       Paul Smith
 MAY        Description                                             Location               LV Time   Contact Person       Contact #’s
7 Sat       Monthly Meeting (Donuts/coffee @ 8:30 am)               HD Indpls              9:00 AM   Ken White            877-2195
 JUNE       Description                                             Location          LV Time        Contact Person        Contact #’s
4 Sat       Monthly Meeting (Donuts/coffee @ 8:30 am)               HD Indpls         9:00 AM        Ken White             877-2195
10-12       Indiana HOG State Rally                                 McCormick Creek State Park

Family Matters:
Lowe family – it is with great regret that we learned of the passing of William Lowe, Jr.,
brother of chapter member Rick Lowe. We were saddened to learn of his illness and passing
in early January. Rick, Pam, Eric, and all their family are in our thoughts and prayers. The
chapter contributed to a memorial fund in William’s name at the Suncoast Hospice Foundation.
Ken Whisman – is in the hospital suffering from a bowel obstruction caused by intestinal
twisting. He is in a great deal of pain. Please keep Sandy and Ken in your thoughts and
prayers. He is in room 3846 in 3 North at IU Med Center.
Madalyn Worley – is recovering nicely from her recent knee replacement surgery. We
hope to see her dancing soon!

                               IMPD Appreciation Brunch

                   Most of us have experienced an escorted ride from our dealership,
                  participated in Loop for Life, or witnessed the precision riding skills of
                    the IMPD Drill Team. Help us show our appreciation for them at a
                  special brunch immediately following our chapter meeting on Feb. 5.
                         The dealership will have a table set up with a power bar.
                       Please bring a dish to share and join the festivities!

8                                                                                                                     VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                 JANUARY 2011


                   Not pictured:
                  Ken Whisman
                  Mark Bowman

Dealer Sponsor
Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis                               Road Captain                 Ted Rossell
4146 E 96th Street • Indianapolis IN 46240                    317-326-4133       
317.815.1800 • 888.743.3123                                   Publicity Chair              Mark Bowman
Nick Dellen (O) 317.815.7040                                  317-908-2361       
                                                              Sergeant at Arms             Ken Whisman
Director                           Ken White                  317-896-5694       
317-877-2195                          Historian/Photographer       Chip Sandleben
Assistant Director                 Mike Boudreau              317-770-9822       
                                                              Fundraising Chair            Deta Lasley
Treasurer                          Bill Rushton               317-845-1994       
                                                              Awards Chair                 Matt Benn
Secretary                          Mistee Rushton             317-575-0040       
                                                              Membership Officer           Jason Long
Co-Activities Directors:                                      317-292-8156       
Greg Shipley                       Bill Keesling
317-769-3298                       317-388-9239               Newsletter Editor            Sherry Shipley              317-769-4106       

Safety Director                    Bill Collins               H-D Indianapolis             Jeff Heck
317-223-8332                   317-815-2537       

HOG Wild                                                                  2010 Riders Awards Program
   The chapter bowling league continues to 'party                           Howdy all,
on' and compete for the mirror trophy ball every                            The Riders Awards Program 2010 was a big
Monday night at                                                           success; of 80 entrys, 19 surpassed the 10,000
Woodland Bowl,                                                            mile mark!
beginning at 7pm.                                                           Ted Rossell racked up 18,014 miles and Etta
   Stop by and                                                            Childs racked up 11,753 miles, making them
cheer on your                                                             our top male and female high mileage winners –
friends!                                                                  congratulations to them both !!!
                                                                            Out of 80 sign ups, 51 kept me up-to-date on
                                                                          their mileage during the program, which totaled
                                                                          421,350 miles !!!! It would be great to see this
                                                                          number double in 2011!
                                                                                                           Matthew Benn
                                                                                                             Awards Chair

9                                                                                                      VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
                              CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP
                              LLM               LE
                          ENROLLMENT FORM AND RELEASE

CHAPTER NAME ____________INDIANAPOLIS CHAPTER NO. 1______________________     _
MEMBER NAME ___________________             _         __           _         __
          __     _             __
ADDRESS __ _________________________________________________________________________
                                           _          __           _           _____
CITY _____   _                ____________ STATE ______________ ZIP ___________________
                                _____                  ___
                                                   _____                 _     _
                                _____                ___
                                                       _____      _         ___
E-MAIL ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________
                _    _        ___
                                _____                  L
PHONE NUMBER ___________________________ MEMBER NATL H.O.G. NUMBER ________        _
                               O.G.                 ____
                                                       ____     _           ___
EXPIRATION DATE OF NATIONAL H.O MEMBERSHIP __________________________________ _________

PRINTED NAME: _____________________________________________________________________
                              __          _         __          __          _____
MEMBER SIGNATURE ______________      _                                    ___
                               ______________________ DATE ________________________
         ES                   _______________________ DATE_________________________
LOCAL DUE PAID _____________________      _                 _               _____
(D                                                                                    ha
                                                             contained in the H.O.G. Chapter
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                          JANUARY 2011

Indianapolis Chapter No. 1                                          general funds. Charity fund has $2125. And our reserve funds
                                                                    have $2230.
Dec. 4, 2010, Chapter Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Mistee Rushton                                         Secretary, Mistee Rushton: Nothing at this time

Ken White called meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.                      Activities Coordinators:
The sign in sheet indicated 101 members present.                    Bill Keesling: Nothing at this time
                                                                    Greg Shipley: Nothing at this time
Opening General Discussion:
• A big “thank you” to H-D of Indy for the breakfast treats         Safety Director, Will Huston: Nothing at this time
Introduction/Welcome of New Members/Guests:                         Road Captain, Ted Rossell: Nothing at this time
• Introduction of new members. Welcome back recently joined
  members. Welcome to all! Please participate in HOG                Publicity, Mark Bowman: Nothing at this time
  Chapter rides and events. Get involved! Have fun and ride!
                                                                    Historian, Chip Sandleben: Nothing at this time
Officer’s Report:
Director, Ken White. Chaired the meeting.                           Sergeant at Arms, Ken Whisman: Nothing at this time
1) Thanks for coming out today!
2) Let us recognize our family & friends in the armed services.     Awards Chairperson, Matt Benn: Nothing at this time
   WE SHALL NEVER FORGET! Please take a minute to
   remember the sacrifices these great Americans have made for      Charity Fund, Denise Benn: Nothing at this time
   all of us.
3. We have a very full agenda today, therefore, the only officer    Membership, Cyndi Bradshaw: Nothing at this time
   report we will hear today will be from Bill Rushton/Treasurer.
                                                                    Newsletter Editor, Sherry Shipley: Nothing at this time
4. We would like to acknowledge Bill Keesling for his efforts in
   the “Throttle for Tots” ride. Our chapter raised $2000 in cash
   & brought in 126 toys. We had 64 bikes on this ride. Thanks to   UPCOMING EVENTS:
   the IMPD for escorting us! Great job!                            Dec 18  Officers meeting, 8:00am
5. We appreciate Nick Dellen, Jeff Heck and the entire dealership           For incoming & exiting officers
   staff for hosting our annual HOG chapter Christmas party.        Jan 1   Hangover Ride, 10:00am
6. We did have a motion for a by-law amendment. The motion put      Jan 8   Chapter meeting
   forth was to remove term limits on primary officer positions.            Breakfast 8:30, meeting @ 9:00
   The vote was held and the vote was majority to remove the        Jan 19  Officers meeting, 8:00am
   term limits.
7. We are also having our officer elections today. Your             Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.
   Indianapolis HOG Chapter No. 1 officers for 2011 are:
Director-Ken White
Assistant Director-Mike Boudreau
Treasurer-Bill Rushton
Secretary-Mistee Rushton
Activities Coordinator-Bill Kessling
Activities Coordinator-Greg Shipley
Safety Director-Bill Collins
Road Captain-Ted Rossell
Publicity-Mark Bowman
Historian/Photographer-Chip Sandleben
Sergeant at Arms-Ken Whisman
Charity Fund Chairperson-Deta Lasley
Membership Officer-Jason Long
Newsletter Editor-Sherry Shipley
8. Our charity disbursements for 2010 will be for Gleaners Food
   Bank & The Special Olympics of Hancock County.
9. Remember our membership renewal will be in Jan. & Feb. It
   is $12 & your national membership must be current.

Assistant Director, Mike Boudreau: Nothing at this time

Treasurer, Bill Rushton: Currently we have $1000 in our                                    JANUARY MEETING

11                                                                                                              VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                        JANUARY 2011

                                    BUSINESS DIRECTORY
 Please Support Our Advertisers – Use Their Services. Advertise here for 12 months for only $5.00/mo ($60/yr)
                 Call Mark Bowman Publicity Chair • 317.846.5476

                                                                           20 20 Eye Physicians of
                                                                           Indiana, PC
                                                                           20 20 West 86th Street, Suite 200
                                                                           Indianapolis, IN 46260


                                                         Offering comprehensive eye care including glasses,
                                                             contact lenses, medical exams and surgery.

          Jason Long
                O ce: 317-776-0200
                  Cell: 317-292-8156
                  VM: 317-735-7794
                  Fax: 317-776-6630

     F. C. Tucker Company, Inc.
12                                                                                           VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                       JANUARY 2011

 Great Nails By Kay
                         KAY BOWMAN

 INDIANAPOLIS IN 46280           846-5476

13                                          VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                                             JANUARY 2011

                                                                  The “Recommended”
                                                                 Law Firm for Indiana of

              Recipient of "Outstanding Service to Motorcyclists - 2010" Award
                       at Biker Betterment Conference, Chicago, 2010


                                                          Motorcycle Owners & Riders

                                   Randy Sevenish, Esq
                                                               HIDDEN SECRETSnies DO
                                                                                    N’T Wan
                                                                                             t You To
                                                                                                y Claim
                                          e Compa         cle Injur
                                                             Insuranc Have a Motorcy
                    Educator & Motorcycle Injury Lawyer           If You
                                          Sevenish Law
                                                                  A Cons     cal Ti
                                                                  with Practi

                                                                  EDUCATION &     SAFETY DIVISION
                                                                  OF SEVENISH LAW

                                                                          By Attorney Randy Sevenish
                                                                         Motorcycle Safety Educator & Injury Lawyer

     Regina Sevenish, Director                               Call or email us for your FREE copies
     Justice on Wheels Program                              
     Education & Safety Division                             800.278.9200 –or– 317.636.7777

14                                                                                                                    VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                     JANUARY 2011

                                     JEFF COX, OWNER
                                     Hog Chapter 1 Member

      Call us today for:
      • CAULKING


                    FRESH AIR LANDSCAPING & DESIGN
                                    DARIN COX, OWNER
                                    Hog Chapter 1 Member

                                                     • LANDSCAPE DESIGN
                                                     • MOWING
                                                     • PONDS
                                                     • TREE & SHRUB TRIMMING
                                                     • LEAF REMOVAL
                                                     • SNOW REMOVAL

                        317.625.3719        –or– 317.878.4704

15                                                                        VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                    JANUARY 2011

" #$

            %&'( "  
  ) * %  $ %+    &  #
   '  (

 %&'( # ,#  #,),#  #
 !,  $   
-   #
  ! #
+ ! 
# # ) # $ "#+ !+           &  #
 # )     )

$ +  #)     !)! !  ! + 
   #)+ + 
.,  ,   ' 

  #   #
  ! # "
+     ! ! 
   ,# ,)) ",       $  ! )++, 
 / ,  # # ! 

                        KLEAN-SERV INC.
                  Flooring and Restoration Specialists

                               "THE DIFFERENCE IS

                                                 fax 317.844.2280

16                                                                       VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1
Northside Harley NEWS                                                                             JANUARY 2011

                                     Ken’s Rare Coins
                                                                 Buy/Sell/Trade Gold Coins

                                                                  Let me help you build
                                                                    your investment
                                                                       portfolio of
                                                                     precious metals

                                                                                KEN AVERITT
                                                                          K.R.C. • PO Box 361362
                                                                           Indianapolis IN 46326

                  Bulletin Board                          For Sale:
     Contact: Sherry • 317.769.4106 •   2007 FLSTF Fatboy – 96 CI, 6-speed, shotgun pipes,
                                                          sissybar and pad, Stage 1 kit, detachable windshield,
                                                          custom grips and floorboards, 800 miles, asking
                                                          $16,800 obo. Have $23,000 invested. Partial trade
For Sale:                                                 possible. Contact Marco 710.9998
Motorcycle Stand Wheel Chock. Only used once.
Excellent condition. $60.00
12 ft left of a 20 ft package of Chrome Edge Guard.
Can use to trim out edge of tanks that have a lip
around the bottom edge, or fenders. $7.00                 For Sale:
Cyndi at 339-2809 or email             Mustang tour seat for Heritage Softail, used only on
                                                          trips. In orig. box & plastic. $50 OBO. Küryakyn
                                                          adjustable floorboards for Heritage Softail. $20
                                                          OBO. 6” tinted windshield used once. ‘08 FLHTC.
For Sale:                                                 $30 OBO. H-D foot pegs for Engine guard. $20
1992 Harley-Davidson FXRS Conv                            OBO. Call Steve Smith, 317.297.5950
Low Rider (Black), 13,100 mi $8200
Near perfect condition, ridden only
when dry; garage stored when not in use. Rubber
          mounted Evolution Engine 1340CC, stock
                                                          For Sale:
          bike. Re-jetted carb w/removed baffles to
          incr. HP. Never damaged. Orig.                  Open V nose Bike Trailer. 1, 2 or 3 Bikes. Solid
          paint.Maintained by authorized HD me-           floor, Full size tires, Black finish. $1,100.00. Bob
          chanics, records avail. Call Mike 701-7010      Bill 317 773 2228 (it's been to Sturgis twice have you?)

17                                                                                                 VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1

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