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					Celebrate Fourth of July at the Sportsplex
                                                 Coral Springs residents are invited to come out to the Sportsplex
                                                  and watch the sky light up with a spectacular Fourth of July
                                                            Festivities will begin at 6 p.m. with fun for the entire
                                                          family. Kids of all ages can enjoy food, games, giant
                                                         slides and a bounce house. Musical entertainment begins
                                                        at 6 p.m. with top 40 songs performed by Venus & Mars,
                                                         followed by Jimmy Buffett-inspired hits from David
                                                             Soreff and the Coral Reef Revue.
                                                                 Top off the night of celebration with this year’s
                                                                fireworks show at 9 p.m. Please do not bring
                                                                  your own fireworks, just sit back, relax and
                                                                    enjoy the show!
                                                                        The Sportsplex is located just east of the
                                                                          Sawgrass Expressway between Sample
                                                                          Road and Royal Palm Boulevard.
                 Flag Day                        For more information about this event, please call Parks and
                                               Recreation at 345-2200.
    The City of Coral Springs will be having
a Flag Day Ceremony on June 14th at
6:45 p.m. in front of City Hall. Anyone with
                                                              This year’s Fourth of July Celebration
a worn flag can bring it to the ceremony                                 is sponsored by:
for a proper and dignified disposal.
Tradition calls for a ceremonial burning of
old, frayed, tattered or faded flags.
    For more information, please call Parks
and Recreation at 345-2107.

                                      The City of Coral Springs presents...

                                          Florida Marlins
                                           Family Night!

             ox Tick
   Terrace B $9.50
       are on $15)
                 rly                 Saturday, July 21, 2001 • 7:05 p.m.
    Club Level B 14             Bring your family and friends and join your
              ly $
        are on rly $24)        fellow citizens of Coral Springs as we cheer
            (regula            on the Marlins as they battle Ken Griffey, Jr.,                  The first 15,000
                                 Deion Sanders and the Cincinnati Reds!                          fans receive
                                        ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE                                  a Cliff Floyd
                                                                                                 Bobble Head
                                   CORAL SPRINGS COMMUNITY CHEST!                                     Doll!

       Order your tickets by July 12, 2001 to get these great prices for a charitable event.
                 Download and print an order form at!
              Call 930-HITS for more information or to purchase tickets over the phone.

CITIZEN                                                                 June/July 2001
           on the

                                      inside this issue

   Basketball Player Bob Kroeger of                                                            Gym Opening
     Colorado shows off his skills
   during the recent Men’s Masters                                                             The Coral Springs
    National Championships, held                                                               Gymnasium scores big
       at the new Coral Springs
          Gymnasium in May.                                                                    with successful first event.
        See page 5 for details.                                                                Page 5

                                         Fire Training
        CITY COMMISSION                  Members of the Fire Department learn
                                         new techniques and improve upon old
      Mayor John Sommerer
     Vice Mayor Maureen Berk             ones as they experience intense
   Commissioner Rhonda Calhoun           training throughout the City.
     Commissioner Alan Polin
   Commissioner William Stradling
                                         Page 6
      The Coral Springs Citizen
    is produced six times a year
       by the Communications
        & Marketing Division
    of the City of Coral Springs.
         If you have questions
       or comments, please call
   (954) 344-5903 or write to us at
  City Hall, 9551 West Sample Rd.,
       Coral Springs, FL 33065.                                                    Hybrid Car
          Send your e-mail to:                                                 The newest addition to the City’s fleet
  The TTY number for the hearing-
      impaired is (954) 344-1022.                                                  uses gasoline and electricity to motor
                                                                                   its way around town.
            City Manager
         Michael S. Levinson
                                                                                   Page 10
        & Marketing Director
           Sheri Chadwick

   Communications Coordinator         contents
         Liz Kolodney
                                      City Traffic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2     Summer Activities . . . .     .   .   .   .12
      Multimedia Coordinator
           Matt Hoffman               Understanding Your Taxes . .3                  Environmental News . .        .   .   .   .13
     Publications Coordinator         Economic Development . . . .4                  National Day of Prayer        .   .   .   .14
        Christine Parkinson
                                      Community Programs . . . . . .8                Cinco de Mayo . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .15
 Writer/Media Relations Coordinator
  Stephanie Summers Hemminghaus       INET Agreement . . . . . . . . . .11           Diving Grand Prix . . . .     .   .   .   .17

June/July 2001                                                                  CITIZEN • 1
Traffic in Your City:
Intersection Hot Spots Targeted for Improvement
   Traffic is a topic on the tip of
everyone’s tongue. It is one of the
major concerns raised every year at the
City’s Slice of the Springs meetings,
which has led to a number of traffic
calming projects within specific neigh-
borhoods. However, traffic lights and
signalization ultimately fall under the
responsibility of Broward County.
   The adjacent map shows Coral
Springs “Hot Spots.” These are spots at
which residents, and/or the City, have
requested new signalization. Each
request goes to Broward County Traffic
Engineering for study, and the County
then comes back with a response.
   Dick Brossard, Director of Public
Works for Broward County said, “We
have a very strong team of professional
engineers, technicians and field staff
who conduct professional in-depth
reviews of all requested traffic signals,
but occasionally we do have to say           Traffic volume is measured by LOS, or Level of Service, with an LOS of A-D being acceptable
                                             and an LOS of E or F being unacceptable. Some of the Hot Spots in Coral Springs are marked.
no.” However in many cases, the
outcome is positive. For example, by         County Traffic Engineering Division              just prevention.
July 2001, there will be a new signal        recognized that traffic is an emotional             “There is no easy answer,” he con-
on Riverside Drive between Sample            issue. “One of the questions we hear all         tinued. “Each intersection has its own
and Wiles Roads.                             the time is: how many people have to             particularities. Some need more than a
                                             die before you fix this intersection? Of         one second delay on red, some need
WAYS TO MEASURE TRAFFIC                      course, we don’t want to see any                 less. We look at field conditions, at the
   There are several accepted ways in                                                         speed of approaching traffic, at the

which to measure traffic. The County’s         “We need to see behavioral                     physical distance and time it takes to
original comprehensive plan used               changes in people. So often                    cross the road from point A to point B.
general tables based on volume only.           we make adjustments and                        What we really need to see are behav-
Additional studies conducted by the            people still run through the                   ioral changes in people. So often we
City’s traffic consultant, Kittleson &         intersection.”                                 make adjustments and people still run
Associates, used a higher level of                                                            through the intersection.”
detail, known as arterial planning. This                                - Jihad El Eid,          The Coral Springs Police Department
                                                              Broward County Traffic
method considers traffic signal timing,                  Engineering Division Director        has launched an agressive campaign to
traffic volume, distance between                                                              stop red light running at major intersec-
signals, and roadway geometry to better      injuries. But when people have seen              tions, and the Community Development
accommodate residents and traffic            severe accidents at the same inter-              Department has worked hard to
coming through the roadway.                  section, it is sometimes hard to under-          implement speed humps and other
   One of the most common misconcep-         stand that traffic signalization may not         traffic calming devices in many places
tions about traffic concerns the timing      have necessarily prevented that                  in the City. However, reducing acci-
of the lights. In reality, 53 of 61 of the   accident. Often times other factors such         dents at intersections must begin with
signals in the City are coordinated, if      as speed or driving under the influence          drivers following the posted speed
you drive the speed limit. In some           are at work.                                     limits and obeying all traffic laws.
instances, there is a safety trade off —        “In truth, traffic signals have the
for example, installing a left turn signal   potential to increase some types of                           Traffic Trivia
at Royal Palm Blvd. and Coral Springs        accidents and reduce others. The                                 There are
Drive slowed traffic, but that signal is
also saving lives.
                                             criteria we use is that there has to be at                          61
                                             least 5 accidents a year that could have              traffic signals in the City and
                                             been prevented by a signal. We look at
TRAFFIC SIGNALIZATION                        3-year period. It doesn’t have anything                          1,361
  Jihad El Eid, Director of the Broward      to do with the severity of the accident,                   in Broward County.

2 • CITIZEN                                                                             June/July 2001
City Delivers Value by Keeping Taxes Low
   The City is entering into its budget               dents better value for their dollar than                 This example applies to a homeowner
process for Fiscal Year 2002. The                     many surrounding areas.                                whose property is assessed at $200,000
millage rate and special assessments will               If you are like most people, you                     and who has taken the $25,000
be set in July, for adoption by the City              probably pay your estimated taxes as                   Homestead Exemption. The payment is
Commission in September.                              part of your mortgage. The bank holds                  divided among a number of countywide
   In comparison to other Broward                     your money in an escrow account and                    agencies, as shown in Graph 1. Of the
County cities with similar populations                pays your tax bill for you, and you                    18.6% that goes to the City, $109.10 is
and services, Coral Springs ranks                     may never even realize how your                        earmarked for payment of general
favorably, with its residents enjoying one            money is being allocated. The example                  obligation debt. The remaining $677.51
of the lowest millage rates around. The               below is intended to give you a better                 of the initial $786.61 goes toward the
City has 12 departments which offer                   idea of how the average taxpayer's                     City's operational budget, as shown in
more than 92 major services, giving resi-             dollars are spent.                                     Graph 2.

        A typical Coral Springs homeowner with a property (primary residence) assessed at $200,000 who has
             taken the $25,000 Homestead Exemption might expect their taxes to be allocated this way:

                         Graph 1                                                      Graph 2


                  *Of the 18.6% that goes to the City, $109.10 is earmarked for payment      **General Government also includes Planning,
                  of general obligation debt. The remaining $677.51 of the initial $786.61   Commerce and Development, and Capital Outlay.
                  goes toward the City's operational budget, as shown in Graph 2.

June/July 2001                                                                                                 CITIZEN • 3
Rooms To Go                                                   
Purchases Coral                               Community Features Added to Website
Springs Property                                The official City website,
   Rooms To Go, the nation’s largest         located at,
and fastest-growing furniture retailer,      was recently re-launched with a
has closed on 46 acres of property in        fresh look and a host of features
the Corporate Park of Coral Springs.         aimed at promoting community
   Rooms To Go has plans to build a          involvement in the website.
700,000 square foot regional head-              Be sure to visit the site to
quarters and distribution hub that will      check out the following features:
employ 600 workers, with a proposed
                                             • Community Calendar: The
expansion to 800,000 square feet.
                                               Events section of the site
Developers Steve Blumenthal and
                                               includes a link to submit an
Carlos Lopez-Cantera of the Pan
                                               event to the calendar. Once
American Group Inc. were instrumental
                                               submitted, your event will be
in the Rooms To Go deal.
                                               added to the calendar in 1-2
   The net fiscal impact of the project
                                               days. All local organizations,
upon the City’s General Fund in its first
                                               including schools, churches and charities, are encouraged to post their events
year of operation is expected to be
                                               on the Community Calendar.
$330,000. The present value of the
future stream of benefits to the City’s      • e-Flash: If you register on the site, you can receive periodic emails on the
General Fund isprojected to be $6.8            topics that interest you, from sporting events to business information to public
million. In addition, the local market         safety updates. All you need is an email address to sign up, and your infor-
will be stimulated through the creation        mation is kept private and will never be given to anyone.
of hundreds of jobs.
                                             • Past event coverage: From the home page, click on “See video and photos of
   “Our job is to attract appropriate
                                               past news and events” and view scenes from local and City events, such as
commerce and industry to Coral
                                               EarthFest, Cinco de Mayo and the Diving Grand Prix.
Springs. Rooms To Go is an excellent
company and welcomed addition to our         • Your questions and feedback concerning can be sent to
corporate community,” EDF            
Chairperson John Walsh said.

Enterprise Coral Springs Promotes Economic Health
   Enterprise Coral Springs is a            and also provides economic incentives        development of over 300,000 square
dynamic alliance that links the City’s      for business retention. The Council of       feet of speculative office and industrial
progressive business organizations and      Executive Officers is a corporate trustee    space to improve our competitive edge
serves as an umbrella organization for      program designed to address the special      in the marketplace. The economic
the City’s business development             needs of large corporations. Member          impact of this development activity
entities, which include the Economic        corporations commit private resources        upon our local economy is approxi-
Development Foundation, the Council         to create a unified and powerful voice       mately $180 million of added output,
of Executive Officers, and the Chamber      to act on critical issues and generate       earnings and investment. Only
of Commerce of Coral Springs.               solutions for the benefit of its members     $300,000 of incentives were utilized to
   As a “one-stop” resource, Enterprise     and the community at large. The              generate this economic impact.
Coral Springs coordinates the efforts of    Chamber of Commerce develops and             Therefore, Coral Springs’ return on
these organizations, ensuring the long-     supports the City’s vital small business     investment during this period was a
term economic health of the City and        community.                                   remarkable $600 of economic impact
its business community. City Manager           The past two years have been partic-      for every one tax dollar invested.
Michael S. Levinson said, “Together,        ularly successful for the EDF. The           Because of the significant increase to
these organizations are increasing our      EDF plays a major role in the long-          the non-residential tax base, the City
non-residential tax base, bringing in       term economic vitality of Coral              has been able to consistently balance its
appropriate industrial and commercial       Springs, assisting in every phase of         budget without a property tax increase.
development and keep our operating          corporate relocation, expansion, and         Yet the City is continuously upgrading
tax rate low.”                              retention. During fiscal years 1999 and      and expanding its already high levels of
   Each organization plays a specific       2000, the EDF helped to attract 13           services, particularly in the public
and important role in the economic          companies to the City of Coral Springs       safety area. This is just one of the many
health of our community. The EDF            and assisted in the expansion of 3           reasons why Coral Springs is not only a
attracts and assists executives consid-     existing companies.                          great place to do business, but also a
ering corporate relocation or expansion        In addition, the EDF assisted in the      great place to live.
4 • CITIZEN                                                                      June/July 2001
New Gymnasium Scores Big With Athletes
Facility Opens
With National
   The lines had just been placed on the
courts when the Coral Springs
Gymnasium hosted its first big event,
the Men’s Masters National
Championship Basketball Tournament,
                                                                                    Dave Furer, Barbara Ahrens, and Greg Celentano of
in May. This prestigious event draws                                                Ahrens Companies and Juan Molina of Team Architecture
players from around the nation and                                                  were instrumental in the design and building of the gym.
world, a tradition it’s been keeping for
14 years in Broward County. The tour-           Coral Springs Gymnasium is the best             together well. It’s a fabulous facility.”
nament had been played the past seven           venue yet.                                        At the opening ceremony the City
years in Coconut Creek but now it has              “I think it’s very nice, very attractive.    expressed special appreciation to
found a new home in Coral Springs.              On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10,”              Director of Public Works Bob Glenn,
   “This gym is excellent,” said 53-            Showers said. “The lighting is clear and        Director of Parks and Recreation Rick
year-old Mike Visman, who played on             bright, too. That’s important for us            Engle, and their staff members for all
the Masters team from Sacramento,               older players,” he laughed.                     their hard work.
California in the 45 and over division.            While basketball is the primary sport          The gym offers open play hours
   “Everything is covered, from A to Z.         played at the new gym, it won’t be the          when special events are not scheduled.
The wood floors are the ultimate and            only recreational activity. The gym is          Residents are charged a fee of $1 and
they’re so easy on our knees,” Visman           also the site for numerous classes such         non-residents pay $3. Open play hours
joked.                                          as dance, karate, children’s cooking and        will be updated weekly, please call the
   Sixty-five-year-old Fritz Showers has        self defense. An arcade game room is            Coral Springs Gymnasium information
been playing basketball since he could          another special feature in the 36,000-          hotline at 755-4636, extension 970, for
walk. He has played in other similar            square-foot facility.                           current information.
tournaments before but said the new                In March 1998, residents voted for             The Gymnasium is located at 2501
                                                the bond issue that directed funds to           Coral Springs Drive and is open seven
                                                construct a new gymnasium. Work                 days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. For
                                                began in Spring 2000 and was com-               more information, please call 345-2202.
                                                pleted in April of this year at a cost of
                                                $2.7 million.
                                                   “I would like to say thank you to
                                                the citizens of Coral Springs for
                                                approving the bond issue that made
                                                this gym a reality,” said
                                                Commissioner Bill Stradling.
                                                   Mayor John Sommerer agreed,
                                                “This is something we wanted to do
                                                for a long time. Everything came

G. A. Salmon (above) and the rest of the
Sports Image team traveled from Missouri
for the tournament. Players from 40 to
over 70 years old came from all over the
world to compete for their age division title
at the new Coral Springs Gymnasium.

June/July 2001                                                                                 CITIZEN • 5
Firefighters Enhance Life-Saving
Skills with Intensive Training
   Thick smoke pours from a burning          to arrive in their time of need and we
building in Coral Springs. Firefighters      accept nothing less in our training
need to get to the source of the flames      programs,” Stover added.
and put them out quickly to keep the            Training allows firefighters to perfect
fire from spreading and endangering          various techniques of fighting fires and
their lives and the lives around them.       handling emergency situations. Another
They chip away at a hole on the roof,        day of training involves transporting
but the axes aren’t hitting the right        “victims” on and off Broward County’s
spots, so they stop what they’re doing.      new $3.8 million rescue helicopter.
Did these courageous men and women              “This is an excellent opportunity for
just give up? No. There’s a better way       Coral Springs firefighters,” said Lt.
to do this job.                              Randy Ovcen, flight paramedic.
   Enter Richard E. Stover, Chief of         “They’ve already been trained on our
Training and Public Education. He            other air rescue helicopter, the A-Star,
shows the firefighters how to hold the       and now they’re getting familiar with
tools and where to hit with the greatest     our new EC-135,” he added.
impact to ventilate the roof of the             Being safe while loading or
burning building. That’s the luxury          unloading victims is key in air rescue           Coral Springs firefighters train on a regular
these firefighters have on this day of       missions. Besides concentrating on the           basis at the local stations. Here, two
                                                                                              firefighters practice switching their air tanks.
intensive training. They get the chance      injured person, firefighters must be             In a real fire situation, firefighters may have
to do the job over and over until they       aware of hazards around the helicopter.          to replace their tanks while inside the
can do it safely and correctly.              The force of winds coming from the               burning structure, and they must be able to
                                                                                              do so quickly without removing their masks.
   “This type of training allows the fire-   tail rotor can reach hurricane strength
fighters to learn new techniques and         so rescuers must approach cautiously             Haupt, Jr.’s arrival. Haupt came from
sharpen the old ones. This could make        and with precision in a designated               Norfolk, Virginia where he retired as
the difference between life and death        safety zone.                                     Chief of the Norfolk Fire and
when it comes down to how quickly               Controlled practice burns and emer-           Paramedical Services Department. The
and safely we do our job,” Stover said.      gency rescue drills are but small parts          Chief’s goal is to ensure that all of the
   The City of Coral Springs prides          of the daily training that the City’s fire-      City’s firefighters receive the most
itself on the proactive direction of the     fighters must complete to meet the Fire          current training available to the fire
Fire Department. Rigorous training is a      Chief’s goals and the City’s expecta-            service.
key component of the Department’s            tions. The Training and Public                      For more information about public
vision to serve the community.               Education Division of the Coral                  classes and firefighting courses offered
   “The citizens of Coral Springs expect     Springs Fire Department has undergone            by the Training and Public Education
the best-trained firefighter/paramedics      a major overhaul since Chief Donald              Division call 346-1322.

 Before you dial 911,                                                            Local Heroes
         ask yourself:                        A Big Heart Comes
     • Are lives in danger?                   in a Small Package
    • Is property in danger?                     Crossing the street almost ended
     • Is a serious crime in                  the life of little four-year-old
            progress?                         Marquise Macharie. The New York
                                              boy was visiting Coral Springs when
                                              a pick-up truck hit him. It didn’t look
          If the answer
                                              good for the tiny victim. His skull
       to all three is NO,
                                              was crushed and he had numerous
     call the Coral Springs                   cuts and scrapes.                                 Pictured are: Marquise's mom, dad & uncle,
    Non-Emergency Line at                        Miraculously, just days after the
                                                                                                Firefighter/Paramedic Beth Walker (holding
                                                                                                  Marquise), Firefighter/Paramedic Andrew
        344-1800.                             accident, Marquise left the hospital
                                              and wanted to thank the people who
                                                                                                  Robins, Assistant Chief Steve Frey, Lt. Joe
                                                                                           Russoniello, Volunteer Firefighter Michael Castro
                                                                                            (front). Not pictured are: Firefighter/EMT John
                                              saved his life before he left town.                  Wickham and Battalion Chief Dave Nilio.
                                                 “This is what makes it all worth-
      911 is for                              while. To see him walk up with a
                                                                                              Firefighter/Paramedic Beth Walker,
                                                                                              one of the first rescuers on scene.
    Emergencies!                              smile on his face less than a week
                                              later was really wonderful,” said
                                                                                              Visit to read
                                                                                              more about this heroic story.

6 • CITIZEN                                                                               June/July 2001
                           Above: Coral Springs firefighters recently got a visit from a Broward
                           Sheriff's Office Medical Evacuation helicopter to prepare themselves for
                           their duties in a case when one of their patients needs to be airlifted to a
                           local hospital.

                           The Coral Springs Fire Department conducted controlled burns and
                           other training exercises during April at the former Barnes & Noble
                           Bookstore at Atlantic Boulevard and University Drive. The training
                           included (clockwise from left) shattering windows and then gaining access
                           to the building by safely removing the glass panels, dismantling door
                           locks, cutting through roof materials, and putting out flames in the con-
                           trolled burn areas inside the building.

June/July 2001                                                  CITIZEN • 7
     Community Updates                    A Home of Their Own:
Know the Current                          S.H.I.P. Program Brings Family Together
Restricted Water Rules
   Modified Phase 2 water restrictions
remain in effect for Broward County.
   Please remember to obey the fol-
lowing rules for the lawn watering of
five residential acres or less.
   Addresses ending in odd numbers
can water 4-8 a.m. on Wednesdays
and Saturdays. Addresses ending in
                                                          The Joyces’ new home will be built by the end of the year.
even numbers can water 4-8 a.m. on
Thursdays and Sundays.                       John and Jenny Joyce spend part of           fying for the S.H.I.P. grant was our best
   Hand watering with one hose with       their days dreaming about their new             bet to realizing our dream,” Jenny said.
an automatic shutoff nozzle is            home and can’t contain their                       John and Jenny shared the news they
allowed from 5-7 p.m. daily, except       excitement.                                     had been granted the housing funds
Fridays. New landscaping planted for          It’s been about a year since the            with John’s brother and sister-in-law.
fewer than 30 days may be watered
                                          couple learned they qualified for the           As it turned out, James and Rebecca
4-8 a.m. daily, except Fridays, with
spot watering anytime.                    State Housing Initiative Partnership            Joyce also qualified for the S.H.I.P.
   For complete information call the      (S.H.I.P.) administered by the City of          program. Once their home is com-
South Florida Water Management            Coral Springs Community                         pleted, both couples will live side-by-
District at 1-800-662-8876 or visit       Development Department. The S.H.I.P.            side in the new duplex. or the City’s               program provides $10,000 toward the                “This is so exciting. We’ll be living
website at For      purchase of a home to applicants who            next door to each other and now our
tips on how to conserve water, visit      meet certain criteria. In this case, the        kids can grow up together,” Jenny said.                  City bought the land in Glenwood for            “We’re thankful to the Lord it all came
                                          the Joyce’s home and donated it to the          through for us. It was just meant to be.”
Zip Code Update                           couple. Soon, ground will be broken on             To learn more about the State
   In March, the City of Coral            the new house and construction will be          Housing Initiative Program call the
Springs received a letter from the        completed by the end of the year. The           City’s Community Development
United States Postal Service rejecting    1,500 square-foot duplex will have              Department at 344-1114. The next
our request to create a new Zip Code      three bedrooms, two baths and plenty            round of funding begins in July 2001.
in the northern part of Coral Springs.
The proposed change was supported         of room for their toddler.                      Application packages are available after
by the majority of residents in the          “I’ve lived in Coral Springs most of         July 1.
affected area, and would have aligned     my life and I really wanted to buy a               For additional information, please
all Coral Springs Zip Codes with our      house here. Being a budget-minded               log onto the Neighborhoods section at
municipal boundaries. Thus, Coral         couple, my husband and I knew quali-  
Springs would have become the
default address for all USPS data-                                    Know The Code
bases, meaning mail and packages
would be addressed to Coral Springs,       Permit is Required for Satellite Dishes
rather than to Pompano Beach.
   “We are disappointed with the               The City’s policy on satellite dishes     COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS
Postal Service's rejection of our           is broken down into two categories:             Satellite dishes that are two meters
request. The City Commission has            buildings in residential districts and       or less (78”) in diameter are exempt
unanimously directed our information        buildings in commercial districts.           from any zoning regulations for
services department and the City                                                         location and aesthetics, but do require
Attorney to actively pursue proper          RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS                        an electrical permit to also insure the
procedure to appeal this decision,”            Satellite dishes that are one meter       system is properly grounded. If they
Mayor John Sommerer said.                   or less (39”) in diameter are exempt         exceed this the same rule follows to
   Zip Code designations are used to
                                            from any zoning regulations for              obtain the building permit.
determine a number of things,
including revenue sharing for some          location and aesthetics, but the home-
State and Federal programs. The             owner is required to obtain an elec-            The zoning code requires satellite
change could generate potential             trical permit to insure the system is        dishes that are not exempt to be effec-
benefits to residents with regards to       properly grounded. If the dish exceeds       tively concealed within any object
insurability and could result in lower      these dimensions, then the home-             permitted in residentially zoned dis-
homeowners, windstorm, flood and            owner must obtain a building permit          tricts such as a screen enclosure or an
car insurance rates. For these reasons,     which requires zoning, structural and        umbrella table.
the City continues to pursue the            electrical review for location, instal-         For more information, call Code
matter and will keep residents posted.      lation, and proper screening of it.          Enforcement at 340-4210.

8 • CITIZEN                                                                          June/July 2001
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood:
Residents Volunteer to Take Out the Trash
    Trash doesn’t stand a chance in the          healthy and beautiful community. I get                Clean and Lean
Meadows-Dells neighborhood of Coral              that great feeling inside of doing some-
Springs. Each month, resident Lynn               thing generous. It also gives me the         Clean Up Your
Wilson gathers up a dedicated group of           opportunity to say thank you to the          Neighborhood and
volunteers who don’t mind getting a              community for giving me a safer life,”       Burn Calories Too!
little dirty picking up someone else’s           she added.                                   Activity           Calories Burned
litter tossed along the streets.                     Coral Springs Code Enforcement           Painting over graffiti         171
    “I started this project to get the           Officer Robin MacDonald has been             Planting trees and flowers     162
neighborhood and the Meadows and                 pitching in since the street clean-up        Clearing an illegal dumpsite   225
Dells Neighborhood Association                   project began in October of last year.       Collecting recyclables         216
involved,” Wilson said. “This is where               “The clean-up started with just a few    Picking up litter              171
we live and we want to keep it clean. I          of us. Now more and more people have
wanted to educate our neighbors and              joined in. It’s a great team effort,”        Estimated calories burned are based
our community and it’s working,” she             MacDonald said.                              on 30 minutes of activity for a 150-
continued.                                           The spirit of volunteerism doesn’t       pound person.
    The volunteers come in all shapes            surprise Lynn Wilson.
and sizes, young and old. Students earn              “I expected it to catch on quickly.              Source: The Calorie Council
service hours by pitching in and come            The kids who help out are proud of
away with t-shirts, McDonald’s food              themselves and we are too. It’s a great     mostly it’s paper products, glass and
certificates and movie passes. They also         motivator for everyone to throw trash       plastic bottles — stuff that people
leave with a sense of accomplishment.            where it belongs – in the trash can —       don’t think about when they toss it
    “I’ve lived most of my life in this          and not on our streets.” Wilson said.       out their windows while driving,”
neighborhood and it’s taken care of me.              The primary targets for clean-up are    MacDonald said.
When I heard about the cleanup project           Riverside and Westside Drives and 44th         Some people are careless or maybe
I thought why not volunteer and turn             Court between Wiles and Sample              have forgotten that littering is a crime,
the tables and help take care of the             Roads. Unfortunately these areas attract    a crime with tough consequences. If
community that’s taken care of me,”              litterbugs so volunteers rotate cleaning    you are caught tossing out trash, you
said Coral Springs High School senior            days among these main streets. Picking      can face fines from $50 to $1,000 and
Amanda Boothby.                                  up trash on the designated days usually     spend up to a year in jail. If police spot
    “Cleaning up the neighborhood gives          takes about three hours.                    you using your car or truck to dump
me the satisfaction of looking at a more             “We find all kinds of trash but         debris you can get three points on your
                                                                                             driver’s license.

Volunteers relax following the neighborhood cleanup project in the Meadows and Dells
communities. The volunteers pitch in once a month to remove trash on Riverside and
Westside Drives and on 44th Court between Wiles and Sample Roads.

June/July 2001                                                                            CITIZEN • 9
Gasoline and Electric is Better:
Hybrid Car is Newest Addition to City Fleet
   It looks likes any car. It drives like
any car. But it’s not just any car. Meet
the City’s newest addition to its fleet of
service vehicles: The Toyota Prius.
   “The Prius is a hybrid car powered by
a combination of a gasoline engine and
an electric motor,” Fleet Services
Supervisor Rick Jensen explains. “When       Commissioner Alan Polin (right) checks out
you step on the gas, the electric motor      the new hybrid car, which has an in-dash gas
                                             and electricity consumption monitor (above).
boosts the power from the gas engine to
save fuel. When you put on the brakes,        bustible engines are increasingly adding
the power pack gets charged and when          to the greenhouse effect and global
you stop, the engine shuts off so every-      warming,” Commissioner Alan Polin
thing runs off the electric motor.”           said.
   The hybrid Prius is unassuming in its         This is the City’s first alternative-fuel
small stature but it’s a powerhouse in        vehicle but this type of car has proved
fuel economy, squeezing out 47 miles to       itself as an efficient workhorse in Japan
the gallon, or almost 600 miles on its        for two years. It’s now available in the
11.9-gallon tank of gasoline.                 United States where popularity is
   “This initiative to add hybrid-engine      growing for alternative-fuel vehicles.
vehicles to our fleet is based upon a         The waiting list is three months long
                                                                                              Volunteer Spotlight
desire to have a public policy created at     and a new Prius costs about $20,000.
a local level that fosters clean air. I          Coral Springs purchased its energy-             Teens Earn
believe that the best way to develop a        efficient hybrid in Hollywood slightly             Community
comprehensive and intelligent environ-        used, with only 1,800 miles on the
mental public policy is to start at the       odometer. Other automobile manufac-               Service Hours
local level and address the fact that         turers have plans to develop models
carbon dioxide emissions from gas-com-        that are powered by alternative means.

Prune, Don’t Top Trees When
Preparing for Hurricane Season
   During the height of hurricane
season, topped trees are a common
sight in South Florida. “Topping” a tree                                                       Left to right: Warren Lindsey; Jeff
                                                                                                Hoover, Utilities/Streets Division;
is another term for hatracking, tipping,                                                        Caroline Sanecki; Jason Sanecki;
roundover, shaping and stubbing. In                                                            Crystal Rogers; Jodi Fisher; Nadia
this process, a tree’s main limbs and                                                         Adelman; Neenu Thekkumkattil; and
                                                                                                         Jaclyn Schwartz.
branches are chopped or cut back in                                          Severely
severe fashion.                                                              chopping           The City of Coral Springs salutes
   The goal of topping is to control the                                     back a tree’s   a group of dedicated teens that
                                                                             limbs, called   teamed up with the Volunteer
height and spread of the tree; however,                                      “topping,”
this method is never successful. If                                          will either     Services Division and Utilities
topping doesn’t kill the tree, the                                           kill the tree   Division for a community service
                                                                             or encourage    project.
recurring sprouts are usually far more                                       it to grow
numerous than the normal growth                                              more dense         These energetic students helped
would be. The tree typically returns to                                      than before.    out by painting fire hydrants in the
its original height within a short period     in South Florida after Hurricane               Westchester area of the City.
of time with a very dense and dan-            Andrew documented that properly                   The teens earned community
gerous crown.                                 maintained trees were much more                service hours to meet their high
   Topped trees are not only ugly; they       likely to survive in high winds than           school graduation requirements of
devalue your property and pose serious        their abused counterparts.                     40 hours. For more information on
hazards. Tree rot and weakly attached            Tree pruning should promote the             volunteer opportunities with the
regrowth threaten homes and structures        strength and beauty of your trees. The         City of Coral Springs contact Kim
when storms approach. Surveys taken               Tree Trimming, continued on page 16
                                                                                             Sanecki at 346-4430.

10 • CITIZEN                                                                        June/July 2001
Institutional Network in Development:
City Approves Agreements with Advanced Cable
   The Coral Springs City Commission        sions for additional PEG channels are         also benefit from the implementation of
approved a 10-year, non-exclusive           in place.                                     provisions of the INET agreement.
cable franchise agreement and a 15-            Residential cable subscribers should          The resultant infrastructure
year institutional network (INET)           also experience improved customer             scheduled during the first year lays the
agreement with Advanced Cable               service from Advanced Cable                   groundwork to offer a broad set of cost-
Communications at the April 17th City       Communications. The franchise                 effective technology based services to
Commission meeting. These agree-            agreement incorporates the City’s new         the business community. Examples of
ments are the result of months of nego-     ordinance establishing customer service       anticipated services include: desktop
tiation between the City and Advanced       performance standards, which went into        hardware, software, training and
Cable Communications, and yield             effect April 1, 2001. The agreement           support; access to network based file
benefits to both cable subscribers and      includes both penalties and incentives        sharing, e-mail and fax services;
the local business community.               to encourage Advanced’s compliance            internet access with e-mail capabilities;
   Residential cable subscribers will be    with these standards, which will be           web page development, maintenance,
the first to experience the resultant       monitored on a quarterly basis.               content management and hosting; and
increase in public, education, and gov-        Residents will also benefit from the       development of e-commerce applica-
ernment (PEG) cable television pro-         rollout of internet-based City services       tions with business partners and/or cus-
gramming. Within sixty days,                that are tied to the INET agreement.          tomers.
Advanced Cable Communications will          Over the course of the next eighteen             Coral Springs Mayor John Sommerer
dedicate one channel for PEG purposes,      months the following City-based               said, “The partnership between
and will air all educational pro-           services will become web enabled:             Advanced Cable Communications and
gramming distributed through BECON          utility bill inquiry and payment;             the City of Coral Springs will enable
(Broward Education Communications           building inspection requests and results;     the City to provide more convenient
Network). Because of the anticipated        building plan review status checking;         and cost-effective technology-based
growth in PEG programming, whether          registration and payment of City-spon-        services to our residents and business
originated by the City or distributed       sored recreational programs; and citizen      community. It also creates a new
from other sources like the School          complaint tracking.                           revenue source for the City, helping to
Board or County Commission, provi-             The local business community will          keep our local tax rate low.”

Young Entrepreneurs Learn Success Secrets from Executives
   Coral Springs High School class-
mates Jessica Neal, Danielle Sheffield
and Stephanie Porcella listened intently
as Chief Executive Officers from local
companies shared their experiences                                                                                 High school
                                                                                                                   students Jessica
while rising to the top of their careers.                                                                          Neal, Danielle
   Hosted by the Council of Executive                                                                              Sheffield and
Officers (CEO), a not-for-profit corpo-                                                                            Stephanie
                                                                                                                   Porcella take
ration of business leaders, the Young                                                                              notes as they
Entrepreneur’s Session provided candid                                                                             listen to local
dialogue among executives and teens                                                                                business leaders
                                                                                                                   discuss their
that focused on core values and what it                                                                            secrets of success
takes to succeed in today’s marketplace.                                                                           at the recent
   “Work hard, possess an ethical                                                                                  Young
attitude, continue your education, plan                                                                            Entrepreneur’s
for the future, be honest with yourself,
and give with no expectations in            business,” said 16-year-old Jessica Neal.     cation and you have to enjoy what
return,” explained attorney Bernard T.      “I’ve learned a lot about the tricks of the   you’re doing to succeed.”
Moyle, of Benson, Moyle & Mucci.            trade,” she added.                              The CEO group is a strategic
“These values will help you succeed no         Seventeen-year-old Danielle Sheffield      business unit of Enterprise Coral
matter what career you chose.”              agreed. “I heard some great ideas like        Springs and works in partnership with
   The messages from the five-member        having a good plan, never stop trying         the Coral Springs Economic
CEO panel were motivational and             and follow your dreams.”                      Development Foundation. The group is
inspirational to the more than 50              “It takes plenty of work,” 16-year-old     committed to working closely with local
students in attendance.                     Stephanie Porcella said. “You really          high schools in the area of school-to-
   “We’re thinking of starting our own      have to have a good foundation in edu-        work initiatives.

June/July 2001                                                                      CITIZEN • 11
Swimming Programs Teach Valuable Lessons in Water Safety
   The City’s Parks and Recreation
Department and Swim Central recently
hosted a drowning prevention and pool
safety program at the Mullins Park pool
as part of a county-wide initiative for
water safety education.
   About 300 Parkside Elementary
students attended the demonstration
designed not only to teach lessons in
water safety, but also to make children
more familiar with emergency per-
                                                                                                     After seeing the water safety
sonnel and equipment.                                                                                demonstrations, students were
   First grade teacher Linda Skidd                                                                   treated to an inside look at an
applauded the program. “It’s our hope                                                                ambulance given by Volunteer
                                                                                                     Firefighter Michael Castro
that the children won’t be afraid if a                                                               (above).
drowning ever does occur and that
they’ll know who to call for help.”                                                                  During the pool safety
   “I learned that if you see someone                                                                and drowning prevention
                                                                                                     program, lifeguards
drowning you can call the rescuers. I                                                                re-enacted a drowning
would save someone,” said student                                                                    scenario demonstrating
Kaitlyn Wolfe.                                                                                       how they pull a victim from
                                                                                                     the water (above left and left).
   Swim Central is an organization that
offers grants to help pay for swim         provide lessons at the Cypress Park         available upon request.
lessons in the area. The City of Coral     Pool, Mullins Park Pool and the Aquatic       For more information on the Learn to
Springs partners with the American Red     Complex. Classes are available for all      Swim Program, please call the City
Cross Learn to Swim Program to             ages and private lessons are also           INFO line, 755-INFO, code #377.

Register Now                                                             Summer Activities
for Museum’s Art                             Spaces Still Available in Summer Camps
Camp Workshops                                  There is still time to register your   mances for the six-week session. A
   The Coral Springs Museum of Art           child at one of the exciting summer       grand theatrical production at
offers eight weekly Camp Workshops           camps that still have spaces available.   summer’s end is sure to please both
during the summer for kids and teens            Campers entering first through fifth   campers and parents. Creative Arts
aged 5-15, beginning June 18 and con-        grades will enjoy action-packed weeks     Camp is open for campers entering
tinuing through August 10. The two-          of games, outdoor sports, arts and        third through sixth grades.
hour classes are held daily, Monday          crafts, movies, special events and           Third through fifth graders won’t
through Friday. The museum also offers       much more at Ramblewood                   want to miss the Fun and Fitness Day
three, four-week Saturday art class          Elementary and Middle Schools,            Camp. Openings are available in three
schedules, June 9-30, July 7-28, and         Forest Glen Middle School, and Eagle      and six-week sessions. Fun and Fitness
August 4-25.                                 Ridge Elementary School. Six-week or      Day Camp is filled with sports such as
   Taught by professional artists, the       three-week sessions are still available   water polo, swimming, arts and crafts,
classes include something for all levels     at the Elementary Camps.                  field trips and special events.
of creativity. Campers can register for         The Coral Springs Gymnasium is            Special needs campers will enjoy a
fun topics ranging from “Adventures in       the site of the Extended Hours Camp       fun session of swimming, games, arts
Art,” to drawing, painting, and collage,     for six-week and three-week sessions.     and crafts, sports and field trips at the
to working with clay and paper maché,        Openings for campers entering the first   Special Populations Camp.
and classes like “Art & Literature,” and     through sixth grades are waiting to be       Sports Camp is open for second
“Exploring Sculpture.”                       filled. The gym features three bas-       through fourth graders who want to
   Classes are individually priced and       ketball courts as well as a game room     sharpen their athletic skills. Six-week
range from $55 to $100.                      with ping-pong, air hockey and pool       and three-week sessions are available
   The Coral Springs Museum of Art is        tables. Extended Hours campers can        for sports instruction, tournaments,
located at 2855 Coral Springs Drive in       also enjoy games, arts and crafts,        field trips and special events.
the Coral Springs Center for the Arts.       special events and field trips.              Please call the City of Coral Springs
Summer museum hours are Monday                  At Creative Arts Camp youngsters       Parks and Recreation Department at
through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For      get to show off their talents with        345-2200 to register for one of these
more information please call 340-5000.       dance, drama and singing perfor-          exciting camping adventures.

12 • CITIZEN                                                                     June/July 2001
Exotic Plants Wreak Havoc on Local Ecosystem
  What exactly is an exotic plant and          (e.g. Australian Pine) or brittle wood      some form of competitive advantage
how is their existence harmful to our          (e.g. Indian Rosewood). These plants        over native species. This advantage can
South Florida ecosystem?                       are referred to as nuisance plants and      be in the form of a faster growth rate,
  An exotic plant is defined as a plant        often pose a public safety hazard.          which can literally leave slower
species that is not native to an area in          Of the nearly 25,000 exotic plants       growing native plants in the dark and
which it is growing.                           that can be found in Florida, less than     unable to grow. In some cases the
                                               one percent are classified as invasive or   invasive exotics are better at utilizing
ARE ALL EXOTIC PLANTS                          nuisance exotics. Unfortunately, this       available resources, such as water,
A PROBLEM?                                     small number of exotics causes signif-      leaving native plants high and dry.
   Not all exotic plants introduced to         icant damage to intact ecosystems              The dominance of one plant species
this area are a problem. When an exotic        resulting in widespread habitat             in an ecosystem is reflected in the loss
plant exhibits “aggressive” and “com-          destruction at an alarming rate. This       of diversity and the increase in endan-
petitive” behavior that disturbs the           small group of plants comes with a          gered species. The effect of exotics on
species composition of an ecosystem by         large price tag. During the fiscal years    an ecosystem is not limited to plants
crowding out and replacing native              1999 and 2000, 10 state agencies spent      but rather trickles down the food chain.
species, it becomes a problem. An              nearly $91 million on the eradication of    A loss of native species can lead to the
exotic plant exhibiting this form of           invasive plant and animal species in        total elimination of important food
behavior is characterized as an invasive       Florida.                                    sources for plant eating animals. This in
exotic.                                                                                    turn leads to reduced food sources for
   Another group of exotic plants are          HOW DO INVASIVE EXOTICS                     carnivores, which will either move on
those that have undesirable character-         HARM ECOSYSTEMS?                            to intact ecosystems, leading to over-
istics such as unstable root systems            Generally invasive exotics have                Exotic Plants, continued on page 16

Scenes from EarthFest 2001

   More than 800 residents visited Sandy
Ridge Sanctuary for the most successful
EarthFest ever on Saturday, April 21 in
celebration of International Earth Day.
   In addition to tours of the Sanctuary,
visitors of all ages were able to see and
touch live animals, including turtles, a
baby alligator and butterflies.
   Free refreshments, giveaways, silent
auctions and raffles, as well as informa-
tional exhibits, entertained visitors before
and after the tours. For more information
about Sandy Ridge Sanctuary, visit the
Parks section at

June/July 2001                                                                       CITIZEN • 13
National Prayer Celebration Unites Local Faiths
  Although an outdoor celebration was preempted by rain, the
Thirteenth Annual National Day of Prayer gathering carried on inside
the City Commission Chambers. The May 3 event brought together
more than 100 people representing 20 various faiths who prayed for
our nation and its leaders.

                                                                         This year’s theme was
                                                                         “One Nation Under God”
                                                                         and commemorated our
                                                                         country’s rich religious

14 • CITIZEN                                             June/July 2001
Cinco de Mayo Festival Entertains, Educates
  The Coral Springs Mutli-Cultural Advisory Committee hosted the
First Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration in partnership with the
Broward County Libraries on Saturday, May 5. This entertaining and
educational event was held at the new Northwest Regional Library
and attracted hundreds of people.
  Cinco de Mayo – the fifth of May – celebrates the defeat of the
French Army by the Mexicans at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.
  “The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee wanted to mark Cinco
do Mayo with a gathering of all our Hispanic cultures to join in the
celebration of music, food, and entertainment, while paying tribute to
our Mexican neighbors,” said Joyce Campos, Coral Springs
Community Relations Manager.
  The Cinco de Mayo festival featured a crowd-pleasing variety of
authentic Mexican food, arts and crafts, and entertainment.

                                                                             The crowd
                                                                             at the Cinco
                                                                             de Mayo
                                                                             was treated to
                                                                             a variety of
                                                                             while children
                                                                             learned about
                                                                             culture inside
                                                                             the library.

June/July 2001                              CITIZEN • 15
     Tree Memorial Program                   Tree Trimming, continued from page 10
 City Offers Tree                            National Arborist Association (NAA)          days and add to the value of your
 Memorial Program                            recommends you have your trees pruned        property.
    The City’s Tree Memorial                 by a professional who complies with
 Program allows family or friends to         NAA standards. Limbs are selected for        DISPOSAL INFORMATION
 dedicate a tree in memory of a loved        stability and strength while weak or            Tree trimmings, branches and logs
 one. The City can provide a tree at         deformed tree limbs are removed. The         must be placed at the curb in front of
 cost and will install the tree within       result is a more natural look and a          each residence in bundles of four feet or
 any of the City parks. The location         stronger, healthier tree.                    less and not exceeding 40 lbs. Leaves
 must be in an area where a tree
                                                When selecting a tree trimmer, ask for    and grass clippings must be placed in
 would normally be planted. The
 average cost for a tree is $100.            a written estimate, proof of insurance       garbage cans or plastic liners. Under
    In addition, a plaque can be             and compliance with local codes. A true      normal conditions, yard waste is col-
 placed at the base of the tree. City        professional will not be afraid to give      lected on each regularly scheduled
 staff will install the plaque in the        references. Beware of “tree experts”         pickup day. Citizens with proof of Coral
 ground, which must be 5" by 7" or           knocking on doors, offering to cut back      Springs residency may dispose of larger
 4" by 6” and must be provided by            trees for “safety reasons.” Homeowners       branches at the Waste Transfer Station,
 the person dedicating the tree.             should select a professional who will        located on Wiles Road at N.W. 126 Ave.,
    Please call the Parks and                perform competent work at a compet-          on weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
 Recreation Department at 345-2107           itive price.                                    If you have any questions regarding
 for more information about the Tree            Your well-pruned trees will survive       tree maintenance, call Community
 Memorial Program.                           dangerous storms, give shade on hot          Development at 344-1114.
Exotic Plants, continued from page 13

crowding in the new area, or simply die      as much water as a                              This tree produces
due to lack of food.                         native tree. This tree                       large amounts of
                                             was actually intro-                          reddish-brown berries,
FIVE MOST WANTED                             duced to the country                         which are a favorite
   Have you seen these nuisance plants       in the early 1900s to                        food source for many
in Coral Springs?                            help drain wetlands. In                      birds. The seeds are
                                             our present drought                          widely distributed by
   AUSTRALIAN PINE: Frequently               condition this is of                         birds, which accounts
found growing along canals and as a          course a particularly   Melaleuca            for Bischofia seedlings Bischofia
windbreak along property lines.              serious problem.                             being found some
   This quick growing,                                                                    distance from mature trees.
tall, wispy tree is an                          BRAZILIAN PEPPER: Brazilian                  Bischofia is common in disturbed
extremely aggressive                         Pepper is also mistakenly known as           areas but also invades established
exotic. It quickly                           Florida Holly. This shrub was intro-         ecosystems such as cypress domes,
crowds out native                            duced to Florida in the late 1800s as a      hardwood hammocks or pine flatwoods,
plants. The fallen                           landscaping ornamental. It was very          thereby displacing native plants.
needles release a                            popular due to the bright red berries
chemical into the soil                       that ripen in winter.                           EARLEAF ACACIA: Earleaf Acacia
preventing the growth Australian Pine           This plant is actually a relative of      was introduced to South Florida from
of other plants.                             Poison Ivy. Sensitive people can react       Australia in the early 1900’s. It was
   The Australian Pine roots are very        to the plants sap with reoccurring           planted extensively in Florida as a
shallow and is one of the trees most                           contact dermatitis.        street tree.
commonly knocked over during a                                 Many people are               The Earleaf Acacia gets its common
windstorm.                                                     allergic to this plant’s   name from the twisted seedpod, which
                                                               pollen. It grows very      vaguely resembles an ear. This tree is
   MELALEUCA: This tree native to                              quickly and if not con-    commonly found growing in many
Australia is easily identified by its                          trolled will crowd out                       intact ecosystems. It
paper-like bark. The Melaleuca forms                           other plants forming                         does well in areas with
seed capsules at the ends of its                               large monocultures                           nutrient-poor soils that
branches. Each of these capsules             Brazilian Pepper
                                                               which are ecological                         burn occasionally and
contains thousands of seeds, which are                         deserts.                                     are sometimes sub-
dispersed when the tree is subjected to                                                                     jected to drought con-
“stress” in the form of fire, herbicide or      BISCHOFIA: Bischofia is a fast                              ditions. These features
cutting.                                     growing ornamental tree introduced to                          apply to numerous
   The Melaleuca is of particular            South Florida from south east Asia in                          South Florida
                                                                                          Earleaf Acacia
concern because it uses up to five times     the early 1900’s.                                              ecosystems.
16 • CITIZEN                                                                       June/July 2001
International Divers Triumph at Aquatic Complex
                                                International divers at the 2001 FINA/USA
                                             Diving Grand Prix wowed spectators with their
                                             precision and strength. Men’s and women’s
                                             teams from China, Australia, and the United
                                             States dominated the four-day event.
                                                This event would not have been possible
                                             without the assistance of our local sponsors:
                                             Applebee’s, Sweet Tomatoes, Outback
                                             Steakhouse, Coral Springs Medical Center,
                                             Budget, Arvida Realty Services and the Sun-
                                             Sentinel. Special thanks also goes to the
                                             Aquatic Services staff for their hard work
                                             during the event.

                      For more photos and event results, visit

June/July 2001                                     CITIZEN • 17
CITY OF CORAL SPRINGS                 Presort Standard
Communications & Marketing Division     US POSTAGE
9551 West Sample Road                        PAID
Coral Springs, FL 33065                  Ft. Laud, FL
                                         Permit #667

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