Teaching English Questionnaire by 5i32VE


									Proposed Ministry:
Teaching conversational English to the international community. Class would

last one hour on Saturday mornings. Profile of students may vary (college-age, working professionals, stay-
at-home moms, and seniors).

Ministry Owner:
Eric Larsen

Detailed Ministry Description:
The focus of this ministry is to help teach conversational English to those in the international community.

Why do you want to start this ministry?
This service ministry is a good way to connect with (and be a light to) people living on the Eastside that we
wouldn't ordinarily traffic with.
Ultimately, the goal is to share the Good News with the students and see that they get plugged into a good
church, such as Crossroads. On a related note, I had an opportunity to work in Taiwan for two years, and I
have a special place in my heart for Chinese people.

What would typical activities look like for this ministry?
Typical activities include welcoming students, asking several open ended questions of the students -- giving
them a chance to use their English and build confidence, teach lesson through regular conversation,
question & answer session, dismiss.

How would CBC members serve in this ministry?
The English program would be managed primarily by myself with assistance from my good friend Sarah
Coleman who has vast experience leading these type

of classes and training people to teach thse classes. Jim Wright for ministry coordination.

What are you expecting in terms of support from CBC?
One classroom space made available on Saturday mornings.

How are you planning on meeting any funding needs for this ministry?
No funding will be needed.

Are you willing to commit to owning the ministry for one year?

Let me know next steps. Ideally, I would like to meet together in person with my good friend Sarah
Coleman who has started a number of these English classes in the Seattle area.

Kind regards,

-Eric Larsen

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