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					May 2, 2008

Governor Bobby Jindal
State of Louisiana
Somewhere in America

Dear Governor Jindal,

First, let me say that you are doing a great job promoting our state around the country. You
were great on the Leno Show (everybody agrees). I look forward to your returning to
Louisiana one day, perhaps as Vice President of the United States.

If you are able to drop by our state before you become Vice President there are a couple of
issues, I’d like to bring to your attention and a request to which I would appreciate your
giving serious consideration.

The issues.

Governor, the citizens of your state are having problems with the high costs of insurance (I
believe we lead the nation in what we pay.), the high costs of utilities, food, the skyrocketing
price of gasoline and out of control healthcare costs. I searched for solutions to these issues
in the bills filed in the legislature and found none that appeared to directly address them.

The above matters may have escaped your attention while you have been promoting our
state around the country. That is certainly understandable. Since you became our governor,
you no longer have the expenses that we ordinary citizens do. We taxpayers supply you
with a nice salary, a home (including utilities), transportation, health insurance, food and all
the basic necessities of life. It’s the least we could do considering how hard you work
promoting our state.

The solution.

Governor, I know you have opposed an attempt to give the state income tax payers a little

Asking for an income tax reduction is a perhaps too unusual an approach to making ends
meet. It hasn’t been tried since Dave Treen was governor. You probably don’t remember
because you were pre-occupied with your first grade activities.

I’m thinking a less radical and more traditional approach to assisting us in order.

For about 25 years, I’ve followed the efforts by our individual legislators to give money to
Non-Governmental Organizations. I know, they change the name, but you and I know it’s
the same old; same old. You appear supportive of that effort as long as the expenditures
meet the guidelines set forth in your April 30, 2008, letter to the House and Senate
Consistent with this traditional practice and on behalf of a non-profit group known as
Income Tax Payers of Louisiana (“ITPOL”) consider our request for inclusion in the NGO
payoffs investments. I believe you know many of our group personally. Many of them
report that they voted for you for governor.

Criteria compliance.

1. We easily meet the criteria of having “statewide or substantial regional impact” as you

2. As you require, the matter of our funding has been “presented/openly discussed during
the legislative session.” The latest discussion was on the Senate Floor on April 29, 2008.

3. You require that funding must be “a state agency priority.” Based on the discussion
held on April 29, personal income tax reduction is clearly a priority of the Louisiana
Legislature which I believe is a “state agency.” I know you were out of town after
appearing on the Leno Show, but there was not a single vote against this priority.

4. You also require the proper disclosure forms similar to those required by the House
Rules. We will go you one better on that. Even more detailed disclosure will be filed
with the Louisiana Department of Revenue on or before May 15, 2008.

Specific funding request

Rather than request the full $3 Billion as the Senate did on Tuesday, we only want $300
Million. It should be made payable to the “Louisiana State Treasury.” It should be then
disbursed to each applicant when their State Personal Income Taxes are filed on or before
May 15, 2009.

Unlike the Federal tax rebates, because like you we are all fiscally-conservative, we do
not suggest individual checks be sent to each taxpayer. We simply would like to provide
all taxpayers who make over $12,500 a pro rata share of the money up to $500 each
which will be deducted from any monies owed the state for our 2008 Personal Income

Funding source

We have found an unencumbered source of state funding for our request. As this is an
investment in Louisiana’s economy, we recommend the use of the additional $300
Million you were planning to put into an slush economic development fund to give to
some business(es) we don’t know about, who may never materialize and who aren’t even
in Louisiana to help generate more economic activity.

Economic impact

Governor, I can assure you that the money will immediately be reinvested in our
economy to pay our skyrocketing cost-of-living expenses. In turn, this investment in the
taxpayers will generate more funds in the way of tax revenues to the state which will
allow you to fund our NGO each year in the future.

Given your intelligence, you can easily see how this is not only worthy cause, but a very
wise use of our money. It’s a homerun!

All you have to do is to tell the Chairman of House Appropriation Committee to add our
$300 Million request to the other $50 Million in NGO funding for House Bill 1.

If I don’t hear back from you to the contrary, I will assume that you support our request.


Your friend,


President ITPOL

P.S. Please be safe as you travel around our great country.

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