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                                         NYPD 10-13 CLUB
                                               of Charlotte, NC Inc.
                                                           137 Cross Center Rd.
                                                                 Suite 150
                                                             Denver, NC 28037

                                    A CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL NYCPD 10-13 ORG. INC.
                                        AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS

       CLUB OFFICERS              Volume 4 Issue 3                                                                            March 2012
HARVEY KATOWITZ                                                     PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
704-849-9234   Hi All,
BOB HANSEN                    An important piece of legislation, House Bill #473, “Equal Income Tax Treatment of Government
803-802-7401                  Retiree Benefits” was brought before NC State Legislators last year. If enacted, this Bill will greatly      increase the pension amount that will be exempt from NC State income taxes for most of our mem-
704-243 6390                  The exemption amount will be based on what the state that issued the pension allows as an exemp-           tion for out of state pensions. For members who collect a NY State pension the exemption will in-
TREASURER                     crease from $4,000 to $20,000 when the member reaches the age of 59-1/2.
704-674-7000                  For the benefit of our Club members who collect a pension from a state other than NY this is how the
                              legislation will affect you:
HANK DOBSON                   CA: $4,000 will be exempt. DC: $4,000 will be exempt. LA: If you are younger than 65, $4000 will
704-2433949     be exempt. If you are single and older than 65, $6,000 will be exempt and if you are married and
                              older than 65, $12,000 will be exempt. MD: $4,000 will be exempt. NV: Entire pension will be ex-
FRANK DEMASI                  empt. NJ: If you are younger than 62, $4,000 will be exempt. If you are single and over 62, $9,375
                              will be exempt and if you are married and over 62, $12,500 will be exempt. NC: No change. PA: If
                              you are younger than 59 ½, $4,000 will be exempt. If you are older than 59-1/2 your entire pension
                              will be exempt. SC: If you are younger than 65, $4,000 will be exempt. If you are older than 65,             $10,000 will be exempt. TX: Your entire pension will be exempt.
704-588-0652                  The Bills’ primary sponsors are: Rep. George Cleveland, Onslow County, Retired USMC,
                    ; Rep. James Boles, Moore County,; Rep. Pat
704-241-8002                  Harley (F) Randolph County,; Rep. Efton Sager, Wayne County, Retired
                              USAF, and Rep. Frank Iler, Brunswick County,
704-254-5118                  A complete version of the proposed Bill can be viewed at
CHAPLAIN                      In the coming weeks I will be meeting with the presidents of the Raleigh and Wilmington 10-13 Clubs
704-654-2694                  to discuss and create a strategy that our Club members can use to see that this bill is successfully
HISTORIAN                                                                                                                         Continued on next page
                                                         Our Next Membership Meeting Is Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 6 P.M.              Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at Charlotte FOP Lodge #9, 1201 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte NC 28205

704 784-3932                                                         Our heroes must never be forgotten.
                                                                    Visit the NYC Police Memorial website
                           PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
In two weeks we will be ordering copies of our 5th Anniversary Commemorative book that was created by club Historian
Joe Kozlowski. The cost of the book is $20, but it will be reduced to $15 if we receive a few more sponsors before it
goes to print. A draft of the book can be viewed at
commemorative-book/. Additional photos and information have been added to the book which have not been included
in the draft on the website. If you would like a book, contact Joe at or 704-543-1571 ASAP.

At our February Board meeting we finalized the criteria for awarding the Bob Andretta and 9/11 Memorial Scholarships.
An application and an instruction sheet listing the criteria have been included in this newsletter (Pgs 21 & 22).
Additionally, we voted to make Dr. Steven Bauer our Club’s Police Surgeon, a position which he has agreed to accept.

The National Convention will be held on August 3-5 at the Honors Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, NY. The National
has a block of 50 rooms reserved and last year reservation requests went over the allotted 40 rooms. Members are
advised to make reservations ASAP. See page 29 for registration form.

Once again I am reaching out to our members for assistance. Our Club is in need of a newsletter editor. Frederica
Murray who has done a superb job in that capacity has reluctantly resigned her position to devote more time in her
work and studies to obtain a Masters Degree. Please contact me if you are willing to take on this endeavor.


Harvey Katowitz

                               TRUSTEE’S PAGE

When our Club was initially formed with 35 members, it was easy for the President to respond to emails
from our members. Now that we have over 250 members, the task has become a full-time job and diffi-
cult for him to do in a timely manner. To alleviate this problem our trustees have been assigned to des-
ignated geographical areas. If you have a question, problem or concern, please correspond with your
designated trustee.

 Geographical Area       Trustee            Tel. ( H)        Tel. (C)         Email Address

 Catawba County          Brenda Jordan
                                            704-588-0652     516-852-3885
 Cabarrus County         Brenda Jordan
                                            704-588-0652     516-852-3885
 Gaston County           Brenda Jordan
                                            704-588-0652     516-852-3885
 Iredell County          Jim Houston
                                            732-226-3706     704-771-8418
 Lincoln County          Brenda Jordan
                                            704-588-0652     516-852-3885
 Mecklenburg County      Bernard Roe
                                            704-597-0037     704-241-8002
 Rowan County            Brenda Jordan
                                            704-588-0652     516-852-3885
 Union County            Glenn Galanos
                                            704-254-5118     704-254-5118
 All other areas         Fran DeMasi
                                            704-243-7087     704-771-6855

                                   Please save for future reference.

                                    Health and Welfare

The James L. Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act, signed into law by President Obama in early 2011, es-
tablishes the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program. It ensures that those affected by 9/11 continue to receive
monitoring and treatment services for 9/11-related health problems through at least 2015.

The WTC Health Program consists of a Responder Program (for rescue and recovery workers, including more than
15,000 New York City firefighters) and a Survivor Program (for those who lived, worked or went to school in lower
Manhattan on 9/11). People eligible can receive services, no matter where they live now in the US.
New York City has opened a comprehensive new web site 9/11 Health

This site offers the latest information about 9/11 health issues. Any person that was affected by health problems
associated with the collapse of the Twin Tower complex should visit this web site.


                   Whenever you make an appointment                            There are limits on what the PBA Drug Plan will
                   with an Emblem Health Doctor make                           cover both on an Annual Basis and on a Lifetime
                   sure you check that they are still par-                     Basis. What I discovered is that there is a lifetime
                   ticipating providers.                                       cap of $120,000 and an annual cap of $10,000
                                                                               for prescription drugs as part of our retirement
                           package. I strongly suggest that PBA Members go to the web-
                                                                 site to get further details.
                  Information about participating Em-                     
                  blem Health Doctors in the Charlotte
area can be obtained from a link at our website:                 Every individual has different circumstances so by going to the
                                                                 website they can get a better idea of how this affects them.                           They can also call the PBA Health & Welfare Office at
                                                                 212 349-7560 for any additional questions that they have.

                                                                 Sam Reiver
                            Health and Welfare

POPPA is free and confidential assistance program which helps individuals cope with a wide
range of personal problems which may include: depression, anxiety, family discord, alcohol
and pain medication abuse or dependence, PTSD and even suicidal thoughts or intentions.

The way an individual can access assistance is through the active POPPA Helpline. POPPA
is a non for profit organization which is there to help individuals on a 7 day a week 24 hour

The heart and soul of POPPA is our trained Peer Support Officers (PSO’s) who volunteer
their time and talent to help other cops in need. We have approximately 175 active duty
PSO’s and 70 retiree PSO team members, fifty of which are in the NYC area, the remaining
twenty along the eastern Border States.

If we can help you with a personal issue,
please call:
Retiree Hotline directly at: 1 800 599-1085           Queens police officer is fourth NYPD
                                                      suicide this ... - New York Post
Active MOS 24/7 Hotline: 1 888-COPS-COP
or 888-267-7267

               Welcome to the Veterans Crisis Line Website
The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with quali-
fied, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hot-
line, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press
1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. More about the Veterans Crisis Line


Health and Welfare

 2012 Monthly Meeting Dates                                              BIRTHDAYS
                              March 27th
                              April 24th
                              May 29th
                              June 26th
                              July 31st
                              August 28th
                              September 25th
                              October 30th
                              November 27th                   Broder, John                              3/4
                              December TBA
                                                              Calderon, Joe, G                          3/4
                                                              Castro, Jerry, T                          3/7
                                                              Dumonceau, Bruce                          3/19
                                                              Felipe, Jeffrey                           3/1
                                                              Fraser, Tom                               3/9
                                                              Hepburn, Roland (Skip)                    3/10
                                                              Kennedy, Jim                              3/20
                                                              Kosinski, Glenn                           3/21
Condolences to Richard Clark on the passing                   Moses, Glenn                              3/26
of his father, Russell E. Clark, Jr., a Korean
                                                              Reiver, Sam                               3/29
War veteran.
                                                              Schutheis, Dave                           3/29
In honor of St. Patrick's Day we will be having a             Staniek, Ed                               3/12
  corned beef and cabbage dinner at our March                 Stinson, Ronnie                           3/3
            27th membership meeting.

                                                                  "A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A
                                                        Napoleon Hill: an author and pioneer of the personal development genre

                      CHAPLAIN’S CORNER
By Donald Sanchez, 10-13 Club Chaplain

The loses we suffered on September 11th 2001 were staggering and more than 10 years
later, the death toll continues to rise. It is a recurring nightmare that just doesn't seem to go
away. Last month, police union leaders called upon New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
to release police medical records to a panel that is studying the possible links between cancer
and the contaminants that police officers were exposed to at Ground Zero. The latest num-
bers reveal that 65 officers who worked there have died of cancer and close to 300 received a
diagnosis of having some form of cancer.
The James Zadroga 9/11 World Trade Center Health and Compensation Law passed in late
2010 is designed to provide death benefits for those whose deaths can be directly linked to
the work they performed at Ground Zero. With thousands of police officers among our ranks
who responded on September 11th and the months following working tirelessly at Ground
Zero, the Staten Island landfill, or the Medical Examiner's Office, these latest numbers are a
cause for serious concern. I suspect that our own mortality is not a subject that we think
about every day. It was Woody Allen who once quipped, "It’s not that I’m afraid to die, I just
don't want to be there when it happens."
However, I can't help but think that there are some who are anxiously concerned about their
health in light of the numbers of deaths and illnesses of 9/11 first responders. If this is your
experience, think about the following truth; God invites you to cast "all your anxieties on
Him, because He cares for you." (I Peter 5:7). We can never know what tomorrow will bring,
but God does and He can strengthen, encourage, and sustain you when you find yourself
faced with something as grave as a life threatening medical diagnosis. It is usually in those
moments when we realize that the things which captured our attention for so long seem pale
in comparison to what we now face.
One of the writers of the Psalms wrote, "In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I
cried for help." (Psalm 18:6). He understood that when life knocks out from underneath us
the things we thought were firm foundations, and fear and anxiety creep in, the one place he
could turn to was God. God is someone we can look to in mo-
ments of uncertainty and when answers are fleeting. The psalm-
ist finished his thought with these words, “From His temple He
heard my voice, and my cry to Him reached His ears.” While it
is often the case that God is the last one we seek until times of
crisis barges its way into our lives, His invitation is always open
to you. He says, “I love those who love me, and those who seek
me diligently find me.” (Proverbs 8:17). That is a great promise
from a God who is not far from those who placed themselves at
great risk toiling day and night at Ground Zero.

                                         Military & Veterans

                                                                   As more and more men and women in uniform re-
                                                                   turn from Iraq and Afghanistan, there is an increas-
                                                                   ing need for mental health care. The VA is reaching
                            Vietnam Veterans Home-
                            coming Celebration 2012                out to Veterans in crisis and their families to raise
                            Saturday, March 31, 2012 |             awareness about suicide prevention resources,
                            9:00am                                 such as the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-
                            The USO of North Carolina              TALK (8255). The PSA encourages Veterans in
                            and Charlotte Motor Speed-
                            way, with support from the             crisis to call the crisis hotline number at 1-800-273-
                            North Carolina Association of          TALK (8255) to reach a trained VA mental health
                            Broadcasters, will honor the           professional, 24 hours a day, seven days a
                            service of Vietnam Veterans.           week. An online Veterans Chat program, which
                                                                   provides the ability to communicate anonymously
                                                                   online in real-time with a trained VA mental health
Vet Centers: Supporting Combat Veterans                            professional, can be accessed through the

   Vet Centers offer returning Veterans and their                  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s web page.
 families an alternative to bustling VA hospitals—                  Suicide is 100% preventable, and it is everyone’s
there are 300 centers across the country. The cen-
  ters offer counseling, substance abuse and em-
 ployment assessment, and resources. Learn more

VA Participates in Settlement with Mortgage Banks

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced its partici-          DD-214s are NOW Online. The National Personnel
pation in the largest state-federal legal settlement in his-       Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following
tory that deals with problems within the mortgage indus-           website for veterans to gain access to their DD-
try. More information
                                                                   214s online:

                                           THIS & THAT

                                                               As mentioned in the monthly e-vites, please remember to bring
                                                               donations of beef jerky, trail mix, nuts, toiletries, etc which we
                                                               will be sending to our service men and women overseas.

                                                               Our next care package will be going to Army PFC Tommy
                                                               Yacopino and his company currently serving in Kuwait.
                                                               Tommy is the nephew of 10-13 club member Michael
                                                               Yacopino. In addition to the above items, Tommy has requested
    List of 9/11 first-responder cops with                     face wipes or baby wipes, skittles or candy, and protein or gra-
    cancer to be handed over to ...                            nola bars.

                                                               If any member of the 10-13 club has a family member serving
                                                               in the military overseas, please provide their information to a
9/11 First Responders See Cancer Rates Triple                  Board member along with a wish list of comfort items and the
                                                               club will send a care package to your loved one and their unit/

    Cancer-causing toxins found on uniform                     One year ago, Trustee Jim Houston began sending care pack-
    of Officer Alonzo Harris ...                               ages to our military personnel overseas on behalf of the 10-13
                                                               club. Since then Jim has shipped 4 care packages with over 250
                                                               lbs of comfort items. I hope to continue sending our troops care
                                                               packages as long as we have troops overseas. Cash donations
   NY Patrolmen's Benevolence Association
                                                               will be accepted at the monthly meetings and will be used to
   Study Highlights Cancer ...
                                                               purchase bulk items to ship.

                                                               Glenn Galanos
Time To End Doubt Pile Caused Cancer               Thank-you to Courtney and Wade Simuel for their gift of 4
caused-cancer-article-1.998645?localLinksEnabled=false         large bags of toiletries for our troops. Courtney and Wade,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          both who retired from the Nassau Co. NY Sheriff’s Dept. were
                                                               guests at the February 28th 10-13 meeting.
                                   MARCH                       Sgt. Dex Wilson will be conducting an HR-218 Class on
                                                               April 5. In the future he will be conducting classes quar-
                                                               terly. If you are interested in attending contact him.
                                  RED CROSS
                                                                                         Sgt. Dex Wilson
                                                                                      Waxhaw PD Firearms
The American Red Cross provides assistance for dis-                                    NC HR218 and Con-
aster victims; teaches first aid, CPR, swimming, and
                                                                                      cealed Carry Instruc-
other health and safety skills; collects more than half
of the nation's blood supply; delivers urgent family
messages to members of the armed forces; and works                                       704-719-6738
to ease human suffering on a global scale.
                                                       THIS & THAT
                                                                                          For FOP Lodge 9 Members
Job Title: Airport Police Officer (year round posting)                                            FOR OUR MEMBERS
Job ID: 118216

Date Closed: 06/29/2012                                                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Business Unit: Aviation                                                          IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH TELL THE
How to Apply: Applications must be submitted online.                               BAR HOSTESS SHE WILL VERIFY THAT
                                                                                 YOU ARE A MEMBER AND THAT ITS YOUR
Please go to and click jobs
                                                                                  BIRTHDAY MONTH. SHE WILL THEN PRE-
                                                                                 SENT A BIRTHDAY BOX FILLED WITH GIFT
                                                                                  CERTIFICATES IN SEALED ENVELOPES.
                                                                                          DRAW ONE OUT AND WIN:
                                                                                  BLUE LIGHT LOUNGE IS NOW OPEN 6 DAYS A
 NY No. 2 in pensions
                                                                                                      (TUES THRU SUN)
                                                                                  GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE VALUED FROM
 New York State has the second-highest pension burden in the coun-
 try, according to a bombshell report released yesterday that calls on
 Gov. Cuomo to rein in the costs. The Citizens Budget Commission
                                                                                           $5.00 TO $50.00
 says New York spent $12 per $1,000 of personal income on
                                                                                      (SOME ARE VALUED UP TO $100.00 FOR
 pensions, compared with the national average of $7, during the
                                                                                            MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL)
 state’s 2009 fiscal year, the latest year for which data is available.
 Only Alaska ranked higher, spending $29 for every $1,000 in per-
 sonal income from state residents, the report found. The budget com-               USE YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATE AT THE
 mission found that the state’s contributions to its two major pension                          LODGE*
 systems jumped from $455 million in fiscal year 2004 to $1.5 billion
 in fiscal year 2001.
 CBC leaders called on Gov. Cuomo to include pension-reform meas-
 ures in his new budget proposal that will be unveiled next week.
 “The fiscal case for pension reform is irrefutable,” said CBC Presi-
 dent Carol Kellermann. “Skyrocketing pension costs are already
 excessive, and they are increasingly squeezing out essential responsi-
 bilities of government.”
 For the city, pension costs have soared from $2.4 billion in fiscal year
 2004 to almost $7 billion last year — and the CBS projects those
 costs will rise to nearly $8.6 billion in fiscal year 2014.
 Broward 10-13

                                                                                 If you like to visit National Parks

                                                                                 Anybody under 62 cost: $80 yearly/annual pass

                                                                                 U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 and over cost : $10 life-
                                                                                 time pass U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent
                                                                                 disabilities cost: Free lifetime pass

                                                                                 A pass covers entrance and standard amenity fees for a driver
                                                                                 and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle fee areas
                                                                                 (or up to four adults at sites that charge per person). Children
                                                                                 age 15 or under are admitted free.

                                                                                 See the details:

                                              THIS & THAT
                           NYPD Graduates 1,519 Rookie Police Officers
Three days after the burial of slain Det. Peter J. Figoski, the city graduated a police class of 1,519 new officers Decem-
ber 22, 2011. The spirit of Detective Figoski, who was posthumously promoted after he was fatally shot December 12th
responding to a robbery call in Brooklyn, pervaded the ceremony at Madison Square Garden.
Mayor Bloomberg called him “the embodiment of a dedicated officer” whose death shows “the kind of heroes that
make up the NYPD and the kind of risks they are willing to face every day.”

 ‘Honor    His Life’
 Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly noted that during Detective Figoski’s 22 years in the 75th Precinct, crime
 there had dropped 90 percent. “That’s part of Detective Figoski’s legacy,” he told the graduates. “Wherever you are
 assigned, you can honor his life by building on that legacy.”

 He said some members of the class had already started fighting crime, describing an incident in August in which two
 members coming out of the subway stopped a bicyclist who had grabbed a cell phone out of a woman’s hand. The offi-
 cers, Ethan Clyde and Michael Gammone, received an award at the graduation for exceptional police duty.

 Broward 10-13

                                THIS & THAT
                            From Mike Borelli VP Broward County 10-13

                                                                        SAV YLIGHT
                                                                        MAR S TIM
                                                                            CH     E
                                                                               11th :

                 WILL YOU KNOW WHEN SE-
                 VERE WEATHER IS COMING
                 TO YOUR AREA? WEATHER
                 RADIOS COST BETWEEN $30-
                 $40 AND COULD SAVE YOUR

                 WEATHER RADIOS ARE SOLD
                 AT BIG BOX STORES, DRUG
                 STORES, AND SUPERMAR-

                                                THIS & THAT
 JOB OPPOTUNITIES FOR RETIRED LAW                                               NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11TH
     ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL                                                        MEMORIAL & MUSEUM
I am the president of Global Transportation Solutions.                 Dear Retired Members of the Department:
We are currently looking for retired law enforcement per-              The New York City Police Department has been assisting
sonnel to fill part time positions as On-board Courier’s               representatives from the National September 11th Memo-
outside the NY Area. An OBC’s duties would have him/                   rial & Museum in accomplishing their goal of creating a
her pick up an item from a Fortune 500 Company and                     memorial that will document the events of September
transport it to the nearest airport.                                   11th, while honoring those who perished and those who
The material would be carried into the cabin or checked                responded. Museum personnel are interested in acquiring
as luggage to the final destination. Once at the destina-              stories from rescue workers who initially responded, espe-
tion, you would turn the item over to the customer or our              cially personnel assigned to the Aviation Unit and Emer-
agent inside the airport and the job would be complete.                gency Service Units who were immediately deployed and
The items are typically automobile parts or electronics                rescued those trapped within the burning buildings. They
that an assembly plant has run short of. The tickets are               would also like to interview rescue workers who have first-
prepaid and the On-board Courier keeps the frequent                    hand knowledge about the efforts employed to secure the
flyer mileage along with extremely reasonable compen-                  area around the World Trade Center to protect the public
sation.                                                                on September 11th and members who signed or attached
There is not much lead time. These are emergency ship-                 a memorial message to the “Last Column.”
ments. A passport is mandatory. This is not a security
related field. It is all about reliability and professionalism.         Additionally, the museum would also be interested in ac-
Please view our website to investigate who we are and                  quiring and displaying artifacts, equipment, photographs
what we do. This website is directed towards our cus-                  and other materials that were worn or used by rescue
tomers, but it provides a snapshot of who we are and                   workers on September 11th. The museum will provide
what we do. The website is                    members of the Department the opportunity to pay tribute
                                                                       to a fellow officer who died on September 11th. To obtain
If you are interested, please contact Nicholas or Mary                 additional information regarding how you can share your
Bulzomi by phone at (937) 350-5307 or email at nbul-                   thoughts regarding co-workers you can visit their web-site on Tuesdays or Thursdays                      at
between 1000 and 1400 hrs.                                             share.php. The historical information being compiled by
                                                                       the museum will be available to scholars, educators and
The Bulzomi’s are retired sergeants from the NYPD. Nick                the general public and will be used as a learning resource
and Mary will be glad to answer your questions and pro-                for future generations.
vide details about the benefits of joining the GTS Team.
                                                                       The museum is especially interested in obtaining oral sto-
We hope to hear from you soon.                                         ries from rescue workers who were at the World Trade
                                                                       Center on September 11th. These oral recordings will be
                                                                       digitally recorded and run from thirty minutes to several
    TWO RETIRED MOS WHO ARE IN                                         hours and can be recorded at the following two sites, at
  SERIOUS NEED OF A KIDNEY DONOR                                       their main headquarters at 1 Liberty Plaza and at a sound-
                                                                       proof recording room on Vesey Street.
DONOR. RETIRED POLICE OFFICER ANGELO GRANDE,                           To obtain additional information regarding participating in
WHO CURRENTLY SERVES AS THE PBA'S DISABILITY                           this project please contact one of the following individuals:
                                                                       a. Amy Weinstein, Oral Historian, at (212) 312-8844,
                                                                       b. Alexandra Drakakis, Curator Assistant, at (212) 312-
                                                                       8858, email:
OF LIFE AND HELPING OF OUR OWN SHOULD CONTACT                          c. Jan Ramirez, Chief Curator, at (212) 312-8845, email:
                                                                       Please contact me via telephone #(646) 610-5434, if you
                                                                       have any additional questions regarding this matter.
                                                                                      Sincerely, Personnel Bureau
                                                  THIS & THAT
Subject: Italian Bank Robbery                                                                    BRING THE FOLLOWING TO
A hooded armed robber bursts into the Bank of Italy in Naples                                     GLENN GALANOS
and forces the tellers to load a sack full of cash.
                                                                                                      AT OUR MEMBERSHIP
On his way out the door with the loot, one brave customer grabs
the hood and pulls it off, revealing the robber's face.
                                                                                                       HARD CANDIES, NUTS,
The robber shoots the guy dead without hesitation and yells, "No
somma bitch looka at mia face! "                                                                      TRAIL MIX, BEEF JERKY,
                                                                                                      GUM, BODYWASH/SOAP,
He then looks around the bank to see if anyone else has seen
him. He sees all of the customers looking down except one of                         HAND SANITIZER, CASH OR CHECK
the tellers looking straight at him; the robber walks over and
                                                                          GLENN MAKES AND SHIPS “MORALE PACKAGES”
calmly shoots him dead.
                                                                                    TO OUR OVERSEAS TROOPS
Everyone by now is very scared and looking down directly at
the floor.

"Dida anybody elsa see a my face?" screams the robber.
                                                                            MARCH IS WOMEN’S
There follows a tense moment of silence.                                       HISTORY MONTH
Then an elderly Italian gentleman, still looking down, tentatively
raises his hand and says: "Signori, I tinka my wife here caught a

Courtesy of Joe Kozlowski, Club Historian

          Club Photos and Videos

    NYNJPA PD 911 Plaque Dedication

    NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte 9-11 10th Anniversary

    2011 09 11 NYPD1013 Club Memorial Ceremony
                                                                             Thin Blue Line Network

                                                                                         NYPD Honor Legion

     Our Club Historian, Joe Kozlowski has created a 5th Anniversary Commemorative
     Book highlighting the accomplishments, activities and events of our Club since its

     You can view a rough draft of the book from the following link on the Club website

     The book cover has not been included on the website. Some changes have been
     already made with additional and enhanced photos. The photos in the book are much
     sharper and clearer than what is posted on-line.  Please review and comment.

                                          ELECTRONIC MEDIA

 Do you know where our military headstones come from?

 Our military headstones do not come from..         CHINA.

THE YEARS                                                               World Trade Center Health Registry

o&feature=share                                                         GHI/Emblem Health            
                                                                        Blue Cross Blue Shield       
Courtesy Joe Kozlowski
 If you have children or grandchildren you NEED to watch this. I had
                                                                        Davis Vision                 
 no idea this could happen from taking pictures on the blackberry or
 cell phone. It's scary.                                                U.S. Government                             Social Security Administration

 Courtesy Ben Pepitone                                                  Medicare                     
                                                                        Homeland Security            

                                                                        Line Organizations

                                                                        Official Page

                                                                        New York City Government

                  DEALS                                                 Police Pension Fund
                                                                        Office of Labor Relations
When you get a prescription, you can use the power of a smartphone      Deferred Compensation
to figure out the cheapest deals
                                                                        Retired Public Employees Association
FOOD SAFETY 'FACTS'                                           

                                                                        Designated Driver Services

                      WE MUST NEVER FORGET
                   Moira Recovered As The Skies Wept

Thursday, March 21, 2002

It was a little before 5 a.m. when the phone rang at the home of NYPD Lt. Charlie Barbuti with the news about Moira
Smith. Barbuti, the hero cop's former supervisor at the 13th Precinct, considered Smith more a close friend than an

"They found Moira," said the voice at the other end.

By then, the 13-year NYPD veteran - the only female city police officer killed in the
line of duty Sept. 11 - had been gingerly wrapped in an American flag before an
honor guard carried her out. "We finally found her, we brought her out of there,"
Barbuti said yesterday. "No civilized army in the world ever left its dead on the bat-
tlefield. The good Lord found it in his heart that we could find her and put some clo-
sure to this."

Recovery workers had spotted the glint of Smith's collar brass, a tiny "13" signifying her precinct, in the rubble at
Ground Zero shortly before 4 a.m. Using hand rakes, two Port Authority cops sifting through the debris in the col-
lapsed lobby of the south tower dug a little deeper and came across a dented badge with dust caked between its num-
bers: 10467.

An honor guard - Barbuti, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, Patrolmen's
Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch, Manhattan South trustee John Flynn, her husband's uncle Buster Smith
and a group of fellow 13th Precinct cops - was soon there to bring her home. The group trudged silently through the
morning's harsh wind and pelting predawn rain, carrying her remains out of the collapsed towers, past recovery work-
ers with bowed heads, and placed her on the back of the Emergency Service Unit's Truck 1.

A caravan of patrol cars with flashing lights and wailing sirens followed the truck as it made its way out of Ground Zero,
up the FDR Drive and finally past the 13th Precinct stationhouse on E. 21st St., where 40 of Smith's fellow officers
stepped outside and saluted the fallen cop for the last time. It was a ritual the NYPD has performed for 12 of its 23 offi-
cers recovered at Ground Zero since Sept. 11.

Smith's husband, Jim, a cop assigned to the Police Academy, was in Florida with the couple's 2-year-old daughter,
Patricia, when his wife was found. Friends said he left his Queens home to avoid St. Patrick's Day because it was one
of the couple's favorite holidays. He and his little girl flew back to New York last night. "He needed to get away," said
                                                      one friend. "It's still very hard."

                                                   She saved dozens. Kelly said Smith was miles from the burning tow-
                                                   ers on the morning of the attack but rushed to the scene, gathered
                                                   victims and witnesses, and brought them back to the 13th Precinct
                                                   stationhouse. Then she and a group of cops - including her partner,
                                                   Robert Fazio - returned to the carnage. A Daily News photograph
                                                   showed Smith leading a bloodied man to safety, one of dozens of
                                                   lives she is believed to have saved before she and her partner were
                                                   killed in the collapse of Tower 2.

                                                   "She was a pretty remarkable person," Kelly said, adding that yester-
                                                   day was a solemn morning for him. "This is not an easy process for
                              WE MUST NEVER FORGET
     Honor Legion Dishonor: Obstinate and Refuse to Help in Honoring NYPD's Courageous Dead
       Supporters of historic NYPD burial ground seek to spread the word about it via Facebook
    The NYPD Police Arlington Cypress Hills Gardens group is dedicated to preserving the century-old site

By Lisa Colangelo — Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 ‘The New York Daily News’

A group dedicated to preserving a little-known piece of New York City Police Department history is turning to Facebook
to get its message out. The NYPD Police Arlington Cypress Hills Gardens group was created earlier this month by sev-
eral retired members of the department to bring attention to the century-old police burial grounds. “I’m certain this is
one of the most historic places in the country that helps tell the history of modern policing,” said Joe Wolff, a retired
NYPD lieutenant. “My plan is to put up a couple of (posts) every week to bring out the story of the site,” he said. “I’m
not skipping over anything we know.”

Dan Carione, a retired deputy inspector, said the group is dedicated to rehabilitating the graveyard. He said it should
also serve as a dignified resting place for current police officers who may not be able to afford cemetery plots. “We
want to keep the memory green of those who have sacrificed,” Carione said. “It’s also an opportunity for those who are
now destitute and somewhat forgotten to be buried with dignity at a place that will be forever remembered and cele-
brated by the NYPD.” The Police Arlington was established more than 100 years ago as a resting place for members
of the Metropolitan Police Force — the predecessor of the New York City Police Department. At the time, it was an
awe-inspiring place. A six-foot-tall bronze statue of a Metropolitan Police Officer in Uniform stood atop a pedestal.
Massive plaques, also fashioned from bronze and some in the shape of police badges, surrounded the pedestal. But
the statue was stolen in the mid-1960s and the plaques suffered the same fate. They were never restored, and over
the years the site was forgotten.

At some point, it was transferred over to the NYPD Honor Legion, and burials have continued. When I first wrote about
the cemetery, known as the Police Arlington or Police Gardens, back in early 2009, a handful of faithful supporters —
such as retired Police Officer Bobby Berl — continued to bring wreaths and decorate the graves with flags. The opera-
tors of Cypress Hills Cemetery pitched in by replacing cracked walkways. Interest in the hidden treasure blossomed.
Wolff and Carione organized an annual memorial service to honor the officers buried on the grounds. Police Commis-
sioner Ray Kelly, who has a keen interest in police history, has attended the service for the past two years.

But NYPD Honor Legion officials have not embraced the memorial and stayed away last year, saying they were con-
cerned the families of other fallen officers would feel ignored. They also told the News last year their priority was rais-
ing money for the group’s scholarship program as well as its widows and orphans fund. As they prepare for the May
19 ceremony, Wolff and Carione are focused on exploring and sharing the rich history contained at the site. Wolff
pointed out that seven police officers killed in the line of duty are buried there. It’s also the final resting place of Patrol-
man Henry Haywood, one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.

Wolff is offering to visit interested non-profit groups and provide a free 30-minute presentation about the burial grounds.
“We want to restore the dignity of the location through historical restoration,” said Carione. “We are the police and we
hold a special place in society. We deserve to have our history be memorialized in a respectful manner and that’s ex-
actly what this site does.”

For more information about the site and restoration efforts:


Facebook page “NYPD Police Arlington Cypress Hills Gardens.”

                  The April Five Organization’s Fourth Annual Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Ride is scheduled for April 14,
                  2012. Register by March 12, 2012 for $10 off your registration fee.
                  If you are interested in volunteering to assist with this fundraiser which benefits officers injured in the
                  line of duty contact Club President Harvey Katowitz

                                              10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC Inc.
                                              137 Cross Center Rd. Suite 150
                                                     Denver, NC 28037

                                      NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC Inc.
                                      5th Anniversary Commemorative Book

The NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC is an IRS non-profit 501 (c) (7) organization whose members are retired and active
law enforcement officers, predominately from the NYPD, who reside in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area. 10-13 is the
NYPD radio code for Assist Police Officer. There are twenty-nine 10-13 Clubs throughout the country.

The Charlotte Club was formed in March 2007 with 35 members (now at 251) with the following objectives:

    •   Supporting and aiding its members and other active and retired law enforcement personnel.

    •   Encourage charitable, educational, benevolent and fraternal activities among the membership.

In 2011 our Club donated over $1,500 to five Charlotte area law enforcement officers who were seriously injured, $350 to
the family of a CMPD officer who died in the line of duty, $250 in school supplies to needy children in Charlotte and over
$500 worth of snacks and toiletries to Marines serving overseas

Advertisement space is available in our ninety page 5th Anniversary Commemorative Book which highlights the accom-
plishments, activities and events of our Club, since its inception, and in our monthly newsletter. Our newsletters are dis-
tributed to over 10,000 people nationwide, including 2,000+ people in the Charlotte metropolitan area. You can learn more
about the Club, view a draft copy of our 5th Anniversary Commemorative Book, and view our newsletters at our website:


                                           Commemorative Book - $50
                                        Monthly Newsletter (12 issues) - $75
                                     Commemorative Book and Newsletter - $100

    Contact Name___________________________________________________________________

    Tel._________________________ Email_____________________________________________

    Business Name__________________________________________________________________




                         Please send business card or photo-ready copy along with payment to:
                                                      Harvey Katowitz
                                                    4701 Wyndfield Lane
                                                    Charlotte, NC 28270
                                        or call 704-849-9234 for further information

                    BOB ANDRETTA and 9/11 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS

Beginning in June 2012 the NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC will award two (2) $1,000 scholarships to the child,
grandchild or great grandchild of a member of our 10-13 Club. The recipient of each scholarship will be determined by
a lottery drawing at the June membership meeting of all eligible applicants.

In order to be eligible for a scholarship the following criteria must be met:

• The sponsor must be a member in good standing of the NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC, Inc. (The term "good
 standing" means the sponsor must be a paid-up member for at least three (3) consecutive years).
• The Applicant must be preparing to enter an accredited four-year college as a Freshman in the year the scholarship
 is awarded.
• When the application is submitted, applicant must included a "Letter of Acceptance" from the college he or she will
 be attending.

                 NOTE: There can only be one winner per member family during a three year period.

                                 College Scholarship Application

Sponsor’s Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ______________

Telephone: ____________________________ E-Mail: ________________________________

Applicant’s Name: ______________________________________________________________

Relationship to Sponsor: _________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: _________

Telephone: ____________________________ E-Mail: _______________________________

High School Attending: _________________________________________________________

College Attending: _____________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ___________

                                           Minutes of Membership Meeting

                                                January 31, 2012
Call to Order and Opening Prayer
President Harvey Katowitz called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:55PM. There were 87 Mem-
bers and 2 guests present.
Donald Sanchez, the Club Chaplain, delivered the invocation.
Harvey read the names and circumstances surrounding the deaths of 33 Police Officers who had died in the line of
duty since the last membership meeting. He also read the names of the two NYPD officers who had taken their own
Harvey then gave the annual totals for Police Officers killed in the line of duty in 2011.
In all, 164 died in the line of duty. Florida lead the nation with 13, NY had 11, California and Georgia each had 10.
Gunfire was the cause of death of 65 officers and auto accidents were the cause of 35.
A moment of silence was then observed.
Roll Call of Officers

The following officers were present:
President:           Harvey Katowitz
Vice President:      Bob Hansen
Treasurer:           Ben Pepitone
Secretary:           Sam Reiver
Sgt at Arms:         Henry Dobson
Trustee:              Frank DeMasi
Trustee:              Bernard Roe
Trustee:              Jim Houston
Trustee:              Brenda Jordan
Trustee:             Glenn Galanos
Historian:            Joe Kozlowski

The following Officer(s) were excused: None

The following Officer(s) were absent: None

Reading of last month’s Minutes

A motion was made by Bernard Roe and seconded by Gary Daly to waive the reading of the minutes of the last regu-
lar membership meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Sickness and distress:

       1. Edmund Shuler, Father/Father-in-law of Beth and Frank Irizarry passed away on January 5th.

       2. Paul Johnson’s sister passed away on January 14th

Communications and Bills:

Harvey reported the following:

       1. The National Convention will be held on August 3-5 at the Honors Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, NY.
          Members were advised to make reservations ASAP. The National has a block of 50 rooms reserved and
          last year reservation requests went over the allotted 40 rooms.

       2. The National 10-13 Mega Raffles are being distributed. The proceeds from the raffle allows our National Or-
          ganization to be actively involved in lobbying to protect our retiree benefits, especially health and Medicare
          reimbursement benefits, which have been in the sights of politicians trying to balance their budgets. Raffle
          proceeds have also been used to keep our National dues at a reasonable $1.00 per member and to award
          three yearly $1000 scholarships, which children of two of our Club members won last year. Please support
          our National and purchase or sell a raffle ticket.

       3. There have been many proposed NYS and NYC pension reform changes including increasing employee
          contributions in a progression fashion based on salary, increasing the retirement age, decreasing the pen-
          sion multiplier, excluding overtime and other payments from the formula used to calculate final average sal-
          ary for pension allowances. Though these changes will not affect current retires there is one that will, a pro-
          posal by a citizens advisory panel to do away with the Medicare reimbursement.

       4. SS payments increased 3.6 this January. Exempt earnings also increased for those still working.

       5. The club has received a request from Pete Harlick a volunteer fireman in Wesley Chapel for Memorabilia
          from the WTC. They will be dedicating a portion of their new quarters to those who made the ultimate sacri-
          fice on 9/11.

Report of Officers


Harvey reported that Members of POPPA (Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance) will be making a presenta-
tion at either the February or March meeting.

POPPA wants to establish a network of Peer Support Officers in the Charlotte metropolitan area. POPPA offers a con-
fidential and free service to help active and retired officers who may have issues with depression, emotional problems,
illness, bereavement, family and relationships, finances, gambling, substance abuse, etc.

A great time was had by all who attended our Christmas party. Harvey mentioned that some members suggested that
we change the venue of the party. Harvey said that we get the best bang for the buck at the FOP Lodge, but if some-
one wanted to explore other opportunities that would not be a problem. No one at the meeting volunteered to do so.

Vice President:
Nothing to report


Ben Pepitone provided the Treasurer’s report for the month ending December 31, 2011.

Beginning Balance                                       $11,943.64

     Cleared Transactions

     Checks Written:           $ -2,499.25

     Deposits                  $     865.00

     Total cleared Transactions $ -1,634.25

Ending Balance                                          $10,309.39

A motion was made by Joe Kozlowski and seconded by Brenda Jordan to accept the report as stated. Motion was car-
ried unanimously.


Nothing to Report


Jim Houston displayed the shadow box containing the Club’s American Flag that that was flown at the WTC, Pentagon
and Shanksville, PA 911 Flight 93 Memorial site. The flag was also flown at US Marine Camp Leatherneck in Afghani-
stan on July 4, 2011. This flag is in addition to shadow box that was presented to the FOP.

There were no other reports from Trustee’s.

Sgt. at Arms:

Henry Dobson reported that Sgt. Dexter Wilson, Waxhaw, PD is still giving the HR218 course. Henry reported that he
has worked very well with our members to qualify them.


A draft copy of our Club’s 5 Year Anniversary Commemorative book created by Joe Kozlowski was shown to our mem-
bers. A copy was also posted on line for members to review. We will solicit advertisements in the book to help reduce
the costs.

Committee Reports

Social: Nothing to report.

Membership: We have 243 members.

Unfinished Business

Nothing to report

New Business

Proposition for Membership:

Det. Fredrick Layne  NYPD Special Victims Unit
PO Frank Yannucci    NYPD Patrol Borough Queens
Det. Ken Lewis       NYPD Manhattan North Det. Bureau
Sgt. Ron Leverich    NYPD Transit Bureau
PO Albert Weir       NYPD 43 Pct.
PO Holly Lambert     NYPD Queens Court Division
Det. Gary McDonald   Clarkstown, NY PD
Sgt. Steve Naegele   Las Vegas PD Homicide
A motion was made by Ben Pepitone and seconded by Jim Houston to accept the above as members. Motion passed

By-law change:

The following motion was made; Under Constitution, Article III, Section 3, types of Membership: add subdivision e. Af-

An affiliate member is any non-law enforcement officer who has been recommended for membership by a current
member in good standing. The candidate must pass a criminal background check and must be approved by the gen-
eral membership. The annual dues would be $30.00 per year; the candidate cannot hold office or take part in any elec-

After a lengthy discussion the motion was defeated by a majority vote.

Good of the Order:

At the January Board meeting a recommendation was made and approved to create a scholarship fund that will be
used to award two $1,000 college scholarships each year to the child or grandchild of a member in good standing, who
is entering their freshmen year. The scholarships will be named the “Bob Andretta Memorial Scholarship” in honor of
our Club’s first secretary and the “911 Memorial Scholarship”. All present voiced approval of these recommendations.
The criteria for awarding the scholarships will be finalized at the February board meeting.

A “Certificate of Appreciation” was awarded to Mike Routledge for his services as Club Trustee from the Club’s incep-
tion until Dec. 31, 2011. Mike had elected not to seek re-election when his term expired.

Club Member Marty Wynne has started a full service pool company. The company installs, services and maintains

Harvey read a letter received from the Levine/Dickinson Hospice House thanking the Club for the $50.00 donation
made in memory of Bob Andretta.

Club member Kayvan Hazrati, a retired CMPD hero who was seriously wounded when he was shot in the head on April
5, 2006 announced that the April 5 Organization will be having a charity motorcycle ride to raise funds for their organi-
zation. The organization assists CMPD officers who are seriously injured in the line of duty.

The 50/50 of $205 and was won by Tom Gallo. Tom donated half of his winnings to the April 5 Organization.

 A motion was made at 7:40 PM to adjourn the meeting by Frank DeMasi and seconded by Bob Hansen. Motion car-

Respectfully Submitted: Sam Reiver

                                                     Next Meeting

                                                   February 28, 2012

                                            Minutes of Membership Meeting

                                                   February 28, 2012

Call to Order and Opening Prayer
President Harvey Katowitz called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:55 PM. There were 67 mem-
bers, and 6 guests present.
Bernard Roe, Trustee, delivered the invocation.
Harvey read the names and the circumstances of the deaths of 5 police officers that had died in the line of duty since
the last meeting.
Roll Call of Officers
The following officers were present:
President:           Harvey Katowitz
Treasurer:           Ben Pepitone
Secretary:           Sam Reiver
Sgt at Arms:         Henry Dobson
Trustee:              Frank DeMasi
Trustee:              Bernard Roe
Trustee:              Jim Houston
Historian:            Joe Kozlowski

The following Officer(s) were excused:
Vice President:     Bob Hansen
Trustee:            Brenda Jordan
The following Officer(s) were absent:
Reading of last months Minutes
A motion was made by Bernard Roe and seconded by Kevin Gribbon to waive the reading of last month’s membership
meeting minutes. Motion was passed unanimously.
Sickness and Health
Nothing to report
Communications and Bills
Nothing to report
Introduction of Guests
Martin Richardson – Ret. NYC Transit PD.
Shirley Onyango – Ret. Baltimore, MD PD.
Courtney Simuel – Ret. Nassau Co, NY Sheriff’s Office.
Wade Simuel - Ret. Nassau Co, NY Sheriff’s Office.
Christine Smothers
Cleave Bethea – Ret. NYC Transit PD.

Report of Officers
Harvey discussed a troubling piece of legislation, the “Right to Resist Bill” that was introduced by the Indiana State Sen-
ate. This Bill in essence states that a person can use deadly physical force against a police officer if that person rea-
sonably believes that that force is necessary to keep that officer from acting illegally. Supporters of that bill state that it
simply clarifies the “castle doctrine” of the State of Indiana that permits people to use force to prevent illegal entry in to
their homes. Opponents of the law feel that this law will endanger the lives of officers who have to make split second
decisions in volatile situations
Harvey discussed the progress of the Club’s 5th Anniversary Commemorative Book. Additional photos of Club members
have been added to the book and the Board had decided to solicit sponsors to help reduce the cost of the book. As of
now the cost will be $20.00 per copy, but if a few more sponsors are obtained before the book goes to print in two
weeks the cost can be lowered to $15. Frederica Murray suggested that we allow Club members to donate money as
boosters and allow them to write comments that will be published in the book. This suggestion will be discussed further
at the March 6 Board Meeting.
Members were advised of the finalized criteria for applying for the two $1,000.00 college scholarships that the Club will
be awarding each year in June. An application and instruction sheet will be included in the March newsletter.
Harvey announced that Frederica Murray has reluctantly resigned as newsletter editor so that she can devout more
time to her studies in obtaining her Master’s Degree. Kudos was given to Frederica for the excellent job that she had
done. A request was made by Harvey for a volunteer to take over her position.
Members were reminded about the National’s Mega Raffle. The funds that are raised are used by the National in the
continued fight to protect and increase our retiree benefits.
The club has received PBA Cards for the 2012 year. These cards will be distributed after the meeting by Harvey.
Vice President:
Ben Pepitone provided the Treasurer’s report for the month ending January 31, 2012.
Beginning Balance                 $10,309.39
      Cleared Transactions
      Checks Written:             $   -122.00
      Deposits                    $    490.00
     Total cleared Transactions $      368.00
Ending Balance                    $10,677.39
A motion was made by Bernard Roe and seconded by Dave Shultheis to accept the report as presented. Motion carried
Nothing to report
Jim Houston reported that he is still taking orders for polo shirts and sweatshirts. Jim also reported that on March 31,
2012 there will be a military salute to Viet Nam Veterans as well as all who had served in the Armed Forces. The event
will be held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the tickets can be downloaded at no charge via the Speedway web-
Glenn Galanos is still collecting toiletries, snacks, etc. for our troops overseas.
Harry Dobson reports that Sgt. Dexter Wilson, Waxhaw, PD will be conducting an HR 218 Class on April 5th. Contact
Dex ASAP to sign up.

Joe Kozlowski reports that our 5th Anniversary Commemorative book will be ready by the next membership meeting. He
is taking orders and the current price for the book is $20.00. If more advertisers are obtained, the cost will be reduced
and a refund will be given to those who paid $20.
Committee Reports:
We now have 254 members, 69 members who have not yet paid their 2012 dues.
Our next Membership Meeting will be our annual St. Paddy’s Day Dinner. Corned beef and cabbage with trimmings will
be catered by Toast Café which is owned by Brian Burchill, son of Club member Jim Burchill.
Health and Welfare:
Nothing to report
Old Business
A reminder was made that the National Convention will be held from August 3-5 at the Honors Haven Resort and Spa
in Ellenville, NY. See Harvey for a reservation form.
New Business
Proposition for Membership:
Ret. PO Mike Eaton         NYPD
Ret. Det. Rey Garcia       NYPD
Ret. PO Delores Komst      Metropolitan Washington, DC, PD
Ret. Sgt. Marty Richardson NYPD Transit PD
Re. PO Shirley Onyango     Baltimore, MD, PD
A motion was made by Jim Houston and seconded by Mike Yacopino to accept the above for membership. Motion
passed unanimously.
Good of the Order:
Club member Ronnie Stinson, Secretary of FOP Lodge 9, advised members that you can only receive benefits from
one FOP Lodge so there is no advantage to belonging to two. Before you switch to FOP Lodge 9 from another Lodge
you should check to see which Lodge has better benefits.
The 50/50 of $150.00 and was won by Scott Hickey.
A motion was made by Ben Pepitone and seconded by Kevin Gribbon to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 PM. Motion car-
ried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted:
Sam Reiver, Secretary

                                                     Next Meeting
                                                     March 27, 2012

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