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									Vol. 24, No. 1                                                                                 January • February 2009

                                                                                  Surveys Being
   Gov. Bobby Jindal Appoints Rebecca                                             Conducted for
   Hamilton to the Louisiana Abraham                                              Public Libraries
   Lincoln Bicentennial Commission                                                T   wo surveys are currently being
                                                                                      conducted nationwide in public
                                       Governor Bobby Jindal appointed Re-
                                       becca Hamilton to the Louisiana Abra-      The 2008 National Survey of Public
                                       ham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.       Library Funding and Technology
                                       2009 is the 200th anniversary of Abra-     Access is done by John Bertot work-
                                       ham Lincoln’s birthday.                    ing with the Information Institute at
                                                                                  Florida State University. The survey
                                     The Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicen-
                                                                                  is funded by the American Library
                                     tennial Commission serves to develop,
                                                                                  Association and the Bill & Melinda
   plan and coordinate statewide events that educate the public about the life
                                                                                  Gates Foundation, and is part of a
   and presidency of Abraham Lincoln and assist the state liaison to the na-
                                                                                  larger study managed by the Ameri-
   tional commission in overseeing and directing preparations for statewide
                                                                                  can Library Association. More in-
   programs and events.
                                                                                  formation on the overall study is
   “The very name ‘Abraham Lincoln’ is so iconic that it has almost become        available at
   a monument itself,” said Hamilton. “It is extraordinary that one man so        plinternetfunding.
   changed the course of human history. I think it’s important for us to take
                                                                                  U.S. Libraries Initiative: Broadband
   another look at his life and his presidency and learn from these. We all
                                                                                  Assessment Project is funded by the
   know that he epitomized honor, integrity and courage. But exactly what
                                                                                  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
   challenges did Lincoln meet in order to achieve this legacy? By serving on
                                                                                  to collect data on the current state
   this commission, I hope to help expand the public’s understanding about
                                                                                  of library connectivity nationally,
   the 16th American President.”
                                                                                  which will then be used to advocate
                                                                                  for increased connectivity in public
   SLOL Gets Hooked on Phonics
   B    ased on patron requests from public libraries, the
        State Library has purchased two copies of Hooked
   on Phonics: Kindergarten to Second Grade, a popular read-
                                                               Read, Bridge to English: Fairy Tale Learning, and Bridge
                                                               to English: Read Before You Can Walk. These series target
                                                               young infants and toddlers in the early stages of lan-
   ing program for children. The kits are available through                                    guage development as
   interlibrary loan. Because of the number of pieces, each                                        well as pre-school
   kit has been broken down into a smaller subset.                                                   children. Once re-
   When placing a request for your patron, be                                                         ceived and cata-
   sure to specify what kit is needed – Kindergar-                                                    loged, these will
   ten, First Grade, or Second Grade.                                                                 be available via
                                                                                                     ILL as well.
   We have also ordered three early literacy DVD
   series that will soon available: Your Baby Can
                                            days when you
                                                                                      SLOL Contributes
Viewpoint                                   had to speak to
                                            a specific person
                                                                                      to Civil Rights
                                            to give you assis-
As we all know, libraries have
changed dramatically in the last
                                            tance.                                    Digital Library
25 years. Today’s libraries are bus-        Today, when you                               he struggle for racial equality in
tling businesses serving as commu-          need any assis-                               the 1950s and 1960s is among the
nity centers that are technologically       tance you can call                        most far-reaching social movements
and customer service driven and             on anyone at the State Library and        in the nation’s history and repre-
that provide cutting edge services          that person can get you to where          sents a crucial step in the evolution
– for example, blogs, podcasts, cof-        you need to be – whether that be a li-    of American democracy. The Civil
fee shops, teen rooms and distance          brary consultant, the reference desk      Rights Digital Library promotes
education classrooms -- along with          or IT. Additionally, we no longer use     understanding by providing pri-
all the traditional services that they      geographic boundaries in library de-      mary sources and other educational
continue to offer. Our libraries have       velopment to determine who serves         materials, online articles and uned-
all embraced these changes and              you and our team is cross-trained in      ited news film from throughout the
Louisiana has one of the strongest          order to better serve you. Please let     South.
public library systems in the nation.       your staff members know that they
                                            can call on any of us at any time and     The State Library of Louisiana con-
In order to better serve you and make       we will make sure that you all will       tributed to this endeavor by provid-
the best use of existing resources,         get the help that you need. If you        ing photographs covering the story
the State Library is changing along         are unsure which department to            of Louisiana segregation, Baton
with you. Today we have a new               call, you can e-mail libdev@state.lib.    Rouge demonstrations and other
interlibrary loan system, increased, and we will make sure your         civil rights battles, including the
state aid, improved training offer-         question is sent to the best person to    march from Bogalusa. The public
ings and, like you, are operating in        answer.                                   can access this material through the
more of business environment. The                                                     click of a mouse at www.civilright-
State Library boasts a lean staff with                                       The digital library can
a leadership team that has earned                                                     be searched by key events, topics,
executive certification and that has                                                  media type and places, using an in-
a proven track record of success in         State Librarian                           teractive map powered by Google.
their area of expertise. Gone are the
                                                                                      The Civil Rights Digital Library is
                                                                                      an initiative of the Digital Library of
Children’s Author Responds to Letter                                                  Georgia and is the most comprehen-
                                                                                      sive digital archive of the national
L    illie Brunet, Terrebonne
     Parish Library’s pre-
school outreach coordinator,
                                                                                      Civil Rights Movement to date.
                                                                                      The Civil Rights Digital Library is a
                                                                                      partnership among librarians, edu-
wrote a letter with one of her
                                                                                      cators, and public broadcasters. It
preschool classes to children’s
                                                                                      is supported by a National Leader-
author Tomie dePaola. Tomie
                                                                                      ship Grant for Libraries awarded
personally responded, tell-
                                                                                      to the University of Georgia by the
ing the class his plans for the
                                                                                      Institute of Museum and Library
holiday and how much he en-
joyed the picture of the class
that Lillie sent. Tomie sent
pictures of himself and stick-
                                 The photograph that Lillie Brunet, Terrebonne Par-
ers for Lillie to share with the
                                 ish Library’s Preschool Outreach Coordinator, sent
over 2,000 children she reads to children’s author Tomie dePaola.
to each month at the parish
daycares and preschools.

2                                                       Communiqué                                          Vol. 24, No. 6
                                   People & Places
At the State Library                    Technical Services department. For        Evangeline Parish Library Board
                 Michael Golrick        the past few years, she has been          President Julia Fontenot was se-
                 joined the State       working in Fort Polk, but has now         lected as the Region 4 Secondary
                 Library as a public    returned to Baton Rouge.                  Technology Teacher of the Year for
                 library consultant     Emma K. Schroth, Services for the         Louisiana Computer Using Educa-
                 and State Data Co-     Blind and Physically Handicapped’s        tors. She will compete at the state
                 ordinator on De-       Children and Teen Services Librar-        level and attend a special awards
                 cember 1. He has a     ian, has been appointed to the Col-       luncheon.
                 bachelor’s degree      laborative Summer Library Pro-            Evangeline Parish Library Board
                 in Religious Stud-     gram’s Diversity Committee. The           Vice-President Jennifer Vidrine
ies from Brown University, a Master     committee is dedicated to creating a      was a delegate at large for Demo-
of Science in Library Science from      more inclusive community of sum-          cratic nominee Barack Obama. She
the University of Illinois at Urbana-   mer readers and reading programs          attended the Democratic National
Champaign, and a Masters in Busi-       grounded in respect and apprecia-         convention in Denver and will at-
ness Administration from the Uni-       tion for individual differences.          tend the presidential inauguration
versity of Arizona. He has served as                                              in Washington D.C.
a public library director in Wilton     Around the State
CT, Bridgeport CT, and Eau Claire       Charlotte Trosclair is the new direc-     Plaquemines Parish Library Depart-
WI. He also was the executive direc-    tor of the Vermilion Parish Library,      ment has named Patrisha Walker as
tor of the Southern Connecticut Li-     replacing Jackie Choate who retired       the new Assistant Director. The Bu-
brary Council, a multi-type library     in December. Trosclair was formerly       ras, LA native has been employed at
agency formerly in Hamden CT.           the director at Cameron Parish Li-        the Library for five years, serving in
                                        brary.                                    various capacities.
Lesli Gray has joined the State Li-
brary staff as the head of the Refer-
ence Department. Gray earned an         Longtime Allen Parish Library
MLIS from LSU in 2003. She worked
several years in the State Library’s    Trustee Passes Away
Wayne P. Sutton died on Saturday,
                                        M    emorial Services for Minnie
                                             Lou Lynch were held Decem-
                                        ber 20, 2008, in Oakdale. Mrs. Lynch
                                                                                  She received many honors during
                                                                                  her lifetime of library service and
                                                                                  advocacy, including the American
August 23 at his residence. Wayne       had a distinguished career, speak-        Library Association’s Trustee Cita-
was a founding member of Bienville      ing on library affairs in 35 states and   tion and recognition by them as an
Parish Library Board of Control,        Canada. Her 52-year professional          “Extraordinary Library Advocate of
serving more than 44 years. He was      career also included that of a book       the 20th Century,” Louisiana’s Out-
presented the Modisette Award for       reviewer for audiences, entertain-        standing Trustee Award, and The
Library Trustees in 2002 by the Lou-    ment she called “Book Theater.”           Southwestern Library Association’s
isiana Library Association for his                                                Honorary Life membership. In 2000,
                                        Lynch was the founder and organiz-
many years of dedicated service.                                                  she received the Louisiana Endow-
                                        er of the public library in Oakdale.
                                        During that time, she led the politi-     ment for the Humanities Award for
Nolan Chaix, a volunteer who re-
                                        cal effort to achieve library service     her Lifetime Contribution to the Hu-
paired talking book machines for
                                        for the entire parish which led to        manities. The Town Talk honored
the State Library’s Services for the
                                        the creation of the Allen Parish Li-      her as a Woman of Distinction in
Blind and Physically Handicapped
                                        brary System in 1957. She served on       2002.
division for more than 20 years,
passed away on October 24, 2008.        the library’s Board of Control from       In 2007, as part of the Allen Parish
Chaix was 85 years old. Chaix will      its inception until her death. At the     Library’s 50th Anniversary, the li-
be remembered for his hard work,        state level, Lynch presided as the Ex-    brary Board of Control established
his dedication to his volunteer work,   ecutive Director of Louisiana’s two       a lasting reference to Mrs. Lynch’s
and for his sense of humor. He was      Governor’s Conferences on Librar-         60-plus years of volunteer activity
a special friend to SBPH and to the     ies. On the national level, she served    on behalf of libraries. They named
blind and visually impaired readers     as President of the American Library      a renovation to the Oakdale Branch
of Louisiana.                           Trustee Association, a division of the    Library “LynchPlaza.”
                                        American Library Association.

January • February 2009                            Communiqué                                                         
                                                            2009 Children Services and
2009 Teen Services Workshops                                Programming Workshops
“Teen Programs that Work”
                                                            February 17, 2009 - Lincoln Parish Library, Ruston
January 6, 2009 - State Library, Baton Rouge                February 19, 2009 – State Library of Louisiana, Baton Rouge
January 8, 2009 - Lincoln Parish Library, Ruston            February 20, 2009 – Lafayette Parish Library, Main Branch,
All teen services workshops are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00
p.m. with registration beginning at 9:00 a.m., and a        All children’s workshops are
break for lunch.                                            from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                                            with registration beginning
RoseMary Honnold will be the Teen Services presenter.
                                                            at 9:00 a.m., and a break
The workshop will focus on general teen programming,
                                                            for lunch.
including teen library clubs and technology programs,
plus ideas for the Teen Summer Reading Program.             Because of the great pos-
                                                            itive response last year,
Honnold is a nationally recognized advocate of teen
                                                            we have invited Sherry
services. She is the author of four books about teen ser-
                                                            Norfolk back again this
vices, including: 101+ Teen Programs that Work, MORE
                                                            year as the children’s pre-
                          Teen Programs that Work, The
                                                            senter. Norfolk’s presen-
                               Teen Reader’s Advisor, and
                                                            tation will include materi-
                                  Get Connected : Tech
                                                            als, activities and information
                                    Programs for Teens.
                                                            relating to the children’s summer
                                     Honnold has had
                                                            reading theme “Be Creative @ Your Li-
                                      numerous articles
                                                            brary” for storytimes and programs for children ages 4-
                                       published regard-
                                                            12 (Preschool – Grade 6). The workshops will also focus
                                       ing teen services,
                                                            on a variety of other materials and programming ideas
                                       including      two
                                                            for fairy tale themes and children’s services in general.
                                       articles in VOYA
                                      magazine. Hon-        Norfolk has been a professional storyteller since 1981.
                                     nold serves on nu-     She holds a Master’s in Library Science and has been
                                    merous committees,      recognized with awards from the American Library
                                  presents teen service     Association and the Association for Library Service for
                               workshops across the         Children. More information about Norfolk can be ob-
                          country, and is the full time     tained at:
Young Adult Services Coordinator at Coshocton Public
Library in Coshocton, Ohio. Check out her website at        For registration information on the workshops, contact                                             April Milton at (225) 342-4931.

4                                                  Communiqué                                         Vol. 24, No. 6
                        David Farrar is New Director at
                        East Baton Rouge Parish Library
                        David Farrar     public libraries. He is a tremendous     look forward to working with board
                        has accepted     asset to Louisiana’s libraries as a      members and staff to build upon
                        the position     whole,” she added.                       these great achievements.”
                        of      Direc-
                        tor for the      “The Board of Control has given          Farrar was most recently the library
                        East Baton       me the honor to direct the largest       director of the Talladega Public Li-
                        Rouge Par-       library system in the state of Loui-     brary in Talladega, AL since 2001.
ish Library and began working for        siana. I appreciate their confidence     Prior to that position he served as
the system on November 10. State         and look forward to many years of        System Library Director for Vir-
Librarian Rebecca Hamilton had the       service,” said Farrar. “This system      ginia College, LLC in Birmingham,
opportunity to meet with the new         is recognized throughout the coun-       AL from 1996 to 2001 and Library
director. “His enthusiasm and dedi-      try for its excellence in information    Assistant at Southern Progress Cor-
cation to the mission of libraries re-   service as well as its outstanding       poration in Birmingham, AL from
ally impressed me,” she said. “While     programming efforts. Numerous            1991 to 1996. Farrar holds a B.A. in
David is committed to maintaining        awards for architectural achieve-        Political Science, History, a M.A. in
and growing the outstanding repu-        ment also define this library system     Political Science, and a M.L.S., Li-
tation of the East Baton Rouge Par-      in no uncertain terms. This commit-      brary Science all from the University
ish Library system, he is also eager     ment to public service is inspiring. I   of Alabama.
to create partnerships with all of our

SLOL Presents First                                                                          Larose Branch
                                                                                             of Lafourche
Statewide Staff Day                                                                          Parish Public
                                                                                             Library System
The State Library will present the first statewide Staff
Day on Thursday, January 15th at the West Baton Rouge                                        Opens
Conference Center in Port Allen. The State Library will
combine various training and user group sessions and
also provide an opportunity to network.
                                                             T   he Larose Branch of the Lafourche Parish Public
                                                                 Library System opened in late August, 2008. The
                                                             ribbon cutting ceremony was postponed due to Hurri-
This year’s program includes several timely and worth-       cane Gustav. The community was finally able to cut the
while presentations. Staff Day will bring together front-    ribbon on November 14, 2008. The building is 4,500 sq.
line staff in reference, ILL, technical services, and com-   feet with a public meeting room, children’s department,
puter services, including both State Library personnel       six public access computers and wireless service. The
and presenters from our own public library community.        library has a staff of three, serving a community popula-
                                                             tion of 7,306.
The keynote presentations will be “Dealing with Dif-
ficult People,” Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian, on
“State of the State Library,” and Riley Bordelon and Da-
vid Rainey on Wimba, an online and interactive train-
ing platform. There are also several noon sessions from
which to choose.

To register, call (225) 342-4931 or email amilton@slol. Registration deadline is Thursday, January 8.
The $25 fee per person will cover a continental breakfast,
boxed lunch, and afternoon refreshments.

January • February 2009                             Communiqué                                                       
“Beauregard Parish Library Presents...”                                               Communiqué is a monthly publication

T    he Beauregard Parish Library kicked off “Beauregard Parish Library
     Presents...,” an eight month long series of cultural and artistic programs
for all ages, with a visit from Marcelle Bienvenu, author of Who’s Your Mama,
                                                                                      of the State Library of Louisiana to pro-
                                                                                      vide information to Louisiana libraries
                                                                                      and people with an interest in libraries.
                                                                                      Inquiries, subscription information or
Are You Catholic, Can You Make a Roux? and several other titles.                      requests on obtaining large print or au-
                                                                                      diocassette versions should be directed
Along with a presentation at the main library branch on November 7, Bi-               to the Communications Section.
envenu spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at La Cuisine de Beauregard, the
first annual food festival in DeRid-                                                     Office of the Lieutenant Governor
                                                                                              Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu
der that same day.
                                                                                               Department of Culture,
“Beauregard Parish Library Pres-                                                               Recreation & Tourism
ents...” is supported by a grant from                                                          Pam Breaux, Secretary
the Louisiana Division of the Arts,
                                                                                           State Library of Louisiana
Office of Cultural Development,
                                                                                        Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian
Department of Culture, Recreation
and Tourism in cooperation with                                                                 Paulita Chartier,
the Louisiana State Arts Council as                                                          Communications Director
administered by The Arts and Hu-        Left to right are: Marcelle Bienvenu, Asst.
                                        Admin. Librarian Erin Chesnutt (seated),      State Library of Louisiana
manities Council of Southwest Loui-     Director Lilly F. Smith and Public Rela-      Communications Section
siana.                                  tions Coordinator Celise Reech-Harper.        701 N. 4th St.
                                                                                      Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Evangeline Parish Library Signs Agreement                                             Phone: (225) 342-9713
                                                                                      Fax: (225) 219-4804
with Pine Prairie Correctional Center                                       

E   vangeline Parish Library has signed an agreement with Pine Prairie
    Correctional Center to lend books to the Center. According to Library
Director Mary Foster-Glasso, the program will increase library outreach by
                                                                                      The State Library of Louisiana is one of
                                                                                      our state’s greatest resources for research
                                                                                      information, government documents,
assisting inmates in obtaining educational and recreational reading materials.        genealogical data, books in Braille, au-
                                                                                      diobooks and more.
A long-term goal is to help inmates increase their literacy skills and improve
                                                                                      The State Library’s mission is to build
their chances for a better life after incarceration. Foster-Galasso thanks Mi-        an informed, literate and democratic
chelle Gahn, Educator Supervisor for PPCC, for suggesting the program,                society by ensuring access to informa-
and Allen Parish Library Director Karen Teigen for guidance in developing             tional, cultural and recreational resourc-
the agreement. The program began in December and will be coordinated                  es, especially those resources unique to
by Ms. Gahn and Pamela Guillory, branch manager for Evangeline’s Rev.
Leslie Prescott Branch in Pine Prairie.

South St. Landry Dedicates New Wing
O    n October 18, South St. Landry in Sunset dedicated a new adult
     wing. The dedication, hosted by the Friends of Community Li-
brary, was held in honor of the late Rep. Charles Hudson. Hudson
was instrumental in obtaining the capital outlay funds that were used
for construction of the 3,000 + square foot addition.
Speakers for the event were Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian, and
Donovan Hudson, Special Assistant for Urban Affairs in the office of
the Lt. Governor. Hudson is the son of the late Rep. Charles Hudson.
Also in attendance were state library consultants Dorothy White, Je-
rome Cummings and State Library Board of Commissioners member
Paulette Holahan. The new addition houses the adult fiction and non-
fiction collection, patron workstations, a reading area and a meeting
area with kitchenette and restroom facilities.

6                                                    Communiqué                                               Vol. 24, No. 6
                                              George Rodrigue Prints:
                                              A Catalogue Raisonne 190-2000
                                              Contributor: George Rodrigue
                                              Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated
                                              Publication Date: 2008
                                              ISBN: 0-8109-91-4
                                              Pages: 26
                                              Price: $0.00

G     eorge Rodrigue Prints: A Cata-
      logue Raisonne 1970-2000 is
a unique glimpse of the prints of
                                         silkscreen prints appeared in 1990.
                                         The Blue Dog is based on Tiffany, a
                                         terrier owned by Rodrigue, who had
                                                                                  and Blue God VII. There is an excel-
                                                                                  lent Chronology of the artist and his
                                                                                  works, as well as an index to help
George Rodrigue, as well as a bio-       passed away some years before. As        locate desired pieces.
graphical piece of the man as an         the years passed, the Blue Dog could
artist. Contributors to the work are     be seen in almost all of Rodrigue’s      George Rodrigue Prints: A Catalogue Rai-
George Rodrigue, Wendy Wolfe Ro-         paintings and prints. For example,       sonne 1970-2000 would be a fine addi-
drigue and Harry N. Abrams, all of       the painting Morning Glories Blonde,     tion to any library’s collection on art,
which create a better understand-        a silkscreen done in 1988 had the        as well as make a wonderful gift.
ing of the artist known for his Blue     Blue Dog added in 1991 and titled        Charlene Bonnette is a Reference Librar-
Dog. The Blue Dog has become an          Morning Glories Blonde with Tiffany.     ian in the Louisiana Section of the State
artistic icon, easily recognizable as
                                         George Rodrigue Prints: A Catalogue      Library of Louisiana
the work of artist George Rodrigue.
The prints of George Rodrigue are        Raisonne 1970-2000 is a coffee-table
perhaps some of his most popular         size book with an appealing cover of
pieces and George Rodrigue Prints:       the Blue Dog, though he is a bit more
                                         gray than blue. Through the years,        Good Books, Good
A Catalogue Raisonne 1970-2000 of-
fers viewers over six hundred litho-     the dog becomes a more vibrant            Friends @ Jackson
graphs and silkscreens, some never       blue, or green, yellow or red, paint-     Parish Library
                                         ed singly or in multiples reminiscent

before published.                                                                           ood    Books,    Good
                                         of Warhol. The dog is painted on a
                                                                                            Friends” is the new
George Rodrigue was born in 1944,        tree stump, tomb, box, amid flowers,
                                                                                   adult reading group at Jack-
the son of a bricklayer from New         trees, bayou scenes, in the desert, in
                                                                                   son Parish Library. The group
Iberia, Louisiana. He painted what       a Campbell’s soup can, draped in the
                                                                                   meets on the fourth Wednes-
he knew, the Cajuns and life in rural    American flag, decked out for Mardi
                                                                                   day afternoon of the month for
South Louisiana. As his fame grew,       Gras and oodles more. He is a dog
                                                                                   book discussions that are led
he often created posters for Louisi-     that Rodrigue aficionados love and
                                                                                   by Jackson Parish Library staff
ana festivals, such as Festivals Aca-    one that has highlighted the career
                                                                                   members Carol Massey, Tom-
diens, Louisiana State Fair and Breaux   of George Rodrigue. Almost every
                                                                                   mie Overman and Robin Toms.
Bridge Crawfish Festival. In 1976, he    page of this 256 resource is covered
                                                                                   With an average attendance of
published The Cajuns of George Ro-       with colorful imagery. The Forward
                                                                                   22, the group is growing both
drigue, which contained one hun-         and Introduction offer biographical
                                                                                   in size and interest as members
dred fifty-six reproductions of his      insight into George Rodrigue. Oth-
                                                                                   have begun recommending
paintings. His Cajun paintings were      er chapters include 1970-89 Bayou
                                                                                   titles and expressing interest
becoming more and more popular,          Scenes & Event Posters, Blue Dog I,
                                                                                   in leading future discussions.
as were the series of portraits of fa-   Blue Dog II, Blue Dog III,
                                                                                   Good books, good friends, good
mous Louisianians. His most popu-
                                         Blue Dog IV, Blue Dog V, Blue Dog         food and good conversation can
lar creation is the Blue Dog, which
                                         VI, Commemorative & Special Editions,     all be found at the Jackson Par-
first appeared in 1984 in the book
                                         Bodies and Remastered Digital Prints,     ish Library.
Bayou by Chris Segura, and then

January • February 2009                             Communiqué                                                           
   State Library of Louisiana                                                                                          NON-PROFIT
Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
                        P. O. Box 131                                                                                US POSTAGE PAID
                Baton Rouge, LA 70821 - 0131                                                                         BATON ROUGE LA
                                                                                                                      PERMIT #2012

                                              Calendar Notes
Teen Reading Program Workshop .....................Baton Rouge, State Library ........................January 6
Teen Reading Program Workshop .....................Ruston, Lincoln Parish Library .................January 8
E-rate Forms 470 Due ...........................................Statewide ......................................................January 15
MLK Holiday, SLOL Closed................................Statewide ......................................................January 19
ALA Midwinter Meeting .....................................Denver, CO ..................................................January 23–28

LA Young Readers Choice Ballots Due .............Statewide ......................................................February 11
E-rate Forms 471 Due ...........................................Statewide ......................................................February 12
Children’s Services Workshop ............................Ruston, Lincoln Parish Library .................February 17
Children’s Services Workshop ............................Baton Rouge, State Library ........................February 19
Children’s Services Workshop ............................Lafayette, Lafayette Public Library ..........February 20
Mardi Gras Holiday ..............................................Statewide ......................................................February 24

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