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									marlene jess

education                                                     solo exhibitions
diploma of fine arts 2008                                     2010
curatorial studies program (2 yr. placement)                  open, curator/christine clark, xchanges gallery, victoria, bc
vancouver island school of art, victoria, bc
bachelor of arts 2001                                         chip, curator/ryan dobrowski, PIP gallery, portland, or
community health & social sciences                            arcade, graduate exhibition, vancouver island school of art,
brock university, st.catharines, on                            victoria, bc

group exhibitions                                             2006
2011                                                          background, the ministry of casual living, victoria, bc
greenwash, curator/helen marzolf, open space, victoria, bc    smalls songs, the fifty fifty arts collective, victoria, bc

2010                                                          curatorial activities
you call that a crown?, SEA change gallery, portland, or      2010
pedestrian colour, curator/john luna, slide room gallery,     the oral buffet (with ross mccauley &marlaina buch),
  victoria, bc                                                 fundraiser for bc artist run centers

2009                                                          2009
ellipsis, xchanges gallery, victoria, bc                      art is my religion:khyber arts revival (with brian macnevin),
                                                               khyber ica, halifax, ns
map, curator/gerry gauthier, the ministry of casual living,   2008
 victoria, bc                                                 plumb, PIP gallery, portland, or
dream show, curator/ben pink, launch pad gallery, portland,   fusible link, PIP gallery, portland, or
 or                                                           off the grid; victoria’s second artspace crawl
residency exhibition, curator/sally mckay, open space,         (with alan kollins)
 victoria, bc                                                 cassette, the slide room gallery, victoria, bc
squelch, the fifty fifty arts collective, victoria, bc
2007                                                          off the grid; victoria’s first artspace crawl
material matters, curator/wendy welch, the slide room          (with alan kollins)
 gallery, victoria, bc
workbench, curators/zoe kreye &ross mccauley, open space,     2006
 victoria, bc                                                 analog, the slide room gallery, victoria, bc
                                                              propeller, the slide room gallery, victoria, bc
projects & public presentations
2011                                                            2008
”H20MG!” artist talk, open space arts society, victoria, bc     richard schemmerer, “fusible link at PIP gallery”, pdx art
“la vie en vert” artist talk, art gallery of greater             newsletter, oct. 10
 victoria, bc
“bucolic battery” book of prose, clipboard publishing co.,      2007
 vancouver island, bc                                           wendy welch, “caution, artists at work”, monday magazine,
“RC” design commission, open space arts society, victoria, bc    july 26, pg.15
“water wall” public art commission (mural), crystal pool        david capell, “workbench” (catalogue)
 & city of victoria, bc                                         john luna, “material matters”, (catalogue)

2010                                                            2005
artist talk, cfuv radio, university of victoria, bc             litwin, grania “learning for art’s sake”, times colonist,
                                                                 april 17, pg.b1
private design commission, linus pauling house, portland, or
artist talk, university of victoria, bc
drawing performance, university of victoria school of music
public art commission, superior café, victoria, bc

shop steward, dawson printshop, nscad, halifax, ns
art curriculum development, ywca halifax, ns

“urban systems” public art commission, crd, city of victoria,

helen marzolf, “greenwash” (catalogue)
karen mckenzie, “opening eyes in james bay”, monday magazine,
 sept. 14 pg.11
john luna, “marlene jess’ book bucolic battery” (review)
mary ellen green, “city something: H2OMG”, monday magazine,
 june 15, pg. 12
amy smart, “ambitious greenwash engages”, times colonist,
 june 12, c12
amy smart, “artists explore ecosystem”, times colonist,
 june 4, d5
christine clark, “the truth about luxury”, focus magazine,
 june, pg. 14-15

john luna, “pedestrian colour” (catalogue)

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