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CONVEX MIRRORS: YOUR SAFEST INVESTMENT Convex mirror s are known as broad view spectrum mirrors.

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Convex mirrors are known as broad view spectrum mirrors. They are very effective in retail or
convenient stores (store mirrors) and can be a huge asset. These act as built in security and show
all areas of the stores which normally would be out of our realm of sight. You can see many
angles from just one area. These can be used inside and outside. There are two different types of
Convex Mirrors depending on if being used indoors or outdoors. Shoplifters will normally be
scared off by Convex Mirrors. It enables store owners to watch them in live time as opposed to a
camera which is later reviewed. It has been compared to “having eyes in the back of my head”.
This gives shop owners a leg up to see who is in the store and all times, and what they may be
trying to do once they are in the store.

                                It also serves as protection for the other customers for they can
                               also see what each other is doing and as peers will be more
                               inclined to protect each other if they know others are watching.
                               This also goes for criminal activity. Criminals do not act if they
                               think they can be seen by witnessing parties. The Convex Mirrors
                               create an open platform for everyone to see what each other are
                               doing and management to be kept abreast on all activities. These
                               can be purchased quite affordably and in essence is a small
                               investment in to the future of protecting your business. They are
                               easy to mount, and place. It's an inexpensive solution to the small
                               business owner who cannot afford the fancy security systems and

Contrary to popular belief, the more expensive and intricate is not always the best. It is human
nature to not want to be caught in the act. If you feel people are watching you then you are less
inclined to engage in shop lifting or criminal activity. Convex mirrors otherwise known as acrylic
convex security mirrors are very popular for the small business owner or mom and pop shops. The
spherical effect is reflecting surfaced mirrors also know as a fish eye. They are large disk placed
above eye view at the top of wall boarders or finishing. Many banks utilize these to see
customers that may be behind them by looking in to a front view of the convex mirrors. A safe,
affordable, and effective way to protect your business or home. These can be found in home
good stores or online. Convex Mirrors are a small investment to protect your future and business.

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