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					VOLUME 21, ISSUE 1                                                          • DECEMBER 2005

               THE          JARVIS JARGON
                                             "FOR THE STUDENTS, BY THE STUDENTS"

                 CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE

                           Vice Principal Phoenix and Principal Gold with former Jarvis student, Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe.

I                                           n
New Curriculum
                                  MISS UNIVERSE VISITS JARVIS                                                                          by Justine Voutt
                                           It was just after lunch      greet guest speakers.                from Russia with her family.       Management and Marketing
by Niko Block, page 4
                                  and the upper gym was filled                  The lady of the hour         After attending Jarvis in the      from Ryerson University.
                                  with seated students waiting          was 23 year-old Natalie Glebova,     ESL program from Grade 9                   When asked about her
Teacher Crushes                   for the appearance of the guest       a former Jarvisite herself, who      to 11, her family moved to         true heritage, and if she feels
by Michelle Ngo, page 7           speaker. Upon her arrival, the        was crowned Miss Universe on         London (Ontario) where she         more Canadian than Russian,
                                  gym was filled with applause          May 30th this year in Bangkok,       completed high school. She         Natalie stated she is proud to
The Victory Lap                   and open jaws that was a shock-       Thailand.                            then returned to Toronto to        consider herself Canadian.
by Stewart Jackson, page 8        ing change from the bored faces               Glebova          arrived     earn a Bachelor's degree in
                                  with which Jarvisites tend to         in Toronto at the age of 12          Information      Technology              Continued on Page 3
University for Dummies
by Max Barkley, page 10
                                  HOW SAFE IS YOUR LOCKER?                                                                                by Kelly Wong
Workers’ Rights:                           It’s after reading period    unused one but they don’t open.      broken into, and items such        tion and what items you’re miss-
A Student's Guide                 and you’ve just realized you’ve       Curiosity kicks in and finally,      as jackets, music players, cell    ing. Then it gets filed away so
by Beth deVries, page 13          forgotten your textbook for next      you open this bare locker and,       phones, DVDs, and locks are        that in the future, if these items
                                  class. You run to your locker         lo and behold, your belongings       stolen. Usually notebooks and      are recovered, the administra-
Got Milk?                         as quickly as possible only to        are there...minus a few valu-        texts are left behind.             tion can contact the student.
by Pedram Mossallanejad           notice something amiss: your          ables. Sound familiar?                        So what do you do                  Victoria Wong, a
page 14                           lock is missing from the locker                Locker break-ins are a      when this happens? You should      Grade 12 student here at Jarvis
                                  door. Well that can’t be. Your        familiar problem for students        go down to the main office and     had her locker broken into two
Videogame violence                locker must be the one beside         in Jarvis, so how can we pre-        talk with the office administra-   years ago during the winter. Her
by Shawn Cain, page 15            this one. You try to unlock           vent them?                           tors and fill out a blue form      Columbia jacket was missing
                                  the ones on either side of this                Lockers are periodically    stating your personal informa-           Continued on Page 9

                                  PROFESSIONAL HELP HELPS
Netspeak: r u in?
by Terrence Vuu, page 16

                                  Counselling and therapy effective for teens by Jeanie Tran
Sections                                    So you’re sitting in        and you feel like no one under-      can tell you one thing: you are    uation. I was hesitant at first to
NEWS on page 3                    your bedroom, overly stressed         stands. Worst of all, you start to   not alone.                         get help but after a few weeks, I
                                  about school, family, your boy-       question your sanity. What do                 In mid-April, 2005, I     realized I was desperate.
JCEye on page 6
                                  friend or girlfriend, and your        you do? Who do you talk to?          was sleep-deprived, emotionally             Many teenagers are
ISSUES on page 10                 social life. Your anxiety level has            As a client at Turning      unstable, suffered from anxiety    hesitant to seek professional
MEDIA on page 15                  soared and your life has reached      Point Youth Centre, a therapy        attacks, and felt very stressed    help for numerous reasons. One
HUMOUR on page 18                 its worst. You cry, you rant,         clinic for youth and families, I     about school and my family sit-         Continued on Page 11
SPORTS on page 20
PAGE 2                                                                                                                 The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

                            EDITORIALS                                                                                                   Jargon Staff
        The purpose of the Jarvis Jargon is to raise awareness of the concerns that affect Jarvis students. As the only source of
news that is designed specifically for Jarvis students, we try to ensure that our articles are as relevant to you as possible.           Editors-In-Chief
                                                                                                                                                 Max Barkley
        If there are any subjects that you feel are important, and that do not receive enough attention, we would encourage you
                                                                                                                                                  Niko Block
to write about them. The Jargon is meant to provide a forum for JCI students to discuss a wide array of topics, such as school,               Stewart Jackson
teens,, politics, media, sports, music, and popular culture. In doing so, we hope to inspire a positive synergy at Jarvis by creating            Justine Voutt
an outlet for those who wish to have their opinions expressed and are interested in journalism.
                                                                                                                                            Layout Editor
        There are many excellent articles in this issue and we hope you all enjoy it thoroughly, and that it may inspire more of
                                                                                                                                                  Max Barkley
you to contribute to future issues; whether you are an aspiring writer, photographer, or illustrator, we encourage you to submit             Anshudeep Mathur
your work for publication. The Jarvis Jargon is for the students, by the students.
                                                                                                                                             Photo Editor
                                                                                                                                                 Justine Voutt

THE GOLD REPORT                                                                                                                          Website Designer
                                                                                                                                            Anshudeep Mathur
You Can Be A Part of History.........
        This issue of the Jargon contains an article on the upcoming Bicentennial of Jarvis. A                                             Website Adviser
special museum is being planned to commemorate this event in partnership with St. James'                                                        Mr. Schreiber
Cathedral. There were many connections between the founding of the school and St. James'
                                                                                                                                        Technical Support
Cathedral. There will be a special opening of the museum on the evening of February 9, 2006
                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Bartha
at the Cathedral. Okill Stuart a decendant of our first principal, Reverand George O’kill Stuart
will be attending the opening. Other special guests will include James Bartleman, Lieutenant-                                                 Staff Adviser
Governor of Ontario, Sheila Ward, Chair of the T.D.S.B., Gerry Connelly, Director of the                                                             Mr. Reed
T.D.S.B. and Andrea Alimi, Superintendent of our Family of Schools and possibly Gerard
Kennedy, Minister of Education.
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Gold
        This museum will give visitors the opportunity to see first-hand documents that give an
exciting glimpse of life in York (and later Toronto), the birth of public education in Ontario and                                                   Printer
the days leading up to the beginning of Jarvis and the early decades of Jarvis. The collection that                                      Centra Web Productions
is being put together is very diverse. Here is a quick glance of some highlights of the museum:
• The fact that the Ontario School for the Deaf at Belleville was started at Jarvis.                                                               Sanjay Bahal
• A teacher at Jarvis was fired in 1855 for teaching the theory of evolution three years before Darwin published.                                  Sherry Byrne
• A few years ago the City of Toronto had to respond to the SARS issue. In the early days of Jarvis there were issues with cholera                  Shawn Cain
epidemics, malaria, typhoid and a number of people died due to tooth decay.                                                                         Tim DeLeon
                                                                                                                                                   Beth deVries
• There will be copies of textbooks and other materials that belonged to the school in its early days.
                                                                                                                                                  Lexa Graham
• Letters regarding the beginning of public funding for education coupled with documents showing concerns regarding the                                Mr. Jones
education of residents of Upper Canada, having to send students to the United States for an education.                                               Youmi Kim
• Activities occurring in and around the school will be featured (Sports, Literary Society, Cadet Corps at Jarvis, etc.)                              Janny Lee
                                                                                                                                                 Isabel Luciano
• Issues in education during the early 1800’s will also be highlighted (teacher education, the importance of public examinations
                                                                                                                                               Sara Kay Maston
in the seeking of funding for schools, inspectors, entrance exams, social and family life in Toronto, Welfare, etc.)                      Pedram Mossallenejad
        I truly believe that this is a very important event for the Jarvis community for two reasons.                                             Michelle Ngo
First, we are being given the exciting opportunity to “learn by seeing” about the history of our school, our City and education                   Hoden Osman
in our Province.                                                                                                                                Casey Robinson
                                                                                                                                              Jothi Shanmugam
        Second, during the preparations for this collection I often thought of the former students, parents, staff and school
                                                                                                                                                Bhavna Sharma
administrators, who were in our shoes during that time. They probably approached their day-to-day activities as just that but                     Giorgio Traini
with great skill, excitement and commitment. Like us, they had many obstacles and frustrations along the way. The result of                          Jeanie Tran
their work is a school with a great legacy. As each of you approach your day-to-day activities as part of this community I encour-                   Mr. Vannan
                                                                                                                                                   Terrence Vuu
age you to think about the possibility that in the future another group will be preparing a museum to honour our school. I can
                                                                                                                                                    Kelly Wong
only hope that they will view our contributions to the evolution of this school in the same positive way.                                           Heidi Zhang

Note from the Editors
This year began with the Jarvis Jargon receiving a new computer after years of operating on a less-than-adequate iMac; however, one should
always be careful for what one wishes. The new computer brought with it a flurry of technical issues and annoyances that took some time
to be remedied. But we are now proud to present this year's first issue of the Jarvis Jargon; we hope you enjoy it.
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                                                                                                     PAGE 3

                                           ent cultures and backgrounds are uni-        Jarvis students, it was time for the ques-    other African nations, and has been part
Continued from Page 1
                                           versally accepted. No matter what your       tion session.                                 of organizing activities for children with
“Winning the Miss Universe competi-        history, once you arrive in Canada, you’re            I was hopeful that students          HIV/AIDS. When it comes close to
tion is definitely the embodiment of the   accepted as a Canadian,” she added.          would have asked questions that were          home, she has volunteered for local orga-
American/Canadian dream,” said newly                                                    provocative, or at least not based on what    nizations, The Hospital for Sick Children,
crowned Glebova when interviewed after            After delivering a very similar       she does with all her time and money, but     and the Casey House AIDS hospice.
the competition. “One of the best things   and well-crafted speech on “pursuing         when the second question from a student                 Still, many see pageants as events
about Canada is that people from differ-   your goals and never giving up” to the       was “How tall are you?” I knew I was          that objectify and belittle women, with-
                                                                                        being too hopeful.                            out promoting real values. Thao Vu, a
                                                                                                 After another fifteen minutes of     former Jarvis student agreed, “I think
                                                                                        arbitrary and irrelevant questions like “Is   they’re a useless tool in saying anything
                                                                                        that your real hair colour?” and “Did you     about a person. I think that it’s a way to
                                                                                        speak Russian with Miss Russia at the         put parameters on the idea of beauty, an
                                                                                        pageant?” I asked myself, am I missing        idea which shouldn’t have any param-
                                                                                        something?                                    eters.”
                                                                                                 Beauty pageants have been hap-                 Glebova disagreed with this
                                                                                        pening for decades, and thousands of          common belief. “As far as objectifying
                                                                                        women have dedicated their entire child-      women, I think it’s a misconception. And
                                                                                        hoods and teenage years to keeping the        a lot of people say it's exploiting women,
                                                                                        Miss       America                                                        but we all make
                                                                                        image. So, what
                                                                                        are a young girl’s
                                                                                                                “Every single contestant                          the choice to
                                                                                                                                                                  participate in
                                                                                        benefits       from     that I’ve had a chance                            these contests.
                                                                                        devoting her life to    to meet and participate                           We decide to
                                                                                        be “one in a mil-       in the contest with is                            do it because
                                                                                        lion”? Sara King-                                                         we feel we get
                                                                                        Dowling a Grade
                                                                                                                either in university right                        benefits out of
                                                                                        12 student at Jarvis    now, planning to enroll                           it.”
                                                                                        noted, “They’re a       or already finished                                        With
                                                                                        good way to pay
                                                                                        for school and
                                                                                                                university. So, right there                       all the contes-
                                                                                                                                                                  tants and orga-
                                                                                        stuff, but it’s just    you can see already it’s                          nizers' efforts
                                                                                        more people tell-       not just about how you                            at      pushing
                                                                                        ing us what beauty      look or speak; it’s about                         for change, it
                                                                                        should be.”                                                               seems the only
                                                                                                 W h e n
                                                                                                                having ambition, drive,                           people stuck on
                                                                                        asked about the         and knowing what you                              these old mis-
                                                                                        evolution of pag-       want to do, and setting                           conceptions are
                                                                                        eants and what
                                                                                        they stand for, and
                                                                                                                goals for yourself.”                              the viewers.
                                                                                                                                                                           It’s the
                                                                                        if she would have                                                         obsession with
                                                                                        participated in the past, Glebova replied,    Miss Universe’s height and hair colour,
                                                                                        “[The pageant] has definitely evolved,        the quick rush for autographs and pic-
                                                                                        and if I knew that it wasn’t just about       tures, and the comments on her gorgeous
                                                                                        beauty, then I would probably participate     outfit and fab earrings that keep this vain
                                                                                        again.”                                       image associated with the pageant. The
                                                                                                 In recent years, beauty pageants     fact that the viewers fail to conceive the
                                                                                        have been trying to change their image        importance of the changes being made is
                                                                                        to promote more important aspects in a        the ball and chain opposing its progress.
                                                                                        woman’s life by rewarding winners with                  The future of beauty pageants is
                                                                                        scholarships and chances to work for          questionable: they can either stay where
                                                                                        charities and organizations they believe      they have been for decades, or evolve
                                                                                        in.                                           into something less superficial, and more
                                                                                                 On that topic, Glebova noted,        beneficial for people around the world.
                                                                                        “Every single contestant that I’ve had a                When asked how she would
                                                                                        chance to meet and participate in the         change the pageant, Glebova said, “I sup-
                                                                                        contest with is either in university right    pose I would concentrate a little bit more
                                                                                        now, planning to enroll or already fin-       on the girls’ education and personality,
                                                                                        ished university. So, right there you can     and showing us in our natural state with-
                                                                                        see already it’s not just about how you       out the hair and makeup and glamour.”
                                                                                        look or speak, it’s about having ambition,    She paused for a moment to think. “I
                                                                                        drive, and knowing what you want to do        think that would be really nice to show
                                                                                        and setting goals for yourself.”              that we’re just real people, just like every-
                                                                                                 Glebova herself has been very        body else. We’re not trying to be better
                                                                                        active within the charities and organiza-     than anybody else. We’re not queens. I
                                                                                        tions she promoted during the pageant.        mean, I wake up in the morning and I
                                                                                        Since her crowning, she has had the           still have to go brush my hair and make
                                                                                        opportunity to join hands with char-          myself look decent. You know, I’m real,
                                                                                        ity founders such as Desmond Tutu and         and I think that’s what would be nice to
                                                                                        Kenneth Cole as she visited numerous          see.”
                                                                                        orphanages throughout South Africa and
     JCI's very own Miss Universe after her speech in the Upper Gym.
PAGE 4                                                                                NEWS                                         The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

Press Conference at Jarvis marks change to social studies courses by Niko Block
         “Although we are all aware of        to the atrocities. Japan’s army merci-          Harbor), Japan launched an attack on                     With regards to the Ontario cur-
the history of World War Two in Europe,       lessly employed germ warfare, dropping          Hong Kong. Almost 2,000 Canadian               riculum, at this point there is little infor-
few of us are familiar with that history      canisters of bubonic plague on villages,        troops, alongside other commonwealth           mation on exactly how this history will
in Asia,” announces Dr. Joseph Wong                                                           battalions, were preemptively stationed        be taught in classes because the material
at a press conference held in the Jarvis      Over 15 million people                          in Hong Kong, and this was the first           is so new. Usually, decisions of this sort
Auditorium on September 22. Dr. Wong          throughout      Pacific                         major battle for the Canadian army in          are made by the teachers themselves.
is the chairman of the Toronto chapter        Asia, and particularly                          World War Two. The battle was regret-                    “The question is will I inte-
of ALPHA (The Canada Association for                                                          tably lost to Japan, with 290 Canadians        grate it? and the answer is yes I will,”
Learning and Preserving the History of
                                              in China, died at the                           dying in combat, and an additional 267         says Ms. Finlay, who teaches Grade
World War Two in Asia).                       hands of the Japanese                           dying subsequently as prisoners of war.        10 history at Jarvis. “I think it fits in
         The press conference was held        Imperial Army in the                                     The system of sexual slavery and      very nicely in the sense that there is a
to release a new resource guide for
Ontario’s history teachers called The
                                              years between 1931                              ‘comfort stations’ was set up for Japanese
                                                                                              soldiers on the Asian continent after the
                                                                                                                                             misperception in students in Grade 10
                                                                                                                                             that we only fought in one theatre of
Search for Global Citizenship: the            and 1945, and millions                          invasion of China. By the end of the war,      war,” she says on the topic of integrat-
Violation of Human Rights in Asia,            more fell victim to the                         three quarters of the 200 000 victims of       ing the material into the curriculum.
1931-1945. The guide is a central part        atrocities.                                     this policy had died.                          “You want to deal with it the same way
of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s                                                                 “These wounds are still there in      you deal with the holocaust: that this
commitment to begin including the his-        deliberately poisoned water supplies,           Asia. Anywhere you go in Asia, if you ask      is what happens in war, and that war is
tory of World War II in Asia into the         massacred, burned villages, and forced          anyone of a certain age, families have still   no longer between soldiers; it’s against
compulsory Grade 10 history course, as        about four hundred thousand women               remembered these tragic events and they        civilians.”
well as the senior courses on Canadian        into sexual slavery.                            want recognition,” says Jarvis history                   “The main objective, really as
and International Law, World Issues,                    In spite of these staggering facts    teacher Ms. Giddens.                           far as I’m concerned, is to teach about
and World Politics. This change to            and statistics, the history of Japan’s hos-              In recent years, various coun-        human rights violations and the steps
our curriculum makes Ontario the first        tile actions during the thirties and forties    tries in Asia and a multitude of victims       you have to go through to create proper
region in the Western world to direct         has remained largely unnoticed in the           have been putting substantial pressure         peace,” says Ms. Giddens. “If we really
the attention of any compulsory courses       West.                                           on Japan’s government to address this          are preparing our students for the world
towards Asian history of the 1930s and                  Japan’s aggression began in           issue and have its parliament officially       and for globalization and for fitting in,
'40s.                                         September of 1931 when its army invad-          apologize for the war crimes commit-           they should know more [about other
         The inclusion of this material       ed Manchuria (in Northern China).               ted between 1931 and 1945. Instead,            cultures]…so it rests on teachers’ shoul-
marks a major breakthrough for ALPHA,         The League of Nations denounced these           the Japanese government has avoided            ders.”
which has been pushing for these changes      actions, but Japan simply pulled out of         acknowledging the culpability of its coun-               As the history of World War
to be made since its formation in 1997.       the League in 1933. In 1936, Japan allied       try in those years, arguing that individu-     Two in Asia often receives far too little
         Over 15 million people through-      itself with Nazi Germany, and in 1937,          als do not have the right to sue countries,    attention in Canada today, this change
out Pacific Asia, and particularly in         it officially declared war on China and         and that filing a suit in Japan must take      in the Ontario curriculum is being seen
China, died at the hands of the Japanese      invaded the capital of Nanking.                 place within 20 years of the crime. This       as a progressive achievement and a point
Imperial Army in the years between 1931                 On the morning of December            has been a point of extreme frustration        of excitement by many of the individuals
and 1945, and millions more fell victim       8, 1941 (just hours after attacking Pearl       for dozens of victims seeking redress.         involved.

Raising awareness about Ramadan by Hoden Osman
          On November 5, over one bil-        about yourself because you did what was         feeding a needy person one meal for every
lion Muslims from all over the world          required of you by God,” says Grade 12          day missed.
finished the holy month of Ramadan.           JCI student Tahmina. “You get the feel                    At Iftar time, marking the end
Walking through Jarvis it is hard not to      for what people who don’t have enough           of the daily fast, houses are packed with
notice the many colourful headscarves         to eat face daily. At the end of the day        family and friends. They crowd around
and kufis that crowd the hallways. But        I can break my fast, but they can’t, so I       tables waiting for the exact moment of
with so many Muslim students, does the        feel grateful,” she goes on to say. Fasting     sunset. Once the time has come, they
rest of the Jarvis population know what       throughout the day is not an easy thing,        break their fast with the traditional dates
Ramadan is?                                   but we deal with it.                            and glass of water. Afterwards the cel-
          I went around the school posing               Muslims fast as an act of faith       ebrations begin, and delicious foods are
this question to some students and was        and worship to Allah (God). Its purpose         passed around the table. The sound of
shocked by their responses; “I have heard     is to promote patience and control in our       laughter and the smells of different foods
of it…Hold on, is Eid and Ramadan the         day-to-day lives. It helps us understand        fill the air.
same thing?”; “A Muslim holiday, I’m not      what less fortunate people go through                     During Ramadan, Muslims begin
really sure,” and, “It’s some celebration.”   daily and reminds us not to take what we        to fill the Mosques. People stay up late to
                                                                                                                                             A Muslim man prays during the holy
As a Muslim student I feel it’s my job to     have for granted.                               pray salat, which are the prayers Muslims
                                                                                                                                                     month of Ramadan
tell fellow Jarvisites what Ramadan really              Throughout the month, Muslims         perform daily. The Quran (the holy book
is.                                           are encouraged to go out of their way to        of Islam) is read more and more as this        month, Shawwal. People embrace and
          Ramadan is the ninth month          help the needy and give money to chari-         was the month it was first revealed to         congratulate each other for their suc-
of the Islamic calendar and is one of the     ties. Fasting together as a worldwide com-      the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon            cessful completion of Ramadan and ask
pillars of Islam. Throughout this month       munity during Ramadan, Muslims build            him).                                          Allah for the acceptance of their efforts.
Muslims around the world fast from sun-       up their sisterhood and brotherhood.                      The last ten days of Ramadan are     With this, one billion people around the
rise to sunset. Waking up before sunrise,               “It’s an obligation as a Muslim to    the most important. During these days          world say farewell to the beloved month
families gather around the kitchen table      fast and it makes you feel good, like you       Muslims around the world spend extra           of Ramadan.
and eat a small meal. Muslims have to         accomplished something,” says Grade 11          time in prayer and devotion, and seek the               When Ramadan is over Muslims
change their entire physical routine dur-     Shukri. Fasting in the month of Ramadan         night of power (Laylat al-Qadr), which         go back to their regular routines, but
ing the 30 days of Ramadan.                   is obligatory for those who can do it.          marks the first revelation of the Quran.       hopefully still remember the many lessons
          As we watch our friends gobble                Fasting is not obligatory for chil-   Some Muslims spend the last ten days of        learned throughout the month. Jarvis is a
down fries, we battle our stomachs and        dren who have not yet reached puberty.          Ramadan in a Mosque, devoting all of           very multi-cultural school and it’s impor-
reject its request for food throughout the    Pregnant women, travelers, and the sick         their time to worshipping God.                 tant for us to embrace this by learning
day. Sitting through a 55-minute class        are excused from fasting but are expected                 At the end of Ramadan, Eid           more about our fellow students. After all,
can sometimes be excruciating.                to make it up when they are able to. If a       ul’Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking)        knowledge is the key to understanding
          “I feel very hungry, but when       restrictive medical condition is perma-         is celebrated. Eid marks the end of            and makes our community better.
you think about, it you feel really good      nent, the person makes up the days by           Ramadan and the beginning of the next
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                  NEWS                                                                                PAGE 5

Two centuries of changes at JCI by Isabel Luciano
          Placed above the north and front                                                                                                       JCI’s tranquil demeanour would
entrances are signs that read “2007 Jarvis                                                                                             soon change dramatically. On August 20,
Bicentennial Reunion.” This next year’s                                                                                                1914, 425 students lined up at Cherry
school year will be dedicated to the                                                                                                   Street Station to enlist in the army.
bicentennial celebrations, in which a                                                                                                  Seventy-seven of these students did not
variety of activities will be held in order                                                                                            return. In June of 1921 a bronze tablet
to celebrate JCI’s history, as well as pro-                                                                                            that displayed the names of those lost
vide an opportunity to raise money to                                                                                                  during the Great War, which now stands
improve the school.                                                                                                                    in the rotunda, was created.
          Among these activities will                                                                                                            JCI’s peaceful manner returned
be athletic events, a gala dinner that                                                                                                 in the 1920’s. The school moved once
includes students who have attended                                                                                                    again, this time to its current location at
Jarvis in previous decades, the opening                                                                                                Jarvis and Wellesley in 1924, with a stu-
of a JCI museum, and a contest to renew                                                                                                dent body increase resulting in the enroll-
the school’s logo is in preparation.                                                                                                   ment of 950 pupils. The existing rotation
          But why exactly is there such an                                                                                             system of moving to different classrooms
emphasis on the historical background of                                                                                               throughout the day began in 1924.
the school?                                                                                                                                      The 1930’s were a repetition of
          Well, Jarvis is one of the few                                                                                               the early 1900’s at Jarvis. Over 1,000
schools from its time period that still                                                                                                Jarvisites had joined the war effort by the
remains today. Take a look at JCI’s his-                                                                                               end of WW2. Of the 1,016 students who
tory, and learn how society has changed                                                                                                enlisted, 100 were killed. A war memorial
in the past two-hundred years.                 Jarvis Collegiate Institute when it first opened in 1924 at its new Jarvis and panel was completed in 1949 to com-
          The school was originally                                               Wellesley location.                                  memorate those students who lost their
established in 1807 in Toronto, which         are not emphasized as much today. This of the situation, and paid them an annual lives.
at the time was called York, and had          school, however, began to receive several income ranging from $225- $675, while                    From this point on Jarvis would
a student body of five pupils. These          complaints regarding the cost of tuition, men received $600-$900 for equal work. remain rather calm, with the exception of
families had to pay the tuition fee of        making education only within the grasp It was not until 1849 that the salary of a few events or advancements that would
$16.00 and an additional price to burn        of wealthier families. The education sys- women became equalized to that of men. take place. Among these was the first
wood in the winter to heat the school.        tem at York was declared a failure, and a It would not be until 1975, that Jarvis teachers' strike of 1975.
The founder of the school was Rev.            new school was developed which became would have its first female principal, after                 JCI’s chronology undoubtedly
George O’kill Stewart, whose residence        known as the Upper Canada College and a 168 year tradition of the job position illustrates more than just the school’s
was where the school was located. He          the Royal Grammar School.                     being restricted only to men.              history itself; it also depicts how society
taught his students without any assis-                  Forty-three years later, the school         The inequality of women in the has changed in the last 200 years. This
tance. The school was then called the         was moved once again to Dalhouse St. education system went beyond the staff. is the reason behind the Bicentennial
Home District Grammar School in the           due to the fact that legal issues regard- Jarvis Collegiate did not enroll its first celebration. But a celebration without the
first day of classes.                         ing the owner of the property developed. female students until 1872, a result of the students is not much of a festivity now is
          That year, Reverend John            This location, however, rapidly became School Act of 1871. Even so, the school it?
Stracham replaced George O’kill Stewart.      over-crowded, and a new school was separated the male and female students                          There is a variety of actitivities
The school then moved to a barn at            constructed at 371 Jarvis in 1870. In by double doors. This situation almost that the student body can participate in,
Yonge and King, and then relocated            1873 the school was named Toronto ceased to exist, however, when the first including a performance in which the
once again to a blue-coloured building        Collegiate Institute. Later, in 1890 the class of mixed sex took place in 1893. work of songwriters at Jarvis is show-
on Adelaide and Church. The school            school changed its name yet again to The establishment of a girls' hockey club cased, and a school logo contest. This
was consequently called the Old Blue          Jarvis Street Collegiate Institute since was even set in motion in 1907. They contest was previously held in the 1960’s
School. Stracham’s goal was to increase       another secondary school existed in lost every game until they tied their male when a student named Ellen Mak won
the number of pupils who attended the         Toronto called Parkdale High School.          opponents.                                 for her design. The logo must delineate
institution, and he succeeded. The roll                 In 1871 Jarvis hired the first              It seemed as if all was going well the historical significance of the school as
increased to roughly 50 students between      female teacher. Although this seems like a for Jarvis in the early 1900’s. The first well as its characteristics and accomplish-
the ages of five and seventeen. The teach-    breakthrough, female teachers faced rath- electric lights were installed, the first ments. More information regarding the
ing was not performed by Stracham             er inequitable treatment. Even 30 years detentions were given, and the Mental contest may be found at logocontest@jar-
himself, but by his assistants. Some of       later, they were being treated in an unjust Improvement Society first published the There will be many other
the subjects taught at this time included     manner. Seventy-five percent of women Magnet. (No, Jarvis did not have a men- events to celebrate JCI’s 200th. These
English, Latin, Greek, arithmetic, book-      hired in the education system of Ontario tal health ward. This was just another events may be found on the school web-
keeping, natural history, civil history,      were relatively young, unmarried women. name for the Literary and Scientific site:
geography, and religion; subjects which       The Boards of Education took advantage Society.)
PAGE 6                                                                                                                          The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

How this year's student administration is taking initiative for the student body
by Jothi Shanmugam
         Another year has spun into                                                                                                       “To get scholarships and to get the repu-
action and while most of us are just try-                                                                                                 tation.” Others, like Merrik Anderson
ing to get to school everyday (on time of                                                                                                 have different motivational causes: “I
course), there are a few who are ahead of                                                                                                 became a Senator because I wanted to
the game – supporting and organizing                                                                                                      be involved and I thought the experience
school events, and taking an active role                                                                                                  would enlighten me to the administra-
within the school’s administration. So                                                                                                    tional aspect of a big institution, such as
who are these champions of school spirit?                                                                                                 a school,” he says. Although their reasons
For those of you who don’t know, listen                                                                                                   differ, their central goal as Senators is to
up!                                                                                                                                       provide the best for all.
         The Senators play a vital role in                                                                                                          Without the existence of our
our school community. The Senators, the                                                                                                   Student Council, Senators and Class
Student Council, and Class Reps have                                                                                                      Reps, it would be impossible to have any
been a Jarvis tradition, but most students                                                                                                social events like spirit week, fall fest,
tend not to realize their importance.                                                                                                     spring fest, dances and fundraisers at our
That’s mainly because most of us don’t                                                                                                    school. They are here for us and it’s time
even know who they are, or what they                                                                                                      we appreciate them. Don’t get me wrong,
do. This year, ten highly spirited students                  JCI Senators Caitlin, Kay, Kalkidan, and Youmi                               I’m not asking you to bow or salute to
have been chosen through interviews by
                                              dents who contribute to the school and
                                                                                           This year a small number of junior stu-
                                              they are an essential part of the Student
 The Senators, the                            Council and all their projects.
                                                                                           dents applied for the Senate positions.         There is no doubt
 Student Council,                                      The Student Council, Senators
                                                                                           Giorgio Traini says, “There was a great         that such highly
                                                                                           turnout in the senior Grades but the
 and Class Reps                               and Class Reps function to represent the
                                                                                           Grade 9's and 10's needed a little more         important positions
 have been a Jar vis                          student body and in many situations they
                                                                                           coaxing to come out.” Grade 9 Senator           as Student Council
                                              voice our concerns and opinions. They
 tradition, but most                          are the only connection the students have
                                                                                           Kay Dyson Tam also agrees, adding,              executives        and
                                                                                           “People don’t really get involved until
 students tend not                            to the administration. The Senators and
                                                                                           later in their high school careers. They’re
                                                                                                                                           Senators      require
 to realize their                             Class Representatives give a perspective
                                                                                           aware of it but they are just busy juggling     students to spend
                                              from each grade and they lead their peers,
 impor tance.                                 but these two groups are not recognized
                                                                                           other things.”                                  large amounts of their
                                              for their contributions. According to
                                                                                                     Although many students are            time to organize
the Student Council executives to be our                                                   interested in participating in these vari-
Senators: four Grade 12 students and two
                                              Bond Tam, our Student Council presi-
                                                                                           ous clubs, teams and activities, after real-    events and activities
students from the remaining grades form
                                              dent, “In past years Class Reps and
                                                                                           izing the amount of extra work involved         for their fellow
                                              Senators haven’t had an opportunity to
the 2005/ 2006 Senate Committee.
                                              do their jobs. You can’t obtain results
                                                                                           they often back off. There is no doubt          students. Accepting
                                                                                           that such highly important positions as
           “They are not elected but they
                                              without conducting an experiment.”
                                                                                           Student Council executives and Senators
                                                                                                                                           such     a     major
still have shown great leadership poten-
tial,” says Mr. Cordon, the staff sponsor
                                                       The truth is that in previous
                                                                                           require students to spend large amounts         responsibility takes
                                              years Class Reps and Senators were not
of the Student Council. This year the
                                              required to do much. Take me for exam-
                                                                                           of their time to organize events and activ-     some will and guts.
Senators will take on the responsibility                                                   ities for their fellow students. Accepting
                                              ple: my job as a Senator last year was to
of leading over sixty class representatives                                                such a major responsibility takes some
                                              attend about two meetings and eat pizza,
and they will work alongside the Student                                                   will and guts.                                 them, but at least recognize them. And
                                              and most people who were expected
Council members to deliver “desirable                                                                So why do these students do it?      finally, if you think you’ve got the skills,
                                              didn’t even show up to these two meet-
dances, electric events and spunky spirit                                                  Obviously they all have their own rea-         leadership qualities and enthusiasm, then
                                              ings. But this year, the expectations and
weeks,” according to Giorgio Traini, our                                                   sons. Some see the opportunity as a step-      perhaps a Senator or Class Rep or Student
                                              stakes are much higher, according to
vice president of external affairs. The                                                    pingstone: Terence Vuu, our ex-treasurer       Council executive is the right position for
Senators are a hard-working group of stu-                                                  and a current Grade 12 Senator, says,          you.
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                    JCEye                                                                                    PAGE 7

TEACHER CRUSHES                                                                                     THE ESL SHOCK
Homework for the Heart by Michelle Ngo                                                              Are They Up For the Challenge?
Imagine this:                                     personal interaction away can have nega-          by Heidi Zhang
         It’s an early Monday morning at          tive effects. Teacher-student interaction on
                                                                                                              Wenxi Li, a Grade 12 student,       and most importantly, university.”
school, a student is rushing anxiously to         a personal level shouldn’t be considered a
                                                                                                    is going to her most challenging class                 ESL students are often seen
her locker. She walks towards her class and       bonus; it’s important for everyone to mesh
                                                                                                    of the day. “English class,” she says,        around the school in very tight-knit
pauses in front of the slanted wall mirrors to    and feel comfortable.
                                                                                                    “drains all the life out of me, and I         groups. Outside of the exposure to
see if her hair is still in place. She wants to             Mr. Choi from the Social Science
                                                                                                    would give anything not to go to that         Western and Canadian culture that
look good, of course. She goes to her class-      department says, “There needs to be a com-
                                                                                                    class.”                                       they get within the 55 minutes of class,
room and sits in the second row next to the       fort level between teachers and students, but
                                                                                                              It may be surprising, but this is   they often spend their time commu-
wall. It’s the one place where she can stare      always on a professional basis. It’s great to
                                                                                                    exactly the kind of thinking that some        nicating in their native language, and
admiringly at him while still remaining hid-      talk to students because it makes the rela-
                                                                                                    of the ESL students at Jarvis have.           thus they do not tend to sufficiently
den. The rest of her classmates rush in and       tionship closer; we’re here not only to teach
                                                                                                    The ESL students represent almost a           practice speaking English.
then in he comes.                                 students but to also listen to them.”
                                                                                                    third of the population at Jarvis, most                Jarvis is doing everything in its
         The teacher walks in with his bind-                Mr. Dewees from the English
                                                                                                    of whom speak languages that are              power to make the ESL students feel at
ers full of marks and handouts. He greets         department believes in the professionalism
                                                                                                    grammatically and structurally totally        home and involved within the Jarvis
them with a “Good morning class,” and they        and cautiousness that both teachers and stu-
                                                                                                    different from English, and learning          community. The annual Jarvis Stars
all reply back. He’s so sweet; everyone just      dents need to understand, “Students often
                                                                                                    this new language is a big challenge for      Talent Show is a great way to get stu-
loves him. He starts by reading the school        see the situation as not being a big deal but
                                                                                                    them.                                         dents to share their talent with the rest
news and upcoming events; he really thinks        teachers take it more seriously due to the
                                                                                                              We often think that ESL stu-        of the school, and so too is joining var-
it’s important for them to know. He’s so          complications. Teacher and student interac-
                                                                                                    dents just need some time and energy          ious groups such as the Multicultural
caring and enthusiastic. He takes up all the      tion is important and can really affect the
                                                                                                    to focus on what they are memorizing,         Club, United Way Campaign and Peer
homework to make sure they get the full           learning process. It should definitely be a
                                                                                                    and that if they did so they would be         Tutoring. All this is trying to get the
                                                                                                    fluent in English like the rest of us. But    ESL students to feel that they belong
 “There needs to be a comfort level between                                                         is that really the case?                      in the Jarvis community.
 teachers and students, but always on a                                                                       According to the Ontario                     “One way of assisting their
 professional basis. It’s great to talk to                                                          Ministry of Education’s ESL/ELD               integration into the school," says Ms.
 students because it makes the relationship                                                         guideline, by the end of the 5-step
                                                                                                    course, students should be able to
                                                                                                                                                  White, another ESL teacher, "might
                                                                                                                                                  be greater involvement in athletics,
 closer; we’re here not only to teach students                                                      demonstrate thorough competence in
 but to also listen to them.”                                                                       the use of language and literacy skills       What they don’t
idea and he gets all excited when he teaches;     friendly interaction but it’s all professional;
                                                                                                    in new contexts, and will possess capa-
                                                                                                    ble writing skills. However, many ESL
                                                                                                                                                  realize is that
he jumps from one end of the class to anoth-      it should not be mistaken for a friendship or
                                                                                                    students find themselves struggling to        the essay-writing
er. He smiles and laughs as they give their
answers as if he’s so proud of them doing
                                                  anything else.”
                                                           There is a line to draw that many
                                                                                                    keep up with the class’s expectations,        skills they learn
their homework. He’s so charismatic when          students don’t think about, but which is all
                                                                                                    and the novels that they read in class        within the ESL
                                                                                                    sometimes do not spark much interest
he teaches because he has just the right bal-     too real to a teacher. There have been situa-
                                                                                                    for them.
                                                                                                                                                  course can be
ance of professionalism and sincere joviality.    tions in which the professionalism has been
                                                                                                              It appears that some students       applied to other
The girl sits for the whole period taking in      crossed and the appropriateness questioned
everything he says. The time passes by so         and it only takes one bad apple to ruin a
                                                                                                    experience more difficulty in English         courses,      and
quickly and she gets a jolt of disappointment     whole bunch. We have all heard of cases
                                                                                                    class, and some aim simply to pass the
                                                                                                    course. As a result, many ESL students
                                                                                                                                                  most impor tantly,
when the class is over. She has to wait until     where teachers and students are involved
                                                                                                    take more math-oriented courses, but          university.
the next day to see him again.                    in inappropriate relationships; or when one
                                                                                                    avoid subjects such as biology because
          Sound familiar?                         side accuses the other and it gets splashed
                                                                                                    they feel hesitant about studying new         particularly intramural activities. This
          At some point in our high school        all over the news and then all of a sudden,
                                                                                                    English vocabulary that the course            would allow for the opportunity to
lives, there is that special teacher that we      students and teachers have to tip-toe around
                                                                                                    may demand.                                   meet people from outside their social
can’t wait to see and who just makes school       each other. However, those are isolated cases
                                                                                                              “This is a real problem,” says      circle and practise their colloquial
worth going to. We get a kick out of their        and in most instances, the relationships are
                                                                                                    Ms. Campbell, the head of the ESL             English." Both teachers agree that in
crummy jokes, we come to class on time, we        harmless and can even be good for one or
                                                                                                    department at Jarvis, “because what           order for the ESL program to be effec-
pay attention and we just love being around       both sides. To a student, a teacher crush
                                                                                                    they don’t realize is that the essay-writ-    tive and beneficial to students, they
them. I spoke to many students at Jarvis          is definitely a fun and silly thing to giggle
                                                                                                    ing skills they learn within the ESL          have to become more social in terms of
and learned that quite a few students have
                                                                    Continued on Page 8             course can be applied to other courses,                   Continued on Page 9
crushes on their teachers; more so than I had
thought, and all are very harmless. How a
student feels about a teacher is so important
that many students will even pick their
courses based on which teacher they will get.
Students also think about ways to remain
close to their adored teachers. It is obvious
that the way a student feels about a teacher,
being a crush or just admiration, is so crucial
that it can affect the choices that a student
          For some students with crushes,
it’s a secret love that can never be revealed.
Some teachers have such a big impact on our
lives and we see them so often that we can’t
help but feel a little close or attached.
          Teacher crushes are natural for
students to have and it can also just be
a momentary thing. Who can help it?
Students agree that these situations just hap-
pen, that teachers are such a big part of a
teenager’s life. They can sometimes become
a mentor and even a parental figure. Taking                                             Ms. Campbell teaches one of her ESL classes.
PAGE 8                                                                              JCEye                                         The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

Is a fifth year of high school a good idea? by Stewart Jackson
         In 2003, OAC was cut out                                                                                                           extra-curricular activities.”
of Ontario schools under a series of                                                                                                                  Since 2003, many universities
Secondary School Reforms spearheaded                                                                                                        have stopped offering 3 year bachelor
by the Progressive Conservative Party.                                                                                                      degree programs and have replaced them
         The removal of an entire year cre-                                                                                                 with 4 year Honours programs. This is
ated what was then the “double cohort”,                                                                                                     because material that was once taught at
when twice as many graduating students                                                                                                      the OAC level is still necessary, so it is
were applying to universities. One reper-                                                                                                   taught in 1st year university. What this
cussion of the double cohort was that                                                                                                       means to the average high school student
many college-bound students did not get                                                                                                     is that they can expect to pay for an extra
accepted to the programs or schools they                                                                                                    year of university that was once offered
wanted, and so returned for an extra year                                                                                                   free of charge.
of high school to change skills or boost                                                                                                              The elimination of OAC has
marks. And thus, the “victory lap” was                                                                                                      also changed the very atmosphere of
born.                                                                                                                                       universities. Before, students were a legal
         A victory lap refers to a student                                                                                                  adults by the time they got to university
returning to school for an extra year and,                                                                                                  and so was treated as one. “Some of the
prior to the removal of OAC, was not a                                                                                                      kids coming into university remind me of
common event. Most students found it                                                                                                        middle school,” says Caitlin Pemberthy.
simple to complete all required university                                                                                                  “I mean these kids are like 17, some of
prerequisites and individual preferences                                                                                                    them younger. I just don’t think that
in their senior years, but now many stu-                                                                                                    they’re ready to be in a place like this; I
                                                     Jarvis student considers staying at Jarvis for an additional year.
dents feel strapped for time.                                                                                                               know I wouldn’t have been.” She goes on
         Caitlin Pemberthy, a Northern         the change in curriculum was too much         to repeat Grade 12, because of simple          to talk about how some 1st year univer-
C.I. graduate one year prior to the double     to take half way through secondary            misunderstandings about what it implies.       sity classes are like “being back in high
cohort, says, “I had time to take every        school. Sarah Marinoff, a former Jarvis       In fact, 65% of students surveyed had          school,” where the teacher has to tell
course I wanted; there was enough time         student and victory lapper, believes, “the    not considered an extra year as a valid        everyone to be quiet and students are dis-
to really get a sense of what I wanted to      new curriculum should have been slowly        option.                                        respectful to professors and “immature.”
do with my life between Grade 12 and           phased in from junior kindergarten up.                  Some students also have miscon-                Guidance counsellors have seen
OAC.” She further states, “I don’t think       We shouldn’t have been stuck with such        ceptions of how universities view victory      an increase in the number of students
going to university after Grade 12 would       a big switch; it [Grade 12] was way too       lappers. Jarvis’s non-semestered, midterm-     taking extra courses during the summer
have been good for me because I didn’t                                                                                                      and register for an extra year. There is
find out what I really liked until OAC.”        Students taking an extra year are provided                                                  also an increase in the number of stu-
         There is little to no information      with twice as much time to balance                                                          dents worrying about what they should
on exactly how many students are coming                                                                                                     take versus what they want to take, and
back for an extra year. This information
                                                between interests and necessity.                                                            where it will lead them. Students taking
usually comes from first-hand accounts                                                                                                      an extra year are provided with twice as
of people such as guidance counsellors         much to handle all at once.”                  less style makes students work harder for      much time to balance between interests
and administration.                                      So why aren’t more Jarvis stu-      the marks than students at other schools.      and necessity.
         The board keeps no information        dents taking advantage of a second year?      Being able to space out difficult courses                As university draws nearer and
on who is returning for an extra year.         Some students feel they are ready to move     over two years instead of overloading at       nearer for everyone, it is important to
The only way to really find out would          on and can accomplish everything in one       once gives students a definite advantage.      understand exactly what the options are,
be to review the transcripts of every stu-     year. “I’m not in a rush. I just know what    Plus, universities recognize second year       and what repercussions exist. For those
dent. Mr. Sovran feels that this is a huge     I want to do with my life.” says Terrence     credits with the same merit as first, except   undecided students, the more logical
mistake on the board’s part because, “it’s     Vuu, a 4th year Jarvis student. “I know       when repeating a course.                       solution is to try and figure out where
impossible to measure the effectiveness of     where I’m going and I don’t need more                   Nancy Haggerty, the head             their interests lie while their education
the new curriculum results because they        clarification,” he adds.                      of admissions to nursing at Ryerson            is free. As far as the victory lap goes, the
[the TDSB] have no instrument in place                   There is also a sort of stigma      University, says that “a credit is a credit”   clear advantage goes to anyone who’s will-
to find out where Jarvis students are after    attached to a second year of Grade 12,        and “grade repeating is only considered        ing to run the extra mile.
they graduate.”                                especially in a school like Jarvis. Some      when picking from the bottom of the
         Many students further feel that       students' parents would not allow them        barrel, but is far less influential than

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about but there can be a totally different               Some teachers think that student    they like into unemployment? Should            hard enough already and it would be even
view for teachers.                             crushes can be harmless and can even          they stop having friendly conversations        worse if all teachers were seen as unap-
          Ms. Ancans from the English          relate to that, having had teacher crushes.   over common interests with them? Can           proachable and off limits after class.
department says, “Friendly conversation        Others feel that teacher-student interac-     a teacher-student relationship be any                   Teacher crushes are almost inevi-
is fine, I don’t think it’s inappropriate.     tion is important and can really affect the   more than just moments of class time and       table and it’s definitely not a bad thing
It really depends on the teacher. If the       learning process; and that there should       funny jokes in the halls?                      as long as everything remains within
teacher is genuine in his/her professional     definitely be a friendly interaction but               Teachers are a form of support        the boundaries. It can create respect,
liking of the student then it’s fine. If       only on a professional level. Teachers are    for the students and we should be able to      an enjoyable class, comfort and a strong
there is an ulterior motive then it leads to   warned to be cautious due to the nature       go to them with our issues. Most teach-        impact on both sides. Good teachers
an unhealthy relationship.” Ms. Beaudry        of their job and the complications that       ers are great and it’s always about the stu-   who are passionate about what they do
speaks of her concern for the students,        could arise from student crushes. Teachers    dents and their best interests. However,       and show a genuine care for the students
“It’s uncomfortable for me to hear about       face much criticism and could even lose       teachers should never feel an intimate         will always catch the attention of students
these things but I can see them as being       their job if their relationship with any      closeness with students as that can cross      because we really do appreciate it.
normal. I do listen and talk with students     students is questioned or deemed inap-        professional boundaries.                                Relationships are important, and
but it's always about the student and his      propriate.                                             Teachers and students will always     to lose them would be devastating; but
or her best interests. Teachers should                   So what does this mean for stu-     interact with each other and it does make      while teacher crushes are normal, no one
never feel an intimate closeness with          dents? Should they all now be extra cau-      a big difference. Having a teacher we          should ever cross the line because these
students; we have a job to fulfill, not our    tious with their teachers, thinking that      find approachable makes school easier          situations create an even greater loss.
emotions.”                                     one wrong move could send a teacher           and more enjoyable for us. School is
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                    JCEye                                                                                 PAGE 9

HOW SAFE IS YOUR LOCKER?                                                                                 by Kelly Wong
Continued from Page 1
along with her mp3 player, wallet, keys          death outside,” she said recalling this     could do is get somebody to patrol the       crime-scene investigators to help us out.
and cell phone. Do the math: that’s one          incident. She pauses and adds, “I was       hallways and check for any suspicious                  A Grade 12 student, Rime Luu,
grand down the drain.                            disappointed that nothing was being         students carrying around a jacket – my       suspects that it could be someone who
        “I had to wait for my sister to          done. I mean, I didn’t even have a jacket   jacket – but they didn’t. They said it was   you thought was a friend. “My things
come get me since I would freeze to              to go home. I thought that the least they   the eleventh incident, which wasn’t very     got stolen in Grade 7. A friend decided
                                                                                             comforting. I didn’t even get a new lock     to steal from her friends to fund her
                                                                                             to keep my books safe.”                      lifestyle because her parents wouldn’t.”
                                                                                                      Clever Luu, a Grade 10 student      Because things like this can happen to
                                                                                             whose locker resides on the second floor     just about anyone, you should always
                                                                                             says, “My locker was broken into last        keep your guard up and not share your
                                                                                             year. Nothing was taken except for my        locker combination.
                                                                                             DVD which means I owe the Toronto                      On page four of our now
                                                                                             Public Library twenty-four dollars.”         mandatory agendas, under the headline
                                                                                                      Most people may not realise         of ‘Lockers,’ it reads, “Lockers are not
                                                                                             this, but the administration is doing        secure; do not leave valuables in your
                                                                                             everything it can about this situation.      locker.” And then on page six under
                                                                                             Mr. Sovran, when asked about the locker      the sub-heading, ‘Personal Electronic
                                                                                             break-ins, said, "We are vigilant through-   Equipment,’ it says, “...since it is not safe
                                                                                             out the day in the entire school. Certain    to keep such equipment in your locker,
                                                                                             lockers have not been assigned to any        it is advisable that it not be brought to
                                                                                             student because of more vulnerable loca-     school.” There’s the answer. To prevent
                                                                                             tions."                                      locker break-ins, don’t bring anything
                                                                                                                                          you like to school.
                                                                                                Her Columbia jacket
                                                                                                was missing along
                                                                                                with her mp3 player,                           Please Call Anytime
                                                                                                wallet, keys, and cell
           A student is horrified to discover his locker broken into.
                                                                                                phone. Do the math:                                   Principal
                                                                                                that's one grand                                      Teachers
                                                                                                down the drain.                                     Hall Monitor
                                                                                                      Jarvis also has a program called
                                                                                             “Jarvis C.I. Watch” that provides various
                                                                                             phone numbers (depending on the sever-
                                                                                                                                                Police Division 51
                                                                                             ity of the crime) for students to report
                                                                                                                                                 (Our Local Unit)
                                                                                             anything unusual they witness, (yellow                 808-5100
                                                                                             pamphlets are available in the office).
                                                                                             This fall, vice-principals have visited             Our Street-Crime
                                                                                             classes to inform the students about the              Police Unit
                                                                                             program. Mr. Sovran explains, “It is the               808-5123
                                                                                             students’ responsibility to report to us.”
                                                                                                      The administration will provide
                                                                                             the victims with new locks to protect any
                                                                                                                                                 Crime Stoppers
                                                                                             remaining items.                                       222-TIPS
                                                                                                      So who is behind all these locker         Your Anonymity is
                                                                                             break-ins? Nobody really knows. There                 Guaranteed
                                                                                             have been some leads and suspicions,
                                                                                             but nothing to expose these rascals;                Police Emergency
                                                                                             unfortunately, we don’t have a team of
                  Jarvis students pose on the New York trip.                                                                                            911

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interacting with English-speaking students        skills, and that the only way that this can                       Submit to the
and joining school events and clubs.              be achieved is through day-to-day practice.
         Within the classes, the teachers try
to make each lesson as interesting as possi-
                                                  Reading English newspapers and prose, for
                                                  instance, enhances their skills. They need
                                                                                                                    Jarvis Jargon!
ble. In class, there are often dramatizations     to have an understanding of literature and     
of the novels they are studying, along with       of literary history as well. This would be
group readings to help the students dissect       the only way for ESL students to com-
the novel and feel less hesitant towards          pete during their post-secondary education
their reading material. Monologues are            with others who have grown up speaking
prepared and teachers try to select novels        English.
that will grab students’ attention and cap-                 According to Ms. Campbell,
ture their interest. In spite of this, several    "Jarvis's ESL program is one of the most
ESL students interviewed feel that they are       successful in Ontario. The pass rates for
reading the novels under pressure.                ESL students on the Literacy Tests are one
         Overall, the ESL teachers agree          of the highest in the province."
that school is truly the best place for ESL
students to learn English and develop
important speaking, reading and writing
PAGE 10                                                                                                                              The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

Everything you need to know! by Max Barkley
                                                                                                                  leap.”                                 of frosh week. “Yeah, it was
                                                                                                                            In general, increased        really fun,” he says as he reflects
                                                                                                                  amounts of reading were the            back on the events of the past
                                                                                                                  only complaints commonly               month. “We did some pretty
                                                                                                                  mentioned. “It’s just more read-       crazy stuff. At one point, we
                                                                                                                  ing and I took a lot of second         took all our college, and went
                                                                                                                  year courses,” comments Emma,          to all the other colleges, and
                                                                                                                  “and it’s probably better if you       went into their quads, and their
                                                                                                                  take more first year courses,          rooms and started chanting at
                                                                                                                  because the reading is not dif-        them. And we had lots of very
                                                                                                                  ferent as you had before; the          rude chants. It was fun.”
                                                                                                                  reading is just longer.”                        Looking back on her
                                                                                                                            However, there are           days at Jarvis, Kathy recalls the
                                                                                                                  other non-academic transitions         parts of Grade 12 she won’t
                                                                                                                  between high school and univer-        remember fondly. “Can you say
                                                                                                                  sity. “It was more the transition      pressure?” Kathy begins, after
                                                                                                                  of home life to rez life!” says Kate   being asked about the stress
                                                                                                                  Dearness, a third year student at      she felt last year as a graduat-
                                                                                                                  Memorial, and former student           ing student—a subject that is
                                                                                                                  of York University, Glendon            very close to home for many
                                                                                                                  Campus. “First year classes aren’t     Jarvis students. “Oh my god,
                                                                                                                  crazy generally.”                      that was horrible. Especially in
                                                                                                                            Originally haling from       June, when I thought I wouldn’t
                                                                                                                  Newfoundland, Kate lived in
                                                                                                                  residence when she first came           Out    of     44
                                                                                                                  to Toronto. “You’re sharing a           Grade 12's that
                                                                                                                  bathroom with 40 people; you’re
                                                                                                                  eating at a cafeteria. It’s a daze
                                                                                                                                                          were surveyed,
                                                                                                                  of school and these newfound            75% said they
                                                                                                                  friends. [There’s] no real down         were planning
                                                                                                                  time; you’re eating, you’re drink-
                                                                                                                  ing, you’re studying.”
                                                                                                                                                          on attending
                                                                                                                            However the academic          university after
                                                                                                                  challenges, albeit the most com-        high school. But
                                                                                                                  mon issue, were not the only            do they really
                                                                                                                  things Jarvis students were con-
                                                                                                                  cerned with. Eleven percent of
                                                                                                                                                          want to go to
                                                                                                                  the Grade 12’s surveyed claimed         university?
                                                                                                                  that they thought university was        What           is
         So you’re in Grade                    “Well it’s hard if you       would have in university, she         all about “fun and partying.”
                                                                                                                            “Actually there’s no par-
                                                                                                                                                          university really
12—or maybe you’re not—but            wanna stay in it,” says Grade 12      answered with a resounding,
regardless, you are still constant-   student, Meral Pasha. “You have       “Not at all.... Jarvis doesn’t have   ties or anything—no parties!”           like?
ly bombarded with the messages        to do the work,” she continues,       that big a workload.”                 answers Emma when asked
about university admissions, and      “but I’ve heard that there’s a long            However,        first-year   about the subject. “That’s all I       be able to get the right marks
scholarship applications. Before      period of not doing that much         student at York University and        have to say. The only ones are         from my exams in order to get a
you know it you’re in a complete      and then there are cram sessions      Jarvis alumna Kathy Arreaga,          at these frat houses and they’re       scholarship. It’s crazy.”
daze; you don’t want to, but all      where you have to study really        disagrees. “I think Jarvis did pre-   pretty boring.”                                   Eighty-four percent of
of a sudden you’re stuck hav-         hard.”                                pare me,” says Kathy. “Especially               Even frosh week isn’t        Grade 12’s surveyed also said
ing to think about your choices                Unfortunately, howev-        Ms.Roti, ‘cause she was a hard        the giant party-fest it’s been         they felt the stress from the com-
concerning your not-so-distant        er, not all Jarvis students share     teacher, and she knew what we         made out to be. “Frosh week            petition to get in to university;
future. For the majority of us        Meral’s calm and practical views      should expect.”                       wasn’t that exciting,” says Emma       68% thought that it would be
                                                                                                                  when asked about the topic.            hard work once they got in.
 “It's time management: being able to balance your                                                                “You meet people. It’s only four                  As a final tip to all grad-
                                                                                                                  days, so you don’t make any            uating students who are plan-
 school work with your social life.... You should definitely                                                      strong bonds and you’ll get e-         ning on going to university next
 try your best this year if you're in Grade 12. Try your                                                          mails and phone numbers and            fall, Kathy gave the following
 best, because this is the year things actually count."                                                           stuff, but chances are you won’t       advice: “All the teachers usually
                                                                                                                  really hang out with a lot of          say it’s time management: being
that future seems to involve          of university: 77% of the Grade                “[University] work is        those people. But join a lot of        able to balance your school work
university. In fact, out of 44        12’s surveyed believe that uni-       not overwhelming; it’s really         stuff; join a lot of clubs, join a     with your social life, and that’s
Grade 12’s that were surveyed,        versity will be difficult and/or      not,” agrees Emma Kinnon-             lot of committees, whatever. You       pretty much it. You should defi-
75% said they were planning on        somewhat frightening.                 Bennas, also a Jarvis graduate,       can join, because that’s how you       nitely try your best this year if
attending university after high               In fact, even Meral           and a first year student at U of      meet people.”                          you’re in Grade 12. Try your
school. But do they really want       has doubts. When asked if she         T. “If you focused in Grade 12                  Fellow Jarvis grad, and      best, because this is the year
to go university? What is univer-     thought Jarvis was preparing her      and did the things you’re sup-        U of T student, Daniel Lister,         things actually count.”
sity really like?                     enough for all the work she           posed to, then it won’t be a huge     however, has a different opinion
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                 ISSUES                                                                                   PAGE 11

Continued from Page 1
huge reason is the fear of giving     to your guidance counsellor and     services such as anger manage-       of success, Logan says that “the      be released is if the client gives
in, of admitting a need for help.     he or she can help you get much     ment, pre-employment prepara-        success rate is among the high-       permission by signing a release
“We live in a culture where eve-      easier and faster access to one-    tion, and substance-use counsel-     er numbers, with more people          document. This confidentiality
ryone is supposed to be ‘fine’.       on-one counseling.                  ling, to name just a few.            leaving happy and better than         policy is the standard outline
So it can be hard to admit that                 The guidance office at              What’s the best thing      people leaving for other reasons.     that is followed by all publicly
you’re in a lot of pain, that you     Jarvis is a great place to go for   about all these programs? They       And these other reasons are usu-      funded mental health facilities.
need help,” says Ms. Fricker,         help, which is where I went. Both   are all free of charge.              ally not because clients feel ther-   The policy is meant to keep cli-
Curriculum Leader of Student          Mr. Bartha and Ms. Beaudry,                   Turning Point and Jarvis   apy doesn’t work for them but         ents, and others, safe.
Service (Guidance) at Jarvis. “As     two of the guidance counsellors     started a relationship just last     rather because of their situation:             Opinions vary when it
well, a lot of people associate       at Jarvis, showed a lot of con-     year, a great advantage for Jarvis   they’ve gone to jail, they moved,     comes to the effectiveness of
bad thoughts when they hear
the word ‘therapy’. But really,                                                                                                                       “Sometimes,
therapy is a learning experience                                                                                                                      you just want
and, like education, has great
                                                                                                                                                      to   talk    to
         When several Jarvis stu-                                                                                                                     someone who
dents were asked what they think                                                                                                                      knows noth-
the disadvantages of therapy are,
the responses showed their skep-
                                                                                                                                                      ing about you
ticism about the effectiveness of                                                                                                                     because you
therapy, how much it costs, the                                                                                                                       won’t care as
procedural hassles, the amount                                                                                                                        much     about
of time it takes up, and confi-
                                                                                                                                                      what they’ll
         “I just don’t think thera-                                                                                                                   think of you.”
py would help,” says a Grade 12
female Jarvis student who asked                                                                                                                      therapy, but in my experience,
to remain anonymous. “Talking                                                                                                                        therapy is slowly but surely mak-
to your friends is so much sim-                                                                                                                      ing me healthier and happier.
                                                                                                                                                              Needing professional
 “Just because                                                                                                                                       help does not necessarily mean
 you         need                                                                                                                                    that you are “crazy”. As Albert
                                                                                                                                                     Joe, a Grade 12 Jarvis student
 therapy doesn’t                                                                                                                                     puts it, “Just because you need
 mean      you’re                                            Turning Point Youth Centre at 95 Wellesley Street                                       therapy doesn’t mean you’re
 crazy. What will                                                                                                                                    crazy. What will make you crazy
 make you crazy                       cern for me. They helped me         students who want professional       or they were placed at another
                                                                                                                                                     is thinking that you’re crazy
                                                                                                                                                     and not taking the initiative to
 is thinking that                     find a number of possible places    help; guidance can help a stu-       clinic that better suited them.”      find out if you actually are.” In
 you’re      crazy                    that deal with youth, including     dent get an intake appointment                When asked about the         other words, the first step is to
 and not taking                       The Hospital for Sick Children,     (which is the first appointment      confidentiality policy, Logan         acknowledge that you have a
                                      which offers a mood and anxi-       at which a counsellor assesses       said that what one says to his        problem and to realize that it’s
 the initiative to                    ety service for adolescents aged    you) at Turning Point within         or her counsellor will not leave      okay to get help. Only after this
 find out if you                      four to seventeen. They also sug-   one or two weeks.                    the room except under these           can your situation get any bet-
 actually are.”                       gested a program called Oolagen             In addition to being         circumstances: if one shows a         ter.
                                      Community Services, which           free, the sessions at Turning        strong indication of suicidal or               For more information
                                      counsels youths from thirteen to    Point work around your sched-        homicidal intent; if one says         on therapy for youths and/or
pler than going through the           eighteen. Oolagen has no wait-      ule and you can always rebook        that he or she has committed          therapy in general, here are a few
whole process of getting profes-      ing list and appointments are       an appointment if you cannot         or is planning to commit an           helpful telephone numbers and
sional help.”                                                                                                                                        websites:
          However,      students       “The ultimate goal is to make clients happier
like Timothy DeLeon, also a                                                                                                                          Centre for Addiction and
Grade 12 Jarvis student, think
                                       than when they first came to see me.” Based on                                                                Mental Health (CAMH):
otherwise. “I think it can be          this definition of success, Logan says that “the                                                              Adolescent service: (416)-
good to talk to someone out-           success rate is among the higher numbers, with                                                                535-8501 ext. 4952
side the realm of close friends
and family about your problems.
                                       more people leaving happy and better than people                                                    

Sometimes, you just want to talk       leaving for other reasons.”                                                                                   Oolagen Community
to someone who knows nothing                                                                                                                         Services:
about you because you won’t           not necessary. The great thing      attend on a certain date.            act of vandalism, such as arson;      (416)-395-0660
care as much about what they’ll       about both these places is that              When it comes to the        if the client is 15 or younger
think of you.”                        no referral is needed.              effectiveness of therapy, many       and is being physically abused
          In terms of the proce-               Another place Ms.          teenagers are puzzled as to what     at home; and lastly, if a judge       The Hospital for Sick
dure, youths who really need          Beaudry suggested is where I        success actually is. “[Success is]   subpoenas the client or their         Children:
help usually don’t have to wait       currently go: Turning Point         when a client doesn’t need me        therapist, meaning that he or         (416)-813-6600
long to meet with a counsel-          Youth Centre, which is across       anymore,” says Paul Logan, a         she has a writ (a written legal
lor. Many clinics and programs        the street from Jarvis at 95        youth and family therapist at        document) that states that one
put troubled youth as their first     Wellesley Street, right next to     Turning Point. “The ultimate         has to appear in court. However,      Turning Point Youth
priority without needing a refer-     Sunnyside Food Mart. Turning        goal is to make clients happier      subpoenas usually only occur          Services:
ral from school or a doctor. If a     Point offers both individual and    than when they first came to see     in serious situations. The only       (416)-925-9250
referral is needed, you can talk      group counselling and other         me.” Based on this definition        other way that information can
PAGE 12                                                                             The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

                              180 Bloor Street West Location – December/January Schedule
             Starting Date                  Days                     Duration                    Time
          December 27, 2005         Tuesday to Friday                4 Days                9:30 am to 4:30 pm
            January 3, 2006         Tuesday to Friday                4 Days                9:30 am to 4:30 pm
           January 17, 2006      Tuesdays and Thursdays             2 Weeks                6:00 pm to 9:10 pm
           January 28, 2006       Saturdays and Sundays           2 Weekends               9:30 am to 4:30 pm
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                    ISSUES                                                                                   PAGE 13

A Student’s Guide to Workplace Rights by Beth deVries
          So you’ve just come home from         services. Shame on you Jarvisites, shame.      your employer if you are 18 years old or       tions.
another long, boring day at your job.                     Luckily for you I feel that I can-   older. Until you turn 18 you are entitled                In the survey mentioned earlier,
The customers or clients or campers were        not let this ignorance go on any longer,       only to student minimum wage which is          some students were under the impression
undoubtedly annoying, and possibly even         and so I am going to educate you on your       currently $6.95 per hour. Luckily for us       that they have the right to free speech
vicious. You probably worked all day in         basic Ontario employee rights under the        this rate is due to increase to $7.25 per      in the workplace. This is not the case.
the summer heat while your supervisor           Employment Standards Act (ESA). So             hour in February of 2006.                      You have the right to free speech as a
slept in the back room. It is even possible     here you are Jarvisites: a crash course on               If you choose to work over-          Canadian citizen, but not as an Ontario
that you were plucked from your usual           something you should already know, but         time—you do have the right to refuse           worker, and there is a difference between
job to clean vomit-soaked toilets: same         don’t.                                         to work overtime—your overtime pay             the two. This is why you can be fired
old, same old.                                            To start, you should know that       must be at least one and one-half times        for mouthing off at a customer, but not
          As you contemplate this horrid        for every 5 hours of work you perform,         your regular wage. Overtime pay is cal-        arrested for it.
day you probably begin to fantasize about       you are entitled to a 30 minute break; any     culated weekly, and you are entitled to                  Another right that some imagine
loudly telling off your slave-driving boss      breaks you receive in addition to this are     overtime pay for every hour you work           they have is the freedom to wear whatever
and your lazy, incompetent co-workers.          bonus. This means that when your boss          in excess of 44 hours in one work-week.        they wish to work. Again, this is not the
Or perhaps you’re thinking about simply         tells you that nobody is getting their 20      Unfortunately this means that in theory,       case. Most jobs require employees to wear
not showing up tomorrow. It may be              minute break in the afternoon because          you could work up to 10 consecutive            uniforms. However, adjustments can be
your fondest wish to spit on any cus-           they’re short of staff, and you think he       days at 8 hours per day, and not receive       made to uniforms to accommodate any
tomer who comes within five feet of you.        should be jailed for over-working his          overtime pay. This could only happen           employees who wear religious garments.
Unfortunately, you can’t do any of these        employees, you are wrong. He is not            if your days off for this 2 week period                  Finally, you do not have the right
things and expect to keep your job. But         doing anything illegal; he is simply being     were at opposite ends of the 2 weeks. You      to three breaks per work day. A was stated
you already knew that. Jarvis students          less generous than usual.                      would still only be working for 40 hours       earlier, you have the right to one half-
know perfectly well what will get them                    You should also be aware that        each work-week, and so would not be            hour break for every 5 hours of work. It
fired.                                          you are entitled to 11 consecutive hours       entitled to overtime pay.                      is clear then that you would only truly be
          In a recent survey, I asked 70        off of work between each work day. You                   It is also true that your employer   entitled to 3 breaks per day if you work
Jarvis students to name 3 things they           are also entitled to 24 consecutive hours      cannot fire you without "just cause." Just     15 hours per day, which you don’t. A 15
knew could get them fired from their            of release from work each work week, or        cause includes things such as chronic          hour workday would be a violation of
jobs; 52 of the 70 students could do this.      48 consecutive hours off work in every         lateness, rudeness to other employees or
By contrast, when these same 70 students        period of 2 work weeks.                        customers, theft, laziness or ineffective       This can be anything
were asked to name 5 of their own legal                  You also have rights surrounding      work and carelessness.                          from poor hygiene,
                                                workplace safety. You have the right to                  However if you work in a sea-
                                                                                                                                               to calling in sick
 It seems that Jarvis                           refuse any work that is unsafe. You have       sonal job you should be aware of the
                                                                                                                                               far too many times,
                                                the right to know all of the safety hazards    “DNR” (do not return); this is not a rea-
 students know what                             of your job, and to be properly instructed     son for being fired, but a reason for not       to simply being dis-
 they’re not allowed                            in the use of any necessary safety equip-      being rehired. You can be given a “DNR”
                                                                                                                                               liked by the rest of
 to do, but don’t know                          ment when performing your job. If you          for anything that you cannot be legally
                                                                                                                                               the staff.
 what       protection                          are a full-time worker (seasonal or oth-
                                                erwise), you are entitled to Worker’s
                                                                                               fired for, but your employers don’t like.
                                                                                               This can be anything from poor hygiene,
 they get from the                              Compensation. This is a type of disability     to calling in sick far too many times, to      your right to have 11 consecutive hours
 government in return                           insurance that your employer pays on           simply being disliked by the rest of the       off of work between work days.
 for their services.                            your behalf -- meaning it does not come        staff. If any of these apply to you, your               So there you have it Jarvis stu-
                                                out of your pay cheque. If you are injured     employers are perfectly within their legal     dents, some information to keep in mind
                                                on the job, your employer is legally           rights to tell you not to reapply for your     when applying for your next job, or work-
rights as Ontario workers, only 4 could do      bound through Worker’s Compensation            job next season. As opposed to firing,         ing at the job you have now. I certainly
so. In fact, 9 of the 70 students surveyed      to pay for your rehabilitation. If your        your employers do not need to tell you         hope you find this information useful.
could not name a single one of their own        employer does not pay for your pre-            the reason for which they are giving you       Further information on the subject can
legal rights. It seems that Jarvis students     mium for Worker’s Compensation, your           a “DNR”.                                       be found at the Ontario Ministry of
know what they’re not allowed to do,            employer is operating illegally.                         Now that you’re all aware of the     Labour website: www.
but don’t know what protection they get                   You also have wage rights. You       most basic worker rights, I feel it neces-
from the government in return for their         are entitled to be paid minimum wage by        sary to correct some terrible misconcep-

Late Night Law Needed for Young Workers
by Casey Robinson
         I’m walking home alone         tion? Clearly there isn’t, which    So why are fast-food businesses      are the backbone to the compa-        a paid taxi ride home if needed.
along Danforth Avenue at 1:45           was fatally proven when eight-      allowed to get away with this?       nies’ success.                                  I know this law is need-
in the morning—a man, walk-             een-year-old Jennifer Teague’s      Well according to Ontario’s                   To stop this type of         ed only too well from personal
ing strangely, brushes by me,           decomposing body was found          ESA (Employment Standards            tragedy from happening again          experience. My manager at the
making me nervous.                      near a hiking trail close to a      Act) employers are not obli-         there has to be a law that allows     restaurant was insensitive and
         I ask the TTC ticket           busy parking lot in Ottawa’s        gated to provide transportation                                            unenlightened about safe prac-
operator, “What time does the           west end. It was five kilometres    to or from work. But although          According to                        tices for young female workers.
subway stop running?”                   from the Wendy’s she worked         this law exists, that doesn’t stop                                         He was not open to my requests
         “In about fifteen min-         at where she had last been seen     some companies from making
                                                                                                                   Ontario’s ESA                       for earlier shifts. He made a bad
utes,” he says. Well that gives me      September 8 working the late        their own contracts OT collec-         (Employment                         call.
just about enough time to make          shift.                              tive agreements that ensure safe       Standards Act)                                But if there was a law in
it home.
         This situation just
                                                                            measures for late night workers.
                                                                                     So why are big corpo-
                                                                                                                   employers are                       place the right decision would
                                                                                                                                                       have been made for him.
doesn’t feel right. Sadly, it is just
                                         Shouldn’t there                    rations like Wendy’s, that are         not obligated to                              Until there is a law,
the beginning of my summer               be a law to                        are making all the moola not           provide trans-                      young workers will have to be
routine at a well known fast-            protect teens,                     able to pay for that needed and        portation to or                     vigilant about protecting them-
food restaurant chain.
         What’s wrong with
                                         especially                         well-deserved taxi ride home?
                                                                            Well the truth is many of these
                                                                                                                   from work.                          selves from incompetent manag-
                                                                                                                                                       ers. And it would be a good idea
this picture? Shouldn’t there be         females from                       companies are too focused on                                               in the wake of Jennifer Teague’s
a law to protect teens, espe-            this situation?                    making the money and are not         anyone who works a late shift at      death to call your MPP to have
cially females from this situa-                                             looking out for the people who       any workplace the chance to get       a law put in place.
PAGE 14                                                                            ISSUES                                         The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

GOT MILK?                              by Pedram Mossallanejad
          What’s the first thing that pops
up in your head when you think about
          For me it's not one, but many
things! Things such as hormones, aller-
gens, fat, cholesterol, herbicides, pesti-
cides, dioxins, antibiotics, blood, pus,
feces, bacteria and viruses. Yum yum!
That makes a tasty breakfast.
          There’s a high chance that most
things you think you know about milk
are a complete myth, which have been
deviously promoted by the dairy indus-
try. If you thought cow’s milk was an
essential part of your diet, you are very
wrong. Cow’s milk is an unhealthy and
disgusting fluid causing numerous nega-
tive health effects to all who consume it.
          Taylor Baldwin, Grade 11 stu-
dent and our social convenor stated, “It
is strange because we are the only mam-
mal that drinks another mammal’s milk,”
which raises a very interesting point. It's
cow’s milk, it was not meant for you,
unless you’re a cow.
          Hopefully, you’re not a passion-
ate milk fan like Nadia Mirdha who
claims to drink milk, “five times a week,”
but if you are, brace yourself: cow’s milk
is allowed to contain 400 MILLION
somatic cells per litre. Somatic cells in                              Grade 11 student, Pedram Mossallanejad, drinking milk and hating life.
milk are mostly pus, and pus is basically            One of the 60 scrumptious hor-                   Also bear in mind that the pro-        milk can contain over 50 million bacte-
dead white blood cells. So much for milk      mones is known as IGF-1 (Insulin-Like          tein in milk leaches calcium from the           rial cells. What the dairy industry does is
being “pure” as dear Nadia thought it to      Growth Factor One). IGF-1 is a growth          body, so that 12% probably shrinks to           a sad excuse for pasteurization.
be.                                           hormone which directly affects cows            less than 10%. If people were to drink 10                  So once the milk gets to your
          Sixty percent of American dairy     AND humans. This hormone in milk               glasses of milk per day to receive proper       table, are you going to drink it? Maybe
cows have leukemia, and since leukemia
is a cancer of white blood cells and dead
white blood cells are mostly pus, that          Before the ‘hormone era’, cows pumped anywhere from 1 to 4 litres
leaves us with a mouth-watering reality:        of milk a day. With the addition of hormones (many hormones), an
milk is largely made of pus, produced by        average dairy cow now pumps over 50 litres of milk per day!
cancer-carrying animals [ed. note: opin-
ions and facts here are debatable].
          How do a whopping sixty per-        is completely natural; it was meant to         calcium intake, they would also be the          you’re lactose intolerant; in fact, a greater
cent of American dairy cows get leuke-        make newborns grow. But it is far from         recipients of well over 1000 calories. Milk     percentage (~75%) of the global popula-
mia? One explanation would be the             being essential to us: in fact, it is known    unmistakably does contain calcium, but          tion is at least mildly lactose intolerant.
sixty active hormones that are pumped         to be a fundamental factor in the growth       not in a sufficient proportion to its caloric   The reason is simply because our bodies
into our cows. Before the ‘hormone era’,      and proliferation of breast, prostate, and     content. The most abundant protein in           weren’t meant to consume cow’s milk,
cows pumped anywhere from 1 to 4              colon cancers, and possibly other cancers      milk is called casein, which for many is        cheese, yogurt or butter, in such excessive
litres of milk a day. With the addition of    as well. Getting thirsty yet?                  an allergen, and to many others is glue.        amounts. Cutting dairy products from
hormones (many hormones), an average                   A greatly overrated substance in      In addition to being in milk, casein is         your diet is almost impossible, but it is a
dairy cow now pumps over 50 litres of         milk is calcium. Hypothetically, a glass       used to bind together furniture, hold beer      good idea to limit your intake; Soy milk
milk per day! That’s an extreme increase,     of milk contains about 25% of your             bottle labels in place, or anything else        and hormone-free milk are also good
to say the least.                             daily calcium requirements, but in order       you’d expect glue to do [ed. note: facts here   alternatives.
                                                                          for calcium to     unverified].                                              Then again, you can always
                                                                          be properly                  “It’s pretty clean from what I can    choose to ignore this article, and if you
                                                                          absorbed into      see,” stated Liam McIlroy when asked            do, all I can do is hope you enjoy all the
                                                                          the body, a        about the cleanliness of milk. But what         hormones, allergens, fat, cholesterol, anti-
                                                                          roughly equal      about the measurable amounts of dis-            biotics, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses!
                                                                          amount        of   solved cow feces that can’t be seen? The              For more information visit:
                                                                          magnesium          feces in milk obviously contain immense
                                                                          is    required.    amounts of bacteria. Good thing milk is
                                                                          Unfortunately,     pasteurized. Phew. [ed note: facts here not
                                                                          there is only      verified]                                                Note from the editors:
                                                                          half as much                 Giorgio Traini, VPX, says, “I          The facts and opinions in this article
                                                                          magnesium in       guess it all matters on whether it’s pas-
                                                                                                                                             are the author's and derived from the
                                                                          milk as there      teurized or not,” when speaking about
                                                                          is     calcium,    the sanitation of milk. To sanitize water         website above. Students wishing to
                                                                          which means        you must boil it at 100°C for several           judge the accuracy of the article could
                                                                          that wonder-       minutes. Milk, on average, is pasteur-           discuss the matter with their science
                                                                          ful 25% of         ized at 72°C for 15 seconds; that’s not          teachers and investigate other reliable
                                                                          daily calcium      nearly enough time to eliminate all bac-
                                                                          now becomes a      teria. Keep in mind, the bacteria in milk                         sources.
                                                                         more diminu-        doubles every twenty minutes at room
                                                                          tive 12%.          temperature, and that only a drop of sour
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                                                                                                                 PAGE 15

Controlling our economy and our youth by Shawn Cain
          People have boasted          depends on that person’s own           decreased. However, in Toronto,      running games with brilliant           has changed drastically in its
that the video games today are         rationality and what they let          for example, handgun deaths          graphics, excellent resolution,        sophistication of video game
too violent, and are negatively        influence them.”                       have significantly increased.        and overall realism. Playing a         graphics; realism, interactivity,
affecting youth. Yet recent sta-                Although people believe               With all the negative        game that appears almost real          and level of violence and gore,
tistics seem to prove otherwise.       they have a clear understanding        aspects of video games being         is both exciting and stimulating       allow players to participate in
          Your eyes are locked to      of the term “violent”, it is still a   the centre of criticism, the fact    because of its realism and atten-      more realistically violent action
the screen as graphic splashes of                                                                                                                         than ever before. For instance,
blood jump through the air, and
taint the surrounding landscape.
                                         Looking back on Jarvis’s video-game club last year,                                                              in the game “Halo2,” players can
                                                                                                                                                          shoot and blow up aliens, and
The vibration of the control-            excitement and enthusiasm turned to disappoint-                                                                  even each other. Playing through
ler in your hand is intense as           ment and irritation. Violent, first-person shooters                                                              the multiplayer function of the
you deliver that last satisfying         typically drew in a large crowd because of their                                                                 game, players are awarded med-
headshot. You continue forward,                                                                                                                           als or badges for how they kill
not hesitating to pull the trigger
                                         intensity, fierce nature and over-all aggressive                                                                 their opponents. The variety of
when necessary. But, is this vio-        action.                                                                                                          weapons and combat vehicles at
lent video game affecting your                                                                                                                            a player's disposal increase the
behavior in the real world?                                                                                                                               mystery of how many ways you
          In recent years, the issue   fairly vague issue when referring      that such games make up a large      tion to detail. This way, depend-      can kill another player or A.I.
regarding whether violent video        to what is acceptable and what         portion of North America and         ing on the genre of game, the                     Looking back on Jarvis’s
games are having a negative effect     isn’t. With that said, what exact-     Japan’s economic revenue is          experience becomes all the more        video game club last year, excite-
on youth has gained its share of       ly classifies a game as violent?       widely overlooked. The eighteen      intense. For example, wouldn’t a       ment and enthusiasm turned
                                                                                                                                                          to disappointment and irrita-
                                                                                                                                                          tion. Violent, first-person shoot-
                                                                                                                                                          ers typically drew in a large
                                                                                                                                                          crowd because of their inten-
                                                                                                                                                          sity, fierce nature and over-all
                                                                                                                                                          aggressive action. Perhaps that’s
                                                                                                                                                          why Jarvis’s video game club was
                                                                                                                                                          condemned last year. With a
                                                                                                                                                          limited number of non-violent
                                                                                                                                                          games, the club was forced into
                                                                                                                                                          an early, retirement. One mem-
                                                                                                                                                          ber of last years video game club
                                                                                                                                                          said, “There’s violence every-
                                                                                                                                                          where, and restricting one form
                                                                                                                                                          of entertainment and not anoth-
                                                                                                                                                          er is just not right. If teachers are
                                                                                                                                                          allowed to show movies that are
                                                                                                                                                          educational and have violence
                                                                                                                                                          in them, why are we students
                                                                                                                                                          restricted to what we can show
                                                                                                                                                          each other?”
                                                                                                                                                                     Nontheless, the trend
                                                                                                                                                          of increasing violence in video
                                                                                                                                                          games has intensified pub-
                                                                                                                                                          lic concern regarding their
                            A screenshot from Counterstrike, a first-person shooter game for the PC.                                                       potentially harmful effects. As
                                                                                                                                                          a result, legislative hearings on
media attention. The concern                     “A violent video game is     most popular game companies          horror game be scarier depend-         this issue have been held in sev-
lies in the lingering assumption       a game where someone has been          alone collected over $24 billion     ing on how real the game itself        eral countries, and video-game
that these games have the pos-         inflicted with obvious, perma-         U.S when combined in 2002.           looks? This idea of enhancing          rating rules have been coming
sibility of dictating what kids        nent injury,” says one Grade 9         Games like Halo 2 made more          realism in games for experience        into effect in the United States,
today do and how they act. It          JCI student. Popular games like        than $100 million in its first day   purposes is most imperative in         Canada, Great Britain, Japan,
comes down to a psychological          Halo2, Doom3, Grand Theft                                                                                          and Australia. One Jarvis student
factor, similar to the idea that
television affects the way people
                                       Auto, and Resident Evil are what
                                       some refer to as “perfect defini-
                                                                                “It comes down to a psychological                                         says, “While video games are fun
                                                                                                                                                          and entertaining, certain restric-
will act or respond.                   tions of what a violent game             factor, similar to the idea that                                          tions and limitations should be
          Before video games took      is.” First-person- shooters are a        television affects the way people                                         implemented to insure that the
the spot-light, more than 1,000        popular genre in gaming, and             will act or respond.”                                                     youth of today don’t overdo it.”
research studies on television         involve firing on aliens, zombies,                                                                                            Video games will
violence were focused on the           and humans with a large vari-                                                                                      undoubtedly continue to have
issue of its influence on youth.       ety of guns and projectiles that,      of release, and the game industry    simulation games – copying             violence, so these issues will
Similarly, the thinking now is         in some cases, are currently in        in general pulls in more cash        what is real, and perfecting it in a   always linger. The economic
violent video games may also           existence.                             each year than film or any other     sense. It seems, as games become       profits these games generate are
contribute to aggressive behavior                According to statis-         entertainment industry.              realistic looking, the assumption      undeniable, and the fact remains
and desensitization. A Grade 12        tics completed in the last five                 The issue of influential-   that more realism simply adds          that, these are the kind of games
male student who plays violent         years, since the release of the        ly violent games has been close-     more wood to the proverbial fire       that sell!
games says, “They sometimes            Playstation, violent crime rates       ly addressed since the release       becomes more apparent.
do influence youth; but how            and non-firearm-related vio-           of Microsoft’s Xbox in the fall                It seems the newest
much they are influenced by it         lent crimes have significantly         of 2001, a console focused on        generation of interactive games
PAGE 16                                                                              MEDIA                                          The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

iPod=iWant?=iFear?=iBetterReadThis                                                                                                   by Janny Lee
         iPod mania is similar to     lation has succumbed to iPod
the Walkman mania that started        mania.
back before most of us Jarvisites              Look around you, do
were even born. But it isn’t a fad,   you have a brother, a sister, a
no no no! Fads don’t last more        girlfriend, a boyfriend affect-
than a few months at most.            ed? Maybe your parents? Save
         So, what is so good          yourself! The iPod isn’t the only
about iPod? A few gigabytes and       player out there to get! Fight the
the ability to play mp3 music?        temptation to buy from flashy
When the first one came out, all      ads; fight the temptation of the
that you had was a basic white        iPod’s smooth body, its smooth
rectangular box with a wheelie.       wheel, and its singing though
Then it mutated and gave off-         the ear buds that cling to you.
spring to the iPod mini, then         I’m not saying that the iPod is
the Shuffle, now the Nano - you       bad. What I am saying is that
get the idea? On November 4th,        before thinking iPod as your
Apple announced its new player        first unconscious choice take a
to have video playback.               look at what’s out there.
         Marketers at Apple lay                Save yourself from the
back and laughed with a sinis-        foolery that you will have to
ter evil of their latest catch: the   think five years down the road,
masses of society. We devour the      “Gee why did I waste my money
iPod like food. Go in the sub-        on an iPod?” You may love the
way; it’s plastered on the walls.     iPod, or you may hate it, but
                                                                                                         A Jarvis student dances to her new iPod.
Go on the street, the iPod has        Apple thinks you should buy it.
infected the population. Like an               Society thinks so too       And I think my PSP is way             “Everyone owns an iPod.”               the best, then use your mind to
army of ants, the ominous iPod        - but what do you think? As          cooler.” He also comments that                 iPod wasn’t invented          make that decision.
has crawled up our pants and          Michael Ly, a Grade 11 stu-          the wheelie can only be used          in one night, and it did not                    If you decide not to buy
into our ears with vibrant white      dent, says, “I dislike it because    by slim thumbs. Other similar         become the only mp3 in the             the iPod, there are many other
earphones, slowly gnawing at          it’s no longer about the music,      complaints have been, “It’s too       market either. Our tastes are dif-     alternatives such as iRiver, Zen,
our brains. It’s just a matter of     but rather a fashion trend. They     delicate”, “It’s too expensive”,      ferent, just as choosing is. But       or even a Dell DJ.
time before the entire popu-          make people socially deprived.       and “ The earphones suck”.            if in the end you think iPod is

n3tsp3ak: r u in?                                           by Terrence Vuu
                                                                                                                 Caldwell, head of the English          speed is not something new.
                                                                                                                 Department at Jarvis, “English         Shorthand has been in use for
                                                                                                                 is a dynamic language. Change          thousands of years by scribes and
                                                                                                                 is inevitable.” This is to say         secretaries and it is even being
                                                                                                                 that English is ever-evolving.         practised in our schools. Recall
                                                                                                                 Caldwell adds, “Language is            history class, when we learned
                                                                                                                 used to communicate thoughts           about WWI, and WWII. And
                                                                                                                 clearly.” And how could we pos-        point-form notes are not some-
                                                                                                                 sibly communicate the idea of          thing unfamiliar to you. So
                                                                                                                 “cellular phones”, being a fairly      what makes this situation so
                                                                                                                 new word, without the word             special?
                                                                                                                 “cellular phone”?                                One reason is the influ-
                                                                                                                           Imagine if we were           ence of the media. The media
                                                                                                                 speaking the way they did in           defines what’s cool for us, fash-
                                                                                                                 Shakespeare’s time.          Words     ion-wise, music-wise and, yes,
                                                                                                                 evolve and that’s a fact. It is not    even language-wise. And what’s
                                                                                                                 as if we have always written the       cool right now on the language
                                                                                                                 way we do today. We no longer          beat is certainly not spelling cor-
                                                                                                                 use words like “olde” because,         rectly. We see song titles like
                                                                                                                 well, they are olde. Instead, we       Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” or
                                                                                                                 have replaced these words with         hair products like Got2B and
                                                                                                                 something more convenient.             this leaves an imprint in our
                                                                                                                           But this doesn’t really      mind, however subconscious the
                                                                                                                 justify y we type lyke dis. The        effect might be. The media has
                                                                                                                 general sentiment is that Internet     such a profound impact on our
                                                                                                                 lingo is used to get a message         language that even the Destiny’s
                                                                                                                 across quickly.         Darakshan      Child song, “Bootylicious”
                                                                                                                 Ansari, a former Jarvisite, says       is now an entry in Webster’s
                                                                                                                 that “people are always trying to      Dictionary.
                                                                                                                 do things quickly, so these terms                Another reason why
                                  A typical MSN 1337 conversation.                                               are easy ways to get a message         people use Internet lingo is the
                                                                                                                 across.”                               difficulty of expressing emo-
tdot_sweety: ahhhhhh…my               in which short forms, acronyms       quickly catching on all over the                However, this sentiment      tions online. You try showing
teach iz such a hard marker           and numbers are used in place of     world for many reasons.               is not shared by everyone. Kelly       someone that you are laugh-
mccool: i noe eh…i failed dat         words, phrases and letters from               According to the             Wong, Grade 12 student, thinks         ing your ass off, without typing
english essay y0                      an already existing language.        Internet World Stats, Internet        that Internet lingo is “degrading      “LMAO.” Emoticons —like
tdot_sweety: yah…i got lyke 60        The lack of punctuation and          usage has increased 165% over         to English.” She says that we’re       =) and =( — can show happi-
sumthin lol                           capitalization distinguishes this    the past five years. But this can’t   getting lazy, as a society, and        ness, or sadness with three key-
                                      jargon from others. Grammar          be the sole reason behind this        that “it’s bull, since it only takes   strokes.
        This sort of termi-           is not considered important,         massive change.                       an extra nanosecond to type an                   But convenience is not
nology, used primarily on the         compared to Standard English.                 One of the most sig-         extra letter.”                         always a factor. When it comes
Internet and commonly among           The new linguistic phenome-          nificant reasons is the nature of               However, this need for       to 13375P34K, (which means
teenagers, is a distinct vernacular   non, known as Internet lingo, is     our language. According to Mr.                                                     Continued on Page 17
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                    MEDIA                                                                                   PAGE 17

Who pays for what you see by Niko Block
          “It’s a problem, but like every      alternative media. “I don’t think they do      to get a very particular slant.”               American magazines, “all of whom have
other aspect of out lives, it’s completely     it as a matter of normal course: I think                A disturbing example of a con-        foundation support, so they’re perfectly
and totally infused and driven by corpo-       it’s done in a much more subtle way.”          glomerate exercising its control over one      willing to lose money. And we wanted to
rate agendas,” says Jerry Lazare, speaking     Swift goes on to describe the process by       of its subsidiaries took place about six       be in that class, where we could in fact
of the fact that the stories that can be       which a newspaper is unlikely to have to       years ago after the American Broadcasting      lose money too and provide a product
found in the media today are often there       deal with one of its advertisers directly      Company (ABC) had been completely              that is in some sense deserving of charita-
as a result of corporate control.              forcing it to kill a story: Instead, editors   bought by the gargantuan Walt Disney           ble status because it’s a vehicle for serious
          Lazare sits on the board of direc-   and contributors, knowing that it’s not a      Company.                                       discourse.”
tors of The Walrus, an independent             good idea, will probably omit the story                 ABC News had been planning to                   Although Lazare agrees that there
Canadian magazine, which has made a            themselves. “It comes off as self-censor-      air an investigative report on Walt Disney     has been a trend towards conglomeration
successful effort to remain untouched by       ship instead of external censorship,” he       World’s failure to look into the criminal      and centralization in the mainstream
these corporate agendas.                       concludes.                                     records of many of the individuals who         press, he still trusts that magazines are a
          It may surprise you to find out               The New Internationalist has          had applied for jobs there, and conse-         viable vehicle. “We’re trying to present
that much of the Canadian media is             never made very much money advertising         quently there were disturbing numbers of       an alternative to the celebrity-driven crass
under the control of a web of conglomer-       for other companies, as a deliberate result    pedophiles on staff. Two of ABC’s jour-        commercial magazine.”
ates, (companies who own and often con-        of their decision to remain independent.       nalists had investigated the issue for four                Lazare’s point is well taken.
trol a number of smaller media sources).       “We realized that we would have to make        months and by the end of it, the story
Firms who advertise in certain magazines                                                      was ready to air. ABC News President            The     significance
or newspapers usually are able to influ-        There is an increas-                          David Westin decided to kill the story          of the alternative
ence the stories they publish as well.          ing number of news-                           just days after Walt Disney chairman
                                                                                                                                              media is that much
          In the face of this issue it is
increasingly important to bear in mind
                                                paper articles con-                           Michael Eisner was quoted publicly as
                                                                                              saying, “I would prefer ABC not to cover        of it remains inde-
the vastness and diversity of the Canadian      cerning celebrities,                          Disney…It’s inappropriate for Disney            pendent, and unaf-
press; particularly the alternative media       interior decoration,                          to be covered by Disney…ABC News
                                                                                                                                              fected by commer-
which many Canadians, young and old,            cars, fashion and                             knows I would prefer them not to cover
                                                                                                                                              cial interests.
do not take advantage of. The significance                                                    [Disney].”
of the alternative media is that much of it
                                                food...The list goes                                   Publicly-funded media is of
remains independent, and unaffected by          on. “As that part of                          course an alternative to sources which         The decline in newspaper readership as
commercial interests.                           the paper grows,”                             are heavily influenced by private organi-      well as the omission of several stories of
          Since so few people pay for their     Swift comments,                               zations. In Canada, this would mean
                                                                                              the CBC. Although some are opposed
                                                                                                                                             probable importance, like the one on
news today, or at least pay very little,                                                                                                     Disney World, has led to the prolifera-
news companies’ main source of revenue          “then, potentially,                           to receiving their news from a source          tion of irrelevant commercial articles, the
usually comes from these companies.             the editorial parts                           which is directly funded by the govern-        topics of which are not in the public’s
Thus the popular media can be eas-              of the paper will                             ment – which they argue could meddle           interest. There is an increasing number
ily controlled, censored and slanted in                                                       as corporations might – the influence          of newspaper articles concerning celeb-
a number of different ways, all of which
                                                shrink.”                                      of the government, as Swift also goes on       rities, interior decoration, cars, fashion
are legal, and most of which are morally                                                      to point out, is maintained as an “arms-       and food...The list goes on. “As that part
reprehensible.                                 it or break it on the subscriptions,” says     length” type of relationship. “When the        of the paper grows,” Swift comments,
         Advertisers, as a source of rev-      Swift, “and some years we make it and          relationship is violated,” he says, “and the   “then, potentially, the editorial parts of
enue, tend to be protected from any criti-     other years we break it, so it’s a strug-      government tries to interfere, it’s usually    the paper will shrink.”
cism that the paper may otherwise make         gle.”                                          something that people scream and yell                    Overall, it is very difficult to
of them. Moreover, newspaper reader-                      As mentioned, most major            about, so public funding doesn’t necessar-     find a single magazine, newspaper, or
ship has dropped substantially in recent       media sources in North America today are       ily mean public control.                       news network that will consistently sup-
years, and at the current rate that this       owned by incredibly large conglomerates,                Yet another financial setup is        ply stories which are reported neutrally,
is occurring, newspapers will have fully       both in the United States and Canada.          being practiced by The Walrus. The mag-        and are not touched by the opinions
faded from use by April of 2040. Since         Bell Canada Enterprises (or BCE) for           azine has legally received charitable status   of higher-ups within the organization.
newspapers are accumulating less and           instance, owns CTV and The Globe               and can therefore receive money from a         Many, including Swift, in fact, do not
less revenue from their readers, they have     and Mail newspaper. CanWest Global,            foundation, which is an option that most       believe that it is possible to run a media
subsequently become more dependent             another company, owns Global news, the         organizations unfortunately do not have.       organization without being affected by
upon their advertisers’ money than ever        National Post, and a number of other           The fact that The Walrus is able to lose       any kind of bias. The most important
before.                                        television stations across Canada. “They       money in their operation gives them a          thing to bear in mind, therefore, is that
            “I think that advertisers will     have very particular views on a number of      huge amount of journalistic autonomy.          there are dozens upon dozens of these
interfere,” says Richard Swift, Torontonian    subjects,” says Swift of CanWest, “includ-              “Interestingly, we’re up against      firms who make it their business to cover
editor of the New Internationalist, a          ing the Middle-East, so when it comes to       The Atlantic, and Harper’s and The New         a variety of different topics, and all of
monthly political magazine of the global       coverage of the Middle-East, you’re going      Yorker,” says Lazare, naming comparable        them are readily available to you.

n3tsp3ak – r u in?                                               by Terrence Vuu
Continued from Page 16
leetspeak, which then equates to elite         Counter Strike and WarCraft.” He says          essay. Pedram Mossalanejad, Grade 11           can tell the difference between English
speak), the keyboarding is not always so       that it is a language used among a “certain    student, says that he has once caught          and Vietnamese and I know when to use
simple. 13375P34K consists of numbers          type of people. It’s about exclusivity.”       himself writing “u” instead of “you” on        either, so I can easily tell the difference
replacing letters and the purposeful bas-                 So, does the usage of this unique   the blackboard. Veronica Wong, Grade           between English and Internet lingo.”
tardization of words. It is almost like a      jargon affect our English writing abilities?   12, also thinks that the usage of Internet              The fact is that this vernacular
code-language that is nearly impossible to     According to Mr. Caldwell, it doesn’t.         lingo affects our English writing capa-        is growing quickly, and there’s no way
decipher to the untrained eye. It would        Over his 20 years at Jarvis, he hasn’t seen    bilities in the long run. “There are many      of avoiding it, on the Internet or in real
take an unsuspecting Internet-user several     a decrease in the quality of writing. In       people in Grade 12 who don’t know              life. So whether you are for or against the
minutes to realise that “7312123|\|(3” is      1985, students were making the same            the difference between there, they’re and      use of this revolutionary language, you’re
just my name.                                  technical errors that are being made           their or than and then.”                       going to have to get used to it and learn
         According to Nikko Torres, a          today.                                                   However, Loan Le, a high school      to cope. English will always be evolving
former Jarvisite and an avid 13375P34K-                   But many students would dis-        graduate and user of Internet lingo, says      and one day, we might wake up and dis
er, “most people start 13375P34K-ing           pute that fact, saying that they have made     “I never had any trouble distinguishing        mite jus b da new way 2 rite.
because of online video games, like            mistakes when writing formally, as in an       between English and Internet lingo. I
PAGE 18                                                                                                                         The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

Top five Jarvis Edition by Sanjay Bahal
         Ever wonder what happens to your favourite stars or celebrities? It’s a common question that one can hear when walking down the halls of Jarvis. “Hey, do you
know what happened to The Spice Girls?” or “Do you remember this actor….” And so I conducted a survey consisting of thirty Grade 12 students, with a list of 10 possible
celebrities who seemed to have disappeared into the abyss, and they were to narrow it down to the five by selecting the celebrities that had disappeared after their career.
The survey was not limited only to actors and actresses, but included various television and magazine personalities. And so I am pleased to present to you the unofficial
I-wonder-what-happened-to…top five Jarvis edition:

                                                                                                                     NUMBER 2:
                                                                                                                     SPICE GIRLS                          NUMBER 1:
                                                                                 NUMBER3:                     The Spice Girls in the 90’s, were         MISS CLEO
                                                                              PEEWEEHERMAN                    at the top of their game, sell-
                                        NUMBER 4:                                                                                                   (THE TV PSYCHIC)
                                                                            (A.K.AP ULREUBENS
                                                                                   A         )                ing millions of copies of their
                                                                                                                                                    Now this one is my person-
    NUMBER 5 :                        MACAULAY CULKIN                     Herman was an actor popular in      albums to raging girls and boys,
                                                                                                                                                    al favorite, the infamous Miss
  THE BARBI TWINS                   Born on August 26, 1980, Culkin       the early 1980’s. It wasn’t until   trying to convey one message
                                                                                                                                                    Cleo (those of you who know
Now these twin sisters were very    is one of the most famous child-      his 1985 movie Pee Wee’s Big        “spice up your life.” The group
                                                                                                                                                    me, know I can do a wicked
well known by a group of male       hood stars ever. He is known for      Adventure that his career really    existed during a time when the
                                                                                                                                                    impersonation). Miss Cleo was
Jarvis Students for, well, their    playing the role of the adorable      sprung to life. He also became a    boy and girl bands such as the
                                                                                                                                                    famous for her appearances on
performance skills during the       blond-haired, blue-eyed Kevin         popular face with children’s pro-   Backstreet Boys were a new sen-
                                                                                                                                                    late-night TV as the Jamaican
mid-1990’s. I was around six at     McCallister in the Home Alone,        gramming when his 1986 chil-        sation. Many loved them and
                                                                                                                                                    Shaman priestess, who had the
the peak of their stardom, and      and Home Alone: 2 films.              dren’s show Pee Wee’s Playhouse     many wanted to be like them.
                                                                                                                                                    ability to tell you your future.
had no idea who these sisters       Other feats included, My Girl,        came out.                           The Spice Girls were so popular
                                    Richie Rich, and The Good Son.                                            that they even had their own
were, or what they did. So,
                                    Culkin’s fame started around the
                                                                                                                                                    Since then?:
naturally, you could imagine                                              Since then?:                        gum line featuring various stick-
                                                                                                                                                    After some time, people caught
my surprise at the web sites        age of four when he appeared in       Since those shows, Herman has       ers of them wrapped with the
                                                                                                                                                    on as they began to realize that
that popped up when I typed in      Broadway productions.                 had special appearances on vari-    gum. They also came out with
                                                                                                                                                    what she said was, well, false
their names. It was revealed to                                           ous sitcoms and movies, such        their own movie. Apparently,
                                                                                                                                                    (I could tell by her accent that
me that they were pin-up and        Since then?:                          as: Murphy Brown, Buffy the         there were one too many spices
                                                                                                                                                    she was a fake).Also her catch-
calendar girls. Shane and Sia       As Culkin’s career came to an         Vampire Slayer, Batman Forever      in the pot, and Halliwel decid-
                                                                                                                                                    phrase that stated that calls were
Barbi appeared in various nude      end, his parents had a massive        and Mystery Men. Herman’s           ed that she wanted to “Spice
                                                                                                                                                    free, turned out to be false and
magazines, eventually making it     battle over who would have cus-       fanfare, specifically the child-    up her life” on her own. This
                                                                                                                                                    people were being charged. The
to Playboy where their fan base     tody of Culkin and his huge for-      hood based ones, quickly died       move inevitably resulted in the
                                                                                                                                                    company was eventually closed
grew exponentially. Soon after-     tune. In 1998, Culkin married         off when in July of 1991 Herman     breakup and collapse of the
                                                                                                                                                    down, but she was not person-
wards, both sisters appeared on     actress Rachel Miner. Like his        was caught masturbating in a        group, however, not without one
                                                                                                                                                    ally charged. In actual fact, Cleo
two of the best-selling Playboy     career, the marriage did not last;    Porno theatre to Nancy Nurse        final album produced by the
                                                                                                                                                    (AKA Youree Harris) was born
magazines ever. Eventually, the     Miner wanted to settle down           in Sarasota Florida. As if that     remaining four.
                                                                                                                                                    in America. She was not a priest-
climax of their stardom came to     and have a family; Culkin did         wasn’t enough for him, Herman                                             ess, nor was she even a psychic.
an end.                             not. He had illusional hopes of       was sentenced to 3 years proba-     Since then?:
                                                                                                                                                    The character, Miss Cleo, was
                                    restarting his acting career. Since   tion when he pleaded guilty to      After the breakup, Halliwell
                                                                                                                                                    based on a play which Harris
Since then?:                        then, Culkin has dated many           misdemeanor obscenity for his       (Ginger Spice) came out with
                                                                                                                                                    performed with other cast mates
Shortly after, they disappeared     famous celebrities such as That       erotica collection. Herman was      a couple of other albums and
                                                                                                                                                    in Seattle. Harris kept all of the
from the spotlight and it was       '70s Show’s Mila Kunis. Most          later charged with child por-       remains strong in Britain and
                                                                                                                                                    profits which were made and
reported that both sisters were     recently, Culkin was charged          nography, but the charge was        the UK. Brown (Scary Spice)
                                                                                                                                                    then she fled, saying that she had
suffering from severe cases of      with marijuana possession in          dropped. Despite the dropping       married one of their dancers by
                                                                                                                                                    bone cancer and would return
bulimia as they tried to pursue     Oklahoma. Well, at least we           of the charge, parents did not      the name of Jimmy Gulzar, and
                                                                                                                                                    later. She never did. And some
their unrealistic goal to become    know that he isn’t wasting his        want their children to be hang-     they had a child. Brown also was
                                                                                                                                                    of you who do in fact believe
even more stick-like. It got so     time.                                 ing out with the former host of     featured in a duet with Missy
                                                                                                                                                    that she is psychic, must be sad-
severe that Sia overdosed on                                              the children’s program Pee Wee’s    Elliot. Chisolm, (Sporty Spice)
                                                                                                                                                    dened by the fact that Miss Cleo
laxatives, which nearly killed                                            Playhouse. I guess we finally       had a more successful run doing
                                                                                                                                                    is gone. But you mustn’t fret;
her. Realizing that their career                                          know who Michael Jackson’s          collaborations with various other
                                                                                                                                                    Miss Cleo is back doing car deal-
was over, they tried to rekin-                                            role model is.                      musicians, one of them being
                                                                                                                                                    ership advertisements in Florida.
dle it by publishing a book                                                                                   Bryan Adams. And of course
                                                                                                                                                    All I have to say is this: if she
called, “Dying to be healthy.”                                                                                we all know about Adams (Posh
                                                                                                                                                    was a real psychic, she would
Currently both sisters are living                                                                             Spice) and her marriage to soc-
                                                                                                                                                    have been able to see her career,
happy and healthy lives. Shane                                                                                cer player David Beckham. They
                                                                                                                                                    if you want to call it that, come
is married to actor Ken Wahl.                                                                                 have two sons. Bunton (Baby
                                                                                                                                                    to and end.
                                                                                                              Spice) is trying to give her career

 Have a problem and don't know where to turn?                                                                 another kick start in the UK by
                                                                                                              coming out with another album

                                    ASK MAX!                                                                  called: “Free Me.”
                                                                                                                        I hope this gives you some insight as to what happened to
 E-mail with "Max" in the subject.                                                     your former favourite stars, celebrities and TV icons. Though many
                                                                                                              of their careers were fairly lengthy, it is now understandable why they
                                                                                                              are no longer the front-runners in entertainment.
The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005                                                  HUMOUR                                                                                PAGE 19

Bullies turn to teachers for lunch money by Max Barkley
          For as long as this reporter can      thirsty and asked my teacher to give me a      unfortunate teachers affected by these    there are two ways you can go about your
remember, teachers have always told stu-        dollar to get a drink from the cafeteria; he   situations.                               business: tell him he’s full of excrement
dents to ignore school bullies, or to tell      said no, and the next thing I realize, I’ve                                              and take a pounding, or play along and
an adult or parent. However, in an inter-       got my arm around his head, wet-willy-               Guidelines for                      then give him a zero later. If you choose
esting turn of events it seems that teach-      ing him.” When asked why he continued                                                    the latter, you’ll save on injuries. Well,
ers are finally going to have to start taking   to do it, the student smiled and added,
                                                                                                       Teachers                          until the student finds out his final mark,
their own advice.                               “It’s about the power. A teacher gives you                                               that is.
          A recent study done by the            marks, so it feels good to turn around and
                                                                                               Positive        re-enforcement:
                                                                                               It’s important that you show students
Ontario Secondary Schools Federation            give them a few marks of your own.”                                                      Win over the important stu-
                                                                                               that you appreciate when they come
(OSSTF) shows that students bullying                     So amidst this chaos and tur-                                                   dents: Remember, that high school is
their teachers has become a very big                                                                                                     like a primitive tribe: there are always
problem. All of the people interviewed                                                                                                   leaders and key figures; these are the ones
chose to use pseudonyms for their protec-                                                                                                you should try to impress. Once you
tion.                                                                                                                                    convince them not to hurt you, the rest
          “I heard rumours about this kind                                                                                               will follow the like the mindless sheep
of thing from co-workers for years, but                                                                                                  that they are.
never really believed it was real,” began
Mrs. Rancans. “But one year, I gave one                                                                                                  Encourage bullies to skip class:
of my more quiet Grade 10 English stu-                                                                                                   Odds are that whoever’s beating you up
dents a failing mark on his final report                                                                                                 probably doesn’t want to be in school so
card; a week later I found a dead bulldog                                                                                                why not just give them what they want?
on my desk with a card attached with                                                                                                     In the end, they don’t show up, and you
the words ‘fail this’ on it.” With one last                                                                                              get the pleasure of failing them. It’s a win-
look around the class room, she added, “I                                                                                                win situation.
don’t fail quiet students anymore.”                                                                                                                Make supply teachers do the
          According to experts, this kind                                                                                                grunt work: When you’re giving out a
of an event doesn’t happen overnight.                                                                                                    test that is sure to make your students
An anonymous guidance counsellor says,                                                                                                   angry, why not call in sick and get a sup-
“These things always start small; the                                                                                                    ply teacher to do it for you? As the board
teacher allows the student to make insult-                                                                                               would rather pay for extra supply teachers
ing jokes about his or her character, and          A teacher is terrified as a student roughs him up for his lunch money.                 than for full-time teachers’ medical bills,
eventually it carries over in to noogies                                                                                                 this is encouraged for high-risk occasions
                                                                                               to class without the intention to hurt
and wedgies between classes.”                   moil, what are teachers doing to cope?                                                   such as ISU hand-in days, and exams.
                                                                                               you. Remember: giving away a few extra
          An anonymous student, who has         “Hiding,” suggested one teacher from                                                               Although many teachers are find-
                                                                                               marks could save you some beatings.
partaken in bullying teachers, agrees. “I       under her desk; however, many are lost                                                   ing it difficult to cope, it looks like these
started off only making fun of my English       having not been adequately trained for                                                   guidelines may be the only help teachers
teacher last year, ‘cause of his Dutch last     these kinds of situations. The good news
                                                                                               Pretend you believe:        When a stu-
                                                                                               dent comes in on the day of an assign-    will get until new anti-student legislation
name and funny looking hairs below his          is that the Ministry of Education has                                                    is created.
                                                                                               ment and says a dog ate their homework,
lower lip. Then one day, I was kind of          finally given out clear guidelines for the
PAGE 20                                                                                                                        The Jarvis Jargon • DECEMBER 2005

The Kennel by Giorgio Traini
                                                                                                             their position in the playoffs and   Nemesis Haunts Jarvis
                                                                                                             after winning in the quarterfi-            Volleyball
                                                                                                             nals came 4th in the semis.          The Junior Boys’ Volleyball Team
                                                                                                                                                  went into the playoffs in second
                                                                                                             Clutch veterans lead                 place in the East. With a strong
                                                                                                             Senior Girls’ Basketball             returning Grade 10 line-up, the
                                                                                                               through slam dunk                  team had a 6-2 record, losing
                                                                                                                     season                       both games to Riverdale. Jarvis
                                                                                                             The Senior Girl’s Basketball         won their quarterfinal match,
                                                                                                             Team was strong all around and       playing some of their best vol-
                                                                                                             built upon a core of veteran play-   leyball of the year, but could not
                                                                                                             ers, who could be counted on to      bring the game to a high enough
                                                                                                             fight to the last moments of a       level to beat Humberside in the
                                                                                                             game for a win. Stealing balls       quarterfinals.
                                                                                                             out of opponents seemingly firm
                                                                                                             grip and scoring last- minute        Senior Boys’ Relinquish
                                                                                                             points to win games made this          Volleyball Dynasty
                                                                                                             team a success and extremely         With a veteran squad returning
                                                                                                             exciting to watch. They went         from last year and new Grade
                                                                                                             into the playoffs in 3rd, with 7     11 starters, Thomas Long and
                                Jarvis Girls' Field Hockey Team.                                             wins and 2 losses, and ended the     Joseph Munn, the Senior Boys’
                                                                                                             year in a heartbreaking loss in      Volleyball Team hoped to con-
Girls’ Tennis has .500              fought hard in their season,          Late start for Junior              the semifinals.                      tinue its dynasty in the South
   record in opening                coming out with a 1-6-3 record,          Boys’ Soccer                                                         Region              this year.
         season                     and making it to the quarterfi-     The Junior Boys’ Soccer Team         Run      Jarvis!                     Ho w e v e r,
This fall Jarvis formed a Girls’    nals. The hopes are high for this   had a slow start this year, unfor-         Run!
Tennis Team for the first time      team in future years, because of    tunately missing its first game.     Cross Country
in many years. They did exceed-     a promising young crop of play-     But the team came together           had an amaz-
ingly well, finishing with a .500   ers, who will strive to continue    quickly and finished the season      ing turnout
record in the regular season and    the legacy of this hardworking      with 1 win and 5 losses, barely      of over 20 run-
                                    team.                               missing the playoffs. For the        ners this year.
                                                                        second year in a row the school      The      whole
                                                                        went without a senior team,          team did
                                                                        leaving hopes that next year this    well, and
                                                                        junior squad’s dedicated players     improved
                                                                        will raise a Senior Team out of      immensely
                                                                        hibernation.                         over the sea-
                                                                                                             son. Danyel
                                                                        Junior Girls' Basketball             Amjad        did
                                                                           Team Drives Hard                  especially well,
                                                                        The Junior Girls’ Basketball         making it to Metros                                               it was
                                                                        Team had lots of heart and tal-      and barely missing the cut                               a closely con-
                                                                        ent this season, going into the      for OFSA.                                            tested spot. They
                                                                        playoffs with a record of 4-4,                                            came out of the regular season
                                                                        including an upset win over                                               in 3rd, with a 5-3 record, behind
          GAC members juggle pizza competitively.                       Leaside by 20 points. They held                                           Danforth and Riverdale. They
                                                                                                                                                  beat Bloor in the quarterfinals,
finishing 4th in their division—                                                                                                                  to advance to a game against
a spectacular feat for a team,                                                                                                                    Danforth. Unfortunately, Jarvis
in which many of the players                                                                                                                      was unable to play at its highest
learned how to keep score in                                                                                                                      ability against Danforth and had
their opening match.                                                                                                                              to relinquish their hopes of mak-
                                                                                                                                                  ing it to the championship.
Boys’ Tennis serves up
ace with 3rd place finish
The Boys’ Tennis Team was the
strongest in years, coming in
second in the regular season
and losing to Riverdale in the
semis in an unbearably close
match. The team was strong all
around, including its undefeated
A Team, Merrick Anderson and
yours truly.

Young squad builds
future success in field
Field hockey had a strong and
inspiring team this year that
                                                         Mr. Moravec coaching the Senior Bulldogs to victory.

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