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									cashU and Zain Partner for Online Shoppers
Online gaming websites accounted for 54% of the total number of cashU transactions in

Dubai – June 05, 2012: cashU, a leading secure online payment provider has partnered
with Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, to offer Zain customers a
quick and secure method to shop online without the hassle of credit cards. Through this
partnership Zain customers in Kuwait can easily purchase cashU refill coupons through
the newly launched iCard service, a service targeting Zain customers looking for a quick
and secure method to shop online. The iCard service offers a new exclusive mobile
payment service that provides customers with the safest and easiest way to get cashU
prepaid cards without the use of a credit card or K-Net (K-Net is a national company
providing electronic banking services to all the banks in Kuwait).

The iCard services enables consumers to shop online with cashU cards on websites
ranging from entertainment (Al-Jazeera Sports Channel subscription renewal), travel and
gaming (FarmVille and Playstation Network cards) to communication (Skype) and social-
networking (Facebook). Using cashU prepaid cards, customers can also purchase iTunes
enabling safe and efficient music downloads.

“cashU is the only fully integrated online payment service in the Middle East and as such
we are always looking for strategic partnerships with telecommunications service
providers to add value to our customer bases,” said Martin Waldenstrom, CEO, cashU.
“In this case, partnering with Zain with a service that eliminates online security threats
and provides our customers access to products and services with the utmost convenience
is a winning ticket!”

Payments require a card voucher which is ordered by SMS and the payment for the
voucher is done via the user’s mobile account balance. After sending through a text,
customers receive a message asking them to choose the cashU card option. Once this is
done, the customer receives a voucher number enabling them to shop online.

In 2011, 54 percent of the total number of cashU transactions were from online gaming,
with 34 percent of cashU online gamers being under the age of 18, and don’t have access
to credit cards. Innovative services such as iCard target this age group and other
consumers who shy away from using their credit cards online fearing security issues.


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