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John Allison
Script                                                                 Shotlist
Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova, shooting a public service                 1. Wide shot, Nathalie Glebova sitting in front of camera in
announcement for the UNITE FOR CHILDREN UNITE AGAINST AIDS                      studio
campaign.                                                                 2. Med shot (Graphic), “UNITE FOR CHILDREN. UNITE
                                                                                AGAINST AIDS” Campaign logo
The 25 year old joins nearly a dozen other celebrities like Danny         3. Close up, Nathalie Glebova speaking to camera
Glover… Whoopi Goldberg… and Ralph Fiennes… in supporting the             4. Close up, Susan Sarandon speaking to camera
campaign.                                                                 5. Close up, Danny Glover speaking to camera
                                                                          6. Close up, Whoopi Goldberg speaking to camera
In her 30 second spot, Miss Universe talks about the impact of AIDS on    7. Close up, Ray Fiennes speaking to camera
children.                                                                 8. Med shot & Zoom out, Nathalie Glebova in the studio
                                                                          9. Close up, Picture taped onto white screen portraying two
(sound up PSA: “children are missing their…”)                                   young children
                                                                          10. Soundbite (English): Nathalie Glebova, Ms. Universe
Miss Universe, who grew up in Russia, recorded a version of the                 ”Millions of children are growing up alone, missing their
announcement in her native language.                                            childhood.”
                                                                          11. Close up, Two pictures taped onto white screen portraying
(Sound up: Russian PSA)                                                         adults holding children
                                                                          12. Med shot, Series of six pictures taped onto white screen
In Russia, nearly 80% of all those with HIV are under 30. Over 21,000           portraying children in a variety of situations
babies have been born to HIV positive mothers, and more than 2,000        13. Close up, Nathalie Glebova speaking to the camera in
have been abandoned in hospitals or orphanages.                                 Russian
                                                                          14. Wide shot, Orphanage in Kaliningrad, Russia
The public service announcement will be made available to                 15. Med shot, Orphanage worker playing with child in the
broadcasters all over the world.                                                orphanage
                                                                          16. Close up, Baby’s face
(Sound up: “I think that’s the one!”)                                     17. Wide shot, Baby in a crib rocking back and forth
                                                                          18. Close up, Baby’s face as it shakes its head
                                                                          19. Wide shot (Still) & Zoom in, Nathalie Glebova in front of
                                                                                camera in studio
                                                                          20. Soundbite (English): Nathalie Glebova, Ms Universe
                                                                                ”I think that was the best one. Yea.”

Script                                                                 Shotlist

Same as above                                                          Same as above

Script English

Did you know a child is orphaned by AIDS every 15 seconds?          Shotlist English

Millions of children are growing up alone…missing their childhood   1. Med shot photo of two boys
                                                                    2. Med shot Miss Universe
Missing their mother…missing their father                           3. Med shot two children holding framed photo
                                                                    4. Med shot Miss Universe with photo
AIDS is devastating families around the globe                       5. Med shot two photos
                                                                    6. Med shot nine photos
Children are missing your support                                   7. Med shot Miss Universe
                                                                    8. Med shot photo of young girl
UNITE for Children. UNITE against AIDS.                             9. Med shot photo of child in crib

Script Russian                                                      Shotlist

Знали ли Вы, что каждые пятнадцать секунд один                      Natalie Glebova to camera
ребёнок становится сиротой, и причина тому -

Миллионы детей растут сиротами, теряя свое
детство, теряя свою мать, теряя своего отца.

СПИД – враг жизни во всём мире.

Дети не получают Вашей поддержки.

Объединимся ради детей.
Объединимся против СПИДа.

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