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									FileID   Title                                             Composer                                                     Topic                Parts Bible Ref                                  N         Publisher
                                                                                                                                                                                   Publish Date umber Copies
A01      All the Earth Will Worship                        Ken Bible, Tom Fettke                                                                  4                                     1999            Hal Leonard Corp.
A02      Antiphonal Psalm                                  Henry Pfohl                                                  General                   4 Psalm 113:1-6                       1963            Harold Flammer, Inc.
A03      All Praise To Thee                                Thomas Tallis                                                General                   4                                     1962            Augsburg Publishing House
A04      Alleluia                                          Randall Thompson                                             General                   4                                     1940            E.C. Schirmer Music Co.
A05      All In The April Evening                          Hugh S. Roberton                                             Easter                    4                                     1911            J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.
A06      All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name                 J. Lamont Galbraith                                          General                   4                                     1912            Oliver Ditson Company
A07      Alleluia, Come, Good People                       Katherine K. Davis                                           Easter                    4                                     1941            Galaxy Music Corporation
A09      Almighty And Everlasting God                      Orlando Gibbons                                              General                   4                                     1959            Bourne, Inc
A10      Awake, Thou Wintry Earth                          Johann Sebastian Bach                                        General                   4                                     1931            Millis Music, Inc.
A11      Angels' Carol (The)                               Francis W. Snow                                              Christmas                 4                                     1931            H.W. Gray Co.
A12      Angels Roll The Stone Away                        Maurice C. Whitney                                           Easter                    4                                     1960            H.W. Gray Co.
A13      Almighty God, Who Hast Given Us Grace             Edward B. Whittredge                                         General                   4                                     1945            The Boston Music Co.
A14      Amazing Love, How Can It Be!                      Mary McDonald                                                                          4                                     2001            Lorenz Publishing Co.
A15      At The Name Of Jesus                              Joseph Roff                                                  Easter                    4 Phillipians 2:9-11                  1967            Malcolm Music, Ltd.
A16      Away in a Manger                                  William J. Kirkpartrick, James R. Murray, Vernon M. Whaley   Christmas                 4                                     1997            Candela Music Press, Inc.
A17      And The Glory Of The Lord                         George Frideric Handel                                       General                   4 Isaiah 10:1-5                       1940            G. Schirmer, Inc.
A18      Adore And Be Still                                Ch. Gounod                                                   General              Soprano and Tenor Solo with Quartet        1898            Oliver Ditson Co.
A19      Antiphonal Hosanna                                Christian Gregor                                             General                   4                                     1965            Shawnee Press, Inc.
A20      Awake My Soul                                     Arthur Frackenpohl                                           General                   4                                     1957            Shawnee Press, Inc.
A21      As Lately We Matched                              Charles Black                                                Christmas                 4                                     1935            H.W. Gray Co.
A22      Ave Maria                                         Bach-Gounod                                                                            2                                     1940            The Boston Music Co.
A23      Advent Carol                                      Dale Wood                                                    Advent                    4                                     1965            Art Masters Studios
A24      Amen Chorus                                       George F. Handel                                             General                   4                                                     Oliver Ditson Company
A25      Ave Verum                                         W.A. Mozart                                                  General                   4                                                     H.W. Gray Co.
A26      Arise, Shine, Thy Light Is Come                   James H. Rogers                                              Christmas                 4                                     1912            Oliver Ditson Company
A27      All Praise To God The Eternal                     Harvey Gaul                                                  Thanksgiving              4                                     1931            J. Fischer & Bro.
A28      Ain'-a That Good News                             William L. Dawson                                            General                   4                                     1937            Music Press
A29      All People That On Earth Do Dwell                 John E. West                                                 Thanksgiving              4                                     1900            Novelle and Company, Ltd.
A30      Almighty God Of Our Fathers                       Will James                                                   General                   4                                     1941            B.F. Wood Music Co.
A31      Amazing Grace                                     Charles F. Bryan                                             General                   4                                     1953            J. Fischer & Bro.
A32      Awake, My Heart                                   Jane M. Marshall                                             General                   4                                     1958            H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
A34      African Noel                                                                                                   Christmas                 3                                                     Cooperative Recreation Services, Inc.
A35      Arise, The Kingdom Is At Hand                     Gilbert M. Martin                                            General                   4                                     1972            Harold Flammer, Inc.
A36      Alleluia                                          John Coates, Jr.                                             General                   4                                     1977            Harold Flammer, Inc.
A37      Alleluia                                          William Boyce                                                General                   3                                     1961            Pro Art Publications
A38      Amazing Grace                                     Katherine K. Davis                                           General                   4                                     1974            Galaxay Music Corp.
A39      All Breathing Life, Sing And Praise Ye The Lord   Johann Sebastian Bach                                        General                   4                                     1931            G. Schirmer
A40      Antiphonal Psalm                                  Hal Hopson                                                   General                   2 Psalm 150                           1976            Hope Publishing Co.
A41      Alleluia                                          Douglas Brenchley                                            General                   6                                     1979            Shawnee Press, Inc.
A42      Alleluia, Amen                                    Arthur Frackenpohl                                           General              3 or 5                                     1979
A43      Alleluia                                          Ed Harris                                                    General              3 or 4                                     1979            Hinshaw Music Inc.
A44      Angel's Carol                                     John Rutter                                                  Christmas                 2                                     1988            Oxford University Press
A45      An American Christmas Portrait                    Roger Emerson                                                Christmas                 4                                     1988            Emersongs
A46      Angels We Have Heard On High                      John Ness Beck                                               Christmas                 4                                     1982            Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
A47      Alleluya Psallat                                  William Mathias                                              General                   4                                     1972            Oxford University Press
A48      All Things Bright and Beautiful                   John Rutter                                                                            4                                     1983            Oxford University Press
A50      Armor of God (The)                                John Ness Beck                                                                         4                                     1982            Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
A51      Amazing Grace                                     John Newton and John Coates, Jr.                             General, Spiritual        4                                     1971            Shawnee Press, Inc.
A52      And The Child Grew                                Randall Thompson                                                                       4                                     1961            E. C. Schirmer Music Company
A53      Another Year of Grace                             Austin C. Lovelace                                                                2 or 4                                     1992            Morning Star Music
A54      Ain't Got Time to Die                             Hall Johnson                                                                           4                                     1955         33
A55      As the Deer                                       Martin Nystrom                                                                         4                                     1984         19
A56      Adoration                                         Tom Fettke                                                                             4                                     1985            Pilot Point Music
A57      All Hail the Power                                Todd Kendall                                                                           4                                     1999            Sacred Music Press
A58      Awake! Sing Gloria!                               Joseph M. Martin                                                                       4                                     2002            Malcolm Music
A59      Advent Canticle                                   Lloyd Larson                                                 Advent                    4 Isaiah 40:3-5                       2001            Hal Leonard Corp.
A60      Affirmation of Faithfulness                       J. Paul Williams, Joseph M. Martin                                                     4                                     2004            Malcolm Music
B01   Breath of God                                   Leland Sateren                                                4                                          1947   33   Augsburg Publishing House
B02   Be Thou My Vision                               Carlton Young                                                 4                                          1963   18   Neil A. Kjoe Music Company
B03   Babe in Bethlemem's Manger Laid (The)           Francis Buebendorf                       Christmas            4                                          1942   27   Harold Flammer
B04   Behold now, praise the Lord                     Everett Titcomb                                               4   Psalm 134                              1938   53   B.F. Wood Music Company
B05   Beatitudes (The)                                Arthur Foote                                                  4   Matthew 5:3-12,15                      1924   22   Arthur P. Schmidt, Company
B06   Blessed are the Pure in Heart                   Albion Metcalf and James Roth                                 4   Matthew 5:8                            1993
B07   Break forth into Joy                            Caleb Simper                             Christmas            4   Isaiah 53:9-10                                23   Oliver Ditson Company
B08   Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning   Paul Sjolund                                                  1                                          1969   32   Word, Inc
B09   Beautiful Savior                                F. Melius Christiansen                                        4                                          1919   63   Augsburg Publishing House
B10   Beside Still Waters                             Bernard Hamblen                                               4                                          1927   28   Enoch and Sons
B11   Break the Bread                                 Natalie Sleeth                           Communion            3                                          1984   28   Hinshaw Music Company
B12   By Early Morning Light                          Helen Dickinson                          Easter               4                                          1917   32   H.W. Gray Company
B13   Beneath the Forms of Outward Rite               Leo Sowerby                              Communion            4                                          1972   31   Abingdon Press
B14   Brother James's Air (Marosa)                    Gordon Jacob                                                  4   Psalm 23                               1934   29   Oxford University Press
B15   Behold Now, Praise the Lord                     Francis W. Snow                                               4   Psalm 134                              1938   16   B.F. Wood Music Company
B16   Blessing                                        Natalie Sleeth                                                1                                          1974   27   Choristers Guild
B17   Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light         Johann Sebastian Bach                    Christmas            4                                                 17   Oliver Ditson Company
B18   Behold, He Cometh!                              Jerry Kirk                                                    3   Matthew 24                             1967   31   Lillenas Publishing Company
B19   Boy-Child of Mary                               Malawi and Austin C. Lovelace            Christmas, African   4                                          1974   48   Chorister Guild
B20   Bless the Lord                                  Michail Ippolitoff-Ivanoff                                    4   Psalm 113                              1924   56   Oliver Ditson Company
B21   Benedictus es, Domine                           Eric H. Thiman                                                4                                          1933   31   H.W. Gray Company
B22   Build on the Rock                               Carl F. Mueller                                               4                                          1977   31   Augsburg Publishing House
B23   Blessing and Glory                              Sergei Rachmaninoff                                           4                                          1923   26   Oliver Ditson Company
B24   Blessed are the Men Who Fear Him                Felix Mendelssohn                                             4                                                 24   Oliver Ditson Company
B25   Battle Hymn of the Republic                     Julia Ward Howe and William Steffe       Patriotic            4                                          1943        Shawnee Press
B26   Before the Crucifix                             Frank La Forge                           Lent                 4                                          1960   29   G. Schirmer, Inc.
B27   Blessed Jesu, Fount of mercy                    Antonin Dvorak                                                4                                                 34   G. Schirmer, Inc.
B28   Blow down thine ear, O Lord                     Haydn M. Morgan                                               4   Psalm 86                               1939   31   B.F. Wood Music Company
B29   Beloved, Let us Love One Another                William Dailey                                                4   1 John 4:7-11                          1979   31   Shawnee Press, Inc.
B30   Blessed are They                                Francis W. Snow                          Confirmation         4   Psalm 84:4-7                           1950   31   B.F. Wood Music Company
B31   Be Still, My Soul                               Diane Bish                                                    4                                          1976   30   Beckenhorst Press
B32   Brighten My Soul With Sunshine                  Joyce Elaine Eilers                                           3                                          1975   28   Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
B33   Beatitudes (The)                                Wendell Hodgkins                                              4   Matthew 5:3-12,15
B34   Bell Carol of the Kings                         Philip Kern                              Christmas            3                                          1987   30   Shawnee Press, Inc.
B35   Blowin' in the Wind/America                     Bob Dylan and Len Thomas                 Patriotic            4                                          1962   27   Shawnee Press, Inc.
B36   Blessed Be the God and Father                   Samuel Sebastian Wesley                  Easter               4   1 Peter 1                                     23   Novello and Company
B37   Breaking of the Bread                           Austin C. Lovelace                       Communion            4                                          1970   31   Hope Publishing Company
B38   Be Not Afraid                                   Bob Dufford                                                   2   Isaiah 43:2-3, Luke 6:20               1975   27
B39   Bless the Lord, My Soul                         Hal H. Hopson                                                 4   Psalm 103                              1998        Hope Publishing Company
B40   Born Today                                      J. P. Sweelinck                                               5                                                      H.W. Gray Company
B41   Build Thee More Stately Mansions                Oliver Wendell Holmes and Mark Andrews                        4                                          1920        G. Schirmer, Inc.
B42   Beautiful Savior                                Carl F. Mueller                                               4                                          1946        Carl Fischer, Inc.
B42   Praise Ye the Name of the Lord                  Christopher Tye                                               0                                                      H.W. Gray Company
B42   Thanksgiving                                    Frederick A. Snell                                            4                                          1950        H.W. Gray Company
B42   Meditation on "Veni Creator"                    Joseph W. Clokey                                              4                                          1954        J. Fischer & Bro.
B42   Holy, Holy, Holy                                Samuel Walter                                                 4                                          1961        Abingdon Press
B43   Born Tonight in Bethlehem                       Nancy Price and Don Besig                Christmas            4                                          1999        Shawnee Press, Inc.
B44   Blessed Is He                                   Lloyd Larson                             Palm Sunday          4   John 12:12, Zech. 9:9, Psalm 24:7-10   1998        Lorenz Publishing Company
B45   Beyond the Cross                                Mary McDonald                            Easter               4                                          1999        Lorenz Publishing Company
B46   Blessed Assurance                               Mark Hayes                                                    4                                          2001        Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
B47   Bethlehem Procession                            Pepper Choplin                           Christmas            4                                          2001        Harold Flammer Music
B48   Beneath His Cross She Watches                   Mary Kay Beall, John Carter              Holy Week            4                                          2003        Hope Publishing Company
B49   Beauty of the Lord (The)                        David S. Gaines, Ruth Elaine Schram      Benediction          3                                          2003        Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
B50   Blessed Assurance                               Joel Raney                                                    4                                          2002        Hope Publishing Company
B51   Built on a Rock                                 Jay Althouse                                                  4                                          2002        Alfred Publishing Co.
B52   Bow the Knife                                   Chris Machen, Mike Harland, Tom Fettke                        4                                          1994        Centergetic Music
B53   Blessed, Holy Jesus                             Jay Althouse                                                  3   Psalm 46, Ephesians 3                  2004        Alfred Publishing Co.
B54   Blessing Riddle (The)                           Pepper Choplin                           Easter, Ascension    4   John 14, John 17                       2003        Alfred Publishing Co.
C01   Christmas Day                                   Gustav Holst                                           Christmas              4                                    1910   48   Novello and Company
C02   Chorale: St. Antoni                             Gene Lowell and Haydn-Brahms                                                  3                                    1955   25   Staff Music Publishing
C03   Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er thee    H.R. Shelley                                                                  4                                    1887   29   G. Schirmer, Inc.
C04   Cherubim - Song (No. 7)                         Tschaikowsky and Bortnyansky                                                  4                                    1898   29   G. Shirmer, Inc.
C05   Come, Ye Faithful                               Everett Titcomb                                        Easter                 4                                    1942   34   B.F. Wood Music Company
C06   Come, Christians, Join to Sing                  Patricia Hurlbutt, Christian Henry Bateman                                    4                                    1982   31   Harold Flammer, Inc.
C07   Carol of the Birds (The)                        Robert Shaw                                            Christmas              4                                    1953   33   G. Schirmer, Inc.
C08   Christ Jesus Rode to Jerusalem                  Wihla Hutson                                           Holy Week              4                                    1965   39   Shawnee Press, Inc.
C09   Come, O Jesus                                   Garry A. Cornell and Herbert Brokering                                        4                                    1972   31   A.M.S.I.
C10   Christ is made the sure foundation              Dale Wood                                                                     4                                    1959   30   Schmitt, Hall and McCreary, Company
C11   Cherubim Song                                   Tschaikowsky                                                                  4                                    1909   37   G. Shirmer, Inc.
C12   Cradled in a Manger                             Austin Lovelace                                        Christmas              4                                    1965   37   Hope Publishing Company
C13   Carol of the Drum                               Katherine K. Davis                                     Christmas              4                                    1941   21   Belwin Mills Publishing Corporation
C14   Come, Holy Spirit                               John W. Peterson                                                              4                                           42
C15   Christ is Risen Today                           Ketherine K. Davis                                     Easter                 4                                    1954   22   Galaxy Music Corporation
C16   Christmas Roundelay                             Ralph E. Marryott                                      Christmas              4                                    1943   36   R.D. Row Music Company
C17   Christ Went up into the Hills Alone             Roberta Bitgood                                                               2                                    1944   23   Choristers Guild
C18   Carol of the Questioning Child                  Richard Kountz                                         Christmas              4                                    1950   47   G. Schirmer, Inc.
C19   Creation Speeaks that God is Here               Hal H. Hopson                                                                 3                                    1972   30   Harold Flammer, Inc.
C20   Carols Around (And a Round)                     Carl J. Nygard, Jr.                                    Christmas              4                                    1988   29   Hinshaw Music
C21   Carol of the Bells                              M. Leontovich-Wilhousky                                Christmas              4                                    1936   40   Carl Fischer, Inc.
C22   Create in me a clean heart, O God               Carl F. Mueller                                                               4   Psalm 51:10-13                   1941   40   G. Schirmer, Inc.
C23   Come, Come Ye Saints                            William Clayton and J. Spencer Cornwall                                       4                                    1946   30   Pioneer Music Press
C24   Come, Jesus, Holy Son of God                    G.F. Handel and Hal Hopson                                                    2                                    1973   31   Harold Flammer, Inc.
C25   Chant and Jubilation                            Hal H. Hopson                                                                 3                                    1975   29   Harold Flammer, Inc.
C26   Credo                                           Jane Marshall                                                                 3   Mark 9:24                        1974   35   A.M.S.I.
C27   Crown Him With Many Crowns                      Robert W. Thygerson                                                           4                                    1969   48   The Sacred Music Press
C28   Canticle of Peace (A)                           Joseph W. Clokey                                                              1   Isaiah 2:2-4                     1945   25   Summy-Birchard Company
C29   Come Rejoice, Believers                         Hal H. Hopson & Dietrich Buxtehude                                            2                                    1977   32   Harold Flammer
C30   Christmas Collage                               Luigi Zaninelli                                        Christmas              4                                    1964   44   Shawnee Press, Inc.
C31   Canticle of Thanksgiving                        Dale Wood                                              Thanksgiving           4                                    1974   25   Sacred Music Press
C32   Climbin' Up the Mountain                        Henry Smith                                            Spiritual              4                                    1937        Neil A. Kjoe Music Company
C33   Come Run, Ye Shepherds                          Hal H. Hopson                                          Christmas              4                                    1976   30   Harold Flammer, Inc.
C34   Cantique De Jean Racine                         Gabriel Faure                                                                 4   Psalm 84                         1978   26   Hal H. Hopson
C35   Come, Let us Reason                             Ken Medema and Sheldon Curry                                                  4                                    1972   29   Shawnee Press, Inc.
C36   Come, Holy Spirit                               Bill and Gloria Gaither                                                       4                                    1964   29   Shawnee Press, Inc.
C37   Come, Christians, Join To Sing                  C.H. Bateman and Gordon Young                                                 4                                    1980   31   Shawnee Press, Inc.
C38   Christmas Dance                                 Michael Hewlett, Hal H. Hopson                         Christmas              3                                    1977   23   Shawnee Press, Inc.
C39   Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies             Charles Wesley and T. Frederick H. Candlyn                                    4                                    1942   35   Carl Fischer Inc.
C40   Christ is Arisen, Indeed                        Natalie Sleeth                                         Easter                 4                                    1981   34   Hope Publishing Company
C41   Celebration                                     William A. Payn                                        Handbells              1                                    1976        Harold Flammer, Inc.
C42   Comfort All Ye My People                        Hal H. Hopson                                          Advent                 4                                    1977   30   Carl Fischer, Inc.
C43   Christmas Quodlibet                             David Peninger                                         Christmas              3                                    1977   22   Hinshaw Music, Inc.
C44   Come Before the Lord With Praise                Natalie Sleeth                                                                4                                    1983   22   Hope Publishing Company
C45   Cheer Up! He Lives!                             Robert Wetzler                                         Easter                 4                                    1975   29   A.M.S.I.
C46   Candlelight Carol                               John Rutter                                            Christmas              4                                    1985   28   Hinshaw Music, Inc.
C47   Comfort, Comfort                                John Ferguson                                                                 4                                    1987   24   Augsburg Choral LIbrary
C48   Christmas Processional                          G. Alan Smith                                          Christmas, Handbells   3                                    1978        Choristers Guild
C49   Carol for Winter (A)                            Austin C. Lovelace                                                            2                                    1988   30   The Sacred Music Press
C50   Carol of the Angels (The)                       John Jacob Niles                                       Christmas              4                                    1943   30   G. Schirmer, Inc.
C51   Creation (The)                                  Willy Richter                                                                 4   Genesis 1                        1937   32   Harold Flammer, Inc.
C52   Church Within Us (The)                          Schneider-Hustad                                                              4                                    1967   25   Hope Publishing Company
C53   Come Build a Church                             Ken Medema                                                                    4                                    1993   38
C54   Come to the Feast                               Mary Kay Beall                                         Communion              2   Matthew 26:26-30, John 15:1-11   1997   35
C55   Christ the Lord is Risen Today                  Charles Wesley, Steve Wilkinson                        Easter                 4                                    1996   39
C56   Communion Meditation                            Jay Althouse                                           Communion              4                                    1996   35
C57   Come Into The House                                                                                                           4                                    1994   12
C58   Christmas Communion Song                        Susan Naylor Callaway                                  Christmas              4                                    1994   31 Purifoy Publishing Company
C59   Christmas Carol from Lapland (A)                Clarence Dickinson and Helen A. Dickinson              Christmas              4                                    1922      H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
C60   City of the Light                               Mary McDonald                                          Easter                 4                                    1997      Lorenz Publishing Co.
C61   Come Unto Me                                    Mary Kay Beall                                                                2   Matthew 11:28                    1993      Providence Press
C62   Communion                                       Douglas E. Wagner                                      Communion              4                                    1998      Triune Music
C63   Communion Contemplation (A)                     Douglas Nolan and Mary Martin                          Communion              4                                    1999      Malcolm Music
C64   Crown Him With Many Crowns                      John F. Wilson                                                                4                                    1967      Hope Publishing Company
C65   Come and Fill This Place                        Robinson, White Johnson, Densen, Kingsmore                                    4                                    2000      Radioquest Music Publishing
C66   Create in me a clean heart                      Mark Patterson                                                                4   Psalm 51                         2000      Harold Flammer Corporation
C67   Center of my Joy                                Gloria Gaither, Richard Smallwood, Richard Kingsmore                          4                                    1987      Gaither Music Company
C68   As the Deer (Classic Praise)                    Benjamin Harlan                                                               4                                    2003      The Copyright Company
C68   Classic Praise                                  Benjamin Harlan                                                               4                                    2003      The Copyright Company
C68   Adagio from Sonata Pahetique (Classic Praise)   Benjamin Harlan; Beethoven                                                    4                                    2003      The Copyright Company
C69   Celebrate Joyfully!                             Nancy Price and Don Besig                                                     4                                    2003      Harold Flammer Music
C70   Canon of Thanks                                 Donald Moore                                                                  4                                    2003      Alfred Publishing Co.
C71   Come, Let Us Sing                               Douglas E. Wagner                                                             4   Psalm 95, Psalm 98               2004      H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
C72   Christ is Risen, O Be Joyful                    Douglas E. Wagner                                      Easter                 4                                    2004      Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
D01   Draw Nigh to God                    Albion Metcalf              General                2 James 1:12, 4:8,10      1936        The B.F. Wood Music Company
D02   Day of Reurrection (The)            Carl F. Mueller             Easter              Combined 2 (Jr) and 4 (Sr)   1946        Carl Fischer, Inc.
D03   Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel       Arr. by Wm. Henry Smith     General                4                         1938        Neil A. Kjos Music Co.
D04   Divine Praise                       Kurt Schindler              General                4                         1915        Oliver Ditson Company
D05   Draw Us In The Spirits Tether       Harold W. Friedell          General/Communion      4                         1957        H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
D06   Dear Lord and Father of Mankind     David H. Williams           General                2                         1972        H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
D07   Dark Water                          Will James                  General                8                         1934        The Willis Music Co.
D08   Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace)   General                                            3                         1941        Hall and McCreary Company
D09   Do This and Remember Me             Earnest H. Gross, Jr.                              4                         1985   23
D09   Dies Irae                           Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart     General                4                         1993        Alfred Publishing Co.
D10   Do This and Remember Me             Ernest H. Gross Jr.         Communion              4 I Corinthians 11        1985        Singspiration
D11   Daily Prayer                        John Parker, David Lantz                           2                         2000        Hal Leonard Corp.
D12   Do You Know He's Arisen             Dianne and Terry Randolph   Easter                 4                         1988        GlorySound
E01   Easter Morning                   Richard Kountz                  Easter      4 with solo             1949        Galaxy Music Corp.
E02   Eternal Father, Strong to Save   J.B. Dykes                      General          4                  1943        Boston Music Co.
E03   Even Me                          John C. Warren                  General     Bass solo and quartet   1921        H. E. Warren
E04   Eternal Praise                   J. Ellerton and E. Titcomb      General          4                  1949        Millis Music, Inc.
E05   Every Valley                     John Ness Beck                  General          4 Isaiah 40:4,5    1976        Beckenhorst Press
E06   Every Time I Feel The Spirit     William L. Dawson               General          4                  1946        Music Press
E07   Ezekiel Saw de Wheel             William L. Dawson               General          4                  1942        Music Press
E08   Eye Hath Not Seen                Alfred R. Gaul                  General          4                  1899        Oliver Ditson Company
E09   Epiphany Carol                   Austin C. Lovelace              Epiphany         4                  1988        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
E10   Easter Alleluia (An)             Edith Lang                      Easter           4                  1938        The Boston Music Co.
E11   Easter Gift (The)                Tina English and John Purifoy   Easter           4                  1996   12
E12   Elijah Rock                      Jester Hairston                 Spiritual        5                  1955        Bourne Company
F01   First Song of Isaiah (The)                  Jack Noble White                                   4 Isaiah 12:2-6               1976   Belwin, Inc.
F02   Forever Blest Is He                         G.F. Handel                       General          4                             1974   Harold Flammer, Inc.
F03   Father in Thy Mysterious Presence                                             General     3 with Bass solo                   1898   The Arthur P. Schmidt, Co.
F04   Fill Your Hearts With Prayer                Kathryn Daniel                    General          4                             1944   The Willis Music Company
F05   Father, Thy Children Bow In Adoration       Arthur Sullivan                   General          4                             1909   Oliver Ditson Company
F06   For the Beauty of the Earth                 Konrad Kocher                     General          4                             1950   Remick Music Corporation
F07   Fight The Good Fight                        Eric H. Thiman                    General          4                             1948   H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
F08   Faces Like Mirrors                          Austin C. Lovelace                General          4 II Corinthians 3:13,17,18   1970   Carl Fischer, Inc.
F09   Fanfare for Easter                          Jane M. Marshall                  Easter             I Corinthians
                                                                                                4 with Youth Choir                 1959   Carl Fischer, Inc.
F10   For All The Saints                                                            Communion   4 Combined Choirs                  1980
F11   First Christmas Morn (The)                  David Eddleman                    Christmas        4                             1980   Harold Flammer, Inc.
F12   Fanfare                                     Lew Gillis                        Easter           4                             1987   Hope Publishing Company
F13   For The Beauty Of The Earth                 John Rutter                       General          4                             1980   Oxford University Press
F14   Fourfold Act Of Praise (A)                  Austin C. Lovelace                General          4                             1986   Hope Publishing Company
F15   For What Earthly Reason                     Dottie Rambo                      Lent             2                             1993   The Lyric Shoppe
F16   For Unto Us a Child is Born                 John Purifoy                      Christmas        4                             2002   Lorenz Publishing Company
F17   Fill-a-Me Up                                Pepper Choplin                                     4                             2002   Lorenz Publishing Company
F18   Fairest Lord Jesus, You are Lord and King   Berta Poorman and Sonja Poorman                    4                             2000   Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
F19   For We Are All His People                   Jay Althouse                                       3                             2003   Alfred Publishing Company
F20   Faithful to the Vision                      Gary Hallquist                                     4                             2003   Carl Fisher, Inc.
F21   For the Saints                              Jennifer Klein & David Angerman                    4                             2004   Harold Flammer, Inc.
F22   Faith to Face                               Pepper Choplin                                     4                             2003   GlorySound
G01   God Of Our Life                                   Purday-Lynn                                                                                        4                                         1953        C. C. Birchard & Company
G02   Galilean Easter Carol                             R. Deane Shure                                           Easter                                    4                                         1948
G03   Golden Grain, Harvest Bringing                    A. Whitehead                                             Thanksgiving                              4                                         1932        The Boston Music Company
G04   Great and Glorious Is the Name of the Lord        Clarence Dickinson                                                                                 4                                         1924        H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
G05   Good Folk Who Dwell on Earth                      Katherine K. Davis                                                                                 4                                         1951        B. F. Wood Music Company
G06   Gentle, Holy Saviour                              C. Gounod                                                                                                                                                The Parish Choir
G07   Gloria from the 12th Mass                         Mozart                                                                                             4                                                     Mills Music, Inc.
G08   Great and Marvellous                              Edmund Turner                                                                                      4   Revelations 15, Psalm 34, Psalm 136   1907        G. Schirmer, Inc.
G09   Go Tell it on the Mountain                        John W. Work                                             Christmas, Spiritual                      4                                         1945        Galaxy Music Corporation
G10   Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken                Christine Durant & John Newton                                                                     4                                         1946        The Willis Music Company
G11   Grant Us Thy Help                                 Jean Pasquet                                                                                       4                                         1950        H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
G12   Glorious Forever                                  S. Rachmininoff                                                                                    4                                         1914        The Boston Music Company
G13   God of Comfort, God of Courage                    Chenoweth & Beach                                                                                  4                                         1962        G. Schirmer, Inc.
G14   Grant, We Beseech Thee                            Francis W. Snow                                                                                    4                                         1930        The Parish Choir
G15   God Walks Beside Thee                             Sateren & Jensen                                                                                   4                                         1947        Schmitt, Hall & McCreary Company
G16   Gracious Lord of All our Being                    Bach & Rothery                                                                                     4                                                     H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
G17   Go Forth With God!                                Martin Shaw and Barclay Baron                                                                      4                                         1947        Oxford University Press
G18   God So Loved the Word                             John Stainer                                                                                       4   John 3:16,17                                      G. Schirmer, Inc.
G19   God Is My Sheperd                                 Dvorak and Clokey                                                                                  4   Psalm 23                              1934        Summy-Birchard Publishing Company
G20   Grant Us Thy Peace                                Mendelssohn & Dale Barker                                                                          4                                         1962        Belwin, Inc.
G21   God Made Our Hands                                Jill Jackson and Sy Miller                                                                         3                                         1959        Shawnee Press, Inc.
G22   God is With Us                                    Maxeine Woodbridge Psegate                                                                         4                                         1971        Harold Flammer, Inc.
G23   Glory Be To God In Heaven                         Francis W. Snow                                          Christmas                                 4                                         1932        Charles W. Homeyer and Company
G24   Green the Weeping Willow Tree                      "Robert Graham"                                                                                   2                                         1970        A.M.S.I.
G25   Gentle Mary                                       Raymond McFeeters and Martha Daughn Locker               Christmas                                 3                                         1947        G. Schirmer, Inc.
G26   Grant Us Light                                    Eric H. Thiman                                                                                     4                                         1953        G. Schirmer, Inc.
G27   Gift of Love (The)                                Hal Hopson                                               Wedding                                   2   1 Corinthians 13                      1974        Hope Publishing Company
G28   Go to Dark Gethsemane                             T. Tertius Novle and J. Montgomery                       Lent                                      4                                         1918        H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
G29   God is the Light of the World                     Haydn Morgan                                                                                       6                                         1947        B. F. Wood Music Company
G30   God's Love and Blessing                           W. Glen Darst and John Greenleaf Whittier                                                          4                                         1953        H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
G31   Give Peace in our Time                            Francis W. Snow                                                                                    4                                         1940        B. F. Wood Music Company
G32   God Be in My Head                                 Austin C. Lovelace                                                                                 4                                         1973        Belwin, Inc.
G32   Let All the World in Every Corner Sing            Austin C. Lovelace                                                                                 4                                         1973        Belwin, Inc.
G32   Lord, Now Let Thy Servants Depart In They Peace   Austin C. Lovelace                                                                                 2                                         1973        Belwin, Inc.
G33   God of Mercy, God of Grace                        Gordon Young                                                                                       4                                         1960        Galaxy Music Corporation
G34   Go Not Far From Me, O God                         John Holler and Zingarelli                                                                         4   Psalm 71                              1937        H. W. Gray Company, Inc.
G35   Glory, Hallelujah! To De New Born King            Carl Kittelson                                           Christmas, Spiritual                      4                                         1965        Schmitt, Hall and McCreary Company
G36   Glad Sounds of Christians                         Robert Leaf                                                                                        1                                         1973        A.M.S.I.
G37   God So Loved the World                            Rudolphi                                                                                           4   John 3:16                             1946        Paul A. Schmitt Music Company
G39   Go and Tell John                                  Lloyd Pfautsch                                                                                     4   Matthew 11:4-6                        1970        Hope Publishing Company
G40   Grateful Heart (A)                                Fred Bock                                                                                          4                                         1971        Fred Bock Music Co.
G41   Go Ye Into All the World                          Eugene Butler                                                                                      4                                         1974        Carl Fischer, Inc.
G42   God of Mercy, We Implore Thee                     Claudio Monteverdi and Hal Hopson                                                                  2   Psalm                                 1977        Hope Publishing Company
G43   God is Here                                       Frances Waterman                                                                                   3   Psalm 90:1-2                          1976        Lorenz Publishing Company
G44   Gloria of the Bells                               Alexander Peloquin                                                                                 4                                         1972        G.I.A. Publications
G45   God is My Rock                                    Ed Harris                                                                                          4                                         1979        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
G46   Great Parade (The)                                Richard Avery and Donald Marsh                                                                     1                                         1971        Richard K. Avery and Donald S. Marsh
G47   Glorious in Majesty                               Shibbolet Basadeh                                                                                  4                                         1973        G.I.A. Publications
G48   God's Love Made Visible                           Iola Brubeck and Dave Brubeck                                                                      4                                         1978        Shawnee Press Inc.
G49   God is So Good / Where He Leads Me                John Coates, Jr.                                                                                   4                                         1978        Harold Flammer, Inc.
G50   God Gave Us Music                                 Dale Wood                                                                                          4                                         1987        The Sacred Music Press
G51   Glory to God                                      John Foley                                                                                         4                                         1978        Epoch Universal Publications
G52   God is Working His Purpose Out                    David A. Wehr                                                                                      4                                         1958        National Music Publishers
G53   Glory Be To God                                   David S. York                                                                                      4                                         1973        National Music Publishers
G54   Gesu Bambino                                      Pietro A. Yon & Martens                                  Christmas                                 4                                         1919        J. Fischer and Brothers
G55   God is a Spirit                                   Paul B. Oncley                                                                                     4   John 4:23-24
G56   Go Forth Into the Wold in Peace                   John Rutter                                                                                        4                                         1988        Hinshaw Music Inc.
G57   Gospel Processional                               Howard Hughes                                                                                                                                1982        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
G58   Gift of Alleluia (A)                              Gilbert M. Martin                                        Christmas                                  4                                        1994        Lorenz Publishing Company
G59   Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah                    Carl F. Mueller                                                                                     4                                        1945        Galaxy Music Corporation
G60   Great is the Lord                                 Michael Smith                                                                                       5                                        1982   33
G61   Grace Us, O Lord                                  Joseph M. Martin                                                                                    4                                        1997   33
G62   Glory To God and Honor                            Mary McDonald                                                                                       4                                        1999        Lorenz Publishing Company
G63   Glorify the Lord                                  Sandra Crouch, Lari Goss                                                                            4                                        1985        Lexicon
G64   Go Ye Into All the World                          Robert Wetzler                                                                                      2 Mark 16:15                             1962        Augsburg Publishing House
G65   Grace Alone                                       Scott Wesley Brown and Jeff Nelson, Camp Kirkland                                                   4                                        1998        Maranatha
G66   Go In Love                                        Nancy Price and Don Besig                                                                           4                                        1993        Harold Flammer, Inc.
G67   Glory, Glory                                      David Clydesdale and Steve Amerson                                                                  4                                        1993        Word Music
G68   Give Thanks                                       Henry Smith, John F. Wilson                                                                         3                                        1995        The Publishing Company
G69   God is Our Refuge                                 Allen Pote                                                                                          4 Psalm 46                               1986        Hope Publishing Company
G70   Glory to God in the Highest                       G.B. Pergolesi                                           Christmas                                  4 Luke 2; 14                             1933        B. F. Wood Music Company
G71   God Loves You                                     Wayne Kirkpatrick, Mark Heimermann, Ruth Elaine Schram                                              3                                        1998        Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
G72   Give Me Jesus                                     Larry Shackley                                           Spiritual                                  4                                        2002        Alfred Publishing Co.
G73   Garden of Prayer (The)                            Susan Kochanek                                           Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Family Days 4                                        1998        EverGreen Morning Press
G74   God Will Take Care of You   Civilla D. Martin, Michael Barrett   4   2003   Malcolm Music, Ltd.
H01   How Beautiful Upon The Mountains         Lowell Mason                                    General                           4 Isaiah 52:7                          1976        Joseph Boonin, Inc.
H02   Here At Thy Table, Lord                  Lani Smith                                                                        4                                      1985        Lorenz Publishing Co.
H03   Hymn For Thanksgiving (A)                David H. Williams                               Thanksgiving                      4 Psalm136                             1952        C.C. Birchard & Company
H04   How Lovely Are The Messengers            Felix Mendelssohn                               General                           4                                                  Oliver Ditson Company
H05   Hosanna                                  F. Melius Christiansen                          General                           5                                      1919        Augsburg Publishing House
H06   How Lovely Is thy Dwelling Place         Johannes Brahms                                 General                           4                                      1931        Millis Music, Inc.
H07   How Firm A Foundation                    Gordon Young                                    General                           4                                      1972        Harold Flammer, Inc.
H08   Hallelujah                               G.F. Handel                                     General                           4                                      1912        G. Schirmer
H09   Happening At Bethlehem (The)             Garry Cornell                                   Christmas                         4                                      1973        Art Masters Studios Inc.
H10   Heart Worships (The)                     Gustav Holst, Alice M. Buckton                                                    4                                      1943        Stainer & Bell, Ltd.
H11   Hear My Prayer, O Lord                   Ralph E. Williams                               General                           4 Psalm 102                            1947        Paul A. Schmitt Music Company
H12   Hallelujah Chorus                        Ludwig Van Beethoven                            General                           4 Revelations 19:6, 11:15, 19:16                   Oliver Ditson Company
H13   Hark! Hark, My Soul!                     Harry Rowe Shelley                              General                             .
                                                                                                                            4 with Solo                                 1887        G. Schirmer
H14   He Comes! He Comes!                      Robert Wetzler                                  Advent                            4                                      1972        Art Masters Studios Inc.
H15   He Comes In Love                         Eugene Butler                                   General                           4                                      1976        Broadman Press
H16   Hodie Christus Natus Est                 Thomas Shellenberger                            Christmas                         4                                      1974        Hope Publishing Company
H17   He Is Here                               Heckler/McGlohon/Sterling                       Christmas                         4                                      1979        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
H18   Holy Art Thou                            G.F. Handel                                     General                           4                                      1938        The Boston Music Co.
H19   Holy Art Thou                            Handel                                          General                           4                                      1906        G. Schirmer, Jr.
H20   Hasten Swiftly, Hasten Softly            Christmas                                                                         4                                      1949        Galaxy Music Corporation
H21   Hymn- Anthem On the Tune Old Hundredth   Healey Willan                                   General                           4                                  4   1960        C.F. Peters Corporation
H22   He Watching Over Israel                  Mendelssohn                                     General                           4                                      1940        G. Schirmer
H23   How Far Is It To Bethlehem               Geoffrey Shaw                                   Christmas                         4                                      1922        Novello and Company
H24   How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me             Carl Pflueger                                   General                      Alto Solo with Quartet                      1914        Edwin H. Morris & Co., Inc.
H25   Hide Not Thou Thy Face                   Richard Farrant                                 Lent                              4                                                  The B.F. Wood Music Co.
H26   Hosanna! Blessed Is He                   Ralph e. Marryott                               Palm Sunday or General            4                                      1940        Oliver Ditson Company
H27   Hallelujah Chorus                        Ludwig Van Beethoven                            General                           4                                      1931        Millis Music, Inc.
H28   Heralds Of Christ                        George W. Warren                                Christmas                         4                                      1958        J. Fischer & Bro.
H29   Holy, Holy, Holy!                        Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky                       General                           4                                      1940        E.C. Schirmer Music Company
H30   Hark! The Sound Of Holy Voices            Everett Titcomb                                All Saints' Day or General        4                                      1954        H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
H31   Holy Lord God                            Noble Cain                                      General                           4                                      1939        Harold Flammer, Inc.
H32   Hear My Prayer                           Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy                     General                      Soprano Solo and Chorus                                 H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
H33   He Shall Feed His Flock                  John Ness Beck                                  General                           4 Isaiah 40:11, Psalm 23:1             1986        Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
H34   How Glorious, Lord, Is Your Name         Hal H. Hopson                                   General                           4 Psalm 8                              1986        Carl Fischer, Inc.
H35   He is Lord                               Dale Grotenhuis                                                                   4 Philippians 2:10,1                   1998   40
H36   Hosanna, Loud Hosanna                    John Purifoy                                    Easter                            4                                      1994   25
H37   Holy                                     Colbert and Joyce Croft                                                           4                                      1982   36
H38   Hallelujah! Christ Jesus Is Lord         Dennis L. Jernigan                              Easter                            4                                      1994   31
H39   He Must Be Love                          Lowell Alexander and David Clydesdale                                             4                                      1990   28
H40   How Beautiful                            Twila Paris and Bruce Greer                                                       4                                      1990   11
H41   Here Is Water, Lord                      Martin                                                                            4                                      1995        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
H42   Hallowed Be Thy Name                     Tom Fettke                                                                        4 Matthew 6:9-13                       1992        Pilot Point Music
H43   Hymn Of Freedom (A)                      Eric H. Thiman                                  General                           4                                      1940        H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
H44   Heaven's Song                            Pepper Choplin                                                                    4                                      1998        Shawnee Press, Inc.
H45   His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful       Mel Tunney, Dick Tunney, Camp Kirkland          Christmas                         4 Isaiah                               1998        Molto Bravo Music
H46   His Will Was Done                        Ruth Elaine-Schram                              Lent                              4                                      1997        Triune Music
H47   House of God (The)                       Joseph W. Clokey                                                                  4 Genesis 28:16, 17, Psalm 134         1956        Harold Flammer, Inc.
H48   Heavens Are Telling (The)                William Sterndale Bennett, Franz Joseph Haydn                                     4                                                  B. F. Wood Music Company
H49   Holly and the Ivy (The)                  Alice Parker, Robert Shaw                                                         4                                      1953        G. Schirmer
H50   Hosanna! Hosanna!                        Celeste Clydesdale, David Clydesdale                                              4                                      1999        Word Music, Inc.
H51   Here is Love                             Greg Wheatley, William Rees, Robert Lowry                                         4                                      2000        Hope Publishing Company
H52   Hallelujah To The King of Kings          Dana Mengel                                                                       4                                      2002        Abingdon Press
H53   Hosanna! Blessed Is the King!            Lloyd Larson                                    Palm Sunday                       4 Mark 11:9b                           1999        Triune Music
H54   House of Grace                           Joseph M. Martin                                                                  4                                      2003        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
I01   I Hear Thy Voice                                  Edith Lang                                                                                              4                                   1915        The Boston Music Company
I02   In Prayer                                         Gabriel Faure, James McClendon                                                                          4                                   1964        Choral Press, Inc.
I03   I Know Not What the Future Hath                   John Greenleaf Whittier and Luigi Zaninelli                                                             4                                   1964        Shawnee Press, Inc.
I04   If With All Your Hearts (Elijah)                  Felix Mendelssohn                                                                                       4   Deuteronomy 4:29, Job 23:3      1962        Oliver Ditson Company
I05   I'll Walk With God                                Nicholas Brodsky & Paul Francis Webster                                                                 4                                   1952        Loew's Inc.
I06   In Thee is Gladness                               Winkworth, Holliday, and Whitehead                                                                      4                                   1934        The Boston Music Company
I07   I'll Praise My Maker                              Pfautsch, Isaac Watts, Wesley                                                                           4                                   1960        Hope Publishing Company
I08   I Wonder Why?                                     Richard Avery, Donald Marsh, Pfautsch                       Lent                                        4                                   1972        Hope Publishing Company
I09   I Have Decided to Follow Jesus/ Kum Ba Yah        Dwight Elrich                                                                                           4                                   1977        Harold Flammer, Inc.
I11   I See His Blood Upon the Rose                     Plunkett & Roberton                                                                                     4                                   1936        G. Shirmer, Inc.
I12   I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day                Gilbert M. Martin                                           Christmas                                   4                                   1980        The Sacred Music Press
I13   Immortal, Invisible                               Eric H. Thiman                                                                                          4                                   1934        Novello and Company
I14   I Will Not Leave You Comfortless                  Everett Titcomb                                                                                         4                                   1934        Carl Fischer, Inc.
I15   I Walk a Stranger on this Land                    Dale Wood                                                                                          4 or 1                                   1970        A.M.S.I.
I17   I'm Goin' Home (I Am a Poor Wayfarin' Stranger)   Norman Lockwood                                             Spiritual                                   4                                   1952        Shawnee Press, Inc.
I18   In Joseph's Lovely Garden                         Clarence Dickinson                                          Good Friday                                 4                                   1954        H.W. Gray Company, Inc.
I19   I Have Only One Life to Live                      Ruth Artman                                                                                             4                                   1973        Harold Flammer, Inc.
I20   I've Got the Hope of the World                    Blakeley & Wetzler                                                                                 2 or 1                                   1973        A.M.S.I.
I21   I Wonder as I Wander                              John Jacob Niles and Lewis Henry Horton                                                                 3
I22   I Was Glad                                        Buryl Red, Richard Avery and Donald Marsh                                                               4                                   1973        Hope Publishing Company
I23   I'm Gonna Sing                                    Robert Hunter                                                                                           4                                   1976        Carl Fischer, Inc.
I24   I Am Alpha and Omega                              John Stainer                                                                                            4   Revelation 1:8                              Oliver Ditson Company
I25   I Will Feed My Flock                              C. Simper                                                                                               4   Psalm 34, Ezekiel 34:14-15                  The Parish Choir
I26   I Come With Joy                                   Austin C. Lovelace                                                                                      1                                   1974        Ausburg Publishing House
I27   I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked                 Lent                                                                                                    4                                   1939        G. Shirmer, Inc.
I28   I Just Came to Praise the Lord                    Wayne Romero & John Coates Jr.                                                                          3                                   1976        Shawnee Press, Inc.
I29   In The Year That King Uzziah Died                 David McK. Williams and Dale Wood                                                                       4   Isaiah 6:1-8                    1977        Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
I30   In Remembrance                                    Ragan Courtney and Buryl Red                                Communion                                   4                                   1972        Broadman Press
I31   It's Time For Rejoicing, Noel                     Theron Kirk                                                 Christmas                                   4                                   1987        Somerset Press
I32   It Was a Night Like This                          Tom Paxton and Laura Jones                                  Christmas                              4 or 3                                   1980        Accabonac Music
I33   I Will Sing With the Spirit                       John Rutter                                                                                             4   I Corinthians 14:15             1994        Hinshaw Music Inc.
I34   I Will Sing Praise                                Joseph M. Martin                                                                                        4                                   1994        Purifoy Publishing
I35   In Christ There is no East or West                John OxenHam and E. Lang                                                                                4                                   1953        The Boston Music Company
I36   I Will Call Upon the Lord                         Michael O'Shields                                                                                       4   Psalm 18:3, 2 Samuel 22:47      1981   19
I37   In Communion With Me                              Mary McDonald and Linda Serino                              Easter, Communion                           4   1 Corinthians 11:23-29          1986   34
I38   It's Not in Vain                                  Mike Speck, Niles Borop and Dwight Liles                                                                4                                   1994   36
I39   I Come to the Cross                               Bob Somma and Bill Batstone                                 Lent                                        4                                   1996   35
I40   I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing               Bill Backer, Billy Davis, Roger Cook, and Roger Greenaway                                               3                                   1971
I41   I See Jesus in the Face of Every Child            Gene Grier and Lowell Everson                               Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Family Days 4                                    1998        EverGreen Morning Press
I42   In The Valley Flows a River                       Douglas Nolan, Pamela Martin                                                                            4                                   1994        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
I43   I Stand In Awe (Thou Art Worthy)                  David Clydesdale                                                                                        4                                   1991        Fred Block Music Company
I44   I'm Forever Grateful                              Mark Altrogge, David Clydesdale                                                                         4                                   1998        Word Music
I45   In The Manger                                     Dave Clark, Camp Kirkland                                   Christmas                                   4                                   1997        Word Music
I46   In This Very Room                                 Ron and Carol Harris                                                                                    4                                   1979        Ron Harris Music
I47   I Was Glad                                        Gary Hallquist                                                                                          4   Psalm 122:1; Psalm 100: 1,2,4   1999        GlorySound
I48   It Was Long, Long Ago                             Gail Leven Pollock                                          Christmas                                   4                                   2002        Harold Flammerr Music
I49   In This Fellowship of Faith                       Nancy Price and Don Besig                                                                               4                                   2004        Harold Flammerr Music
I50   I Thank My God for You                            Joseph M. Martin                                                                                        4   Philippians 1:3                 2004        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
I51   In This House                                     Joseph M. Martin                                                                                        4                                   2004        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
I52   In the Twinkling of an Eye                        David Angerman, Michael Barrett                                                                         4                                   2004        GlorySound
J01   Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee         Harry Simeone                                                          4              1939        Shawnee Press, Inc.
J02   Joy Fills the Morning                 Antonio Lotti                                      Easter              4              1032        H.W. Gray Company
J03   Jerusalem, O Turn Thee                Gounod                                                                 3                          The Willis Music Company
J04   Judge me, O God                       Mendelssohn                                                            4 Psalm 43                 G. Schirmer, Inc.
J05   Jesus is Born, Alleluia               Butler                                             Christmas           4              1968        Schmitt Hall and McCreary Co.
J06   Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley     Theron W. Kirk                                     Spiritual           3              1964        Pro Art Publications
J07   Jesus, Word of God Incarnate          Gounod                                                                 4              1904        Oliver Ditson Company
J08   Jesus! Name of Wondrous Love          Titcomb and How                                                        4              1947        Mills Music, Inc.
J09   Jerusalem                             Henry Parker and William Rees                                          4              1887        G. Schirmer, Inc.
J10   Jerusalem                             William Blake and Hubert Parry, Maurice Jacobson                       4              1956        G. Schirmer, Inc.
J11   Jesus Comes Now                       Rhoda Newton and Frances Williams                  Palm Sunday         4              1946        Harold Flammer Inc.
J12   Jesus Walked in Galilee               Frank Ahrold                                       Spiritual           4              1960        M. Witmark & Sons
J13   Jesu, Friend of Sinners               Edward Grieg                                                           4              1911        H.W. Gray Company
J14   Jesus Took the Cup                    Walter Pelz                                        Communion           4              1973        A.M.S.I.
J15   Jubilate Deo                          Richard Purvis                                                         1              1943        MCA Music
J16   Jubilate Deo                          Natalie Sleeth                                     Easter              4              1972        Abingdon Press
J17   Just a Closer Walk With Thee          Ed Lojeski                                                             4              1975        Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.
J18   Joy in the Morning                    Natalie Sleeth                                                         4              1977        Hope Publishing Company
J19   Joseph Come Walking to Bethlehem      Gordon Young                                       Christmas           4              1979        Harold Flammer, Inc.
J20   Just Pass it On                       Don Besig                                                              4              1979        GlorySound
J21   Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee       Hayes                                                                  4              1979        GlorySound
J22   Joseph Come Seeking a Resting Place   Ernest Willoughby                                  Christmas           6              1939        Carl Fischer
J23   Jesu, Lover of My Soul                Henry Coleman and Joseph Parry                                         4              1947        Oxford University Press
J24   Jesus, Name of Wondrous Love          Eugene Butler                                                          4              1975        Sacred Music Press
J25   Joys Like a River                     Douglas E. Wagner                                                      4              1987        Sacred Music Press
J26   Jesus Born in Bethlea                 Tom Scott                                          Christmas, Easter   4              1951        Theodore Presser Company
J27   Jesus is Near                         Dengler                                                                4              1991        Harold Flammer Music
J28   Jesus Never Fails                     Gary Driskell and David Clydesdale                                     4              1983   31
J29   Jesus, Draw Me Close                  Gary Rhodes and Rick Founds                                            4              1995   36
J30   Jesus, You Are My Life                Steve Fry and Don Hart                                                 4              1996        Marantha Music
J31   Joyous Christmas Song                 Stewart A. Trench and F.A. Gevaert                 Christmas           4              1912        H. W. Gray Co.
J32   Joy Returns in the Morning            Judith Snowdon                                                         4 Psalm 30:5   2000        Canadian International Music
J33   Jesus Loves Me                        Joel Raney                                                             4              2000        Hope Publishing Company
J34   Jesus is My Lord                      Nancy Price and Don Besig                                              4              1992        GlorySound
J35   Jesus, Alone in the Garden            Lloyd Larson, Bill F. Leach                        Holy Week           4              2001        Lorenz Publishing Company
J36   Jubilant Song (A)                     Joseph M. Martin                                                       4              2004        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
K01   King of Love my Shepherd is (The)   Edward C. Bairstow and Sir H. W. Baker                            4             1931   Oxford University Press
K02   King of Love (The)                  Malcolm Williamson                                                1 Psalm 23    1972   Boosey and Hawkes Inc.
K03   King of Glory, King of Peace        Eric H. Thiman and George Herbert                                 4             1930   Novello adn Company
K04   King of Glory (The)                 Willard F. Jabusch                            Easter or General   4
K05   Kumbaya                             Paul Sjolund                                                      4             1983   Hinshaw Music
K06   Know That the Lord is God           Handel, Pfautsch                                                  2 Psalm 100   1960   G. Schirmer, Inc.
K07   King's Highway (The)                David McK. Williams, Evelyn Atwater Cummins                       4             1932   H. W. Gray Co.
K08   King's Welcome (The)                Alfred Whitehead                              Lent, Palm Sunday   4             1933   Oliver Ditson Company
K09   King of Love my Shepherd is (The)   Harry Rowe Shelley                                                3             1940   G. Schirmer, Inc.
L01   Lo, my Shepherd is divine                           Franz Joseph Haydn                                                      4                                              B. F. Wood Music Company
L02   Libera Me                                           Gabriel Faure, John Rutter                                              4                                  1984        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
L03   Lord, I Believe in You                              Gordon Young                                                            4                                  1987        Harold Flammer, Inc.
L04   Lost in the Night                                   F. Melius Christiansen                                                  4                                  1960        Augsburg Publishing House
L05   Lord is my Shepherd (The)                           Thomas Matthews                                                         4   Psalm 23                       1958        H. T. Fitzsimons Company
L06   Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace            John Rutter                                                             4                                  1980        Hinshaw Music
L07   Let Us Now Praise Famous Men                        Everett Titcomb                                                         4   Ecclesiasticus: 44             1955        B. F. Wood Music Company
L08   Lovely Appear                                       Charles Gounod                                                          4                                  1940        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L09   Lord, We Cry To Thee                                Clarence Dickinson                                                      4                                  1940        H. W. Gray Co.
L10   Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence                   Gustav Holst, G. Moultrie                                          3 or 4                                  1921        Stainer & Bell Ltd.
L11   Lullaby on Christmas Eve                            F. Melius Christiansen                                 Christmas        4                                  1933        Augsburg Publishing House
L12   Lamb of God                                         Georges Bizet, A. H. Ryder                                              4                                  1912        Oliver Ditson Company
L13   Lord, Teach Us How To Pray                          Edith Lang                                                              4                                  1947        The Boston Music Company
L14   Laudate Nomen Domini                                Dr. Christopher Tye                                                     4                                  1553        H. W. Gray Co.
L15   Let Thy Mercy, O Lord                               Jean Pasquet                                                            4                                  1954        H. W. Gray Co.
L16   Lord, Lead Us Still                                 Clarence Dickinson, Johannes Brahms                                     4                                  1916        H. W. Gray Co.
L17   Let Carols Ring                                     Charles Black                                          Christmas        6                                  1938        H. W. Gray Co.
L18   Legend of the Garden (The)                          Edith Lang                                             Easter           4                                  1951        The Boston Music Company
L19   Let All the World in Every Corner Sing              Don Malin                                                               4                                  1940        Summy-Birchard Company
L20   Listen to the Lambs                                 R. Nathaniel Dett                                                       4                                  1936        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L21   Laudamus                                            Daniel Protheroe, William Owen                                          4                                  1932        The Boston Music Company
L22   Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming                        Michael Praetorius                                     Christmas        4                                  1894        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L23   Laudate Dominum                                     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart                                                 4   Psalm 117                      1948        E. C. Schirmer Music Company
L24   Let Us Break Bread Together                         Noble Cain                                             Communion        4                                  1955        Harold Flammer, Inc.
L25   Let Not Your Heart be Troubled                      Mark Dickey                                                             4   John 14                        1932        H. W. Gray Co.
L26   Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place             Carl F. Mueller                                                         4   Psalm 90                       1958        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L27   Let All Things Now Living                           Katherine K. Davis                                                      4                                  1939        E. C. Schirmer Music Company
L28   Let Thy Holy Spirit Come Upon Us                    P. Tschesnokoff, Jack L. Lyall                                          4                                  1957        Lawson-Gould Music Publishers
L29   Lord, Grant Us What Thou Wilt                       Christina G. Rossetti, Joseph Roff                                      4                                  1964        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
L30   Love Came Down At Christmas                         Christina G. Rossetti                                  Christmas        4                                  1962        H. W. Gray Co.
L31   Lo, A Voice To Heaven Sounding                      Piotr Tchaikovsky                                                       4                                  1925        E. C. Schirmer Music Company
L32   Lord Will Come and Not be Slow (The)                Richard Peek                                                            2   Psalm 82, Psalm 85, Psalm 86   1978        Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
L33   Lord God Almighty, Thou Art Glorious                Franz Joseph Haydn                                                      4                                  1974        Music 70 Music Publishers
L34   Let Us Break Bread Together                         Noah Francis Ryder                                     Communion        4                                  1945        J. Fischer & Bro.
L35   Let All the World in Every Corner Sing              E. T. Chapman                                                           4                                  1926        Adams & Charles Black
L36   Love of God (The)                                   Jacquelyn Noble, Hawley Ades                                            3                                  1979        Harold Flammer, Inc.
L37   Little Love (A)                                     Natalie Sleeth                                                          2                                  1978        Hinshaw Music
L38   Love Came Down At Christmas                         Loonis McGlohon, Roy Ringwald                          Christmas        4                                  1979        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
L39   Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place             Gordon Young                                                            4   Psalm 90                       1980        Hope Publishing Company
L40   Little Easter Carol (A)                             Walter W. Schurr                                       Easter           4                                  1972        Walter W. Schurr
L41   Lift High the Cross                                 Jack Schrader                                                           4                                  1982        Hymns Ancient and Modern
L42   Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates                      William Mathias                                                         4   Psalm 24                       1973        Oxford University Press
L43   Lord, Hear Our Prayer                               G. Verdi, Adalbert Huguelet                                             5                                  1942        Carl Fischer
L44   Let the People Praise                               Buryl Red                                                               4                                  1973        Word Music, Inc.
L45   Let There Be Praise                                 Sheldon Curry, Dick and Melodie Tunney                                  4                                  1985        Laurel Press, Pamela Kay Music
L46   Lamb of God                                         Tom Parker                                             Communion        4                                  1981        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
L46   Praise The Lord, My Soul                            Tom Parker                                             Communion        4                                  1981        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
L47   Live A-Humble                                       Jester Hairston                                        Spiritual        6                                  1955        Schumann Music Corp.
L48   Lord is my Shepherd (The)                           John Rutter                                                             4   Psalm 23                       1978        Oxford University Press
L49   Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ                   Austin C. Lovelace                                     Communion        4                                  1979        Agape
L50   Lord, Listen To Your Children                       Ken Medema and Jack Schrader                                            4                                  1983        Hope Publishing Company
L51   Listen to the Singing                               David Eddleman                                         Christmas        2                                  1979        Harold Flammer, Inc.
L52   Lord's Prayer (The)                                 Albert J. Holden                                                        4                                  1885        William A. Pond & Company
L53   Life Is Precious                                    Wes King                                                                3                                  1995   19
L54   Legend (A)                                          P. Tschaikowsky, Ralph L. Baldwin                                       4                                  1927        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L55   Lauda Anima (Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven)   Mark Andrews                                                            4                                  1930        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L56   Lord, I Stretch My Hands to You                     Jay Althouse                                                            4                                  1992        Hope Publishing Company
L57   Let Them Come                                       Valerie MacKenzie                                                       4                                  2000        Canadian International Music
L58   Lamb Has Prevailed (The)                            Phil Cross and Carolyn Cross English, Bradley Knight                    4                                  1989        Welcome Home Press
L59   Let Me Be Your Vessel                               Tina English, John Purifoy                                              4                                  1998        Hal Leonard Corp.
L60   Let's Celebrate Jesus                               Mark Bishop, Steve Mauldin                                              4                                  1999        Centergy Music
L61   Little Town (The)                                   Charles Black                                          Christmas        4                                  1939        Harold Flammer, Inc.
L62   Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare (The)                 Geoffrey Shaw                                                           1                                  1935        C. C. Birchard & Company
L63   Lord is Exhalted (The)                              John E. West                                                            4   Isaiah 33:5, 9, 10                         Oliver Ditson Company
L64   Lord's Prayer (The)                                 Albert Hay Malotte, Carl Deis, Carl Weinrich                            4                                  1935        G. Schirmer, Inc.
L65   Lord is my Shepherd (The)                           Franz Schubert, Irving Emerson                                          4                                  1887        Oliver Ditson Company
L66   Lord's Prayer (The)                                 Flor Peeters                                                            4                                  1961        C. F. Peters Corp.
L67   Lord is my Shepherd (The)                           Henry Smart                                                             2   Psalm 23                                   Oliver Ditson Company
L68   Lord Be Glorified                                   Benjamin Harlan                                                         4                                  1978        Lorenz Publishing Company
L69   Let Saints on Earth                                 Eugene Butler and Charles Wesley                                        4                                  2002        Harold Flammer, Inc.
L70   Love Never Ending                                   Aaron Zinter                                                            4   1 Corinthians 13               2002        Abingdon Press
L71   Lead Me to Calvary                                  Don Hart, Jennie Evelyn Hussy, William Kirkpatrick     Lent             4                                  1998        Word Music, Inc.
L72   Love He Gave (The)                                  Jay Althouse                                                            4                                  2003        Hope Publishing Company
M01   Make Me Understand                                Joseph Roff                                             4   Psalm 119: 27-29              1964        Malcolm Music, Ltd.
M02   My Heart O'erflows                                Eugene Butler                                           4   Psalm                         1983        Curtis House of Music
M03   My Soul, Wait Thou Only Upon God                  Joseph Roff                                             4   Psalm 62:5-7                  1965        Abingdon Press
M04   My God's a Mighty Maker                           Don Whitman                                             4                                 1972        Schmitt, Hall & McCreary
M05   Mary, Mary                                        Lloyd Pfautsch                              Christmas   4                                 1970        Abingdon Press
M06   My Master From a Garden Rose                      Gordon Young                                Easter      4                                 1983        Harold Flammer, Inc.
M07   My Faith Looks Up to Thee                         P. A. Schnecker                                         4                                 1899        Oliver Ditson Company
M08   Man of Mercy                                      Robert Wetzler                                          4                                 1972        A.M.S.I.
M09   My God and I                                      I. B. Sergei                                            4                                 1935        The Kama Company
M10   My Lord, What a Mornin'                           Harry T. Burleigh                           Spiritual   4   Revelation 8, 10              1924        Franco Colombo, Inc.
M11   Morning Star (The)                                Scheffler and Hagen                         Christmas   4                                 1963        Boosey and Hawkes Inc.
M12   Make a Joyful Noise                               Harry Simeone                                           4   Psalm 100                     1951        Shawnee Press, Inc.
M13   Mary Had a Baby                                   Robert Shaw                                 Christmas   4                                 1947        William L. Dawson
M14   Make Us One, Father God                           Paul Johnson                                            4                                 1973        Sonlife Music
M15   Mighty Fortress is our God                        Martin Luther, Carl F. Mueller                          4                                 1937        G. Schirmer, Inc.
M16   Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in E Flat            John E. West                                            4                                             H. W. Gray Co.
M17   My Shepherd Will Supply My Need                   Virgil Thomson, Isaac Watts                             4                                 1938        H. W. Gray Co.
M18   Majesty                                           Jack W. Hayford and Jack Schrader                       2                                 1981   31
M19   Make Us One                                       Paul Johnson, Gloria and Bill Gaither                   4                                 2000        Multisongs
M20   My Savior Leadeth Me                              Nancy Price and Don Besig                               4                                 1999        Harold Flammer, Inc.
M21   More Than Anything                                Robert Sterling, Jon Mohr, Randall Dennis               4                                 1994        Sony
M22   Make it a Day of Thanksgiving                     Mark Patterson                                          4                                 2002        GlorySound
M23   My Hope is in You                                 Ruth Elaine-Schram                                      3   Psalm 25                      2003        Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
M24   Mighty One (The)                                  Tom Fettke                                              4   Zephaniah 3:17, Psalm 146:8   2003        Alfred Publishing Co.
M25   More Precious Than Sliver (with I Stand in Awe)   Lynn DeShazo, Mark Altrogge, Lloyd Larson               4                                 2003        Hope Publishing Company
M26   Mary Sleeping, Softly Lies                        John Parker, David Lantz                    Christmas   4                                 2004        Harold Flammer Music
M27   May Your Roots Go Deep                            D. Lantz III, H. Frombach                               4   Ephesians 3:17-19             2004        Lorenz Publishing Company
N01   Now God be Praised in Heav'n Above   Melchior Vulpius                                      4                                           1936        E. C. Schirmer Music Company
N02   Nowell                               Everett Titcomb                           Christmas   4                                           1958        B. F. Wood Music Company
N03   No Place Drives Him Away             Garry A. Cornell, Herbert Brokering                   4                                           1973        A.M.S.I.
N04   Now The Holy Child Is Born           Kenneth G. Kelley                         Christmas   4                                           1935        The Boston Music Company
N05   Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee!     Philipp Nicolai, Paul English, Bach                   4                                           1946        E. C. Schirmer Music Company
N06   Now Thank We All Our God             Carl F. Mueller                                       4                                           1940        G. Schirmer, Inc.
N07   Now Sing Before The Lord             Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Douglas Wagner               4                                           1982        Harold Flammer, Inc.
N08   Notes From John                      Eugene Butler                                         4 John                                      1978        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
N09   New Promise of Love                  Gilbert M. Martin                                     4                                           1984        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
N10   Not By Bread Alone                   Donald J. Reagan                                      4 Matthew 4:4, Psalm 119, Deuteronomy 8:3   1983        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
N11   Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus     Dennis Jernigan adn Robert Sterling                   4                                           1993   39
N12   Ninety-Eighth Psalm                  Everett Titcomb                                       4 Psalm 98                                  1958        H. W. Gray Co.
N13   New Jerusalem (The)                  Scott Brasher, Don Hart                               4                                           1997        Mole End Music
N14   Night of Miracles, Night of Grace    Cindy Berry                               Christmas   4                                           2003        Hal Leonard Corp.
O01   Only-begotten Word of God Eternal        Allanson G.Y. Brown                                                           4                      1937        H.W. Gray Company
O02   Out Of The Depths I Cry To Thee          Will James                                                                    4                      1938        The Willis Music Company
O03   O Praise the Lord                        Francis W. Snow                                                               4   Psalm 135:1, 13    1962        B. F. Wood Music Company
O04   O Holy Night                             John Rutter                                         Christmas                 4                      1981        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
O05   Our Father                               Alexander Gretchaninoff                                                       4                      1916        Oliver Ditson Company
O06   O Holy Night                             Adolphe Adam                                        Christmas                 4                      1933        Charles W. Homeyer Company
O07   Open the Gates of the Temple             Mrs. Joseph J. Knapp                                                          4                      1939        Carl Fischer
O08   O Magnum Mysterium                       Tomas Luis de Victoria, Alice Parker, Robert Shaw                             4                      1953        G. Schirmer, Inc.
O09   O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee          G. Waring Stebbins                                                            4                      1915        Oliver Ditson Company
O10   O Thou, to Whose All-Searching Sight     Eugene Butler                                                                 3                      1968        Broadman Press
O11   O Lord, Support Us All The Day Long      Allen Pote                                                                    4                      1984        Sacred Music Press
O12   Once More, My Soul                       John Milton, Robert A. Roesch                       American Folk             4                      1974        Harold Flammer, Inc.
O13   O God, Thy Goodness Reacheth Far         Beethoven, Gardner Evans, Gellert                                             4                      1941        B. F. Wood Music Company
O14   O Be Joyful in the Lord                  Everett Titcomb                                     3rd Sunday after Easter   4                      1954        Carl Fischer
O15   Out Of The Depths                        John Prindle Scott                                                            4   Psalm 130          1929        R. L. Huntsinger, Inc.
O16   O Lord, Our Governour                    Henry Gadsby                                                                  4   Psalm 8: 1, 4, 5               G. Schirmer, Inc.
O17   Onward, Ye Peoples!                      Jean Sibelius                                                                 4                      1939        Galaxy Music Corp.
O18   One Family, One Faith                    Garry A. Cornell                                                              4                      1985        A.M.S.I.
O19   O, Holy Jesus                            Beethoven, Hal Hopson                                                         4                      1977        Carl Fischer
O20   O Lord Most Holy                         Cesar Franck                                                                  4                      1908        G. Schirmer, Inc.
O21   O Taste And See                          John Goss                                                                     4   Psalm 34: 8-10                 G. Schirmer, Inc.
O22   Open Our Eyes                            Will MacFarlane                                                               4                      1928        G. Schirmer, Inc.
O23   O That I Had a Thousand Voices           Dale Wood                                                                     4                      1966        Art Masters Studios
O24   O Praise the Lord With Heart and Voice   Joseph Hayden                                                                 4                      1981        Harold Flammer, Inc.
O25   O Speak To Me Of Jesus' Sorrow           Johann Gottfried Gebhard, Karl Kroeger                                        4                      1977        Carl Fischer
O26   O Come Let Us Sing                       Eugene Butler                                                                 3   Psalm 95           1967        Lorenz Publishing Company
O27   Omnipotence (The)                        Franz Shubert, Max Spicker                                                    4                      1940        G. Schirmer, Inc.
O28   Old Hundredth Psalm Tune (The)           R. Vaughan Williams                                                           4   Psalm 100          1953        Oxford University Press
O29   O Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem        James C. Knox                                                                 3                      1911        James C. Knox
O31   On Eagle's Wings                         Michael Joncas, Douglas Wagner                                                4   Psalm 91           1993        New Dawn Music
O32   O Come To My Heart, Lord Jesus           Paul Amborse                                                                  4                      1905        Oliver Ditson Company
O33   Our God Is A Rock                        Katherine K. Davis                                                            4                      1949        Summy-Birchard Company
O34   O Be Joyful                              L. Stanley Glarum                                                             4   Psalm 100          1950        Carl Fischer
O35   O Lord, Increase My Faith                Orlando Gibbons                                                               4                      1931        B. F. Wood Music Company
O36   O Loving Saviour Slain For Us            D. F. E. Auber, Clarence Dickinson                                            4                      1917        W. H. Gray Company
O38   O Gladsome Light                         A. Kastalsky, Norden                                                          4                      1913        The Boston Music Company
O39   O For A Closer Walk With God             Everett Titcomb                                                               4                      1962        Abingdon Press
O40   O Thou Eternal Christ                    Allen James                                                                   1                      1967        Hope Publishing Company
O41   O Praise Ye The Lord                     Dale Wood                                                                     4   Psalm 150          1969        Harold Flammer, Inc.
O42   O Come, All Ye Faithful                  John Reading, Novello                                                         4                                  Oliver Ditson Company
O43   O God, Our Help In Ages Past             William Croft, Jean Pasquet                                                   4                      1719        Elkan-Vogel, Inc.
O44   O Praise Ye The Lord                     Cesar Franck                                                                  4   Psalm 150          1931        B. F. Wood Music Company
O45   O Come, Let Us Worship                   F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy                                                      4   Psalm 95                       G. Schirmer, Inc.
O46   O Come Let Us Sing Unto The Lord         Donald Swann, Paul Steinitz                                                   4                      1959        J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.
O47   O Love, How Deep                         Everett Titcomb                                                               4                      1952        H. W. Gray Co.
O48   O Saviour Of The Word                    John Goss                                                                     4                                  B. F. Wood Music Company
O49   On Christmas Night                       R. Vaughan Williams                                 Christmas                 1                      1919        Stainer & Bell, Ltd.
O50   Once To Every Man and Nation             David Stanley York, Lowell                                                    4                      1951        Theodore Presser Company
O51   O For A Thousand Tongues                 Wesley, Van Denman Thompson                                                   4                      1947        Lorenz Publishing Company
O52   On That Earliest Christmas Night         Robert Preston                                      Christmas                 3                      1974        Shawnee Press, Inc.
O53   Once and For All                         Regie Hamm and Joel Lindsey                                                   4                      1993   34
O54   Only One God                             Bill Batstone                                                                 4                      1994   27
O55   O Come, Emmanuel                         Carol Cymbala & Jim Hammerly                        Christmas                 4                      1995        Word Music
O56   Benediction                              Robert C. Clatterbuck                                                         4   Jude 1:24,25       2000        Hope Publishing Company
O56   Open Our Eyes, Lord                      Robert Cull, Jack Schrader                                                    4                      2000        Hope Publishing Company
O57   One Step He Leads                        Pepper Choplin                                                                4                      1996        GlorySound
O58   O God of Grace                           Cherry Tadlock, Greg Gilpin                                                   4                      2003        Carl Fischer
O59   O Breath of Life                         Bessie Porter Head, Pepper Choplin                  Pentecost                 4                      1999        EverGreen Morning Press
O60   O Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord          David Angerman, Joseph M. Martin                                              4   Psalm 95           2003        GlorySound
P01   Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem          J. H. Maunder                                      Thanksgiving   4   Psalm147, 12:13, Psalm 145 8-10, 65:14               1930         The Boston Music Company
P02   Praise                                Alec Rowley, Aidan Clarke                                         4                                                        1928         Oxford University Press
P03   Praise Him                            J. S. Bach, M. Michael Diack                                      4                                                        1931         Carl Fischer
P04   Prayer of Thanksgiving                E. Kremser                                         Thanksgiving   4                                                                     G. Schirmer, Inc.
P05   Praised Be the Lord                   Everett Titcomb                                                   4                                                        1952         Summy-Birchard Company
P06   Praise Ye The Name Of the Lord        Alexander Arkhangelsky, N. Lindsay Norden                         4                                                        1955         Shawnee Press, Inc.
P07   Psalm 103                             Noble Cain                                                        4   Psalm 103                                            1977         Harold Flammer, Inc.
P08   Psalm 117                             June Marano                                                       4   Psalm 117                                            1971         Harold Flammer, Inc.
P09   Praise Ye The Father                  Charles Gounod                                                    3                                                        1915         Oliver Ditson Company
P10   Prayer For Wisdon (A)                 D. S. Bortnianski, Buxton                                         4                                                        1939         B. F. Wood Music Company
P11   Psalm That Swings (The)               Austin C. Lovelace                                                1   Psalm 150                                            1968         Galaxy Music Corp.
P12   Praise                                Gordon Young                                                      4   Psalms 117, 150                                      1964         Theodore Presser Company
P13   Praise The Lord With Joyful Song      Hal H. Hopson                                                     3   Psalm 95                                             1980         Jenson Publications, Inc.
P14   Praise The Lord                       G. F. Handel, Hal H. Hopson                                       3                                                        1974         Harold Flammer, Inc.
P15   Praise Ye                             Eugene Butler                                                     4   Psalm 148                                            1980         Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
P16   Praise The Lord                       Jane M. Marshall                                                  4   Psalm 150                                            1969         Carl Fischer
P17   Prayer from "Cavalleria Rusticana     Mascagni/ McConathy                                               4                                                        1935         C. C. Birchard & Company
P18   Peace I Leave With You                J. Varley Roberts                                                 4   John 14:27, 16:6,33                                               G. Schirmer, Inc.
P19   Praise To The Lord                    F. Melius Christiansen                                            4                                                        1957         Augsburg Publishing House
P20   Pilgrim's Song                        Tschaikowsky, David McK. Williams                                 4                                                                     H. W. Gray Co.
P21   Praise to the Lord, the Almighty      Joachim Neander, Winkworth                                        4                                                        1938         E. C. Schirmer Music Company
P22   Psalm 100                             David H. Williams                                                 4   Psalm 100                                            1952         C. C. Birchard & Company
P23   Psalm 23                              Heinz Werner Zimmermann                                           4   Psalm 23                                             1970         Augsburg Publishing House
P24   Praise, My Soul                       Sir J. Goss                                                       4
P25   Precious Lord                         Tomas A. Dorsey, D. Hodgkins                                      4
P26   Psalm Song                            Peter Stapleton                                                   1   Psalms                                                1980        G.I.A. Publications
P27   Praise To The Lord                    Noel Goemanne                                                     4   Psalms 103, 150                                       1979        G.I.A. Publications
P28   Psalm 148                             Gustav Holst                                                      4   Psalm 148                                             1920        Augener Ltd.
P29   Praise God With Cymbals               Allen Pote                                                        4   Psalm 149, 150                                        1987        Hope Publishing Company
P30   Promise Which Was Made (The)          Edward C. Bairstow                                 Easter         4   Acts 13:32,33, Psalm 145:21, Song of Solomon 2:11, 12             B. F. Wood Music Company
P31   Praise! Rejoice In God                Eugene Butler                                                     4                                                         1988        GlorySound
P32   Praise You                            Elizabeth Goodine                                                 3                                                         1992   28
P33   Precious Lord, Take My Hand           Thomas A. Dorsey                                                  3                                                         1938   35
P34   Prepare Ye                            Marc A. Robinson                                   Advent         4   Isaiah 40:3, Matthew 3:3, Mark 1:30, Luke 3:40        1996   33
P35   Powerful Name                         David Clydesdale, CLaire Cloninger and John Mays                  4                                                         1991   33
P36   Palms (The)                           J. Faure                                                          4                                                         1929        The Boston Music Company
P37   Pacem                                 Patrick M. Liebergen                               Christmas      4                                                         2000        Hope Publishing Company
P38   Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven   Susan Naylor Callaway, Henry F. Lyte                              4                                                         1999        Lorenz Publishing Company
P39   Praise Him With a Psalm               Tom Fettke                                                        4   Psalm 103                                             2003        GlorySound
P40   People Who Walk in Darkness (The)     David Angerman, Michael Barrett                                   4                                                         2004        Malcolm Music
R01   Ride On! Ride On!                 John Prindle Scott                                              4                     1918      Harold Flammer, Inc.
R02   Rejoice in the Lord always        Henry Purcell                                                   4 Philippians 4:4-7             B. F. Wood Music Company
R03   Rejoice, Salvation Now is Near    Camil Van Hulse                                     Advent      4                     1969      Art Masters Studios
R04   Rise up, O men of God             William Pierson Merrill and Robert B. Reed                      4                     1944      J. Fischer & Bro.
R05   Ride the chariot                  William Henry Smith                                 Spiritual   4                     1939      Neil A. Kjos Music Company
R06   Rise up, O Church!                Otis Skillings                                                  3                     1947      Rodeheaver Co.
R07   Rejoice and be merry              Gwilym Beechley                                                 4                     1953      Harold Flammer, Inc.
R08   Ride On, King Jesus               L. L. Fleming                                                   4                     1973      Augsburg Publishing House
R09   Ring Ye Bells of Easter Morning   Don Besig and Nancy Price                           Easter      4                     1983      Harold Flammer, Inc.
R11   Ring Out, Wild Bells              Tennyson, Gounod, Frederic W. Root                              4                     1901      G. Schirmer, Inc.
R12   Remember Him                      Nancy Price and Don Besig                           Communion   4                     1999      Harold Flammer, Inc.
R15   Rise Up Early                     Richard Kountz                                                  4                     1947      Galaxy Music Corp.
R19   Ring Out, Wild Bells              Percy E. Fletcher, Tennyson                                     4                     1914      Novello and Company
R20   Reconciliation Song (The)         Morris Chapman, Buddy Owens, and Claire Cloninger               4                     1995   37
R21   Russian Carol                     Alexis G. Maltzeff and Theresa Sayles-Maltzeff      Christmas   4                     1948   35 Harold Flammer, Inc.
R22   Revelation 19                     Jeffrey LaValley and Jack Schrader                              4                     1985      Savgos Music
R23   River in Judea                    Linda Marcus, Jack Felman, John Leavitt                         4                     1989      Shawnee Press, Inc.
R24   Resurrection Alleluias            Tom Fettke                                          Easter      4                     2004      Alfred Publishing Co.
S01   Salvation is Created                             Paul Tschesnokoff and Walter Ehret                                          4                             1953        Bourne Inc.
S02   Set Down Servant                                 Robert Shaw                                                Spiritual        4                             1944        Shawnee Press, Inc.
S03   Shepherds' Christmas Song                        Heinrich Reimann, Helen A. Dickinson, Clarence Dickinson   Christmas        4                             1912        H. W. Gray Co.
S04   Sing Unto the Lord                               Everett Titcomb                                                             4   Psalm 150                 1954        H. W. Gray Co.
S05   Show Me Thy Ways                                 Carl F. Mueller                                                             3   Psalm 25:4,5              1953        Carl Fischer
S06   Seek Ye the Lord                                 J. Varley Roberts                                                           4   Isaiah 60:6,7                         B. F. Wood Music Company
S07   Sing We Noel                                     Richard Warner                                             Christmas        4                             1961        H. W. Gray Co.
S08   Sheep and Lambs May Safely Graze                 Johann Sebastian Bach                                                       4                             1942        G. Schirmer, Inc.
S09   Send Out Thy Light                               Charles Gounod                                                              4   Psalm 43, Psalm 20                    W. H. Willis & Company
S10   Sanctus and Benedictus, From St. Cecillia Mass   Charles Gounod                                                              4                                         G. Schirmer, Inc.
S11   Set Free Within                                  David Johnson, Herbert Brokering                                            4                             1967        Art Masters Studios
S12   Song of Galilee                                  Julius Chajes                                              Spanish          4                             1945        Transcontinental Music Corp.
S13   Sing and Rejoice                                 Will James                                                                  4   Psalms                    1949        H. T. FitzSimons Co.
S14   Sister Mary Had-a But One Child                  Walter Ehret                                               Spiritual        4                             1970        Shawnee Press, Inc.
S15   Strangers in the Streets                         Curtis Mencer, David A. Chase                              Christmas   3 or 4                             1970        Shawnee Press, Inc.
S16   Sing Aloud to God Our Strength                   Eugene Butler                                                               4   Psalm 81                  1966        Galaxy Music Corp.
S17   Sunshine in My Soul                              E. E. Hewitt, John R. Sweney, John Coates, Jr.                              2                             1970        Shawnee Press, Inc.
S18   Saints Bound For Heaven                          Alice Parker and Robert Shaw                                                4                             1961        Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, Inc.
S19   See the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph              W. R. Voris, Bishop Wordsworth                             Easter           4                             1941        H. W. Gray Co.
S20   Sing Ye, Sing Noel                               Robert Wetzler                                                              4                             1966        Art Masters Studios
S21   Songs of Jesus                                   Louis F. Benson, Ronald A. Nelson                                           4                             1971        Schmitt, Hall & McCreary Company
S22   Sing Ye Joyfully                                 Don Besig                                                                   2                             1981        GlorySound
S23   Sing a Song of Thanks                            Antonio Vivaldi, Hal H. Hopson                                              3                             1987        Harold Flammer, Inc.
S24   Send Out Thy Spirit                              Fr. Jos. Schuetky                                                           4                             1933        B. F. Wood Music Company
S25   Swell the Full Chorus                            G. F. Handel                                                                4                             1958        Galaxy Music Corp.
S26   Sing For Joy                                     Allen Pote                                                                  4   Psalm 92                  1975        Choristers Guild
S27   Sing Praises                                     L. Stanley Glarum                                                           4   Psalm 47:6, 7             1948        Hall & McCreary Company
S28   Song of Praise                                   Mary E. Caldwell                                                            3                             1960        H. W. Gray Co.
S29   Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song                   Hal H. Hopson                                                               2                             1972        Harold Flammer, Inc.
S30   Sing Praises                                     Lloyd Pfautsch                                                              4   Psalm 47                  1967        Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, Inc.
S31   See Amid the Winter's Snow                       Lewis M. Kirby, Jr.                                                         4                             1976        Harold Flammer, Inc.
S32   Sing, O Sing                                     David Eddleman, Christopher Wordsworth                     Christmas        4                             1977        Carl Fischer
S33   Seek Ye His Countenance in All Places            Johannes Herbst, Karl Kroeger                                               4   Psalm 105:4, Psalm 34:6   1977        Carl Fischer
S34   Singing Faith (A)                                Mary E. Caldwell                                                            4                             1977        Word Music
S35   Sing Out All Voices Clear and Bright             Hal H. Hopson                                                               4                             1977        Carl Fischer
S36   Slumber, Infant Jesus                            Eugene Englert                                             Christmas        4                             1979        Harold Flammer, Inc.
S37   Springs in the Desert                            Arthur B. Jennings                                                          4   Isaiah 35                 1920        H. W. Gray Co.
S38   Sing Unto God                                    George Frideric Handel                                                      4                             1964        Carl Fischer
S39   Simple Gifts                                     John Coates, Jr.                                                            2                             1975        Shawnee Press, Inc.
S40   St. Francis' Prayer                              W. B. Olds, St. Francis of Assisi                                           4                                         Crystal Choral Art Series
S41   Sing a New Song                                  Michael Haydn                                                               4   Psalms                    1980        Harold Flammer, Inc.
S42   Sooh-ah Will Be Done                             William L. Dawson                                          Spiritual        4                             1947        William L. Dawson
S43   Song of the Apostle                              John Ness Beck                                                              4   Romans 8:28,32            1982        Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
S44   Sing to the Lord                                 Eugene Butler, Lobe den Herren, Roy E. Johnson                              3                             1972        Beacon Hill Music
S45   Simple Gifts                                     Linda Steen Spevacek                                                        3                             1985        Jenson Publications, Inc.
S46   Saints of God, Wake the Earth                    Robert Leaf                                                                 4                             1985        Augsburg Publishing House
S47   Sunday Rounds                                    Alice Parker                                                                1                             1975        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
S48   Soon and Very Soon                               Andrae Crouch and Jack Schrader                                             4                             1976   38
S49   Song of Joy (A)                                  Allen Pote                                                                  4   Psalm 147                 1997   33
S50   Shepherds' Story (The)                           William Morris, Clarence Dickinson                         Christmas        4                             1913        H. W. Gray Co.
S51   Shepherd's Psalm (The)                           Henry W. Baker, Daniel Protheroe                                            4                             1921        Oliver Ditson Company
S52   Souls of the Righteous                           T. Tertius Noble                                                            4   Book of Wisdom 3:1-8                  H. W. Gray Co.
S53   Softly and Tenderly                              William L. Thompson                                                         4                             1999        Fostco Music Press
S54   Shout to the Lord                                Darlene Zschech, Stan Pethel                                                2                             1993        Daybreak Music
S55   Sing For Joy                                     Steve Amerson, David Clydesdale                                             4                             1994        Word Music
S56   Shine the Light of Your Love                     Mark Patterson                                                              4                             2002        GlorySound
S57   Sing With Joy! Glory Hallelujah!                 Nancy Price and Don Besig                                                   4                             1999        GlorySound
S58   Sing of the Lord's Goodness                      Ernest Sands, John Carter                                                   4                             1981        Hope Publishing Company
S59   Shepherd's Gloria (The)                          Roger Summers                                              Christmas        4                             2002        Lorenz Corporation
S60   Still is the Night                               J. Paul Williams, Joseph M. Martin                         Christmas        4                             2002        Harold Flammer Music
S61   Stand By Me                                      Carolyn Hamlin                                                              4                             2000        Lorenz Corporation
S63   Seek Ye the Lord                                 Benjamin Harlan                                                            4 Isaiah 55:6-7                1992        Alfred Publishing Co.
S64   Shepard of the Lord (plus "Jesus Loves Me"       Patrick M. Liebergen                                                       3                              2003        Alfred Publishing Co.
S65   Song of the Shepards                             Lloyd Larson                                               Christmas       4 Luke 2:14-15                 2001        Hal Leonard Corp.
S66   Seek First His Kingdom                           Phil Barfoot, Rebecca Peck, Richard Kingsmore                              4                              2003        Van Ness Press, Inc.
T01   This is the Day                                              Dimitri Stephanovitch Bortniansky                                      4                                     1938        E. C. Schirmer Music Company
T02   Trust in the Lord                                            Clifford McCormick                                                     4   Proverbs                          1960        Shawnee Press, Inc.
T03   Thou Wilt Keep Him                                           Samuel S. Wesley, Don Hinshaw                                          4   Isaiah 26:3                       1981        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
T04   Turn Back O Man                                              Gustav Holst, Clifford Bax                                             4   Psalm 124                         1919        Stainer & Bell
T05   Thee Will I Love                                             Jean Pasqut, Johan Scheffler, John Wesley                              4                                     1964        H. W. Gray Co.
T06   Thy Holy Wings                                               Karle Erickson                                                         4                                     1986        Augsburg Publishing House
T07   Treasures in Heaven                                          Joseph W. Clokey                                                       4   Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 7:7, 8   1941        Summy-Birchard Company
T08   To Shepherds Fast Asleep                                     Katherine K. Davis                                     Christmas       4                                     1948        Galaxy Music Corp.
T09   Thine is the Kingdom                                         A. R. Gaul                                                             4                                     1940        G. Schirmer, Inc.
T10   To Us is Born Immanuel                                       M. Praetorius, Dr. Th. Baker                           Christmas       4                                     1894        G. Schirmer, Inc.
T11   Thanksgiving                                                 Peter Stapleton, Charles Wesley                                        3                                     1983        G.I.A. Publications
T12   Three Old Bohemian Christmas Carols                          Carl Riedel, Dr. Th. Baker                             Christmas       4                                     1928        G. Schirmer, Inc.
T13   Te Deum                                                      Joseph W. Clokey                                                       4                                     1938        J. Fischer & Bro.
T14   Twenty-Fourth Psalm (The)                                    E. Lang                                                                4   Psalm 24: 1-6                     1947        The Boston Music Co.
T15   Treasures in Heaven                                          Allen Pote                                                             4   Matthew 6:19, 1 Corinthians 9:7   1989        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
T16   Take My Life and Let It Be                                   David H. Williams                                                      2                                     1969        H. W. Gray Co.
T17   Thy Church, O God, her Heart to Thee Upraiseth               Eric H. Thiman, Robert Bridges                                         4   Psalm 21                          1940        Novello and Company
T18   To Us Is Born                                                Michael Praetorius, W. J. Blew, Philip R. Dietterich   Christmas       3                                     1965        Abingdon Press
T19   Thanks Be To God                                             Stanley Dickson, Clarence Lucas, P.J. O'Reilly                         4                                     1925        Enoch & Sons
T20   This Is a Day For Rejoicing                                  Robert Leaf                                                            4                                     1973        A.M.S.I.
T21   Tonight, Jesus is Born                                       Eugene Englert                                         Christmas Eve   4                                     1976        Shawnee Press, Inc.
T22   Turn Ye, Turn Ye                                             John Kirkpatrick, Charles Ives                                         4                                     1973        Mercury Music Corp.
T23   They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love                   Peter Scholtes, Fred Bock                                              4                                     1966        F. E. L. Publications, Ltd.
T24   Twenty-Third Psalm (The)                                     Albert Hay Malotte, Harry Gilbert                                      4                                     1939        G. Schirmer, Inc.
T25   There is a Green Hill Far Away                               Charles Gounod                                                         4                                     1913        C. L. Hutchins
T26   This is my Own, My Native Land                               Lloyd Pfautsch                                                         4                                     1972        Carl Fischer
T27   Time of Singing Has Come (The)                               Sonja Poorman                                                          4                                     1983        Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.
T28   That Easter Day With Joy Was Bright                          Dale Wood, John Mason Neale                            Easter          1                                     1969        Augsburg Publishing House
T29   This Is My Prayer                                            Roy Newman, Daniel S. Twohig                                           4                                     1942        The Boston Music Co.
T30   Te Deum Laudamus                                             C. Villiers Stanford                                                   4                                                 Oliver Ditson Company
T31   There Shall A Star Come Out of Jacob                         Mendelssohn, Dudley Buck                                               4                                     1882        G. Schirmer, Inc.
T32   Thou Must Leave Thy Lowly Dwelling                           Hector Berlioz, Paul England                           Christmas       4                                     1898        H. W. Gray Co.
T33   This is the Month                                            G. W. Chadwick                                         Christmas       4                                     1909        H. W. Gray Co.
T34   There is a Balm in Gilead                                    William L. Dawson                                                      4                                     1939        William L. Dawson
T35   Thee We Adore                                                T. Frederick, H. Candlyn                                               4                                     1937        Carl Fischer
T36   To the Cross                                                 Julie Adams and Babbie Mason                           Lent            4                                     1993   31
T37   To This Altar                                                Ken Medema                                                             4                                     1998        Ken Medema Music
T38   Think on These Things                                        J. W. Peterson                                                         4   Philippians 4:8-9                 1968        Singspiration, Inc.
T39   There Is a Redeemer                                          Melody Green, Benjamin Harlan                                          4                                     1982        BMG Songs, Inc.
T40   This Little Light of Mine                                    Joel Raney                                                             4                                     2001        Hope Publishing Company
T41   Testify to Love                                              Field, Pool, Van Manen, Riekerk, Chinn                                 4                                     1998        Windswept Pacific Ltd.
T42   Thou Art Worthy                                              Pauline M. Mills, Jack Schrader                                        4   Revelation 4:11                   1984        Fred Bock Music Co.
T43   This Is My Word                                              Pepper Choplin, Brant Adams                                            4   Isaiah 55:10-12                   1999        GlorySound
T44   There Is None Like You (with "I Worship You, Almighty God"   Lenny LeBland, Sondra Corbett-Wood, Jack Schrader                      4                                     2003        Hope Publishing Company
T45   Two Lenten Anthems                                           Jay Althouse                                           Lent            4                                     1990        Alfred Publishing Co.
T46   This is the Day                                              Dale Peterson                                                          4                                     2004        Harold Flammer, Inc.
U01   Unfold, Ye Portals                                      Charles Gounod                                                    4                                                    Oliver Ditson Company
V01   Victory Te Deum                                         Everett Titcomb                                                   4                                        1944        Mills Music, Inc.
V02   Virgin's Slumber Song (The)                             Maria Wiegenlied, Martin Boelitz                                  4                                        1912        Bote & Bock
W01   What Of The Night?                                      Edwin C. Lansdown, R. G. Thompson                                 4                                        1916        H. W. Gray Co.
W02   When You Come Into Your Kingdom, Lord                   Mary Kay Beall, Lloyd Larson                                      4                                        1986        GlorySound
W03   Who Crucified My Lord?                                  Ralph R. Belcher                                                  4
W04   Welcome, Welcome Dear Redeemer                          Dean Davids                                                       4                                        1962        Belwin, Inc.
W05   Watt's Nativity Carol                                   R. Deane Shure, Isaac Watts                        Christmas      4                                        1950        Belwin, Inc.
W06   Were You There?                                         H. T. Burleigh                                     Spiritual      4                                        1924        G. Ricordi & Co.
W07   Watchman, Tell Us of the Night                          Don McAfee                                         Advent         1                                        1968        H. W. Gray Co.
W08   We Had a Share                                          Natalie Sleeth                                                    2                                        1973        A.M.S.I.
W09   Will We Know Him?                                       Don Besig, Nancy Price                                            4                                        1987        Harold Flammer, Inc.
W10   Whom All Men Adore                                      Nadine Moore, Bess Berry Carr                      Christmas      4                                        1946        R. D. Row Music Company
W11   Welcome That Star                                       Noble Cain                                         Christmas      3                                        1946        Harold Flammer, Inc.
W12   While by my Sheep                                       Hugo Jungst, Dr. Th. Baker                         Christmas      4                                                    G. Schirmer, Inc.
W13   What Is This Lovely Fragrance?                          Healey Willan, Ysobel                                             4                                        1942        Oxford University Press
W14   When I Survey The Wonderous Cross                       Gilbert M. Martin, Isaac Watts                                    4                                        1970        Theodore Presser Co.
W15   With a Voice of Singing                                 Martin Shaw                                                       4                                        1923        J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.
W16   What Are These That Are Arrayed In White Robes?         John Stainer                                                      4   Revelation 7:13-17                   1940        G. Schirmer, Inc.
W17   While The Earth Remaineth                               J. H. Maunder                                      Thanksgiving   4   Psalm 104, Psalm 24, Genesis 8:22                B. F. Wood Music Company
W18   Where Is The Star?                                      Loonis McGlohon                                                   3                                        1978        Malcolm Music, Inc.
W19   What Kind O' Shoes You Gonna Wear?                      Jester Hairston                                                   4                                        1959        Schumann Music, Corp.
W20   We Gather At Your Table, Lord                           Walter Ehret                                       Communion      4                                        1978        The Sacred Music Press
W21   Walkin' Down That Glory Road                            Mark Hayes                                                        4                                        1981        Hinshaw Music, Inc.
W22   We are His People                                       David Haas                                                        2   Psalm   100                          1983        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
W23   With Songs of Rejoicing                                 Hal H. Hopson, J. S. Bach                                         2   Psalm   98                           1979        Carl Fischer, Inc.
W24   Who Shall Ascend Into The Hill Of the Lord              Carl F. Mueller                                                   3   Psalm   24:3-5                       1963        Carl Fischer, Inc.
W25   We Are Singing, For The Lord Is Our Light               Hal H. Hopson                                                     4   Psalm   27:1-4                       1994        Agape
W26   Where Are The Shepherds Now?                            J. Paul Williams, James Michael Stevens            Lent           4                                        1994        Jimbo and Friends Music, Inc.
W27   We Will Glorify                                         Twila Paris and David Clydesdale                                  4                                        1982   29
W28   What Does the Lord Require                              Jim Strathdee                                      Easter         4   Micah 6:8                            1986   17
W29   When The Angels' Song Is Silent                         Mary Kay Beall                                     Christmas      2   Matthew 1:23, John 3:16              1998        Hope Publishing Company
W30   Worship The Lord                                        Susan Caudill, Don Hart                                           4                                        1997        Word Music
W31   Woods and Every Sweetsmelling Tree (The)                John E. West                                                      4   Baruch 5:8, Solomon's Song II: 3,4               B. F. Wood Music Company
W32   What a Faithful God                                     Robert and Dawn Critchley, Bruce Greer                            4                                        1998        Word Music
W33   Walk Worthy                                             Joseph M. Martin                                                  4   Colossians 1:9-14                    1994        Lorenz Corporation
W34   When Answers Aren't Enough                              Greg Nelson & Scott Wesley Brown, David Hamilton                  4                                        1985        Greg Nelson Music
W35   Witness                                                 Jack Halloran                                      Spiritual      4                                        1986        Gentry Publications
W36   We've Come This Far by Faith                            Mark Hayes                                                        4   Hebrews 11-12                        1998        Alfred Publishing Co.
W37   Write Upon My Heart                                     Joseph Martin, David Angerman                                     4                                        2000        Malcom Music, GlorySound
W38   Waiting                                                 Jay Althouse                                                      4                                        2003        Alfred Publishing Co.
W39   Change My Heart, Oh God (With All My Heart: A Medley)   Lloyd Larson                                                      4                                        1982        Alfred Publishing Co.
W39   Lord, Be Glorified (With All My Heart: A Medley)        Lloyd Larson                                                      4                                        1982        Alfred Publishing Co.
W39   With All My Heart: A Medley                             Lloyd Larson                                                      4                                        1982        Alfred Publishing Co.
W40   We've a Story to Tell to the Nations                    Craig Curry, H. Ernest Nichol                                     4                                        1998        GlorySound
Y01   Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones                            Robert Edward Smith                                               4                                        1977        G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
Y02   Ye Sons and Daughters of the King                       Eric H. Thiman                                     Easter         4                                        1932        Oliver Ditson Company
Y03   Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones                            Vigili et Sancti, Athelstan Riley                                 4                                        1932        Oliver Ditson Company
Y04   You're Still Lord                                       Phil Johnson                                                      4                                        1985        Erickson Music
Y05   Yes, Lord                                               Pepper Choplin                                     Confirmation   4                                        1999        GlorySound
Y06   You Are the Light                                       Tom Fettke                                                        4                                        1988        Pilot Point Music
and McCreary, Company
ery and Donald S. Marsh

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