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									                RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

       The Next Generation Enterprise Mobility Solution for
      BlackBerry, Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets

Research In Motion (RIM) has introduced Blackberry Mobile Fusion which us its first foray in the
multi-platform Mobile Device Management (MDM) market. With the introduction of Blackberry
Mobile fusion the management of tablets and smartphones running Google, Apple, Blackberry
and Android operating systems will be more simplified than it has ever been.

Vice President of Enterprise Product Management and Marketing at Research In Motion shared
his thoughts on the landmark event in these words:

“BlackBerry Mobile Fusion brings together our industry-leading BlackBerry Enterprise Server
technology for BlackBerry devices with mobile device management capabilities for iOS and
Android devices, all managed from one web-based console. It provides the necessary
management capabilities to allow IT departments to confidently oversee the use of both
company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices within their organizations.”

  With over 90 percent of the Fortune 500 provisioning BlackBerry devices today, RIM is the
leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions. The enterprise market for tablets and
smartphones continue to make progress whether the devices are employee owned or company
provisioned. With an increased number of companies encouraging BYOD (Bring Your Own
Device), the challenges for IT & network administrators are increasing as they have to manage
and control wireless access on the corporate network with a varied set of devices running
different operating systems. This ultimately has caused in an increased demand of mobile
management solutions.

The following mobile device management capabilities will be provided by the BlackBerry Mobile
Fusion for all supported mobile devices.

•      Application and software management

•      Connectivity management

•      Centralized console

•      High scalability

•      Asset management

•      Configuration management

•      Security and policy definition and management

•      Secure and protect lost or stolen devices (remote lock, wipe)

•      User- and group-based administration

•      Multiple devices per user capable

There will be no change in the BlackBerry smartphones’ managements and it will continue to
get benefit from many services provided to them.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion enables you to secure your lost BlackBerry Playbook tablets and
BlackBerry smartphones which is extremely important if your company’s sensitive data is stored
on the devices. Closed Beta for selected Enterprise customers has already begun to iron out the
kinks; Fusion’s full availability is expected in March.

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