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					    Registering a Non-Compulsory Uniform Fact sheet

                                                                •   For garments, the identifier must be at least
Corporate Wear Scheme
                                                                    80 per cent of a four cm square, or for
This fact sheet is designed to assist you when                      accessories, such as a tie or scarf, a one cm
you apply to register a non-compulsory                              square.

corporate uniform.                                              •   Identifiers must be in a contrasting colour or
                                                                    shade to the garments they are attached to
Before completing an application form, please                       in order to be visible from two metres away.
take some time to read the information
                                                                •   Identifier must be permanently attached to
provided.                                                           each garment (e.g. embroidered, iron on,
                                                                    heat seal).
What are the benefits of having a                               •   A maximum of eight colours (which includes
registered uniform?                                                 different shades of a colour and excludes
Registered uniforms attract the following                           those found in the identifier) for the entire
                                                                    garment range is allowed.
                                                                •   The number of colour/pattern/print
•   Employers are exempt from Fringe Benefit
                                                                    combinations permitted is limited by the
    Tax on any contributions they make toward
                                                                    number of employees in a class (see
    the uniform.
                                                                    paragraphs 31-32 of the Guidelines).
•   Employees are eligible for tax deductions for
                                                                •   Where a variation on a uniform is worn by
    expenses incurred in the rental, purchase or
                                                                    different groups in an organisation, there
    maintenance of approved non-compulsory
                                                                    must be a common theme between these
    occupational clothing.
                                                                    groups or classes of employees, and the
The level of tax deductions is determined by the                    male and female uniform.

Australian Taxation Office.                                     •   The uniform must be appropriate for the
                                                                    duties of the employee.
What are the requirements?
To be approved, the uniform design must meet
                                                                How many colours are acceptable?
the requirements of the Approved Occupational                   The number of colour/pattern/print

Clothing Guidelines (Guidelines). Here are some                 combinations permitted in each category is

hints to help you do that.                                      dependent on the employee size of the
                                                                organisation and each class (see pages 8 and 9,
•   The uniform must be a complete outfit, e.g.
                                                                paragraphs 31-32 of the Guidelines and page 4
    dress, shirt and trousers, shorts, and/or skirt.
                                                                of the Application Form).
•   A company identifier (discrete
    logo/name/initials) must be on all items in                 For example, as outlined on page 9 of the
    the uniform, including accessories.                         Guidelines, an employer with 50 employees in
                                                                one class (sales, administration and

                         · 13 28 46 ·           December 2011
management) who are all wearing the same
uniform, may use the following combinations:

                     · 13 28 46 ·   December 2011
                                                             Lower Body
                                                             (Maximum of two combinations)
Outer Upper
                                                             3.   Skirts, Trousers
(Maximum of two combinations)
                                                             4.   Navy
Jackets, Jumpers
                                                             5.   Red
1.   Navy

2.   Charcoal                                                What is a class of employees?
Inner Upper                                                  •    A class is the group of employees who will
                                                                  wear the uniform.
(Maximum of three combinations)
                                                             •    There can be one class for the whole
Shirts                                                            organisation which includes people from
                                                                  various departments or work areas.
1.   White
                                                             •    Only where there is a slightly different
2.   Stripe - Navy/White                                          uniform for separate groups of employees
                                                                  should two or more classes be nominated.
3.   Chambray Blue
                                                             •    In this instance there would need to be a
Lower Body                                                        common colour in the uniforms to satisfy the
                                                                  requirement of a common theme between
(Maximum of two combinations)                                     classes.

Trousers, Shorts
                                                             What clothing is ineligible for the
1.   Navy                                                    register?
2.   Charcoal                                                The following items cannot be included on the
                                                             non-compulsory uniform register:
Women                                                        •    compulsory uniforms
Outer Upper
                                                             •    occupation-specific clothing such as a chef’s
(Maximum of two combinations)                                     check pants and white shirt

                                                             •    protective clothing
Jackets, Jumpers
                                                             Please telephone the Australian Taxation Office
1.   Navy
                                                             on 13 28 61 for details of concessions and
2.   Red                                                     eligibility on these uniforms and clothing items.

Inner Upper
                                                             How do I register?
(Maximum of three combinations)
                                                             To register a uniform you must complete the
Shirts                                                       application form ‘Non-Compulsory Corporate
                                                             Uniforms Application Form – Registration’. This
1.   White
                                                             form is on AusIndustry’s website
2.   Floral Print Red/Navy/White/Gold               or telephone the hotline
                                                             on 13 28 46.
3.   Stripe - White/Red
                      · 13 28 46 ·          December 2011

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