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                                                                                                                         FALL 2009

Fantastic Promotions
for the Season!
Free up cash for the holiday season.
Skip-a-Payment this November or December1
Free up cash. Take advantage of this opportunity to skip either your
                                                                         7.50% APR* MasterCard Platinum Credit Card
                                                                         Transfer current credit card balances into our stable, everyday low
November 2009 or December 2009 loan payments at InvesTex.                MasterCard Platinum credit card to pay off your balances faster.
Simply obtain a skip-a-payment form (online or in a branch), fill it     No annual fee, no cash advances fess, excellent travel benefits, and
out, and drop it off at any InvesTex branch location.                    more.

Fantastic Vehicle Loan Rates                                             Other great Deals for the Season
(Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycles)

  • As low as  3.69     %
                          APR* (48 month term)
                                                                            • Same      Low Loan Rates for New, Used, or Refinanced
  • As low as  3.99     %
                          APR* (60 month term)                              • No Payments for the First          90 Days (must qualify)
Incredibly Low Personal Loan Rates                                          •   FREE Visa Check Card and Online Services
(Personal Loans for the Holiday)                                            • Savings Advantage: Shopping Discount Program
  • As low as  6.00      %
                            APR* (6 month term)

  • As low as  6.99      %
                            APR* (12 month term)

  • Extended Terms up to   72 Month
3% Loan Rate Reduction for the Holidays
Receive the lower of our calculated rate or 3% less than the rate you
are currently paying on your vehicle or signature loan at another
financial institution (rate cannot go below our “as low as” rate
for the term requested). Internal refinances do not qualify for this

                      What’s Inside                                     ¹Skip-a-Payment requests are subject to approval. Not available for mortgage, home
                                                                        equity, credit cards, Ready Credit, student loans, CD or share secured loans. Interest
• Celebrate Your Credit Union       • Time Is Running Out to Win        will accrue on all affected loans and may cause the maturity date on each to be extended.
  Ownership                           the Framed Earl Campbell          *APR means Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms are subject to change without
• Product Highlight –                 Jersey                            notice. The terms and amounts for which you qualify will be determined by your credit
                                                                        and capacity at the time of application. Other restrictions may apply.
  InvesTex Website                  • Beware of Text-Messaging
 Celebrate your Credit Union Ownership this October!
 Do you know who owns InvesTex Credit Union? You do! And that is            around the world to celebrate International
 just one of the many things that make credit unions unique and one         Credit Union Day in recognition of the
 of the membership benefits we recognize everyday and especially on         benefits we bring to our members.
 October 15th when we celebrate International Credit Union Day.
                                                                            At credit unions, every customer is both
 Credit unions are not-for-profit, democratically controlled, volunteer-    a member and an owner. This year’s
 run, member-owned cooperatives. They exist to serve their members.         International Credit Union Day theme – Your Money, Your Choice
 Unlike most other financial institutions, credit unions do not issue       – celebrates the economic democracy and equal ownership rights
 stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders. Instead, earnings are      of each credit union member, regardless of how much money that
 returned to members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest       member may have in savings. Please join us on October 15th as we
 on deposits, and lower fees.                                               honor our most valuable asset: our members. You are the reason
                                                                            InvesTex Credit Union exists.
 Because they are unique in both structure and purpose, credit unions
 provide a viable alternative to for-profit financial institutions for      Visit our website,, for more information about
 more than 177 million members in 96 countries. At InvesTex Credit          International Credit Union Day and prepare to celebrate the credit
 Union, we take pride in our heritage as a cooperative financial services   union difference. On Thursday, October 15, 2009, we will celebrate
 provider and our connection to the 49,000 credit unions worldwide.         our unique history together by serving refreshments in our lobbies.
 On October 15, we’ll join with credit unions and their members

                                                                            MasterCard Platinum®
Enterprise Car Sales                                                        Continues to be the Best
                                                                            InvesTex Credit Union continues to offer a diverse range of credit
                                                                            card products that are fair, stable, and fits the membership needs.
                                                                            Whether it’s Visa or MasterCard, Regular, Gold or Platinum, all
                                                                            InvesTex credit cards come with a great rate, no annual fees, and
                                                                            additional benefits that help makes life better.

                                                                            InvesTex credit cards offer a huge value in a market where many
                                                                            other credit cards do not provide for the best interest of the consumer!
                                                                            InvesTex credit cards are strong, stable and extremely fair. Benefits
                                                                            include no annual fee, 25 day grace period, no cash advance fee,
 Car prices at Enterprise continue to be great this fall.                   same interest rate for cash advances/purchases, no minimum finance
 And auto loan rates continue to be low at InvesTex. Not                    charge, online purchase protection, travel and auto insurance, and
 only will you receive a low-rate auto loan when financing                  much more.
 your Enterprise vehicle purchase, you’ll also receive a
                                                                            The InvesTex MasterCard Platinum® credit card offers the widest
 $350      deposit to your account if you finance your                      range of benefits; including a 7.50% Annual Percentage Rate. The
 Enterprise vehicle at InvesTex.                                            7.50% APR rate has not changed since the card was introduced 5
                                                                            years ago. The cards great rate and benefits bring loyalty and strength
 Other benefits include:                                                    to both the membership and credit union.
   •   109-Point Inspection                                                 Although we have maintained the current interest rate on the Platinum
   •   7 Day Return Policy                                                  card for 5 years, the current economic environment is forcing a small
   •   12 Month/12K Miles Warranty                                          interest rate change. The Platinum credit card rate of 7.50% APR
   •   Enterprise Roadside Assistance                                       will change effective January 1, 2010. The new rate will remain an
                                                                            incredibly low 7.90% APR and remain fixed (the rate will not be tied
 Don’t miss this great opportunity. Get pre-approved at                     to any index). At InvesTex Credit Union, “Value” is a relationship
 InvesTex, visit for inventory listings and                 built on Trust!
 get your Enterprise car today!
                                                                            To get more information on InvesTex credit card products, visit
                                                                   or speak to one of our member service
                                                                            representatives on the phone or at any one of our locations.

                                                                            Thank you for your
Community Corner                                                          Time Is Running Out to Win the
Your credit union continues to reach out to the community. Below are
just a few community efforts InvesTex has participated in over the past   Framed Earl Campbell Jersey
three months (July through September):
                                                                          Score Big with a great Rate!
 • Vines Pre-K Center/Aldine ISD was given boxes of crayons and sketch
   pads for all teachers.                                                 Auto Loan Rates as low as 3.69% APR*
 • Hinojosa Pre-K Center/Aldine ISD was given boxes of crayons and
   sketch pads for all teachers.
                                                                          1st Down: Finance a low-rate auto loan at InvesTex.
 • Donated funds to Parker Intermediate/Aldine ISD Family Fun Night.        • Rates as low as 3.69% APR* for 48 months
 • Donated funds to Nitsch Elementary/Klein ISD to help purchase            • Rates as low as 3.99% APR* for 60 months
   school uniforms.
                                                                          FIELD gOAL: Refinance your auto loan from another financial
 • Helicopter Ball Drop sponsor for the Klein ISD Education Foundation
                                                                          institution to receive the lower of our calculated rate or 3% less than
   Golf Tournament fundraiser. Funds go to grants and scholarships.
                                                                          the rate you are currently paying (rate cannot go below our “as low
 • Delivered bikes and gift cards to Burchett Elementary/Spring ISD,
                                                                          as” rate for the term requested).
   Vines Pre-K/Aldine ISD, and Hinojosa Pre-K/Aldine ISD
 • Donated bottled waters to the Law Enforcement Expo.                    TOUCHDOWN: When you purchase/finance or refinance
 • Donated bikes to Harris Academy/Aldine ISD as well as gift cards for   any auto loan from another financial institution to InvesTex by
   teacher attendance recognition.                                        November 30, 2009, you will be entered in a drawing for a chance
 • Attended and help support several New Teacher In-Service events and    to win a certified autographed and framed jersey of former Houston
   provided donuts for the Transportation Department event.               Oilers’ Earl Campbell.**
 • Donated funds to Major Elementary/Spring ISD for “Major Day”
   where students toured the school and met their teachers.
                                                                          EXTRA POINT:
                                                                            • Same Low Rate for
 • InvesTex executives were guest speakers for the Project E.T.H.I.C.S.
                                                                              New or Used Vehicles
   at Wunsche High School/Spring ISD.
                                                                            • Annual Skip-a-Pay
 • Participated in the 2nd Annual School Supply Drive with the Greater
   Heights Chamber of Commerce.                                               Opportunities
                                                                            • No Payment for up to
 • Silver Sponsor for the City of Tomball Holiday Skating Rink.
                                                                              the First 90 Days
 • Contributing Sponsor for the Klein ISD Convocation.
 • The CEO was a guest speaker for a group of Kingwood College            Apply today!
   employees on the topic of credit/finances.                             *APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms are subject to change without
                                                                          notice. The terms and amounts for which you qualify will be determined by your
 • Bronze Sponsor for Tomball Night.                                      credit and capacity at the time of application. Other restrictions may apply.
 • Sponsored New Teacher Goodies bags for Humble & Spring ISD.            **A winner will be selected after the processing of month end for November 30, 2009.
 • InvesTex participated in the Annual TCUL PAC Candy Fundraiser.         The winner will be contacted during December 2009. Credit Union membership is
                                                                          not required for drawing entry. Entry forms are available inside credit union offices
                                                                          and online at InvesTex board, staff, and family members are not
                                                                          eligible. Internal vehicle refinances are not eligible for this promotion.
               Product Highlight –                                              Beware of Text-Messaging
                InvesTex Website

                                                                           Identity thieves have a new trick up their sleeves: sending text
                                                                           messages to your cell phone as if they were a financial institution
                                                                           and asking you to ‘confirm’ your account number, PIN, or other
                                                                           pieces of information. Another trick is a text notifying the member
                                                                           of the deactivation of their debit card. The text message then claims
                                                                           you must call a 800 number and provide personal information to
Today, we are living in the “information age”. The internet allows us to   reactivate your card. These texting “tricks” are often referred to as
obtain information on just about any topic. It’s fast and convenient. We   “smishing” based on the SMS technology used to send texts.
can purchase just about any product or service from around the world.      As a member of our credit union, you should know that we
InvesTex Credit Union’s FREE website and online banking products           will NEVER ask for your personal information by email or text
help you to make sound financial decisions and manage your finances in     messaging. NEVER give information that is private and confidential
a secure environment.                                                      over your cell phone’s text feature, and don’t call the 800 number
InvesTex Credit Union’s website is available 24/7 and provides             that spam text messages ask you to call. Here are other steps you
informative resources. Basic information such as the credit union’s        can take to ensure that you don’t become an identity thief’s next
address, maps, closings, and phone numbers is available on the website     victim:
as well as the following:
                                                                             • Be careful when asked for your telephone number. Giving your
  •   Promotions                                                               phone number in response to contests or online promotions can
  •   Various Product and Services                                             lead to unwanted calls and messages.
  •   Car Buying Resources
  •   Loan Calculators                                                       • Never respond to unsolicited text messages - it only lets the
  •   Financial Literacy and Educational Information                           sender know they’ve reached a working number and may lead
  •   Current Promotions                                                       to more messages in the future.
  •   Discounts to Theme Parks                                               • Consider blocking all text message services for your phone.
  •   Online Applications (Membership, Loans, Mortgage, eStatements,           While this may be somewhat inconvenient if you like texting
      eNews, Visa Debit Card, etc.)                                            your friends, it will protect you from this growing form of
  •   Extended Warranty Quotes                                                 identity theft.
  •   Secured Access to Your Accounts
  •   Bill Payment Services                                                  • Be cautious about the services you subscribe to.
  •   Informative News Items
  •   And much more                                                          • Be wary of urgent messages that request personal information.

Take advantage of our FREE website and electronic services by visiting       • Report any messages that seem ‘too good to be true’ or advertise Our website is the fastest way to provide information          illegal items to your local consumer protection agency.
to you. Return periodically to get updates on the latest information and
                                                                           Many unsolicited electronic ads and scams originate overseas,
promotions offered at InvesTex.
                                                                           often making it extremely difficult to track the individuals who are
Thank you for your continued membership!                                   responsible. Take initiative and protect yourself by never responding
                                                                           to spam text messages.
Important Information
Get to Know Your Credit Union                                           Loan Late Payment Fee Changes
As a member of InvesTex Credit Union, you are an owner and have         Effective October 1, 2009, late Fees will be calculated on all loans
the right to various information provided by your credit union in       excluding Mortgage Loans and Home Equity loans, as a flat charge
accordance with the Texas State Finance Code 15.4105. InvesTex          of $18 each month the loan is eleven (11) or more days past due.
produces an annual report that is made available during the annual      The late fee will be a minimum of $18.00 each month the loan is
meetings and in each InvesTex branch location. Below is a list of       delinquent 11 or more days. Payments received will be applied in
the information available to you to learn more about your credit        the order of late fees first, then unpaid accrued interest, and then
union:                                                                  principal balance.
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement                                  Effective October 1, 2009, late Fees on Home Equity loans will
  • Overall Financial Condition                                         be calculated as a flat charge of $18 each month the loan is fifteen
  • List of the current Board Members and associated term               (15) or more days past due. Payments received will be applied in
    expiration dates.                                                   the order of late fees first, then unpaid accrued interest, and then
  • List of the current Management Team                                 principal balance. Late Fees on Mortgage Loans are detailed in the
  • Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation                                mortgage loan documentation received at closing.
  • Membership Information
  • Services Offered                                                    Effective January 1, 2010, all InvesTex credit cards will be assessed
                                                                        a flat charge of $18.00 each month the minimum payment is not
In accordance with section 122.107 of the Texas Sate Finance Code,
                                                                        paid within ten (10) days of the due date. Also, effective January
you may request to view a summary of the most recent annual audit,
                                                                        1, 2010, InvesTex Credit Union will discontinue assessing an over-
the most recent statement of financial condition, the IRS Form 990,
                                                                        limit charge on any of its credit card programs.
as well as any other documents you are entitled to posses. Be sure to
pick up the latest annual report and visit our website on an periodic   Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
basis for updates on your credit union.                                 InvesTex is moving its Accidental Death and Dismemberment
New Loan Payment Notices                                                Insurance coverage from Selman & Co. to Affinion. Previous
Many of our members are receiving a NEW notice indicating the           Selman & Co. coverage will be handled by Affinion. Additional
next loan payment due date for some and possibly all of their loans.    information will be mailed to all members and links will be available
This notice is mailed 28 days in advance of the actual loan due         on the credit union’s website.
date.                                                                   Another Great Program to Save You Money:
If a loan requiring a notice has multiple loan payments due each
                                                                        InvesTex will soon offer Auto, Home, and Life Insurance through
month (weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, etc.), then a separate 28-
                                                                        the MemberCONNECT program. Home and Auto Insurance
day advance notice is mailed for each payment due in the month. If
                                                                        covers a wide range of product categories, is offered through major
a member has more than one loan requiring a notice, then a 28-day
                                                                        carriers, including Liberty Mutual, and is a great way to lower
notice will be mailed separately for each loan due date.
                                                                        insurance costs. Life Insurance provides peace of mind, protects
This is a NEW REGULATORY DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENT.                        family resources, and is a great financial planning tool. Look for
The notice is only a due date reminder. As programming is               further details on the MemberCONNECT program in your mail and
completed to update our computer systems, we anticipate adding          online at
appropriate payment due dates for loans on member monthly
account statements and discontinuing these notices.

Skip-a-Payment this Holiday Season to Free Up Cash
You have the opportunity to skip your
monthly loan payment* in November
2009 or December 2009. Free up some
extra cash for the holidays! Look for the
Skip-a-Payment form in your monthly
statement, online, or any one of our six

*Subject to approval. Not available for mortgage,
home equity, credit cards, Ready Credit, student loans,
certificate or share secured loans.
                                                                                                                                                             PRESORT STD
                                              ®                                                                                                               US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                 PA I D
                                                                                                                                                             HOUSTON, TX
                                                                                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 1769

                        905 Aldine Bender Rd.
                        Houston, TX 77032

                                                                                                Holiday Closings:
                                                                     COLUMBUS DAy                                    CHRISTMAS EVE (closing at 1pm):
                                                                   Monday, October 12, 2009                            Thursday, December 24, 2009
      Fantastic                                                      VETERAN’S DAy                                              CHRISTMAS DAy
   Promotions for                                                Wednesday, November 11, 2009                                Friday, December 25, 2009
     the Season                                                  THANkSgIVINg HOLIDAy                                NEW yEAR’S EVE (closing at 1pm):
               See details inside                                   Thursday and Friday,                               Thursday, December 31, 2009
                                                                   November 26 – 27, 2009
                                                                                                                                NEW yEAR’S DAy
                                                                                                                               Friday, January 1, 2010

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Houston, TX 77032       Suite 108                 Suite H               High School-Spring    Parkway             Frwy West
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