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									                    Belleview Middle School

   By: Haley Fleming, Lindsey Wadman, Gumer Avellaneda, Valerie Patrick                          NOVEMBER 2011
            Mrs. Turner                  We wish you luck in your quest                      THANKSGIVING EDITION
                                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 2
      Teacher of the Year                to becoming Marion County
         “I was jumping up and           Teacher of the Year.
down and shaking my booty”                              Mr. Dutter
quoted Mrs. Turner. Why the                                                     by my peers.”
                                             Rookie Teacher of the Year
ecstatic outburst? After four                                                            When asked his advice for
                                                  Have you ever felt ap-
years of working here at                                                        other future Rookie Teachers , his
                                         preciated or been recognized by
Belleview Middle School, Mrs.                                                   response was, ”Just my philosophy.
                                         your peers? Mr. Dutter did when
Turner won the Teacher of the                                                   I treat my students the way they
                                         he walked inside his classroom
Year award for the first time                                                   want to be treated. I try to be posi-
                                         after morning bus duty to find
ever. That was her reaction.                                                    tive.”
                                         his students erupting into
She said, ”Awesome is the best
                                         cheers. He had just been named         Congratulations, Mr. Dutter! We
way to describe it because the
                                         rookie teacher for BMS. A rookie       wish you luck on becoming County
other teachers picked me.”
                                         teacher is in his or her first three   Rookie Teacher of the Year.
         Her advice for the oth-         years of a teaching career.            We also wish both of you good luck
er teachers: Work hard and be
                                         “I am truly honored and privi-         with your portfolios required for the
helpful. Actually, she honestly
                                         leged. It is nice to be recognized     next step in the process.
had no idea how she won this.
Congratulations, Mrs. Turner.
                                                  DID YOU KNOW STUDENTS CAN NOMINATE A TEACHER
                                                                          FOR THIS HONOR?

 By Brooke Perry, Gage Kilcollins, Rachel Phillips
                                                                                                Inside this issue:

Our Student Council officers for the year 2011-2012 have been elect-                         Field Trips                2
ed. With the help of Mr. Ness, we learned that a committee of facul-                         UPDATES                    2
ty and staff counted the votes. The officers are Amanda Holloway for
President, Nick Licciardello for Vice President, Chris Yates for Treas-                      BMS CARES!                 2

urer, and James Swain for Secretary. We interviewed the President,                           New Faculty– Introducing 3
Amanda Holloway. Amanda shared that the Student Council is                                   Ms Hamel & Mr. Hauck

currently working on planning meaningful ways students can partici-                          HONOR ROLL                 4-6
pate in making BMS a GREAT school. Although many responsibilities
are required to be on Student Council, “It is worth it,” Amanda said.                        STUDENT of the Month-      7
“We are taking it one step at a time”.                                                       OCTOBER
   Page 2
                                                                                                 THE PANTHER PROWL

                       FIELD TRIPS
                                  BY: Amanda Holloway, Brooke Hinerman, Kaela Sapp, Jordyn Howard

    FCAT is a long, boring, and              coaster at Busch Gardens!
    drawn out ordeal. A perfect end                                                       7:00am and adventurers will
                                             Priced at $89, including lunch               return by 6:30P.M. (6th and 8th
    to a dreary month is a field trip        and transportation, each trip is a
    to an amusement park! Adven-                                                          grade) or 7:30P.M. (7th grade).
                                             deal! Money will be collected                Assure your spot by maintaining
    tures such as the 6th grade trip         beginning in March for eligible
    to Epcot, the 7th grade trip to                                                       a 2.0 GPA and a clean conduct
                                             students. Mrs. Smith is the coor-            record. It’s going to be an exhila-
    Animal Kingdom, and the 8th              dinator for the 6th grade trip, Mr.
    grade trip to Busch Gardens will         McCallum for the 7th grade trip,
    take place. These parks include          and Mrs. Lindstrom for the 8th
    the Soaren’ Epcot ride at Epcot,         grade. Students travel in luxuri-
    Expedition Everest at Animal             ous charter buses to the parks.
    Kingdom, and the Sheikra roller-         Departure time is promptly at

                               By: Margaret Adair, David Brantley, Mitchel Martinez, Jared Burgess
Cookie Dough- On November 1st,
the PTO cookie dough competition             Volleyball- The BMS volleyball
began. The money we raise goes               team competed in the county M.S. Coach Feins thinks that they chose
straight to our school. These funds          volleyball tournament. The boys’    the teams well, “Without a doubt.”
support special events like dances.          team captain, Benjamin Wheeler
The money goes to new school                 said that his team worked well to-
supplies and equipment too. The              gether. The boys’ team was runner
top student prize was $100, the              up in the tournament. The girls’
second prize was fifty dollars cash,         team took second place in their
and the last prize was twenty-five           tournament on November 5th. They
dollars. If you sold at least five           lost the third game in a two out of
items you received a six foot long           three game match. Coach Feins
loopy pencil. If you sold twelve             said, “Both boys’ and girls’ teams
items you received a ticket to the           took 2nd place and represented
movies. The fund raiser ended on             BMS proudly.”
November 15th.

               BMS CARES!!!!
                                By: Kaylee Serrano, Chris Kiner, Dylan Coulson, Brett Berthiaume

  BMS CARES about our community!                                                              partly due to our great staff, who give
                                             Mrs. Green in the eighth grade.               so much of their time and resources.
Both faculty and students have made                     The jars on the stage were for
substantial contributions to all of the                                                    The annual BMS food drive was a great
                                             “Pennies for a Change.” In this contest,
causes: United WAY, Red Ribbon Week,                                                       success! There are 32 families here at
                                             which lasted from October 10 to Novem-        BMS that will not be able to afford thanks-
Penny Wars, Pink Day, and the canned         ber 2, the pennies counted for the total
food drive.                                                                                giving dinner this year, but to Mr. Mc Cal-
                                             collected and any other denomination
                                                                                           lum is out to stop that. The food drive start-
    Have you seen the big jars of money      subtracted from the total.(i.e. a donation    ed on Oct. 31st and ended on Nov 18th.
on the stage of the cafeteria or the items   of a quarter would result in the loss of      Teachers had a box in their home room to
for sale? Those are some of the activi-      25 from the total The winning grade
                                                                                           collect nonperishable canned and dry
ties the school has been doing for United    level won free seating in the cafeteria.      goods. “Please check the expiration
Way.                                         The United Way Reward Dance was               dates.” asked Mr. Mc Callum. Mr. Mc Cal-
                                             held Friday, November 18.
      From October 24 to October 27                                                        lum has been helping BMS’ families for 7
students and faculty wore red to show                  The sales of dog tags, lan-         years now. He is truly an inspiration for the
support of Red Ribbon Week. The slogan       yards, and gym bags also went to the          students of our great school. Last year we
was “It’s up to me to be drug free!” The     total donation to the United Way, which       collected 5,000 canned and dry goods, the
sixth grade wore the most red. The door      is a non-profit organization that supports    most out of all the schools in the county.
decoration contest was won by Mr. Bur-       the community.                                This year we collected 3,500 and were still
rage and Mrs. Guilfoil in the sixth grade,                                                 able to give each family 2 boxes full of
                                                In past years, Belleview Middle
Mrs. Singleton in the seventh grade, and                                                   canned and dry goods along with a Publix
                                             School has been number 1 in donations
Mrs. Lindstrom, Mrs. Ayers, and                                                            gift card for a free turkey.
                                             out of all Marion County Public Schools,
THANKSGIVING EDITION                                                                                    Page 3

        Ms Hamel
         It’s that time once again,
BMS! Time to welcome another
fantastic new faculty member. This
time around we’re welcoming Ms.          eighth grade science. Ms.
Hamel.                                   Hamel loves Belleview Middle
                                         and states, “There are some
          Ms. Hamel teaches eighth                                                   Belleview Middle, please
                                         good kids here!”
grade science, although she didn’t                                           welcome Ms. Hamel to our cam-
originally plan to be a science                   Ms. Hamel grew up in       pus! We’re always happy to have
teacher. Her original goal was to        this area and attended              a new Panther on the prowl!
be a laboratory scientist.               Belleview High School. A Semi-
                                         nole fan, Ms. Hamel graduated
         Ms. Hamel is an experi-         from Florida State University.
enced educator having previously         Ms. Hamel has three cats and
taught at a school in Tallahassee,       her hobbies are reading and
Swift Creek. She taught sixth and        watching movies.                           FACULTY SPOTLIGHT by:
                                                                                 Kenneth Fornos, Caleb Justice,
                                                                                        Dominic Stepp
                          Mr. Hauck
         Mr. Hauck is one of nine       teachers, students, and a lovely        nati, Ohio and moved to Florida
new faculty members at BMS this         campus. When asked how he               in 1998. Mr. Hauck’s only pet is
year. He teaches 6th grade Lan-         likes BMS so far, Mr. Hauck re-         a “crazy” 2yr old wild Shetland
guage Arts. He went to college for      plied, “It’s awesome. I thought it      sheep dog named Wendy. Mr.
journalism and originally wanted to     was going to be great but it’s          Hauck’s hobbies are watching
be a newspaper or magazine writer,      turned out to be better. Whenever       sports on TV, reading
or radio announcer. This is his first   it came to the first day I was          books ,and watching movies.
year teaching. Although he has in-      scared”.
terned at Lake Weir, Dunnellon,                                                            Welcome Mr. Hauck!
                                                 Mr. Hauck attended Trini-
and Fort King Middle schools, he        ty Catholic High School. He went
decided to teach at Belleview. He       to CFCC for his Associate’s de-
knew that Belleview has been an         gree and Saint Leo for his Bache-
“A” school for four years. Mr. Hauck    lors’ degree. He lived in Cincin-
knew that the school has great

                            PINK DAY

                                                                        Pink Day started when students encour-
                                                                  aged their peers to wear pink on October 7th.
                                                                  When the day came teachers and staff were
                                                                  surprised at the number of students wearing
                                                                  pink Students came to Mrs. Willis and this is
                                                                  how she was informed of what was occurring
                                                                  on campus. As a Breast Cancer Survivor she
                                                                  thought this was a great idea and approved.
                                                                  She told the students to wait two weeks and
                                                                  we will have an official Pink Out Day to support
                                                                  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
                                                                             When the day came there was a
                                                                  great turnout. All grade levels, boys and girls
                                                                  wore a lot of pink. Even our excellent faculty
                                                                  and staff joined in on the day.
 Page 4
                                                                           THE PANTHER PROWL

6th GRADE            8th GRADE
SPENCER COLEMAN      RONALD BLOOM               SILVER AWARD 3.5 - 3.999
                                                                           Harley Turner
                                                                           Anthony Ventresca
TANNER INSCO         SYDNEY CHESTER             Evan Goodelle
                                                                           Samantha Ward
TA’SHYRA JOHNSON     NATASSJA DEBRAE            Christin Greene
                                                                           Benjamin Young
ZANE KISER           JAMES DENNIS               Ashlynn Grimes

AMY KLECKNER         LOGAN FELS                 Jason Guess
                                                                           SILVER AWARD 3.5 - 3.999
LUZ MATA             KENNETH FORNOS             Steven Guzman
                                                Tabitha Heintzelman
                                                                           7th GRADE
                                                Nathan Holloway            Jamie Adams
                                                Zachery Holt               Aubrey Adams
                                                Mckensi Houston            Molly Alderman
                                                Blaise Jones               Carissa Arnold
                                                Antwon Jones               David Bishop
                                                Dylan Kazmierczak          Kayla Brooks
                                                Eric Lomberk               Evan Carey
                                                Cheynia Magloire           Lily Carnival
                                                                           Mathew Chaffin
VICTORIA THROOP                                 Lacey Mallory
                     6th GRADE
                                                                           Kaitlin Churchill Leonard
ALEJANDRA TOBON                                 Steffi Martinez
                     Saleem Abu Tayeh
                                                                           Meleigha Daniels
JAHNI TOWNSEND                                  Elyssa Maurer
                     Emily Alderman
                                                                           Makayla Davis
CHASE WALKER                                    Emily Maurer
                     Cristen Allen
                                                                           Hannah Duckett
BARBARA WHITEHURST                              Devon McLaughlin
                     Ethan Ancrum
                                                                           Tytiyahna Duncan
                                                Cora Mejia
GOLD AWARD 4.0       Brooklyn Andrade
                                                Haley Moore                Nicholas Dwyer
7th GRADE            Kaylee Aprea
                                                Aryanna Nichols            Hunter Felder
MATTHEW ANDERSON     Christopher Arney
                                                Kyle Novak                 Peyton Fels
ALYSSA BARATTA       Jaedyn Arnold
                                                Elizabeth Nunez            Andrea Froom
CAMDEN BITTER        Emily Ayres
                                                Triston Packer             Josue Garcia
                                                Cassey Philyaw             Breyanna Garcia
ANTHONY DEIORIO      Gisselle Betancourt
                                                Dalton Rainey              Nikia Gordon
BRIANNA FORSYTH      Emily Bloomfield
                                                Morgan Rasnick             Zachary Grinstead
JORDYN HOTH          Kiara Bowman
                                                Makayla Rector             Madison Hamblen
BROOKE HULL          Stevee Browne
                                                Bianca Rodriguez           Danielle Harper
NICHOLAS LAHGER      Ethan Campbell
                                                Brandon Russell            Sarahkate Heil
HEATHER MARCHESE     Jacob Campbell
                                                Ralph Sainvilus            Christopher Hines
CAITLIN MCCLURE      Bailee Campbell
                                                Kei'Asha Scrivens          William Hollander
AMY MCINTYRE         Xiomara Casiano
                                                Skylar Semons              Hanna Hollman
SYDNEY MICKEL        Haleigh Cederholm
                                                Jennaca Shank              Kyle Irwin
ASHLEY NELSON        Timothy Churchelow
                                                Damaris Shaw               Brandon Ishak
BRANDON TICHTER      Nicholas D'Alfonso
                                                                           Courtney Jenkins
                                                Joseph Shirley
ZOE TOLOFF           Kenny Dang
                                                                           Teriel Johnson
                                                Jacob Smith
SKYLLAR STEPHAN      Yahime De La Paz Ortega
                                                                           Lesly Lacey
                                                Nicole Smith
SHELBY STEWART       Destini Disilvio
                                                                           Robert Lecorn
                                                Jonathon Snyder
ISMAEL TAPIA         Jayden Doher
                                                                           Ashlyn Loose
                                                Sydney Stabile
PATRICIA TROTTA      Carolina Domenech
                                                Pamela Swiss
ANDREW TSAI          Mitchell Edwards
                                                Savana Szeluga
                     Kaitlyn English
                                                Hayden Thompson
                     Katie Erickson
                                                Ramon Torres
                     Laura Flores Leon
                                                Anastasia Trube
                     Kaylee Gatch
                                                                                                 Page 5

                                       FIRST QUARTER HONOR ROLL

SILVER AWARD 3.5 - 3.999   SILVER AWARD 3.5 - 3.999   Citlali Santivanez      Casie Fort

7th GRADE                  8th GRADE                  Kaela Sapp              Jaime Garafola

                           William Adair              Kaylee Serrano          Ahdestinie Green

Cory McClure               Alexis Andaracua           Micah Smith             Cheyanne Greenfield

Taylar McCullough          Erika Ankiewicz            Kayla Smith             Kelly Hall

Serena Mejia               Thania Banegas             Sara Smith              Nina Hayes

Jami Mills                 Caitlin Baxter             Syra Stahl              Dakota Heckle

Jordan Missino             Nicholas Benway            Kalie Stevens           Andrew Heil

Evelyn Mohammed            Jared Burgess              Vanessa Sullivan        Kiley Heitzmann

Shane Montsdeoca           Alexandra Carter           Ethan Taylor            Rachel Helfinstine

Briana Moore               Kenya Carter               Faith Turner            Alexis Hunter

Valencia Morales           Aaliyah Chavers            Francisco Vega          Sofia Ingersoll

Alexander Nadenik          Caitlyn Cirigliano         Lindsey Wadman          Brittney Jamez

Christina Nappi            Daniel Claudio             Emma Watson             Justin Kardell

Quinn Nichols              Dylan Coulson              Amber Weems             Daniel Landis

Amanda Oehmke              Michael Daly               Benjamin Wheeler        Jerricka Little

Avree Oliver               Alissa Davis               Sky White               Ricardo Martinez

Lexus Paradiso             Terri Dodson               Krista White            Myles Marwick

Doyle Phillips             Gea Duartez-Moya           Myranda Williams        Summer McDonald

Jasmine Powell             Cody Fort                  Anthony Wright          Dalton McGowan

Deva Ramos                 Kyle Garcia                Christopher Yates       Destiny McHugh

Ashley Reeves              John Guilfoil              BLUE AWARD 3.0—3.4999   Keri McNamee

Claudia Reyes              Briana Harding             6th GRADE               Christina Messer

Alexis Ross                Brooke Hinerman            Derick Ackley           Joshua Moncada

Ana Santamaria             Jordyn Howard              Johnette Alexander      Noah Morales

Abigayle Sauer             Marco Ibarra               Destiny Beer            Renzo Morales Figueroa

Dominique Simpson          Nicholas Jasper            Kaitlyn Bellamy         Davaris Nubin

Riley Slaughter            Valentin Jimenez           Gustavo Beraza          Wendy Paz

Ali Smith                  Mary Kenney                Laila Boatwright        Ariana Pineda

Jacob Smith                Christopher Kiner          Shaylyn Bohanon         Miranda Poehler

Danielle Stephas           Francesca Kirshy           Grant Bowman            Dion Porter

Kaylyn Stuart              Gabrielle Landreth         Hailie Bright           Jake Prange

Dylan Toole                Madison Marshall           Justin Butcher          Chandler Quartararo-McLaug

Niki Tucker                Preston Mathai             Aaron Campbell          Anthony Ragosta

Gage Warren                Christian Mays             Mario Cantarol          Jackie Raines

Cheyanne White             Caroline McLain            Mariano Cantarol        Gabriel Ramirez

Brittany Williams          Nicholas Moser-Mancewicz   Alexandra Castro        Amber Resko

Taukiya Williams           David Olarte               Avendra Chand           Austin Rinehart

Kennedy Winder             Anthony Palma              Emmry Chandler          Adan Rocha Aguirre

Morrigan Witcher           Rachel Phillips            Tyler Cochrane          Catalina Rodriguez

Kyrstyn Wolfe              Emilee Plazarin            Laneace Cotton          Erica Rosa

                           Sierra Plotner             Jordon Curtis           Joshua Rowles

                           Sabrina Prange             Ty Dansby               Cory Sapp

                           Erin Rasnick               Tyler Ebersole          Adam Schuman

                           Joshua Reagan              Nicolas Estrada         Autumn Sellon

                           Sara Reynolds              Christopher Findley     Jennifer Sierra

                           Karyme Robles              Lexus Fishburn          Kaitlyn Simmons
Page 6                                                                         THE PANTHER PROWL

 BLUE AWARD 3.0—3.4999      BLUE AWARD 3.0—3.4999   BLUE AWARD 3.0—3.4999
 6th GRADE                  7th GRADE               8th GRADE
 Luke Snell                 Kailey Godwin           Hector Arias
 Anabel Soucey              Emma Green              Gumersindo Avellaneda
 Sheyana Stahl              Bailey Greene           Brooke Baker
 Tiffany Starkey            Chyenne Hall            Marshall Barman
 Ethan Stevens              Ronald Hames            Chance Barthlow
 Brayden Stewart            Kaitlynn Hand           Cheyanne Barwick
 Rilyn Taylor               Chase Hoelle            Zachery Bastin                 Sara Perry
 Brittney Terrell           Joshua Horiski          Brandon Bissonette             Autumn Brooke Perry
 Brittany Terry             James Hough             Denise Brown                   Dylan Proctor
 Jessica Tucker             Richard Kuhn            Preston Carrier                Leah Rainey
 Hailey Verzaal             Cassondra Lloyd         Lillian Carter                 Marissa Ramnauth
 Sierra Wayne               Jahmari Magwood         Reina Casillas                 Miguel Ramos
 Ethan White                Kaylee McNeill          Beau Chapman                   Jordan Ramsey-Heil
 Rebecca Willner            Sierra Mellado          Melina Colon                   Isaiah Richard
 Madison Wilson             William Mike            Eric Crews                     Brooke Richardson
 Colton Yerk                Nicolasa Montoya        Sloane Crowder                 Angelica Richardson
 Cassidy Young              Kristal Navarro         Lilah Delk                     Tanya Richardson
 Garrett Zarate             Colleen Nohr            Makayla Episcopo               Kiersten Rollins
 Rosalba Zuniga-Chavez      Denise Ortiz            Rachel Fales                   Christa Rosser
                            Brooke Pfeiffer         Antonio Fernandez Walker       Mitchell Scaglione
 BLUE AWARD 3.0—3.4999      Malea Piner             Jeff Ferrell                   Casey Spofford
 7th GRADE                  Kyler Pisczek           Cody Franz                     Jessica Steadman
 Niko Alexander             James Rader             Lauren Freet                   Andrew Stepp
 Esteban Andrade Enderica   Daniel Rockwell         Daniel Galarza Fernandez       Lisa-Marie Stockel
 Paige Baker                Walter Seidel           Aubrey Greene                  James Swain
 Tyler Barbree              Tyler Smith             Piper Hansen                   Susannah Tanon
 Mikayela Barman            Dale Sullivan           Melissa Harmon                 Jordyn Taylor
 Angelina Barry             Michael Tazzetto        Austin Harrison                Christian Torres
 Tylah Brooks               Sierra Thomas           Jolleen Henry                  Mikayla Turner
 Tomara Bryant              Gabriel Thompson        Logan Hernandez                Susanna Vann
 Jade Calton                Reilly Thrall           Tyriq Hilliard                 Alexis Webb
 Alejandro Castro           Kimberly Tidwell        Allyssah Hughes                Jessica Wood
 Jose Cintron Ramirez       Brandi Vezina           Andrew Humphries               Alejandra Zarate
 Adriana Conejos            Marissa Walters         Arturo Ibarra                  Taylor Zeek
 Madison Crenshaw           Joshua Warnell          Meghan Jones
 Megan Daly                 Kevin Washington        Jacob Ketchum
 Jared Davis                Destiny Watkins         Amber King
 Taylor Dean                Andrea Wild             Perla Ledbetter
                                                                                   Honor roll students
 Haleigh Eary               Mary Winters            Nickolas Licciardello          are good citizens!
 Keiandra Edwards           Sabrina Young           Mitchel Martinez               Conduct is a factor
 Andrew           Edwards   Dominic Zacarias        Kristen Miles                   in receiving this
 Lucia Esposito                                     Larissa Moncada
 Antonio Fiorentino                                 Kaitlyn Morris
 Melissa-Rose Flowers                               Jeson Narayanasami
 Shakir Fontenot                                    Tyriona Nettles
 Richard Foust                                      Christian New
 Brandy         Fritz                               Tiana Nolden
 Jasmine          Garcia                            Alberto Ortiz
 Tyrique          Gary                              Ashliegh Peeler
 Jorden         Gaucin                              Jonathan Perhealth
                                                                                                             Page 7

       STUDENTS of the MONTH for OCTOBER
STUDENT                TEACHER     STUDENT                TEACHER          STUDENT               TEACHER
Ana Mata               Ayres       Melina     Colon       Green            Tanner      Papy      Ness
Christopher Findley    Burrage     Adam       Horsley     Guilfoil         Camden      Bitter    Normand
Stephanie Bernabe      Cannon      Nicholas   Benway      Hamel            Dawston     Soldan    Nunes
Kenya       Carter     Carpenter   Chase      Walker      Hauck            Kimberly    Culpepper O'Brien
Michelle    Yeager     Cerny       Brooke     Hull        Hill             Ty Dansby             Quail
Cheyanne White         Chandler    Christabella Flowers   Hopper           Austin Arnold         Rademaker
Emmry       Chandler   Cooley      Gage       Warren      Huggins          Ashliegh    Peeler    Roath
Eric        Lomberk    Craggs      Jessica    Bonenclark Langley           Christian   Torres    Ross
Tiana       Nolden     Deck        Mathew      Chaffin    Lehew            Corey       Adamyk    Scanlon
Alexis      Sherman    Dearnett    Micah      Smith       Lindstrom        Amber       Nix       Scoville
Ali         Smith      Dingman     Citlali    Barragan    Lindstrom        Larissa     Moncada   Singleton
Alexa       Hamilton   Dolan       Juan       Barron      Lopez            Bryant      Arias     Smith
Gianna      DeSimone Dutter        Deondre     Franklin   Madison          Jacob       Smith     Snellings
Evan        Goodelle   Elder       Cody       Barr        Maldonado        Cora        Mejia     Steedman
Caroline    McLain     Ennis       Jared      Davis       McCallum         Syra        Stahl     Stodghill
Sara        Rivera     Feins       Wally Colom-Cordero Miller              Briana      Moore     Thrower
Molly       Alderman Frye          Sara       Perry       Moore            Kiara       Bowman    Turner
Erin        Rasnick    Gardner     Andrew     Tsai        MuMurrer Shank   Anthony     Wright    Tuscan
Yasmin      Bacchus    Garrison    Xiomara    Casiano     Murphy           Garrett     Zarate    Williams
Amanda      Holloway   Godwin                                              Saleem Abu Tayeh      Zahnd
Emily Grace Alderman Gray                                                  Kevin Washington      Zimmerman

               AMANDA HOLLOWAY
               VALERIE PATRICK
               GUMER AVELLAMEDA
               DAVID BRANTLEY
               DYLAN COULSON
               KENNETH FORNOS
               BROOKE HINERMAN
               JORDYN HOWARD
               CALEB JUSTICE
               GAGE KILCOLLINS
               CHRIS KINER
               KAYLEE SERRANO
               DOMINIC STEPP
               HALEY FLEMING
               LINDSEY WADMAN
               RACHEL PHILLIPS
               BROOKE PERRY                                                Faculty Sponsor:
               MITCHEL MARTINEZ
               KAELA SAPP
                                                                           Mrs. C. Lindstrom
               BRETT BERTHIAUME
               JARED BURGESS
               MARGARET ADAIR

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