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					                                  Regina Eastview Rotary Club
                                  Board of Director's Meeting
                                  Tuesday October 13th ,2009
                               5:30PM - Cable Regina Boardroom

Attending : Bradley, Dell, VanKoll, Schwan, Tycholis, Tejada, Hillsden, Barber, Pankewich,
             Peter Neufeldt.

Regrets :    Dickson

       1) Call to Order : President Pat called the meeting to order at 5:30PM, welcomed
                           Peter and thanked everyone for attending.

2) Approval of The Agenda
     MOTION (Hillsden/Dell) that the agenda be approved as circulated. Carried

3) Minutes of The Previous Meeting
    MOTION (Hillsden/Schwan) that the minutes of the previous meeting be Approved as
               circulated.                                              Carried

4) Business Arising From the Minutes

    4.1) Vice-President - nothing as yet

    4.2) District Governor Application - no one to nominate from Eastview

    4.3) International Peace Garden - 911 Memorial Project.
               After much discussion and deliberation the following was decided:
         MOTION (Hillsden/Tycholis) that Eastview Rotary Club continue to be a Leader in
                    District 5550 and make a donation of $1,000 to the International Peace
                    Garden - 911 Memorial Project. Carried President Pat objected.

    4.4) Projector: purchased and paid for. Its very easy to operate.
                     Cindy getting wiring for speakers. We do need to train some Members
                     in its operation.

5) New Business

    5.1) New Members - none to report

   5.2) Leave of Absence - Dave Edwards - wants leave of absence till Feb. 1/2010. MOTION
              (Barber/Schwan) that we grant a leave of absence to Dave Edwards till June
              30`h,2010.                                                    Carried

5.3) Oskaya Rotary Club - Charter Night is Oct.28`h,2009. Pat to talk to Peter Peters about
presenting Bell & Gavel to Oskaya.
5.4) Peter Neufeldt suggested we ensure we have an open nomination process at the
     Club meeting when the new Board of Directors is nominated. We need to ensure
     we attempt to get nominations from the floor

                     6) Reports of Executive Officers and Directors :

6.1)   (Secretary)            (Hillsden)                       No Report

6.2) (Treasurer)              (VanKoll)                   Written Report see
        attached report
        we are in great financial shape.
        MOTION (Neufeldt/Barber) that we approve the expenditure of $1200 To purchase a
                   shelter box. We had approved this at the July 2009 Board meeting.

       MOTION (VanKoll/Tejada) that this report be accepted by the Board Of Directors.

6.3)   (Club Service)           (Tycholis)                        Written Report see
       attached report
       concern raised about Rotarians NOT bringing their wine when they are on the wine
          draw. Charge them, and have some wine on hand. It is too costly to continue to
          buy wine from the hotel.
       A-in-A - November 25th - 29th 2009
        Christmas Party - Dec. 17th,2009 - cancel noon luncheon
           Street Culture kids to do face painting.
        MOTION (Tycholis/Pankewich) that Cindy contact the hotel to see if
                   They would allow us to store some wine in the back to cover
                   Those members who don't bring their wine. We will then
                    Charge the Rotarian $15.00 to cover the cost of the wine.
        MOTION (Tycholis/Tejada) that we cancel the December 17`h,2009
                   Noon luncheon in favor of the evening Christmas Party.
        Waiting to compile a final report from the 50 th Anniv. Committee Changed
        from a buffet to a served meal - a little more costly but Very nice.
        MOTION (Tycholis/Tejada) that this report be acceted by the Board Of
                   Directors.                                       Carried

6.4) (Community Service) (Pankewich)                               Written Report see
        attached eport
        MOTION (Pankewich/VanKoll) that we discontinue our involvement
                    With "My Future is Here Scholarship".           Carried Doreen &
        Jeff to discuss what charities we will give hams to. Pat read a letter from
        Charles Kemple - Rotary Carol Festival Co-chair, to President's Council.
        Wants assistance of other Rotary Clubs.
    Received a letter from the Pasadena Rotary Rose Bowl Parade Float Committee requesting
    funding for the float. Declined MOTION (Pankewich/VanKoll) that this report be accepted by the
    Board of Directors.          Carried

    6.5) (Vocational Service)          (Tejada)                      No Report

   6.6) (International Service) (Dickson)                           Written Report see
            attached report - presented by Pater Neufeldt.
             MOTION (Neufeldt/Schwan) that this report be accepted by the Board
                        Of Directors.                               Carried

   6.7) (Membership Development) (Schwan)                           Written Report see attached
            Ted to send potential memnber's name to Richard
           MOTION (Schwan/Bradley) that this report be accepted by the Board Of Directors.

    6.8) (Vice-President)                    (Vacant)                 No Report

   6.9)    (President-Elect)                (Bradley)                  Oral Report attending
           Committee Meetings
           involved with P.R. Committee - need to do some fine-tuning. When is
           MOTIOP (Bradley/Hillsden) that this report be accepted by the Board Of Directors.

   6.10) (P. R. Committee)                    (VanKoll)                   Oral Report 4 ads in
           paper in the last few months.
           T.V. spots need some fine-tuning
           Committee needs to write the Script - don't expect the P.R Committee To write your
           Interclub P.R. Committee has no budget.
           Looking at putting an ad in the Rotary Carol Festival Program MOTION
           (VanKolUNeufeldt) that this report be accepted by the Board
                          Of Directors.                                    Carried

    6.11) (Past President)                 (Barber)                        No Report

   6.12) (President)                        (Dell)                        Oral Report need

7) Unfinished Business : None

8) Next Meeting : CHANGED TO: Monday, November 9~h at 5:30PM at 7 Oaks/Best
9) Adjournment 7:20PM by Allen
                             Club Services Report - October 8, 2009

Attendees - Clarence Krause, Bryce Baron, Barry Strohan, Dirk Hoogeveen, guest - Gail
Bradley Regrets -Jeff Barber, Lyle Gollnick, Vern Hoyt, Bob Lyons, Ron Okumura, George
Pettigrew, Madhao Thakre

Reviewed Speaker List items for October:
October 8th -Celebration of the birth of Kyan Lunggren -son of Kelly and
Janine "This is my Life" - Lee Harding
October 15th - Tim ~~ Maloney - National Director - "Mercy Ships"
October 22"d - Membership Committee - 5 - 10 minute
presentation "This is my Life" -Takayoshi Ono

October 29th - PDG Elly Contreras (District 5370) - Montreal 2010 RI Convention
Promotion Committee

Discussed Duty Roster -committee recommends we approach Lyle Gollnick to
contact members by phone Monday prior to meeting

       Committee recommended to get Board approval to implement a $25.00 wine cost
       fee to such member who is on the duty roster and either forgets their wine or does
       not show up. Cindy to take to Board Meeting on October 13 th

Christmas Party - December            - cancel luncheon meeting - book Delta for 6:00
p.m. - supper served at 6:30 p.m. - Cindy to book Delta
Suggested to approach George Pettigrew -gifts for children and lead in a sing song of
4 traditional Christmas carols - Have copies of Leader Post Christmas carols in storage
room Bryce Baron - will accept RSVP - children's names and ages for gifts
Wrapping Bee - George to invite committee members when gift purchases are
completed Entertainment - seeking suggestions - Cindy to approach Zarin for last
year's contact info

November - Election month - Cindy to contact Jeff Barber - does he want a meeting
date November 19th ?- Rotary Foundation International Services - Approach Hans
Gaastra to announce Paul Harris Charity drive
November 22nd -Cancel meeting - solicit our members to attend Adventures in
Agriculture Saturday banquet - Cindy to suggest and solicit approval from Board on
October 13th
Future Speaker Suggestions:
Good Rotary Experience (on deck should we have a speaker cancellation)
  - Cindy to contact 3 members to prepare speeches Allan
Smith -trip to Iceland
Lee Harding -Trip to Eygypt
Bob Lawrence - Friendship Rotary Exchange trip - (Ghost experience)

     Next meeting - November 5 th at 11:00 a.m. prior to Weekly Rotary Luncheon meeting
Cindy Tycholis
Director of Club Services

                   COMMUNITY SERVICE REPORT FOR October/09
1.      Mental Health Project
         a. ChlopaniRecreation Room-Have paid for 6 Navy Blue Chairs. Also looking for
             presentation centre, Audio Visual Cabinet and 6 wooden stacking chairs, folding
             door, paint & supplies
         b. Canteen-Work is underway and deposit of $3944 paid to Hybrid Construction for
             the canteen reconstruction. Total contract - $19721.10.

2.       Adventures in Agriculture looking for host families and drivers.

4.       Chili for Children-received Thank-you letter and receipt.

3.       Valentine's Gala-Sponsorship requests have been sent out to some large corporations, Barry
         would like help with the Silent Auction, Ticket prices will be $30 to $40. The committee is
         looking at entertainment options-Play (Milestone Players, Ft. QuAppelle players, U of R,
         music(True Jive Pluckers, SK Express)

4.       Piett Estate Bequest-Gary & Nelson have met with various organizations supporting the
         Boys Outdoor Hockey League. Will make recommendations at our next meeting

5.       My Future is Here Scholarship-purchased 2 tickets for $150 for Celebration Dinner (part of
         the contract) in addition to the $500 scholarship program. Our committee recommends
         that we discontinue this program as we feel our fundraising would be better spent
         elsewhere and the climate of the province has changed. Financial statements attached.
6.       Hams-discussed that hams might also be donated to appropriate community service
         projects, ie Chili for Children, CMH

7.       Balfour Tutorial - cheque for $2400 sent. Will be invited to speak to the club in spring.

8.       Rotary Carol Festival - Looking for volunteers to assist. Dave Edwards looking after this

Respectfully submitted,

Doreen Pankewich
   Director /Community Services


The International Services Committee met on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 with 8 members in attendance.
Chairman Peter Neufeldt called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M.

The Committee reviewed the advertisement for applications for a long-term outbound exchange student that
was published in the Leader-Post on Wednesday September 22, 2009 and in the Sunday Sun on September
27, 2009. A copy of the ad is attached.

The deadline for applications is October 15, 2009. The District 5550 Youth Exchange Program officials have
extended the deadline for Regina Eastview to propose a candidate until October 31, 2009. Efforts to partner with
other Regina Rotary Clubs were not fruitful. A potential candidate has been brought to the attention of Kelly
Ljunggren. Kelly will follow up and will interview the potential candidate(s)
together with Shreedhar Jachak and Ann Grahame.



Peter Neufeldt reported that the agreement with the Rotary Club of Retalhuleu to provide them with $5,000 to
complete Phase II of Eastview's commitment has been signed and returned although the banking portion has not
yet been finalized but this should be resolved soon. The Host Rotary Club has requested that the additional funds
be applied to constructing a kitchen. This request will be assessed once we have a progress report from the
Canadian Ripple Effect Committee Coordinators (Gord and Deb La Maistre) who are currently in Guatemala. They
have visited the Xolhuitz school and will have advice for our Committee. Peter Peters reported additional advice
from our former Project Coordinator who cautioned against making any precipitous decision since the school
break is the months of November and December. This will allow us ample time to make an informed decision on
allocation of the $5,000.
With respect to our new Corcho School Project Phase 1, we are still awaiting approval by CRCID of our matching
funding request.

Wayne Hellquist (CEO of the Regina Food Bank) attended our meeting as a guest to discuss a possible
collaboration in organizing our major fundraising event in April 2010. Such a collaboration has been approved
by both the Committee and the Board subject to negotiation of a satisfactory agreement . The Committee with
Wayne canvassed a number of ideas for a unique and successful event. What we have discussed is a 50/50
sharing of net proceeds.


Shelterbox Ambassador Ann Grahame provided an abbreviated report on the recent effort of ShelterBox in
meeting the needs of victims in six different disaster areas. Tom Henderson, the ShelterBox founder is touring
across Canada and on October 20th will be in Saskatoon at the Travelodge, 106 Circle Drive at 6 p.m.

Shreedhar reported that the date for receipt of applications for Friendship Exchange to the Philippines was
extended. It appears a limited number of applications were received.

Next meeting:              Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 5:00 P.M. 201,

                           2261 Scarth Street (Peak Performance)

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Dickson
    International Service Director October 8, 2009

                              MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE MEETING
                                       September 9, 2009 7AM
                               Smitty's Restaurant, Golden Mile Plaza

Present: Doug Mortin, Gail Bradley, Joyce Butler, Richard Schwan (Chair) Regrets:
Gord Wicijowski, Louis Browne, George Poll

1.  The agenda
 The agenda was accepted as circulated.

2.  Minutes of the last meeting:
 The minutes of the August 12, 2009 meeting were approved as circulated.
3.     Business arising from the minutes:
 Update on recruitment-Gord W. is pursuing this initiative and while absent from this meeting,
   Gord continues to contact some of the members with attendance below 50% to see how the
   Committee can assist them.
 It was agreed that the committee would identify any new members with low
   attendance to determine if they have experienced the New Member Orientation.
 We confirmed arrangements and attendees for the New Member Orientation for Lee
   Harding scheduled for September 9` n
 Following the review and revisions to the Membership Committee Report for the District
   Governor, attached is the final draft of the 2009/2010 Report for the District Governor.

                                   2009-2010 Report for District Governor

4.     Other Business
 We will continue to work with Club Service to determine an appropriate opportunity
   for Lee Harding to speak about himself at an upcoming general meeting. Out of respect for
   Lee, this should be scheduled, not impromptu.
 During the general meeting of October 8, the membership committee will present an article
   authored by Peter Peters, titled "What Does it Mean to Involve?"
        We will ask Peter Peters to introduce the article
        We will make copies for the membership and produce a short Powerpoint to
           highlight the 7 points
        We will identify 7 members to read each point

5.  Membership Minutes
 We would like to schedule a "membership minute" the 4` n week in September.

6.  Adjournment
 The meeting was adjourned.

7.    Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held October 14, 2009 at 7AM, Smitty's Golden Mile Plaza.

Richard Sxhwan

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