SHELTER GRADS by leader6


									THE BEAUMONT ENTERPRISE               Friday, December 23, 2005                                       TEXAS                                                                                       ●                11A

  POLICE                               man, Dec. 14                                                            lems have slowed his job                                              Thursday’s ceremony was

                                          ◆ Lost or stolen phone, 800
                                       block of Magnolia, Dec. 14
                                          ◆ Fraudulent use of identify-
                                                                              SHELTER :                        search. During his stay in San
                                                                                                               Antonio, he developed respi-
                                                                                                               ratory problems and after a
                                                                                                                                                  GRADS :                         the first evening commence-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ment in Lamar’s history —
                                                                                                                                                                                  students were taking their
                                       ing information, 800 block of
                                       Baker, Dec. 14
                                                                              Deadline for                     routine physical learned he        Ted Poe gave                    last finals just hours before
Port Neches                                                                                                    had diabetes.                                                      they put on their caps and
   Items from offense reports
                                          ◆ Auto burglary, 300 block of
                                       Yorkshire, Dec. 15                     move is Feb. 7                      “They have been pushing
                                                                                                               me to get out of here,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                  commencement                    gowns.
                                                                                                                                                                                     And      while    students
from the dates indicated                  ◆ Residential burglary and
include:                               unauthorized use of a vehicle,           Continued from page 10A        “But I told them I’ve been try-      Continued from page 10A       missed four weeks of class,
   ◆ Theft, 1900 block of Llano,       1700 block of Sun, Dec. 15                                              ing to get out of here.”                                           they still had to complete a
Dec. 14                                   ◆ Aggravated robbery, East          300 people left in shelters,        His      belongings      are    state to earn more money, so    regular semester’s workload.
   ◆ Criminal mischief, 800            Port Neches, Dec. 17                   down from a peak of 270,000.     reduced to several boxes of        Duplant had to shoulder            The hurried schedule was
block of Baker, Dec. 14                   ◆ Assault, 2300 block of            Another 38,000 families still    compact discs, books and           more work at home raising       not a problem for Summer
   ◆ Delivery of a controlled          Grand, Dec. 18                         live in hotels, down from a      clothes and several computer       their nine-year old daughter.   Schwertner, who completed
substance, 1400 block of Merri-           ◆ Animal cruelty, 2200 block        peak of 85,000.                  monitors that surround two            But it was worth it,         a master’s degree in business
man, Dec. 14                           of Patricia, Dec. 18                      The deadline for them to      cots he pushed together to         Duplant said — next month       administration.
   ◆ Possession of a controlled           ◆ Stolen vehicle recovered,         move out is Feb. 7, which was    make a bed. All of it was taken    she will begin a teaching job      “I work much better
substance, 1400 block of Merri-        2300 block of Nall, Dec. 19            mandated by a court order        to his hotel room Thursday,        at Groves Elementary.           under pressure,” said Schw-
                                                                              and is one month longer          where he’ll spend Christmas           Fast clean-up work on the    ertner, a 23-year old Port
                                                                              than the agency had              along with several other shel-     campus and a compressed         Neches resident. “I usually
 FOR THE                               al, personal injury
                                           Daryl Belane Burgess et al
                                                                              planned. The San Antonio
                                                                              shelter is under contract to
                                                                                                               ter residents he’s befriended.
                                                                                                                  “It’ll go well for me
                                                                                                                                                  academic schedule helped
                                                                                                                                                  make Duplant’s graduation
                                                                                                                                                                                  wait until the last minute
 RECORD                                vs. Kimberly Clark Corporation et
                                       al, personal injury
                                                                              close on Dec. 31.
                                                                                 Ed Garrett Jr., 54, moved
                                                                                                               because I still got a lot of
                                                                                                               good memories of Christmas
                                                                                                                                                     The floor of the Montagne
                                                                                                                                                                                     The       commencement
                                           William Marshall Chandler et                                                                                                           address was delivered by
                                                                              to a San Antonio hotel on        and a lot of good faith,” he       Center — where the gradu-       U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble,
Jefferson County                       al vs. Kimberly Clark Corporation
                                       et al, personal injury                 Thursday from the shelter        said, pausing as his eyes          ates and faculty were seated    who congratulated the grad-
lawsuits filed                             Earl Leedue Duckett et al vs.      he’s called home since a cou-    swelled with tears. “Some-         — was covered in two inches     uates on overcoming Rita
                                       Kimberly Clark Corporation et al,      ple of days before Rita          times, it dwindles ... and you     of water after the storm.       and urged them to pursue
58th District Court                                                           destroyed his Port Arthur        feel like you’re losing the           “There were moments
                                       personal injury                                                                                                                            careers in Southeast Texas.
    Centex Home Equity Compa-              Charles Donald Parker et al        apartment.                       handle on your own life.”          when we hoped our next             “Don’t take the lure of
ny, LLC vs. Jarrod Anderson, et        vs. Kimberly Clark Corporation et         A substitute teacher of          FEMA workers in San             commencement would be           moving somewhere else. We
al, note                               al, personal injury                    photography and graphic          Antonio plan to go door-to-        no later than May 2006,”        need you here,” Poe said.
    Cheryl Gordan vs. Walmart              Neville Glen Thomas et al vs.      design, Garrett said he didn’t   door at hotels in January to       said Stephen Doblin, vice
Stores, Inc., personal injury          Mobil Oil Corporation et al, per-      plan on staying in the shelter   transition evacuees into           president for academic
    Jairus Driggers et al vs.          sonal injury                           this long but health prob-       apartments.                        affairs.                        (409) 833-3311, ext. 414
Sarah       Scogin,       personal         Eugene Trice vs. Aearo Com-
injury/motor vehicle                   pany et al, personal injury
    James Michael Perrio vs. Sal-          Albert Champeaux et al vs.
vator J. Passero, et al, injunction    Air Liquide American Corporation
    John Mouton et al vs. Mitch        et al, personal injury
Woods, et al, perpetuate testimony         Doyle R. Murphree et al vs.
    Milton Lewis vs. Texas             Air Liquide American Corporation
Department of Transportation, et       et al, personal injury
al, personal injury/motor vehicle          Ray A. Cormier et al vs. Air
    Paul Wood vs. Daniel Hidalgo,      Liquide American Corporation et
personal injury/motor vehicle          al, personal injury
    Derrill Methvin vs. Steven             John W. Parris vs. Air Liquide
Lynn Courts et al, personal            American Corporation et al, per-
injury/motor vehicle                   sonal injury
    Beverly Goodie vs. Allstate            Jose Chavez vs. Delsin Willie
Texas Lloyds, contract                 Ritter      et    al,    personal
    Karen J. Newsum vs. Jennifer       injury/motor vehicle
K.        Perkins,        personal         Alford Ray McGuffie vs. Kim-
injury/motor vehicle                   berly Clark Corporation et al, per-
    Erica N. Williams vs. Allen        sonal injury
Eugene, personal injury/motor              Kimberly Comley vs. ABC Pro-
vehicle                                fessional Tree Services, Inc. et
    Yolanda Guidry et al vs. Texas     al, personal injury/motor vehicle
Department of Transportation et            Debra D. Marcontel et al vs.
al, personal injury/motor vehicle      Sandra R. Williamson, personal
    Sheryl McLaughlin vs. State        injury/motor vehicle
Farm Mutual Automobile Insur-              Rodrigo Hatem vs. Horizon
ance       Company,       personal     Offshore Contractors, Inc. et al,
injury/motor vehicle                   personal injury
60th District Court                        Eber W. Ephlin Fund, other
     Lonnie Blackstock et al vs.
Sabine Towing and Transporta-          136th District Court
tion, Co. Inc., personal injury            Travis Hemmenway et ux vs.
     E. I. Du Pont Nemours and         Pittsburgh Corning Corporation
Company vs. Travelers Casualty         et al, personal injury
and Surety Company et al,                  Amy Ivins vs. Level Check Foun-
declaratory judgment                   dation Repair Inc. et al, contract
     Gretchen Audi vs. Walgreens           Barbara Anne Buller et al vs.
Co. et al, personal injury             James Monroe Dickson, other case
     Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. John          Joseph S. Semien vs. Piping
C. Milich, note                        Accessories Inc., personal
     Rickey Perrio et ux vs. Amsco     injury/motor vehicle
Steel Company et al, personal              Mary Huffsmith et al vs. Pic-
injury                                 cadilly Cafeteria, personal injury
     William Mitchell et ux Mary           City of Port Arthur vs. QVP    ,
Mitchell vs. Owens Corning Fiber-      other case
glass Corp. et al, personal injury         Novastar Mortgage Inc. vs.
     Joseph E. Malbrough Sr. et al     Vaughn Ayres Jr. et al, note
vs. Mobil Oil Corporation et al,           Deborah Colemen et al vs. J.
personal injury                        E. Harris et al, personal
     John       Paul     Linscomb,     injury/motor vehicle
deceased, et al vs. Mobil Oil Cor-         William B. H. Adams et al vs.
poration et al, personal injury        Ametek Inc. et al, personal injury
     Lisa Gunn vs. Mark Kibodeaux          Carroll Naquin vs. Ametek,
Jr., et al, personal injury            Inc. et al, personal injury
     Brandi Butaud vs. Leah Short,         Roy Alvin Prothro et al vs.
personal injury/motor vehicle          Quigley Company Inc. et al, per-
     Jason B. Graham vs. Black         sonal injury
Cat Lounge GP LLC et al, per-              Donna Choate vs. Jimmy Dale
sonal injury                           Bell D. O., personal injury
     Jack Bearden et al vs. Pitts-         Troy Carl Dyson vs. Jeannie
burgh Corning Corporation et al,       Phuong       Nguyen,       personal
personal injury                        injury/motor vehicle
     Willie L. Jones et al vs. Kim-        Gwendolyn Flynt et al vs.
berly Clark Corporation et al, per-    Mark D. Larson M.D. et al, per-
sonal injury                           sonal injury
     Irby W. Patterson et al vs.           Patsy Harrell vs. Terry Chap-
Kimberly Clark Corporation et al,      man et al, contract
personal injury                            Preston Wilson Darby vs. Billy
     Thomas Vodry Allen et al vs.      Joe         Honey,         personal
Kimberly Clark Corporation et al,      injury/motor vehicle
personal injury                            Gay Lynn Anderson et al vs. F.
     Coleman Brown Pennington          B. Taylor Insurance and Real
et al vs. Kimberly Clark Corpora-      Estate Agency, contract
tion et al, personal injury                Pamela Anderson et al vs.
     Claude Chester Brannon et al      FivePoint Federal Credit Union et
vs. Kimberly Clark Corporation et      al, personal injury

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