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									                 STATUS ofBABAR
                        Marcello A. Giorgi
                 BaBar Collaboration Meeting
                        SLAC July 7-10,2004

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi   1
USA                   [38/300]                                                             Italy              [12/101]
California Institute of Technology                                                         INFN, Bari
                                                                                           INFN, Ferrara
UC, Irvine
UC, Los Angeles                      The BaBar Collaboration                               Lab. Nazionali di Frascati dell' INFN
UC, Riverside                                                                              INFN, Genova & Univ
UC, San Diego                                     10 Countries                             INFN, Milano & Univ
UC, Santa Barbara                                                                          INFN, Napoli & Univ
UC, Santa Cruz                                    77 Institutions                          INFN, Padova & Univ
U of Cincinnati
U of Colorado
Colorado State
                                                 593 Physicists                            INFN, Pisa & Univ & ScuolaNormaleSuperiore
                                                                                           INFN, Perugia & Univ
Florida A&M                                                                                INFN, Roma & Univ "La Sapienza"
Harvard                                                                                    INFN, Torino & Univ
U of Iowa                              Canada             [4/20]                           INFN, Trieste & Univ
Iowa State U                           U of British Columbia
                                       McGill U                                            The Netherlands [1/5]
                                       U de Montréal
U of Louisville                                                                            NIKHEF, Amsterdam
                                       U of Victoria
U of Maryland
U of Massachusetts, Amherst                                                                Norway             [1/3]
MIT                                    China              [1/5]                            U of Bergen
U of Mississippi
                                       Inst. of High Energy Physics, Beijing
Mount Holyoke College
SUNY, Albany                                                                               Russia             [1/11]
U of Notre Dame                        France             [5/51]                           Budker Institute, Novosibirsk
Ohio State U                           LAPP, Annecy
U of Oregon
                                       LAL Orsay
U of Pennsylvania
                                       LPNHE des Universités Paris VI et VII
                                                                                           United Kingdom [10/66]
Prairie View A&M U                                                                         U of Birmingham
Princeton U                            Ecole Polytechnique, Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet
                                       CEA, DAPNIA, CE-Saclay                              U of Bristol
U of South Carolina
                                                                                           Brunel U
                                                                                           U of Edinburgh
Stanford U
U of Tennessee
                                       Germany            [4/31]                           U of Liverpool
U of Texas at Austin
                                       Ruhr U Bochum                                       Imperial College
U of Texas at Dallas                   Technische U Dresden                                Queen Mary , U of London
Vanderbilt                             Univ Heidelberg                                     U of London, Royal Holloway
U of Wisconsin                         U Rostock                                           U of Manchester
                                                                                           Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

                                                                                                                            May 3, 2004
                           Students       Postdocs           Fac/Staff Total
      Slac                  6             14                  44          64
      US non Slac          68             61                 107          236
      Non US               80             43                 171          295

   Our Survey started in nov 2003 in European and US
  institutions of BABAR indicates that Operations are guarateed
  in the long period ( Detector maintenance,Machine Detector
  Interface, Computing, Detector Operations )
  FTE distribution for BABAR OPERATIONS (projections up to 2009)
  Operations              ‘ 04   ‘ 05          ‘ 06      ‘ 07      ‘ 08   ‘ 09
  US Universities          63    60            56            52    52      50
  SLAC                     33    32            30            26    26     24
  NON US                   65    63            62        60        60     57

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting           Marcello A. Giorgi                       3
Since May collaboration meeting
  Doe Slac Program Review
  Doe Lehman Review
  BaBar IFC
  PEPII BaBar continue to integrate Luminosity
  Detector :preparation for the activity during summer down
  Detector: new issue related to SVT
  Computing: CM2 in operation
  Physics analysis and production: get ready for Summer

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi            4
                                Reviews & IFC
Management of BaBar has been fully committed in presenting
  status as well as present and future programs:
• Results from DOE SLAC HEP program review) were extremely
• Doe Lehman review “Facility Operations Review of the B-
  Factory at SLAC”
• 19 reviewers, 3 DOE observers, chaired by Daniel Lehman
From the Closeout Report
“The outstanding success of the B-Factory in FY04 is a result of the sound
   priority decisions.”
“The high level of physics output from BaBar indicates an outstanding
   performance by the Lab and the Collaboration in this area.”
“We commend BaBar and the SLAC Computing Services (SCS) for initiating
   the new Computing Model (CM2) and the use of Tier A analysis sites in
   France, Germany, Italy and UK which optimizes resources.”
 “We commend the BaBar Collaboration for their Physics Analysis tracking
• IFC acknowledged the high quality of BaBar Physics program and
   the outstanding performance of Machine and Detector.

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting       Marcello A. Giorgi                   5
                                               100 fb-1

                  Data sample collected: 230.65 fb                   –1

  1999         2000             2001      2002               2003         2004
  1.62        23.76             40.05     31.32              56.71        77.19
SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting           Marcello A. Giorgi                        6
                                    Normal operation

             Shift record with trickle injection

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting     Marcello A. Giorgi   7
BaBar efficiency>99-8%
                                  With Trickle injection in LER & HER
                                  the stability of the machine has been
                                  substantially improved.

  SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting     Marcello A. Giorgi               8
           Great success for PEPII

  Babar acknowledges the extraordinary
  improvent in the performance of PEP II
  We thank John Seeman and his group for
  what they are doing and we recognize the
  tremendous effort of the Laboratory to
  deliver more then 100 fb-1 to BaBar.
  On the other hand as promised we have
  played our role in the game giving support
  to Machine group.

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi   9
     Trickle injection and the extraordinary performance of PEPII
     and BaBar allowed a revised calculation of the integrated lumi
As a simplified formula for luminosity integrated over one year it is generally assumed
L dt= Lpeak (cm-2 s-1)Conventional Year ( s )
where Conventional Year is:
1 Year ( s )  Overall Efficiency (Machine& Detector uptime , deadtime..) After Snowmass
1988 and according to Cleo/CESR experience the Conventional Year was assumed = 10 7 s
and also called Snowmass Year.
Based on the success of continuous injection for PEPII and KEKB and the very high BaBar
efficiency for us the conventional year is now close to  1.4 107 s         New
correction to Snowmass Year in Luminosity calculation is 1.4
PEP-II performance April 2003-April 2004 (Dec 03 Trickle LER, Feb 04 Trickle HER)

   SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting            Marcello A. Giorgi                            10
      BUT our friends in Japan...

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi   11
                                Detector Issues
     • SVT: Ingredients for Summer 2005
          – Radiation damage issues: limitations on performance due to
            decrease in signal to noise.
               • can compensate for threshold variation seen this year (see
                 SVT plenary talk in May)
               • if sensors and chips are replaced in 2005, benefits of fresh
                 detectors will soon be lost to occupancy and radiation damage
               • investigations of consequences to physics indicate limited
                 loss if the sensors and chips are not replaced in 2005
          – This was the situation a couple of months ago that led the
            SVT team to consider not intervening in 2005. Their
            formal recommendation was to be presented to the
            collaboration now, with the physics analysis team to
            confirm that the consequences were acceptable by the
            Dresden meeting.

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi                    12
A few modules of layer 4 started
to show an anomalous behaviour:
increase of current, apparently
not related to rad. damage (only
50Krad for Layer 4)

                                                          Beam pipe

                                                         Layer 4

   SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting    Marcello A. Giorgi                13
                       The layer-4 problem
   In May, an anomalous increase of bias current was
   observed in a module of layer-4.
   A more detailed analysis indicated that at least 8-9
   more modules (out of 32) were affected.
                          FL4M11                    > 150uA   > 100uA   > 50uA

300uA     Apr          May         Jun

  SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting          Marcello A. Giorgi               14
 Many measurements were made and some insight of the
 problem was achieved
 Now we think we can control the leakage current of
 these modules.

                   Test I
                                                     Test III

                                      Test II

    We were able to decrease the current of the modules
    under observation towards normal values
SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi              15
In spite of these reassuring developments of the problem,
the SVT group is taking this issue very seriously and a
group of study has been created

             G.Simi (chair)                 B.Petersen
             G. Calderini (ex-officio)      C.Campagnari
             D.Roberts (ex-officio)         L.Bosisio
             F.Forti                        G.Rizzo (consultant)
             C.Chen                         W.Kozanecki (consultant)

The goal is to study the problem and in addition to give
recommendations with respect to the 2005 shutdown
and the impact of this problem with respect to the
possible replacement of SVT modules.
G.Calderini will talk extensively about this issue.
SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi                16
                                Detector Issues
     • DCH: Upgrade of DCH electronics to limit dead-
          – Summer 2004 upgrade firmware: wave-form decimation
               • Good progress is being made in squeezing the firmware for
                 decimation onto the original generation of FPGAs
               • Issue of timing in FIFO
               • Little time left before beginning of shutdown, however chip
                 replacement is straightforward (FPGAs are in hand)
          – Summer 2005 new front end board with new feature
            extraction in on-board FPGAs. Team has been gathered
            and is working toward design completion by new year.

          – Understanding intermittent TDC resets is another issue

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi                   17
                                Detector Issues
     • DIRC: DIRC is fineTM

     • EMC: focus is on improving understanding detector and

     • IFR-RPC: maximizing the lifetime
          Study fluorine content of gas out
          Modify humidity of input gas to limit effect of crying out RPCs

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi                     18
                                Detector Issues
   Trigger Level 1 Upgrade
    – TSF production: boards in production.
    – ZPD production done Fall 2003. Boards test OK.
    – Interface board production complete, testing in progress with
      no problems yet. GLT microcode by end of June.
    – Partial DCZ system is running in IR2. Commissioning has
      proceeded well; system features understood.
    – Triggering of BaBar with the new trigger in July, though
      vendor delays stand in the way!

Bill is strongly on top of all the above issues!

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi         19
                    M D I (Witold, Guy and their gang)
•    Significant impact of BaBarians on accelerator...
      – instrumentation
           • X-ray spot size: to be installed this summer
           • gated camera: now working in both LER & HER
           • interferometer software upgrade: now starting
      – simulations
           • beam-beam – including comparison with current scans, Xing-angle experiments
           • collimation
      – on-line diagnostics: greatly improved, starting to pay off
           • detector occupancies (now an explicit background criterion, w/ dead time)
           • luminous region parameters (centroid, size, bunch-dependence)
•    Where are the most pressing needs ?
      – background simulations  validate IR upgrade
           • large investment in reviving/updating tools + rebuilding the group
           • ‘almost’ ready to validate simulations on present machine, but...
              – growing schedule concerns wrt IR upgrade validation: everybody
              – G4-level effort only in SVT so far
      – understand + reduce Luminosity background (esp. in DCH)
           • Simulations: Turtle ramping up, G4 not started, neutrons needs more effort!
           • experimental understanding (elm showers + n)  shielding?

    SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting              Marcello A. Giorgi                          20
                                Detector Issues
                  Arrival of first LST shipment at SLAC

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting        Marcello A. Giorgi   21
      Detector Issues: LST Installation 2004

   Installation: hall crew 2 shifts/day, 6 days/week.
   Commissioning during owl shift and on Sundays. Non-IFR
   work will be scheduled so that it does not interfere with

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi             22
                Detector Issues
LST Installation Readiness Review (May 5,2004)
        – Althouse, Bowden, Weisend, (Nelson (electronics)), Innes
  • The report commends the LST group for tremendous amount
    accomplished since the last review. The project is found to
    be on track for the August installation. The quality of the
    design and production is very high. The installation plan is
    detailed, and well-developed, though success oriented. The
    reviewers commend the intention to test all procedures
    possible to limit surprises. There were concerns that have
    since been addressed.

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting      Marcello A. Giorgi                23
                  Summer 2004 Safety
        From the installation readiness review report:

  All people working in IR2 this summer must complete training in
  safety issues, including job hazard analysis and use of equipment.
  Safety crew will be on hand during working hours in IR2. There will
  be a safety meeting at the start of every shift. (Work for the next
  day will be reviewed at the 3pm meeting in IR2).

  There will be a safety training session on Friday
                                  the A. Giorgi
                      at 12:30 in MarcelloAuditorium.
SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting                         24
Physics: preparing for ICHEP
• We have 21 parallel talks and 1 plenary session talk; most
  talks are now assigned by the Speaker’s Bureau.
• All speakers please subscribe to “ICHEP2004 Speakers
• Huge effort from the Pub Board to create review committees
  and prepare for large number of conference papers.
• This collaboration meeting is packed with physics talks:
  nearly twice the usual number. We request that all speakers
  stay within the allocated amount of time so we can hold to
  our schedule.
• There will also be a large number of Wednesday physics talks
  in the weeks after the collaboration meeting.

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi          25
Key analyses for Run4/Summer 2004 (preliminary list & data samples still
                         under discussion)
BLACK DIAMOND (data up to mid-
  July)                               •    GREEN CIRCLE (data up to May 1)
     sin2b from charmonium                  BD*D* CP(t) [Full reco & incl
     Bp+p- (incl. K+p- , K+K-)              D*]
     Bf KS                                 B J/y Kp cos(2b) CP(t)
     one more from list below?             – B p+p0, K+p0
BLUE SQUARE (data up to mid-June)          – B K+K0, K0p+ ; B K0K0
     – BK+K- KS                           – B h + h - h 0 Dalitz
     – BKS p0                             – BKSp0g CP(t)
     – Bf0 KS                             – B r g
     – Bh’ KS              CP(t)           BK* l+ l-
     – B r S                              – BD*p: CP(t), sin(2b+g) [full &
     – B r+r-                               partial D*]; Tag side CPV
     – B r+p- Dalitz                      – BD0(CP-)K-
     – B p0 p0                            – BD(Kp) K (ADS)
     – B r0r0                             – BD0 (3 body) K- Dalitz (?)
     – Bf K* angular analysis             – BDr (?)
                                           – BDs(*)(r, a1)
       From Jeff Richman                    tmg
SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting     Marcello A. Giorgi                     26
               Publications: BABAR vs. Belle
                 (published or submitted)
                                   BABAR                 Belle
    <2003                           34                    54
     2003                           47                    28
    2004 (July 6)                    19                   10
    Total                           100                   94
• At time of January Int. Finance Committee meeting: 77 (BABAR)
  vs. 79 (Belle).
• Analyses now in CWR or FN/FR: (1) BD*ln: Vcb, (2) Btn , (3)
  B a0 X (charmless)
• Other papers nearing completion: (1) BK2*(1430)g, (2) BD(*)DsJ,
  (3) B J/y Kp: cos(2b)
• GOAL was: submit 100th paper by the July collaboration meeting!

   SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting    Marcello A. Giorgi           27
                                             PEP-II: based on expectation to deliver
                                                     total of 250 fb-1 by end of Run 4
                                                     (now at 237 fb-1).



 SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi                             28
 CM2 is working and it is currenly used for the
 Summer Production
 - Blue Square annouced last week (208fb-1 inc. 16fb-1 off
   o Problem with tag in newest 20fb-1 data being investigated
 - Black Diamond to be data taken till go off-peak
 - SP6 very slightly behind February prediction but catching up

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting      Marcello A. Giorgi             29

  Changes, Needs and Future

  - Thanks to Howard Nicholson for all his work
      Akram Khan will follow as a prod. manager
  - Skimming & PR Managers needed
  - For future need to find alternatives to remaining Objectivity
  - Run5 plans (see Stephen's talk)

SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting      Marcello A. Giorgi               30
       Roadmap committee activity
The Babar roadmap committee has now ended its task.
The report is almost ready (is now in a draft version).
It will be ready before this Friday an presented
Saturday 11 to the Exec Board.

 SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi   31
                       Roadmap and....
If the recommendation will be accepted the BaBar
management will start contacts with Belle to set up
a joint study group about CP violation in B sector at
very high luminosity
Physics with samples of more than 50 billion B0 B0
This study group should be open and we hope and
promote contributions from all communities in America,
Europe and Asia.

 SLAC 07/07/2004 Coll. Meeting   Marcello A. Giorgi      32

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