Google Sidewiki Toolbar by dazzlingpraveen


Post comments to any site from Google with Sidewiki Google’s new addition with Sidewiki makes the users to post any comments about the web page or to read any comments from the web page. This idea is tried by many other search engine developers and users but that has not reached to greater extent as they come across many difficulties. But Google comes with the more advance technology of linking comments through the use of algorithm. This algorithm helps in showing the highest rank comments from the web page hence it is easier for the users. This Sidewiki is designed in such a way to meet all the basic needs of the users and that is seen at the left hand side of the Google tool bar with the highest rank comments at the top. Also it allows the users to comment about the web page which they are viewing. This algorithm is designed in such a way that it filters out the spam comments, ugly words, and employs classic all-cap technique. This algorithm also helps in analyzing the quality of the comments by the reader’s votes and thus makes those comments to appear on top, if the comments are overwhelming. Sengupta, a group product manager at Google said that the users can link this comments with Facebook or twitter accounts and also you can even share your comments and the link of the comments can be posted in your blog to make it like a snippet. He also said that using this new tool you can view comments only on the Google tool bar and not on any other tool bar. But Google is working on with Application Programming Interface (API) that focuses on using the same tool with any other application. Now this Sidewiki is available for Google tool bar in Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers and in future it may available in the entire browsers along with the Google toolbar

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